Audi MultiTronic Gearbox Problems

If you are experiencing issues with your Multi Tronic Auto gearbox, please read on. It’s a long post but there is some useful info which may save you time.

If you’re thinking about buying an Audi with an MultiTronic gearbox registered between 2000 and 2005, do some research. After reading the comments towards the bottom of this page, you will find that there have been reports of newer models (past 2005) experiencing issues, but I can only explain the experience with my vehicle.

If you are or have experienced issues with your Audi gearbox, please leave a comment. There are currently over 700 comments on this page. Click here and browse to the bottom of the page to leave a comment, or feel free to read existing comments by drivers who have experienced issues.

My experience:

I own an Audi A4 which experienced issues with its MultiTronic gearbox. The issue first started with a jerk/jump when setting off from drive gear. I could still get by as long as I gently pressed the accelerator when setting off from drive. If you are experiencing the same, it may get worse.

The car was a few years old at the time of purchase. I took it into Audi for a check and they replied “You need a new gearbox, cost £4,000”. Now that’s a lot of money!

As I drove the car, overtime the gearbox started to jerk, jutter, rattle when changing gears. I carried out a few searches on the Internet and found that lots of drivers were experiencing the same issue.

A few drivers recommended replacing the gearbox oil so i booked the car in with Audi. Cost me around £180 for oil and labour, but did not help. For your information my Audi A4 required around 5 litres of oil costing approx £11 per litre but please contact your local Audi Dealer for advice. Audi recommend you replace your gear box oil every 40,000 miles, but this may vary for different models of cars, so worth getting this checked out.

If your gearbox experiences rattling noises whilst driving, get the fly wheel checked. A brand new one costs approx £430.

Someone recommended contacting Audi head office in Germany. I did and they transferred my query to Audi Head Office UK. I received a reply from one of the managers who basically said he couldn’t help. I was also told it was normal as my car had done lots of mileage.

I decided to shop around for a refurbished gearbox. I contacted various companies around the UK but found that none were in stock. One of them commented “I wish I had 20 of those, I would retire if I did”. Most said we receive calls from Audi drivers daily looking around for the same gearbox.

If you are thinking about shopping around for a refurbished gearbox, it’s worth having your gearbox code and part number to hand otherwise you may be sold the incorrect gearbox. You can obtain the codes from your local Audi dealer or by contacting Audi head office in the UK. Audi will ask for a chassis number so have this to hand. Be prepared for high quotations for a refurbished gearbox as they are not cheap! From my research, a refurbished gearbox can cost anywhere from £1400 to £3,000 pounds.

I decided to visit a local gearbox specialist. The gearbox specialist centre took the car for a test drive and said my gearbox required refurbishing and the flywheel was also faulty which was causing the rattling noises (Both fitted with a 2 year warranty or 24,000 miles). They quoted me a price cheaper then the other garages I had contacted so I decided to go ahead. Whilst I was at the garage there were three Audi A4’s on ramps. All with registrations between 2002 and 2005. I asked the mechanic what those cars were in for. He replied “The same as yours, faulty Multitronic gearboxes. It’s a common fault, we get lots of these”. I mentioned to him Audi knowing nothing about this common fault. He replied “Of course they are aware”

I decided to contact Audi again and explained its got to be a common fault with Audi’s especially the ones built with Multitronic Gearboxes from around the year 2001 to 2005 (approx).  Again, Audi replied we have not had any complaints from drivers and are not aware of any problems. I asked for a contribution towards the repair of my gearbox but again not willing to help.

If you own an Audi with a Multitrionic auto gearbox and are experiencing problems, please log the issue with Audi UK so they are aware of the fault. If you are from outside the UK, you can email Audi Germany 

Contact details below:

Audi UK: Tel: 0113 2059809
Audi Head Office Germany

If you are or have experienced issues with your Audi gearbox, please leave a comment. There are currently over 700 comments on this page. Click here and browse to the bottom of the page to leave a comment or read existing comments by drivers who have experienced issues.

Good luck

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  1. Roseann Jarvie - December 31st, 2010


  2. Gronconse - January 1st, 2011

    Thanks for some quality points there. I have filed a complaint to WatchDog.

    By the way, thanks for taking the time to put this advice together.

  3. selling Audi - January 4th, 2011

    Doesn’t seem to matter which dealer you go to, be it Audi, Mercedes or BMW, the quality oft he sales staff seems to be incredibly poor andt he customer service practically non-existant.

  4. No More Audis for Me - January 7th, 2011

    Just found this site and it is has been a comfort to know I am not alone with the problems with Audi gearboxes. This is my 4th Audi and the 3rd gearbox to fail leaving me with a £7,500 bill first time, a scrapped car next and now with a £2,000 bill.

    I will never, ever buy another one of these cars again and I am going to take Audi to Court for selling something that they know is not fit for purpose and quite frankly dangerous. When a gearbox fails at 70mph and you lose all gears it is not funny. Its not particularly funny when he local Audi dealer says it will take 2 days to even think about looking at you car before they then come up with some ridiculous repair bill.

    Audi should be ashamaed of themselves. Thankfully it is within my gift to ban the purchase of all Audi and VW cars within my workplace and that is exactly what I have done.

  5. Ian Mills - January 10th, 2011

    I have just purcased an A6 1.9TDi 2005. I had a quick look on the internet before I purchased the car and people seemed to like the gear box and said they were reliable. After one month the dreaded shudder has began and I am now waiting for the impending doom. This is when I found this site. If I had found this before, I would have bought the other audi A6 I was looking at which was manual. I also have the dead zone when accelerating fast from a stand still. I have found that if you take your foot off the brake and allow the car to start to move under its own power ( about a second ) or if you do this first and then very gently press the brake so it just stops it, and then press the accelerator the effect is gretly reduced.
    I work for Jaguar/Landrover, so I have seen the cars being assembled. The shells of manual and automatic transmission cars are the same. The only apparent differences, except for the actual gearboxes, are the clutch/accelerator/brake pedal assembly, the link from clutch pedal to gearbox, the gear lever and gate, and the linkage from the lever to the box. Has anybody thought or tried to replace the auto box with a manual. This seems to be the only way to stop the problem in its tracks. It may be more work, which will cost more, the the gearboxes are more readily available from salvage yards etc, so would be cheaper, and as the manual is virtually bullet proof, you wouldn’t be waiting for the box to fail again. Anybody have any thoughts ?

  6. admin - January 13th, 2011

    Hi Ian

    I did enquire about fitting a manual gearbox to replace my multitronic gearbox but the cost to do so was worth more then the car. I’m sure it’s possible but would be an expensive job unless you can do it yourself. There is the ECU to think about aswell.

  7. Jessica Schnarr - January 13th, 2011

    Thanks to to you, I was able to get the right info to get my car sorted. Drives like new now. Thanks a trillion 😉

  8. Shaf - January 14th, 2011

    Hi, just a note for all drivers of AUDI multitronic gearboxes With “PRND” Flashing issue on instrument cluster. I had the same problem still have the problem but on the verge of fixing it myself. After number of calls to AUDI they will not fix my car because it’s over 3 years and warrantee has run out. So now I have set about finding the exact problem of the box.

    The problem is in the gearbox ECU. There are a number of connections in the ecu that fail over time. To put it simple the tiny wire connections loss there structure and snap where the manufacturer has soldered it. There are a lot of companies out there that repair multitronic ecu and charge from £200 to £600.serch “Multitronic ecu repair”

    It may be a cheap alternative to what AUDI may charge for a new gearbox.

    Hope this has helped any one with the same problem.

  9. Minty - September 13th, 2011


    I have the same issue as you with flashing PRND lights on my 2003 A4 with occasional loss of reverse gear, which is getting worse.
    I am most interested with your quote:

    The problem is in the gearbox ECU. There are a number of connections in the ecu that fail over time. To put it simple the tiny wire connections loss there structure and snap where the manufacturer has soldered it.

    Do you mean within the actual ECU component box or the loom/connector pin plug connecting the ECU to the transmission selector at either end or any other wire/loom within the trnasmission?

    Be useful to know from potentially throwing good money after bad.

    Kind regards,

  10. ashraf - January 29th, 2012

    hi Shaf or anyone else , i have a problem with the “PRND” light flashing and when this happens the car becomes really heavy at junctions and judders as well . this happens at least one a day. am really worried can anyone help or any ideas will be most welcome.

  11. Mubs - January 16th, 2011

    Hi …. I used to own (in 2007) an Audi A6 1.9 tdi sport Multitronic 2002 model. The car only showed 56k miles with apparently Full Audi Service History. Car had major gearbox problems …. car kept violantly jerking and rattling when changing gears, but only after the car had warmed. Contacted Audi main dealers, completely unhelpful and unsymphathetic, quoting prices aroound £5000 for a new gearbox (car was only worth about £5300). Rang a few independant Gearbox specialist, they knew even before i gave details, that it was a ‘Multitronic Gearbox’. Just goes to show how much of a common fault this is, and very low in my opinion of such a supposedly great car maker like Audi. Audi really should have done a recall of some sort with these even when out of warranty period. Audi SHOULD pay largely towards repairs of Multitronic gearboxes, if not the whole lot.

  12. Paul Carter - January 19th, 2011

    I have 02 reg A4 3.0 cabriolet with multitronic box bought as ex-demo from Audi. Whining noise from gearbox investigated by non-Audi (trusted) garage. Have just been told gearbox is knackered. Have only done 55K miles. Waiting to hear cost estimate.
    If I approach Audi, I am sure they will say not interested as I haven’t serviced the car with them for several years (which they did with faulty ignition coils a few years ago).

  13. shak - January 22nd, 2011

    We all love our Audi’s and after having a manual i hav just bought the 3.0ltr Quattro sline..only have 32000mls and gues what EUC (I think) its just out of warranty went into Audi’s they said they had fixed it and i thought lovely just drove it home drives ok but its screen is stuck in the PNDS and does not show me anything??has anyone else resolved this issue or been here ;(
    Audi’s customer care is crap they want £1800 to fix a fault which they should address from the start i will be calling Audi Uk but already know what they will say… people stick to a manual as Audi’s cant make good AUTO’s like Mercs!!!!!!

  14. Rafhael - January 25th, 2011

    Hi guys, i have an audi 2004 1.8t multitronic gearbox, has only 27000 miles and guess what? the gearbox already went, quoted over 4000 pounds and i brought a second have one from birmingham guaranteed that will work and is the same gearbox, paid the labour and nearly 1000 pounds already gone….. fitted and………………… didn’t work, the oil level been topped up and the P gear are not working, changed the gears, the wheels are not moving at all, now of course i’m on more stuck with my lovelly audi, someone can give me some advise. Seriously my money gone and i’m going crazy!

  15. Fred - April 13th, 2011

    As with all Audi tiptronic / multitronic gearbox if you remove the gearbox then replace it after repair or exchange you need to plug good diagnostics equipment in to reset the auto gearbox ecu.

    Master Audi Technician 40+ years and drive an A8 with 170000 miles on the clock

  16. joe - January 30th, 2012

    you have to code the gearbox into the car you might need to get it from audi

  17. dpeche - January 25th, 2011

    May 2010: Bought an Audi A4 Avant 1.9TDI Multitronic (04 Plate; 64K Miles; AudiFSH) + Third Party warranty (WarrantyWise).
    July: Notice the dreaded juddering on take off. Didn’t think much of it as it’s barely noticeable.
    July/August: Notice the juddering is much worse on take off when driving for more than 20-30mins
    August: Take care to Audi – they confirm there is an issue with Gearbox, told them to contact WarrantyWise and sort out
    September: Have been told that WarrantyWIse require the gearbox to be stripped down so they can assess damage/repair. Audi say if they (WarrantyWise) do not play for the claim then I will be landed with the bill for gearbox stripdown. Asked whether they could put the gearbox back to how it was and answer was no – they could not guarantee that they could and I would need to commit to a 7 clutch / ECU upgrade at total cost of about £3-4k

    Dilema: What should I do? Should I take the risk and let AUdi strip gearbox down and face the possibility of WarrantyWise not paying? As you can see the time gap from above this is causing me & family immense stress as not sure what to do. The car is probably only worth about £6-7k. Combined with initial diagnosis from Audi and info from sites such as this surely it can be assumed by the warranty company that I need a new gearbox?

    Has anyone else faced similar issue with 3rd party warranty company?

  18. Jesse - January 31st, 2011

    Best Gearbox for Audi to make money with. Some in South Africa are converting from Auto to manual . Great engine but the worst gearbox ever and AUDI knows about it but does not realize once bitten twice shy. AUDI A6 2.4 multitronic

  19. Deej - February 1st, 2011

    Recently bought a 2006 (56) plate A6 2.7 multitronic on 79k. Reading these horror stories is scary. The car had fluid change at 40k and i’ve just booked in to have it done again.

    Most tales of woe seem to be about cars made before 2005…….not seen much on the internet about cars made after this point. Is 2005 when they started fitting the 7 plate clutch or did they improve reliability in some other way.

    Wish I’d bought a quattro now with tip tronic!

  20. Fred - April 13th, 2011

    You say you wished you bought a quattro with tiptronic prior to 2005 these suffered the same problems,which were mainly due to gearbox ECU fault I had a customers 2004 quattro in with drive problems and would not accelerate this was due to a fault in the Gearbox ECU and the warranty had run out but the car had only done 12000 miles yes only twelve thousand miles Audi main agent told the guy he needed a new gearbox at a total cost of £8000 I unplugged the ecu cleaned it checked it and reset it and it has been trouble free for the last 2 years

    Master Audi Technician 40+ years freelance

  21. jason - August 15th, 2011

    Hi,im from Mauritius,same problem with audi engin e AKE and replace by manual G.Box.Car wont rev up more than 2000 revs.which info is missing to ecu–speed sesor signal may b.Can u help please its been 3 month that i cant drive it,may b send it to scrap.plz reply if u can help or give advice or relate me to some one .yes in they r doing it ,but im lacking somewhere or do i need a manual ecu doubt so,help

  22. joe - January 30th, 2012

    dear fred i have 2004 A4 1.9dti 6 speed auto you say you just unplugged ECU and cleaned it and it works ok for last 2 years it ive just been to have the lights of death checked at audi told ECU is inside gearbox audi just qouted me £2557 they will pay for valve body £819 and i pay for ECU which £740 where is ECU thanks

  23. N Chamsine - February 2nd, 2011

    These g.boxes are totally crap,audi knows it and we all have to scream loud if action is not taken by what is claimed to be reliable engineering by AUDI. i have A4 Cabrio 03 having done less than 70k, box is on its way out. i would ask anyone to follow our steps by raising the issue.

  24. Craig - February 11th, 2011

    Thankyou very much

    I experienced an issue with rattling coming from my car. I was quoted £3,500 to get the gearbox replaced..

    After reading your post, i visited a local garage and got my flywheel checked out. It was faulty, got it replaced and car now drives much better but the jerk when setting off from drive is still there. Audi not willing to help.

    I have logged a complaint with Watch Dog. Hope they do something about this matter. It’s obviously a common fault.

    Thanks once again

  25. al - February 21st, 2011

    I had my Audi A4 automatic gearbox diagnose just a week ago as being faulty. I have already written two letters one in Germany and one in the main distributors in England. I also have written an email to service department in Germany. I still have had no reply. I cannot believe that this failed when I had only done 53000 miles and is a six year old car. And the cost to repair is approximately the same as the cost of the car. As for not knowing this fault is a lot of rubbish as a simple internet search will prove. I am now in contact with my solicitor.
    The option that I have found is to replace my gearbox ECU only. I checked the gearbox oil to see how clean it is. As long as it is clean there should not be a need to change the whole gearbox. I found a mechanic that would take the ECU off in order to send it at:

  26. Tony Manzur - March 16th, 2011

    We have a 55 plate 1.8t Cab with multitronic. Only 20k miles and the gearbox is gone. Audi refuse to contribute because one of the services was done by an audi specialist, not main dealer. £4k bill and we have no way to pay, so will have to loan money and then sell the car.
    Will try every possible means to recover costs from audi and try to publicise audi for producing a shockingly unreliable and dangerous vehicle. Will never EVER touch an audi again.

  27. J.Sparrow - March 17th, 2011

    A4 multitronic jumping and lack of drive cured with software update as per tpi 1672301 and adaptions to gearbox £220 + oil change £200. will try head office to get some money back.

  28. Alan Beersford - March 19th, 2011

    Wow I have just read all this after googling Audi gearbox and can’t believe what I am reading!I live in France and bought a 4month old 1.9tdi estate from an Audi dealer in Germany and brought it to France although it continually juddered when I started it then was ok so thought little of it.
    The car is now 7 years old and yesterday I was told by the Audi dealer that the multitronic box had gone and it would cost 1900 euros to fix.I’m gutted a being retired I’m stuck for cash.Should I complain to Audi de or is the car too old now.

  29. john crow - March 21st, 2011

    Hi, thanks for info on blog. I am having similar probs, have replaced the ecu and now getting slight shudder on gearbox Audi A6 Multi. How long may the gearbox last if driven carefully. Also how much to repair in Cleckheaton.

    I am in Ireland & was wondering if any good gearbox experts here that could do a good job cheaply. I will log a complaint.

  30. Willie - March 28th, 2011

    I own 2002 audi 3.0 v6. (multitronic box)its jerks as you put it on drive, have taken to Audi dealers and cant help. please assisit.

  31. Willie - October 26th, 2011

    I am in Botswana, southern africa, do you anybody in south africa I can take it to for gear box refurbishment? On other written comments, i hear it might be the ECU, Can any body clarify that? Now it hardly goes on reverse. I have to put the stick on N’ then back to R’ it will then engage but now with a noise.

  32. Andy - February 16th, 2012

    Hello Willie!i am also in Botswana and my 2004 Audi multitronic is giving a red flash in PRDNS and sometimes reverse makes a noise,it shudders and jerks forward and lazy on accelerations, i took the car to Volks Motors in Zeerust and they recommended a gearbox overhaul,got a quote in Jourg for 12 grand,who fixed yours here

  33. stephen fenny - April 8th, 2011

    I am gob smacked i thought i was the only one who had a a4 cab with a judder from the box its a 52 reg with 109k on it, Now i do battle with Audi and report to watchdog thank you guys for all this info, i also have a w12 a8 audi that seems fine though

  34. Alex D - April 9th, 2011

    I also have a 2004 multitronic that needs to go in for £1000 ‘upgrade’ to the 7 plate clutch. I’m contacting Audi to see if they will supply the parts if I pay for the labour as some people have had some luck asking. Already paid £120 to have that diagnosed…

  35. A Khan - April 12th, 2011

    Hi khan

    I just bought audi A6 mileage 140k when i put in drive D when its cold i mean first time in the morning its drive perfect but after half an hour when u stop on give ways or any where its jerk and jump i went to gearbox specialist he ECU needs to be fix he is asking £650+vat i dont know where shall i go ? how j sparrow got fixed his car about £220+200oil i cant understand software up date .

  36. Noorudin C - April 12th, 2011

    I am glad I found this site. I have a 2005 Audi A4 with a muultitronix box. I bought the car whenit was 2 years old at a Audi dealer and at 54k miles the EPC control unit went as the DPRN on the dash was flasing and then went blank. Changed teh EPC unit and also had the gearbox oil changed at the same time. , albeit not at a Audi dealer and now at 83k miles the car is juddering from 1-2 gear at take. Starts happening when the car gets warm. I contacted Audi customer service in the UK and they are telling me as I did not get the control unit changed at a Audi dealer they cannot do anything. I may need a new box at a cost of £4k. Any suggestions

  37. natmax - April 14th, 2011

    I own a 2004 (54 plate) Audi A4 2.4SE with a multi-tronic gearbox. The ECU failed at 26,000 miles but as the car was 5 years old it fell to me to pay. After arguing with the Audi dealer they agreed to do it for £1k rather than the £1.4k they quoted as a ‘goodwill gesture’ from Audi. That was 18month ago and now I have the flashing lights of death again PNDRS – aaargh! The ECU is meant to be guaranteed for 2 years so I breathed a sigh of relief when checking the paperwork. HOWEVER, the dealer states that it is only the UNIT that is under warranty and that I will have to pay for the diagnostics and subsequent labour costs! Ha ha bloody Ha! I will be, once again, arguing the toss about paying for it once the diagnostics have been done. What’s the point of only guaranteeing the part – what do they want me to do – change it myself – I might get my stilletoes scratched!

  38. Paul B - April 15th, 2011

    I’ve just had the same problem with my 10 plate 7 speed A6 with 25K miles. Luckily I’m under warranty. They did mention the Gearbox oil was dirty & burnt so maybe theirs a way of fixing that problem that mey negate the need for a replacement unit.

  39. Thean Toerien - April 20th, 2011

    Good day guys.
    I stay in South Africa along the cape town coast.
    I drive a Chev Corsa bakkie, a Corsa light and a Audi A4 tip-tronic 2litre engin. and been having problems with my gearbox. it sounds like metal on metal. and the response on the pull off is slow and jerky!!! It’s only got 118000km (64000miles) on the clock. I asked my local audi service centre here what it was and they replied “they don’t know, but we can fit you a new one for R80 000 (8000 pounds!!!!). Which i then replied back and said “you guys are fitters and not mechanics!!! Then had it serviced a few months later and got a comment from them saying the gearbox is noisy. But they don’t know what the problem is but they can again just replace it with a new gearbox. In South Africa the mechanics are a joke!!!

    Good thing i don’t need to drive the car i bought for weekends to have fun and be safe in, cause it’s suppose to be reliable!!! I’ll drive my bakkie(light deliver vehicle)

  40. stephen fenny - April 24th, 2011


  41. Sean T - April 24th, 2011

    I own the same crap of car Audi A4 1.8T S-Line 05 Plate, the PRNDS flashing (on/off), recently it’s juddering, when shifting the gear from P to R the car will just jump and switch off,,,,,,, I haven’t contacted Audi but I’m really worried about their horrible customer service which I experienced recently at Milton Keynes Audi (wayside Audi) when I left my vehicle for servicing was informed that the coils will be changed free of charge as they is a recall funny enough when I picked my vehicle I asked them to confirm if the ignition coils have changed I was told NO (why) because I had changed them in 2009 but hang on!!! I changed them with the same dealership and two weeks ago an Audi mobile specialist attended my vehicle done some of tests confirmed that ignition coil 3 needs changing, he replaced this coil when I raised the issue I was told that I have a strong case but I needed to contact Audi UK.

  42. Mr Mann - April 26th, 2011

    Thanks Mate. Helpful information and I will be looking to contact Audi and also report to Watchdog.

    my story:

    I bought a 2004 Audi A4 Avant Auto diesel on 19/03/11. Within a few days of owning the car, the “PRNDS” panel on the dash all started flashing together, so you didn’t actually know which gear the car was in. All gears seem to work fine though but reverse light would not come on when the car was in this mode. It was an intermittent problem, with no real pattern of occurence. I contacted the company I bought the car from and after much hassle, got them to pay for the repairs (which consisted of getting the transmission ECU repaired by a company in Nottingham). This issue is sorted BUT, I can still feel that there is something not right about the gearbox (not smooth and occasional hesitation when pulling off). Have read numerous posts and it looks like if I want to keep the car, I will need to splash out on a conversion to the automatic gearbox clutch system. The known issues are with the six clutch system and the later Audis come with a seven clutch system. I think to get the clutch converted to a seven clutch might cost around £600 – £800, but I still need to research this.

  43. Bob - April 26th, 2011

    Got an 02 Audi A4 Multironic about 2 years ago and about a week after buying it I had a problem with slow reversing.
    Then there would be no highlight on any of the gears on the dash. Only seemed to happen when the car was warmed up.

    Did some research on the net and seemed like a lot of other Audi owners have the same issue.

    First tried to change the gearbox oil at £160, made no difference. Finally got Audi to check it out and the said I need a new gearbox ECU at a cost of £1400!!!

    Luckly for me the car was still under warranty but the max they would pay was £1000. Leaving me with a bill of £400. But really Audi should be recalling these ECU’s as seems like its failing for everyone. Hopefully it doesnt fail again.

  44. Warren - April 30th, 2011

    I also have the samer problem. I have tried to trade the car in but EVERY car dealer I approach, even over the phone, is very aware of the Audi Multitronic gearbox and the valuation I receive is horrendously low. I have been offered £3,000 for an 04 Saloon with 67k miles. If it was a manual it would be worth about £5,500. I shall be contacting Audi, Watchdog and Trading Standards for sure. Cannot wait to sell this heap of junk and buy a BMW.

  45. ANIEL SUKKU - May 11th, 2011

    im from south africa,got an audi a6 multitronic 2002,regret buying the car, same gearbox problem,thinking of changing it to manual if i find somebody to convert it. such a nightmare!after reading this i have some hope with the ecu HOPEFULLY.

  46. Gordon Tam - May 17th, 2011

    I am from Hong Kong, My car is a 2005 A6 2.4 V6. The “PRNDS” lights all came up together and I brought it to a nearby garage for fix. I was told that the gearbox ECU was fixed for the fault. It has been one year since the fix and the same problem did not appear again, however, the EPC lights come up occasionally and the gear is locked in Park. Need to manually override to shift. The lights then come off but will come up again and there was complete loss of power once. Engine restarted and it is ok again. I call the mechanic and he told me my car probably need a new ECU unit for the gearbox.

  47. Chris - May 18th, 2011

    Hi Guys and Gals, I have a A4 Cabriolet 2.5 tdi on a 2003 model year. Car had 100K on the clock and drove fine. Then all of a sudden the PRNDS indiccator flashing on the dash, but normal drive totally except for the light flashing, a quick stop and restart – problem goes away and car drives normally until you let it go cold again, I reackon ECU temperature / dry joint kind of fault. When the car was behaving the gearbox performed fab no issues at all. Now I appear to have lost all the gears except 1st and reverse – Joyious motors these eh. I have read the posts and decided am going to try an ECU – after all Summer is here!! But if its fixed I am going to out it pay off the finance and drive an old banger till my bank balance recovers – good luck to all those on here who have multitronics – when they are good they are great, when they go bad – oh mamma mia!!!

  48. Rob D - May 19th, 2011

    Has anybody used I’ve been quoted £1,500 by the dealer for a replacement part, £1,000 for the part, the rest labour and bits. ECUtesting’s site is quoting £250 for rebuilding the box, and although I’ll still need to pay a garage to remove and replace the unit, it should be half the price. Atthe moment, looks too good to be true, so I’d like to know if anyone has experience of them?

  49. Mr Mann - May 19th, 2011

    Hi Rob D. I have (in the last month) had my transmission ECU on my A4 Avant TDi repaired by ECUTesting in Nottingham. I found them to be highly professional and efficient. Just like yourself, there is no way I was going to pay Audi Bedford £1485 !!. So I got my local garage to remove the ECU unit, I then sent it in the post to ECUTesting, waited 2 days, got it back on third day, got it refitted and the problem (with flashing PRNDS panel) was fixed ! Comes with 2 yr warranty as well.

    things to note: the ECU is located in the gearbox so not all garages may be willing to touch it. If you find a garage, they should not quote you more than 3 hours in total, mine charged me £180 for labour (excl VAT). Also it is wise to get the transmission fluid and gaskets changed at the same time (at a cost of about £95). ECUTesting can also send out a pdf file with instructions for your garage on how to remove /refit the unit.

    Hope this helps.

  50. Vic - May 21st, 2011

    Hi, having the same problem with the wifes ’04 3.2 tt. Only got 25000 on the clock. I’ve been quoted £1600 + vat + oil + labour, so I think after reading this site I’ll be looking at ECU testing.

  51. SnakePliskin - May 23rd, 2011

    Just had my ECU on my 2004 A6 1.9 TDi auto gearbox reconditioned. Mileage 130 000.

    This has fixed the flashing gear box sign intermittent problem:


    I experience a judder/acceleration delay when setting off. Im worried that its gonna get worse.

  52. ricky graham - May 24th, 2011

    hi,i have a audi a4 avant tdi 130/170 sport with the multitronic box with buttons on the steering wheel.i have had the car now for going on 2 years it as had the fluid changed in the gearbox by audi £190 last year and also in its lifetime it as had 2 ecu,s fitted 1 when the car was less than1 year old and the other in 2007 the car is a 2004 model.the car runs with a dtuk tunning kit which at first thought it would upset the gearbox but everything seems fine!the car as done 151.000 miles and the gearbox runs smooth,do you think i have been lucky regarding the gearbox?many thanks ricky.

  53. Chris P - May 24th, 2011

    Hi Folks, I just removed my gearbox ECU from my 2003 A4 Cab, real easy to do but you need some special tools and the ability to refill the gearbox to the right level. Audi do a rig for this but I made my own as was buggered if I was going to pay a dealer nearly £200 to replace the oil. Anyway ECU testing have confirmed receipt – watch this space guys and gals, watch this space.

  54. Tony R - May 24th, 2011

    Chris P, do you have any tips on how to remove the ECU. I also have an A4 2003 Cab and I was going to send it off to ECTtesting to get it repaired. I’m not sure how to get the ECU off though.

  55. Guy - May 24th, 2011

    I have been advised by Inde tech of Bletchley that I need a new gearbox ecu and oil change. Approx £1100 +vat ! Car is an 04 v6 petrol cab. So a significant outlay % wise!

    Will never touch Audi again after this!….
    Well maybe an R8 😉

  56. Matt Saunders - May 25th, 2011


    Bought my Audi A4 2004 Estate multitronic in mid December.

    It test drove fine but within a few hours there was a slight judder from the gearbox.

    Pulling away there’s sometimes a slight stutter and every now and then it feels like it’ll stall when coming to a standstill.

    Stupidly I didn’t research multitronic gearboxes prior to buying and now wish I had done so. I wasn’t aware of the oil change requirement which, unfortunately on my car, does not appear to have been carried out by the previous owner.

    As bad luck would have it, somebody also crashed into me within 24 hours of buying the car, so it’s not been used a great deal and currently under repair.

    A local Audi dealer is going to diagnose the problem by connecting the car to their diag machines. Annoyingly I know I’m paying for that machine to diagnose the fact the clutch plates will need replacing.

    He said he will take up discussions with Audi once the problem has been diagnosed.


  57. Chris P - May 25th, 2011

    Tony R, yes of course. I jacked the car up on the O/S and supported it with 2 stands on the sill jacking points and then also put another 2 stands under suspension components to be sure. The elsa manual states that you have to remove the gearbox cross-member and the exhaust but you only have to remove the rear gearbox mounting and undo the cross-member – its a little tight but there is enough room to remove the gearbox rear cover with all that still in place. The complications come from the 4 bolts that support the mounting – these are the star type spline bolts so you will need the right tool, you cannot use a torx. The cross-member bolts are 18mm AF and are not overly tight, there are the 4 star spline type bolts that hold the mount to the gearbox. There are 3 x 13mm AF nuts which hold the gearshift support bracket and then about 10-12 torx bolts which hold the rear cover on. You need a container for the oil and you can remove most of the bolts without any oil loss but there is one bolt 3 rd or 4th up on the N/S which will leak oil when you remove it. I removed all the upper bolts and the awkward ones at the top. A point to note you need to support the rear of the gearbox with a jack when you take off the cross-member / gearbox mounting and there is sufficient room at the front of the engine to allow it to angle back. I recommend carefully measuring the oil then discarding it and replacing the gearbox oil – this must be genuine Audi Multitronic oil – DO NOT use standard ATF auto box oil. I also recommend refitting the rear cover back on the gearbox to prevent the ingress of foreign objects whilst your ECU is away. I posted mine on Monday and I got an acknowledgement that it had arrived on Tuesday – eagerly awaiting the phonecall (I Hope tomorrow) to be able to pay the bill and get it back. Refitting is the reverse and then you need to refill the gearbox with the exact amount you removed. I made a filling rig using a camping water container and some clear plastic hose and hung it from the porch of the house to get the gravity feed. You will need another star key to remove the gearbox level plug to be able to refill the box with oil – yes bless the German’s, it fills from the bottom but its not too much of a performance and with a little bit of tenacity you can save a ferkin fortune – enjoy. If you need any further advice drop me a line to, I would be only too pleased to help. Kind regards Chris

  58. Odofin - May 27th, 2011

    I am experiencing the same gear box problem with my Audi A6 Multitronic car. The reg is O6 and has done only 44.000 miles. the gear will not engage and the Audi centre says we need a new gear box costing almost £4000. I have phoned their UK customer service but they won’t admit any design fault. I am so upset as I cannot afford the £4000 and the guys at the audi garage are not helpful with some of their comments. Is there a way to fix this cheaper without compromising the quality of the repair.

  59. Fred - May 28th, 2011

    Hi Odofin
    I had a customer with an Audi A8 with the same problem as you have with your A6 Audi main agent told him that he needed a new gearbox at a cost of £8000 however i plug the car into my diagnostics equipment and found that the gearbox ecu was showing an error code as soon as i cancelled the code the car drove perfectly but the error came back several months later so we had the ecu checked and repaired by ECT Testing and it has been ok for the last 2 years no sign of a problem so personally i would suggest you find a garage with decent diagnostics to check it for you do not use Audi dealer as all they want is your money having said that if you are close to the kent coast i can recommend East kent Audi there service is A1 and there prices are a good 33% cheaper than any other Audi dealer that i know.

    Audi master tech 40+ years and drive an Audi A8

  60. Chris P - May 29th, 2011

    Hi Again, uodate time. Got the ECU back from ecutesting and duly returned my baby back to the road – faultless drive – and there was the idiot at Audi wanting £5K for a new box – what a joke.

    Please read my earlier posts – I honestly felt that it was electrical but the symptoms blow you away – some folk might be lucky like me

    Don’t suppose anyone wants to buy a nice A4 Cab 2.5tdi?????

    Good luck to you all, Chris

  61. PF - May 31st, 2011

    A word of warning! We’ve gone through this whole scenario, Audi no help at all so ended up having gearbox reconditioned and new ecu.

    Car STILL not right and having battle now with company that did the work. DO NOT USE 3D TRANSMISSIONS LOCATED AT READING, UK.

  62. Leo - June 1st, 2011

    I WAS going to buy an Audi A6 2004 with 72k miles

  63. CJ - June 4th, 2011

    Had my A4 three years, gearbox jerks at take off if more than light throttle. PRNDS flashes every other day but clears up. Loses reverse once a fortnight or so. Lost forward and reverse the other day for the first time. Dare’nt go far these days, waste of time for a class car!?
    Going to replace ecu myself. Little other choice. Won’t buy another Audi.

  64. Michael Sweeney - June 5th, 2011

    Hi, I have a 2004 A4 Multitronic and am now looking at getting it’s 3rd gearbox! The first one was replaced at 68K miles and it now appears to need another one at 147K miles. I brought it to an automatic specialist in Dublin and before I mentioned the milage he said they very rarely last more than 75K miles. He appears to be spot on. Audi should be able to do something about the fault as everything else about the car is bullet proof.

  65. Jake - June 8th, 2011

    Just bought a 2002 51 A4 2.5tdi avant cvt, private sale, within 2 days (now been 2 weeks) i have the judder on setting off, lazy start off in 1st only it is driving me insane while trying to drive. My friend works at Audi and has changed my oil for me (Cvt) the box is quieter but still as above i thought is was the G80 needle sensor until i’ve just read this thread.
    Whats the best thing to do ? go to Audi and book in for diagnostics as say i have a gearbox fault or what? the car has done 99k and has mostly Audi history but i think a Cvt oil change has been missed by the look of the old oil.
    Any advice help would be brilliant or someone to fix it? In South Cheshire.

    Thanks again


  66. Rob D - June 9th, 2011

    Update on resolving mine: I took it a guy called James, a former audi mechanic, who trades as “the Audi Doctor” in Hazel Grove just south of stockport. He sorted a repair of the ECU for about 800 inc VAT – about half the cost of a new ECU being fitted at the audi dealer. Service was prompt and efficient and he’ll be getting my servicing work from now on, partly because he’s sensibly priced but mostly because I won’t get the BS I get at my local audi garage.

  67. SnakePliskin - June 9th, 2011

    Hi Rob D

    Sorry to tell you but your stockport guy is charging you approximately £300 too much to change & recondition your ECU.

    BBA remain will usually recon. for approx £250 & the maximum you should be paying for labour is £200.

    If hes says hes fitting a brandnew ECU then hes a miracle man coz they retail over 800 on their own.

    Not all that glitters is gold.
    PS. Be prepared to lash our for a recon. box as well.

  68. PF - June 9th, 2011

    Today’s update.
    3D Transmissions agreed to fit a new ECU as we threatened to sue them for failing to successfully rebuild our gear box.
    Went to pick up the car today – is it all sorted? NO!
    They now say they’re ‘not sure’ if they updated the clutch to a 7 plate (as they told us they had done) so they don’t know which ECU it needs!
    The car has to go back AGAIN (for about the 6th time) for a week to have the gearbox taken out, clutch and ECU fixed.

  69. Stephen Hutton - June 12th, 2011

    Hi i had a audi A6 estate with the multitronic gear box in the car, the gearbox went with in 60 miles of getting it back from the auctions.
    I got the gearbox fixed for £2800 at a specialist only to find that i had to take the car over to audi to get the gearbox programed back in at the at the cost of £250.
    The car was well out of warrenty, but i did ask the question, would they have helped me if i had came there first and they replyed yes as a good will , but if you don’t have your 40,000 mile gearbox service then no.
    They still charged me the £250 for the programing, and fobed me of for any sort of refund or help towards the £2800 spent even though the car had full service history from a different audi dealer.
    Now a friend has a A4 with the same gearbox.
    The car has full service history with the same problems as mine.
    I am to late as i have got my car fixed else where, but could any one help my friend as he is going through the same problems as me.
    Very poor Audi.
    Kind Regards.

  70. Andrew - June 13th, 2011

    Hi, I have a 03/2007 A6 2.7TDI Multitronic with 98K which has recently started to occasionally judder slightly when coldish and pulling away at low speed. Have owned since new so know the characteristics of the car, although dealer cannot determine a fault. Dealer has recommended an oil test to check for coolant in the multitronic oil. Apparantly they have had two other multis with the same fault.
    Anyone else had this problem?

  71. PF - June 13th, 2011

    Hi Andrew,
    Your problem sounds familiar, I’m afraid!
    We had to have a new radiator on our A6 as we were told it had failed and leaked coolant into the gearbox. We suspect that this was from the car having sports suspension (unbeknown to us when we bought the car) and the radiator had been damaged by speed bumps or similar. £500 for this….then we had to also have the gearbox rebuilt, another £3,000.

  72. robert armstrong - June 14th, 2011

    a4 cabriolet v6 multi box, started having problems about a year ago first i had a bag at the lights when pulling away then with vibratation at around 40 to 50 mph, when coming to a stop it feels like i have a buckled wheel, have sent my complaint to audi another one bites the dust

  73. Sarah Clinton - June 16th, 2011

    Hi guys,
    Can I just say a huge thanks to the creator and the contributors to this page, particularly comments re ECUtesting. I am now exploring this option for the problem with my car.

  74. Fergie_100 - June 17th, 2011

    Hi, Thanks for the information. I have the same problem with and A6 triptronic gearbox. it shudders when taking off and changing gears when warm. The box was reconditioned with a seven plate clutch approx 15000 miles ago. Looks like Audi have not got got is solved yet

  75. Rod Fawell - June 18th, 2011

    I purchased a used 2003 plate A4 from Audi dealers in Nottingham 0n 1st July 2006, following test drive reported slight shudder just before coming to halt ( as though gearbox was stepping down) test report from mechanic indicated no problem. Since then problem has now got to the stage where prnd lights flash continuesly and sometimes unable to reverse and when in drive no power.

  76. Guy - June 18th, 2011

    Picked my car up from Inde-tech @ Bletchley
    £1250 worse off. New gearbox ECU was the bulk of it at £900, + five hours labour to fit

    Good news is no more flashing PRNDS !
    Way cheaper than a main dealer

    Cost me only £27 to diagnose it, I would suggest fellow victims to try that as a first step?

  77. vic - June 20th, 2011

    Update on the wifes tt.
    Sent ecu to ecu testing, repaired for a fraction of the price that Audi wanted for a new one, mechanic refitted the unit on Friday. Total price £730.

  78. Burnsy - June 21st, 2011

    I have a 2003 Audi A4 2 ltr Petrol Multitronic,
    I have had slight problems with the car on and off, but generally the car has been great, there is now 65,000 miles on the clock. The car has never been abused and has always had the servicing carried out when needed.
    Over this last month the car is failing to engage reverse on some occasions, but after switching off the ignition, the car will engage reverse. This problem is intermittent with no definite pattern.
    After reading so many posts of complaints about the same gearbox, I fear that this is the start of gearbox problems.

  79. Kevin - June 21st, 2011

    Hi All,
    I have an Audi 2007 A4 S-Line Avant 6 speed manaul and am having trouble with my gears.. Mine has a little over 67000 miles on the clock and about 3 months ago I noticed that when I changed gears 1st , 2nd and 3rd I could hear what I can only describe as a grinding/crunching sound. I have spoke to Audi Aylesbury but not very helpful as usual. I have been told it could be a change of gearbox oil might sort it or it could be the clutch plate or the sincro (not sure of correct spelling) between gears by differet mechanics. Again its going to a local garge to test drive tomorrow (22-6-11).My biggest problem is it doesnt happen all the time (80% of the time when driven) The car is fully serviced and just passed its MOT. Im not a hard driver. If anybody has had this issue with a manual gearbox or has come accross a solution I would very much appreciate any advice…
    Best Regards,

  80. Julian - June 22nd, 2011

    I am looking to buy a 2003 A6 2.5 tdi multitronic. Bloke selling says that when you put car in D, it takes quite a few seconds for the car to move (does not happen in manual mode)…could this be the start of gearbox / clutch / ecu problems? An urgent response would be appreciated

  81. Guy - June 23rd, 2011

    Run away! Seriously regret buying a multi tronic. Should buy a quattro or manual

    Even after replacing ecu , still nervous of when something else might fail. Do I sell car now? Why it’s driving ok!?

  82. Guy - June 23rd, 2011

    Julian ….if your heart is set on this model, Only thing you could do is to ask seller to take car to a garage and pay for a diagnosis on computer (vag com). You get a readout of current errors?

  83. Jake - June 24th, 2011

    Update from first post 8/6 –
    Today 24/6 Finally removed and have my ecu tested at only to get a phone call just say my unit is fine and had been tested with no issues found… now its not the ecu i’ve had my oil done the only fault on diagnostics is g80 needle lift sensor on engine appart from that I think im screwed?!

  84. mark - June 24th, 2011

    i have an audi a4 2002 plate my tiptronic gearbox has just started to judder at 81000 miles

  85. Jake - June 28th, 2011

    I have mine booked in again at audi for multitronic oil change £152 tomorrow, after the ecu tested no fault, I’m then going to do the g80 needle lift sensor as i have a fault with that so will replace it other wise i have no faults what so ever , i will keep everyone updated.

  86. Phil Wilkins - July 2nd, 2011

    Audi A6 2003, judders when warm , dangerous to pull away, will email watchdog also
    have been tempted by later Audis 2006 onwards?, is this a good idea?, thanks phil

  87. admin - July 10th, 2011

    Hi Phil

    As far as I am aware the later Audis, 2006 onwards are ok as they were built with the improved gearbox.

  88. Willie - July 4th, 2011

    I m in Gaborone Botswana and have Audi A4, 3.0 2002 model. The car jerks/jumps as you drive into the first gear and I have been to our local audi dealer but they cant assist. From all these, i reckon i need the ECU replaced. Can anyone assisit if they know any auto dealer in South africa or botswana who could assist with ECU replacement?

  89. Burnsy - July 4th, 2011

    To add to my previous post, I have taken my 2003 A4 2ltr multitronic to my local garage in Lisburn N.I. where I live, there is just over 65200 miles on the clock, they in turn are going to take off the ECU and send it to a specialist company in England for repair and refurbishing. Here’s hoping when the repair to the ECU is refitted, it will be the end of my gearbox trouble, will keep posted.

  90. khalid - July 5th, 2011


    your post is very useful. i just bought a second hand a8 at the weekend, test drive was wonderfuel, got on motorway drove it home and noticed when its warm it give you a jolt when putting into drive from neutral. reverse is ok. will changing my oil help…..??…it does not happen at all when the car starts first thing and its a dream. it seems to happen when warm….any more of your insight will help me. am so sorry you have had all these problems.

  91. James - July 15th, 2011

    I bought a 2003 A4 1.9 tdi with 68000 miles on the clock, full audi service hisitory (not that the book proves the 40,000 mile ATF change has been done!) in June 2010. By October and 75,000 it had developed the lag and juddering common to the multitronic’s issues found all over the internet. After receiving no assisitance from the dealer (Ivybridge Motors, Ivybridge – as supposed Audi ‘specialist’ – who it turns out dont have the right diagnostic equipment to even start with the gearbox) I took the car to the Audi main dealer in Exeter. After performing an ATF change and the adaptions the car was better but still juddering (the final straw to take it to a dealer was after I suffered a complete loss of drive on top of woodbury common) the response I got was that they could not guarantee reliability of any gearbox over 50,000 miles and that I should bare this in mind when buting second hand. And also that I shouldnt believe everything I read on the internet with regards to this gearbox. I was furious! I’ve now part exchanged the car loosing more than half the money I paid less than 13 months ago. Audi – you are arrogant bastards!

  92. Paul - July 19th, 2011

    Audi A8 3.0tdi 2005 model gear oil was not changed/or recommended for change by Audi, 48 hours after 100k service gearbox failed asked to pay £6000 on complaining was reduced to £2500 but no courtesy car and 15 days to repair.
    Audi UK were unable to offer details of mean gear box failure mileage details so I could assess if my gearbox had odne average mileage b4 failiing – this is the simpleest test on quality.
    Personally I’d by Lexus in the future they go the extra mile to keep customers happy.

  93. Ahmad - July 27th, 2011

    I am facing the same problem with my Audi A4 2004. The total mielage when the problem occured was 31,000 miles only! I contacted Audi in Kuwait and they are asking for $2500 for changing the Control Unit and Labor cost. The whole car with perfect condition costs no more than $5000 in Kuwait!!

  94. Budsy - July 27th, 2011

    Just bought a second hand 2005 a4 with auto box and experienced jerky start off and occasionally all lights on auto display illuminated, on another occasions the lights flash shuddering between gears, classic scenario from what i have read. Luckily under warranty and has had oil changed which cured nothing now its gone to an AUDI dealer to have a module (£900 on its own or so ive been told) fitted inside the gearbox. had car 3 weeks used it for 4 days so far. Looking for garage who sold me car to extend warranty to cover time off road.

  95. A Takodra - July 29th, 2011

    I had an Audi A4 Cab on an 03 plate, the gearbox used to judder on acceleration and I decided to get rid of it.

    I purchased a used Audi A6 on an 07 plate. £18K. 30K on clock. Had the Car 2 months on an after market warranty supplied from an independent garage. AFT cooler leaked and damaged rad and gearbox. 5K costs. Luckily the warranty company covered. I was informed by Audi contact that this is another common fault. New Rad and gearbox installed.

  96. A Takodra - July 29th, 2011

    Audi also had the cheek to charge me £250 for investigating the gearbox issue with a glycol test, this was on top of Charging 5K for a new gearbox.

    You should set up a facebook page on this issue

  97. Burnsy - August 1st, 2011

    To follow up my previous post on 4th July’11, A4 2ltr. Multitronic.

    I have received the car back from my local garage, the repair to the ECU has been carried out by a specialist company in England and refitted by my local. The total cost to me was £420, touch wood up to now everything seems to be going OK, car goes into reverse when asked, no noticeable noise, in fact the car over all seems to be going better than ever. The car is up for MOT on the 9th Aug. after that I may decide either to keep it or move it on.
    I have had the car just over five years, bought for £10K when it was coming up to three years old, and apart from the gearbox trouble the car has been fine, OK a bit thirsty, but then I suppose that has to be expected from a 2ltr Auto.I have been offered almost £4k for the car in a trade in for another Audi, so I cant really complain.
    Good luck all.

  98. Rachel Kempston - August 1st, 2011

    we have exactly the same problem. we now can not drive it as it will only go into 2nd or 3rd gear. i have been trying to see what I can do as mine is 7 years old and started about a year ago. The car is abolutely immaculate and i really don@t want to scrap it as it is a nice car in every other aspect. I have an A3 quattro. can you help us with our research. As you say once you start looking it is a really common complaint

  99. Wajid - August 6th, 2011

    Hi all, I have an 03 plate a6 with the same problem. I want to send the ECU CVT part to to get it fixed. I spoke to my mechanic who is wanting to know where this part is located. Could anyone please advice me with instructions to get to the part.

  100. Chris - August 7th, 2011

    Its in the rear of the gearbox but you only have to remove the rear cover to access, 1 hrs work to remove and about 2 to refit. Make sure he uses genuine audi multitronic oil when he has reassembled. I have posted on here the exact removal technique if you look at my earlier posts. Good Luck, OBTW ECU testing – 1st class. Cheers Chris

  101. Louise - August 11th, 2011

    Hi there, we’ve just had our Audi A4 1.9TDI,i 2004, 6 plate clutch updated to 7 plate clutch, very impressed with the work and the price wasn’t too bad either. However the Gear box specialists did not have the Software which they recommended to load the car with as Audi own it and won’t let any other garages etc. have it. Does anyone know where to get this Software other than Audi ? We are in the Kent area.
    Thank you.

    PS This has all been very interesting to read, much appreciated.

  102. Jake - August 11th, 2011

    Update from earlier posts:-
    Did the oil , did the ecu, did the oil.
    Had in in at Audi today – “new gearbox ” but I got talking with the Techie he told me its not the ecu but another fault which causes loss of pressure in the box which makes the current go up, once this is over 3miliAmps they recommend a new box but he said originally he though it would just need a new ecu in the box but its something else in there aswell. Also that the g80 needle lift sensor needs doing part £300 + vat & fitting. quote for new box fitted today £4109.52 …. NO CHANCE! so I dont know whats to do with it so looks like i’ll have to try and sell on the problem ( which im not happy about) or trade it for a manual version a year newer or something ?! Audi need to sort this out!

  103. Louise - August 12th, 2011

    Hi all, I have since logged our complaint with Audi Germany ( as the car is registered outside the UK). Will let you know if we hear anything back from them .

    Also managed to get the software update for £74.00 incl. VAT from somewhere other than Audi, not sure if I can post the name of the garage on here but if I am allowed to I will as they are excellent for Audi’s, VW’s etc.

  104. admin - August 12th, 2011

    Hi Louise
    Hope you get your problem sorted.
    Please feel free to recommend the company you used as i’m sure it will help others.

  105. Louise - August 12th, 2011

    Hi all, I did try to post the links of the garages but my message disappeared so not sure if it will reappear at some point, however here goes with the details:

    The garage for the gearbox work is

    Auto Gearbox Specialists
    Units 42-44
    Station Road Industrial Estate
    East Sussex
    BN27 2EY
    Tel: +44(0)1323 846666
    Fax: +44(0)1323 849867

    They charged £1014.00 incl VAT for the upgrade of 6 plate clutch to 7 plate which incl £54.00 for the diagnosis.
    The garage we use for repairs etc. ( for over 15 years), is

    D & D Autos
    Moat way
    Orbital Park
    TN24 0TT

    Ph: 01233 504765
    Fax: 0870 7061396

    They are excellent also. And they have the Audi software for the upgrades.

    Best Regards,


  106. Simon R - August 17th, 2011

    I was just checking what engine oil I needed for my A4 2.4 V6 52 plate with multitronic (it drinks oil but hasn’t done much mileage lately so I’d forgotten) and came across this thread.

    I had this problem when I bought the car at 2 years old and 40k miles. The dealer I bought it from (Audi main dealer) did the usual plugging it into the lap top and “lap top says no” response.

    After a few more days of terror pulling out of junctions (I lived in London at the time), I threw my toys out of the pram with the dealer. The chief mechanic took it home overnight and came back the next morning confirming the problem. Luckily, it was still under warranty as the cost to replace was over £3k. The car now has 100k miles on it and, if the gearbox goes again, it will be more than the car is worth to get it fixed. I’ve got my money’s worth from the car over the years so I could replace it without shedding too many tears. Worrying that the problem still seems to occur on newer multitronics, though. Despite some of the feedback above, I love the smoothness of the multitronic – even now it rides more smoothly and more quietly than many friends’ newer cars.

  107. PF - August 17th, 2011

    If any of you decide to go for gearbox rebuild and new ECU….as I said before…


    They’ve had our A6 back at least 6 times and it’s still not right!

  108. Rich - August 17th, 2011

    I have a 2004 3.0V6 Multitronic – and have had PRNDS flashing for months now. There is no issue at all with gear selection or drive. The flashing will happen whenever it feels like it. I have emailed the Audi service, email address above, and Watchdog. I have read on Audiforums about a possible recall though… Lets hope so.

  109. Rich - August 17th, 2011

  110. admin - August 19th, 2011

    Hi Rich

    I don’t use Facebook. Good idea though.

  111. shaun symmonds, cannock, staffordshire. - August 18th, 2011

    I have just had my Audi A4 Cab 1.8T S-Line sevriced in AUDI, TAMWORTH. I have explained to them that the gear box lights are flashing on the dash board.

    They have just called me to say that there is a fault showing on the control unit located in the gear box and this goin to cost me £1177.00 to replace.?????

    At what point do Audi hold themselves responsibile for this underlying issue..?

    They have simply used the same gearbox parts for all this time, knowing forewell that there are issues going to happen in the future in all cars that contain this part.

    I think it is absolutely F****ink disgucting that they allowed the part to be continued to be used in the gearbox over the last 4-5yrs, cost people thousand to replace this part..!!!

    Apparently the latest automatic transmissions have been re-disgned, so that the gearboxes no longer use this part. The world need to know about that undlying issue and something put in place to help those out who actually still own one.

    Who can I call and complain to????????????????????

  112. Rich - August 18th, 2011

    Please all join the Facebook page…

  113. Paul - August 19th, 2011

    I’ve complained to Audi UK, Audi Germany all they said that a car that has done 100k; even with a FASH
    miles, will have problems with the gearbox and have given me a bill for £2500, on taking the car to a gearbox speacialist they indicated that cooling fluid had leaked into the grearbox contaminating the oil leading to the failure this is not only bad service, in effect a lie, but a design fault too- why do Audi place water components over oil components??? the necer mix better to have it the other way around
    This is for an Audi A8 3.0tdi 55reg.
    I’ve had this repaired for £2000 but chasing Audi for the costs.

  114. Khan Mangol - August 19th, 2011

    Thanks for some interesting pointers.
    One thing is that my dealer’s (Bolton Audi) customer service had been nothing less then top class comparing to disgust I had to face at Mercedes dealers. My service advisor Tony is really helpful.
    I have owned an A6 2.0TDi SE 2007 for three years, about 7/8 months ago it went in for service and I was told needs a new flywheel which was actually three days out of warranty with an approximate bill of £2000 after I had paid £400 for the gear box service, after lot of to and fro Audi got the dealer pay most with a £300 contribution from me. On Saturday car went in for its service again and same day broke down on M6, recovered to the dealer and they responded with a supreme customer service gave me a courtesy car. They kept the car for three days and it broke down again after I picked it up on the way to a client visit (£1000 lost as couldn’t get to them) good customer service again I am mobile. But I have been presented with a £1500 bill. Dealer got some contribution agreed but still expect me to pay 70% of the cost. I am very annoyed with the situation, why is Audi not picking the bill and pushing it towards the dealer and me.
    I am so annoyed that I will be protesting big time on this be it I have to stand outside Audi HQ and go on a hunger strike lol.
    Not spending my hard earned money on Audi design fault.
    I have registered my complaint with Audi UK and will wait 24 hours until going to watchdog and trading standards.

  115. Ric Borck - August 20th, 2011

    I just contacted Audi Head Office Germany – thru email : lets see what they will do about this problem they took my VIN no contact and car registration date;

    I face the same problem i was driving my 2005 Audi A4 in a high speed and suddenly my engine loss power and stop responding from accelerator and the PRNDS started blinking i have to pull over before i can cause huge accidents and when i contacted the dealer they told me that they need to replace the TCM or ECU and the cost of the repair is more than the value of my car.. the Audi should do something about this matter their reputation will be tarnished if they choose to ignore this kind of sensitive quality problem with their multitronic system.

  116. Wajid - August 20th, 2011

    Has anyone got a reply back from either Audi or Watchdog???

  117. Louise - August 20th, 2011

    Hi Wajid,

    Audi Uk have rung me back twice, Audi Germany once and we are just waiting for Audi France to call us back as the car is registered in France , LHD etc. I will keep this forum updated on the answers we receive from Audi France. When I initially contacted Audi I did mention Watchdog to them and said that this was a well known problem etc.
    Surely they have to do something, it is costing people thousands isn’t it?

  118. Rich - August 22nd, 2011

    I have had an email back from Audi Executive customer relations… they are looking into it… 🙂

  119. Rich - August 22nd, 2011

  120. Harry Smithfield - August 23rd, 2011

    Audi A4 2.5TDi with MT. 2003 Registered, 95,000 miles.

    I have the dreaded shudder when pulling away and slowing down, and when driving at a constant speed of around 40mph, of the revs increasing every few seconds by circa 500rpm, but no change in the resultant speed.

    I don’t have any of the ECU errors, but it’s likely I’ll need the 7 plate clutch kit and possibly the valve change. I don’t want to go to a main dealer, does anybody know a Audi specialist who could replace this a more reasonable price compared to a mail dealer?

    I emailed Audi about it, they took a week to reply and simply said contact a dealer.

    The car (otherwise) is faultless so if the repair cost needs to be reasonable.


  121. Neil Buxton - August 26th, 2011

    Hi, I have been the proud owner of a 3.2 TT quattro (2004 plate) until last Friday when I got the flashing lights. The car is fully serviced and has only done 46000 miles. My plea with the dealer that because I have done a lower than average mileage this should not have occurred was dismissed. I am now horrified to discover from this forum that this is a common fault with the Audi gearbox. I am now facing a bill of around £2,500 to replace a megatronic unit (?) and feel this is unjust for a car with such a low mileage. Is there any point in contacting Audi?

  122. admin - August 26th, 2011

    Hi Neil

    Yes, it is worth contacting Audi as they may help.

    Contact details for Audi UK can be found in the post above.

  123. Ryan - August 29th, 2011

    I bought my Audi 2.5TDI Aug 2002 new. Symptoms that are described above started to occur around 70K Miles. My local dealer in Cambridge said they had no idea what the cause was and wanted to charge me £55 to inspect. The car has a full service inc gear box changes as scheduled. Now, around 120k the reverse gear is almost impossible to find, rendering the car useless. Time to trade it in… Again Cambridge dealer want to charge me again to inspect.

    I’m off to by a manual 5 Series, because I don’t trust a word the Audi dealer in Cambridge says.

  124. Peter Bright - November 11th, 2011

    Hi Ryan,

    I have exactly the same problem with my 2003 Audi A4 TDI – reverse gear almost impossible to find, with flashing or missing PNDRS display (85000 miles, full service history including gear box oil change just last year). I’m replying to your post because, like you, I used the Cambridge dealer (Vindis Audi on Babraham road) a few days ago. I also got the distinct impression that they are far from honest there. I will be taking things further and will keep you informed…

  125. Rich - August 30th, 2011

    Had a call from Audi – Apparently this problem is not severe enough for them to do anything about. As a percentage, the amount of faulty gearboxes worldwide is very small – I can only think this means reported issues… If you have problems – report it – that is the only way Audi will even think about doing something.

  126. chris Byrne - August 30th, 2011

    Hi, I have a 2002 2.5 v6 TDi, bough two years ago with 84,000 on it. I’d say around a year ago it started with these systems. I have had it check on a diognotic machine by a mechanic friend and it came back with no faults. Is this going to have to be a new / refurbished gear box and clutch ?
    The cars now done 150,000 (I’m a sales rep )

  127. john mclaughlin - August 30th, 2011

    07 A6 with multronic gearbox problem.intermittent starting problem.46000miles on park ,on turning key,just a clicking noise.tried also in neutral same click,after fiddling about for a while the car eventually starts.everything goes ok for a few more days and then same problem again.Audi garage pretent no fauit code and therefore no problem as far as they are can you beat this attitude.Do Audi have a customer care department under their control that i don’t know about. signed John desperate.

  128. Fred - August 31st, 2011

    Hi John
    The problem you have with your car will not create a fault code as you have one of 4 possible faults that the engine management will not recognise and the Audi dealer that you took your car to should and would know this.
    1)Bad earth
    2)Faulty ignition relay
    3)Bad connection to starter motor
    4)Faulty ignition switch
    I would guarantee that if you were in my area I would find and rectify the fault obviously I do not know where you are located,your best bet is to contact a good auto electrician if you require any further assistance feel free to contact me.

    Audi and Rolls Royce master tech

  129. shaun symmonds - August 31st, 2011


    I received a call last week from Audi UK who stated that they were going to contact Audi, Tamworth, Staffs where I had my A$ Cab service to find the actual details of the service performed.

    They said they would then contact me – I have heard nothing!!

    Shaun Symmonds

  130. Burnsy - September 1st, 2011

    Just to follow up on my previous posts, my 2003 A4 2 ltr petrol is still going fine having got the ECU fitted at my local garage at a total cost of £420. The MPG is better than ever before with 33mpg at best compared with 29 mpg before, Here’s hoping and touch wood,

  131. Dominic - September 2nd, 2011

    Yup my Audi A4 multitronic 2.0 TDI, the gearbox has just gone. Audi quoted me £4,400

  132. Wajid - September 2nd, 2011

    Any update on when Watchdog are going to look into this matter?

  133. Nigel - September 3rd, 2011

    I have a 2002 A6 2.4ltr which I bought 3 months ago it has had the trans fluid replaced @ 60k & 120k kms & done 129k. I don’t have the problems mainly listed but I do get a random klunk, judder when put in rev. It only happens once & won’t do it again until the car is shut down & restarted also I have a very dangerous lull when trying to take of fast but with normal driving it shoots off. Any ideas are welcome as I’m taking it in to a euro trans shop (not audi) for a diagnostic in a week or so. I am in Melbourne Australia & the trans shop said they have at-least 1 audi a week with trans problems.

  134. Julian Gray - December 15th, 2011

    Hi Peter

    I have just bought an Audi A4 B6 2003 at auction and after driving it for 1 day I am very certain I have the same issues that you have described.

    Have you had any success getting this fixed and at what cost? Where would you suggest taking the car in Melbourne?

    Look forward to hearing back from you

  135. peter chatfield - September 5th, 2011

    I have owned 3 Audis, all Avants, 2 A4’s and my existing car A6 1.9tdi Avant Final Edition. Guess what!! all 3 had suffered from gearbox problems between 60,000 and 76,000 miles. My current 2004/5 A6 is having massive problems. I’ve had the gearbox repaired which cost me £1,200 and now the gearbox computer has decided to pack up. I love Audi cars but I HATE their gearboxes. The garage where I take my automatic gearboxes informed me that Audi/BMW all have very poor gearboxes which is bizzare when you think they are supposed to be full of German Engineering. regard Pete. ps I also suffered the indgination of Audi telling me TOUGH

  136. Khan Mangol - September 5th, 2011

    Right, as always super customer service from audi.
    If you are full on audi network customer they do look after you, not ideal but better then lot of comments on this blog.
    I landed a big gear box bill Audi is now paying half of it just because I bought my car from within Audi network and always use Audi for servicing.
    Audi’s are awesome cars with this sort of support I think its worth every penny
    I used to have Mercs and trust me this level of support is out of their league.
    Still without car but a promise for Audi to give me a loan car in a day, BTW already had one from them for 10 days.

  137. kevin - September 6th, 2011

    My 05 3l A4 cabriolet is now starting to “jerk” on pullaway with the “PRNDS” light flashing.
    Audi totally unhelpfull! Saying book it in and expect a 3k bill..
    Audi UK just said that they know nothing of a “known” fault with the Multitronic boxes 🙁

  138. khurram - September 8th, 2011

    thanx for important information. i am facing the same problem. i bought a couple of weeks back. its a6 multitronics 2003 reg. yesterday i feel like when after stopping on a signal when i put my foot on race the car take a jerk/jump and then after that from 2nd gear it seems quite alrite. when u took that to gear box people who refurbished it does it goes alrite. and how much did it cost you to fix fly wheel and fix gear box. if you can provide me the info will appericiate that.

  139. khurram - September 8th, 2011

    thanx for important information. i am facing the same problem. i have same problem. i bought a couple of weeks back. its a6 multitronics 2003 reg. yesterday i feel like when after stopping on a signal when i put my foot on race the car take a jerk/jump and then after that from 2nd gear it seems quite alrite. when u took that to gear box people who refurbished it does it goes alrite. and how much did it cost you to fix fly wheel and fix gear box. if you can provide me the info will appericiate that.

  140. admin - September 8th, 2011

    Hi Khurram

    Audi charge around 400 pounds for a flywheel and then there is the labour charge.

    Get your car checked out by a gearbox specialist. May be a valve that requires replacing. If the gearbox requires refurbishing, it can cost up to 2,000 pounds depending on which Gearbox specialist you visit. In most cases, the gearbox requires refurbishing.

    Also, please contact Audi as they seem to think there is no fault. If they are of no help, log a call with watchdog. Contact details for both Audi and Watch Dog can be found within the post towards the top of the page.

    Please keep us updated on progress


  141. shaun - September 8th, 2011


    I have been given a £250 voucher to help towards the faliure of my gearbox = £1171.00 to fix… JOKE!!

    They also stated to me that they have sold more cars and only have a handful of issues, so does not justify them repairing my gearbox.

    Is there a way that Admin on here can pull together the actual number of individual complaints and I will call Rob at Audi UK and let him know.


  142. admin - September 8th, 2011

    Hi Shaun

    There is more visiting the site then those leaving comments. The site receives hundreds of hits a day according to site stats and visitors from 91 countries/territories. But not everyone leaves a comment.

    You could send Audi the link to this site, if it helps.

    Watch Dog have been in touch and said they may be investigating.

  143. shaun - September 8th, 2011


    Have sent this link to Germany and explained that Watchdog TV may be investigating and there is a possibility of it being televised.

    I will certainly be selling my Audi.


  144. PF - September 8th, 2011

    It might be best to sell your Audi BEFORE Watchdog investigates….no-one will want it afterwards!!

  145. Fernando Da Silva - September 8th, 2011

    Hi guys. Im really glad to see that I am not alone in this. I am in Johannesburg, South Africa and my 2003 Audi A6 2.4 multitronic recently started with the PRND flashing and then other days it drives perfectly like there was never a problem. Yesterday the poor thing died completely and I cannot get any gears at all so it looks like its in for quite an expensive exercise of getting the car repaired. I have gone through the exercise most of you have gone through with Audi and received the exact same responses from Audi SA that most of you did about the car being out of waranty, the car being old, Audi not being aware of any blogs or other people having the same problem and its brand new to them. Anyways, I have made it my life’s mission to find all the blogs about this problem and make sure I comment on there, spread the news and hopefully make a difference, whether it is that Audi faces up to the music and resolves their issues or alternatively making sure that less and less people buy Audi. I knew i should have rather bought a BMW as they are far more reliable. The scary thing is that it could cost me as much as R80 000 for the repair and my car is only worth R50 000…that does not make economical sense, especially seeing that I still owe the bank R91 000. Even though I am not in the UK I have also listed my complaint with Watchdog to back you guys up. If enough of us complain then something has to give way. Good luck everyone.

  146. Fernando Da Silva - November 11th, 2011

    Guys, as posted on September 8, 2011 I have a 2003 Audi A6 2.4 multitronic which has been sitting in the garage for the past couple of months without any drive at all. I have been researching the matter and logging complaints whereeve I can and trying to get a good alternative. The quotes I have got thus far ranged from R31000 (various gearbox specialists) up to a whopping R81000 (Audi South Africa) and even then they cannot guarentee the fault will be resolved, why pay R81 000 for a car thats only worth R55000?

    I have today made contact with a company in Johannesburg called Fourspring and they specialise in Audi and VW. I have started investigating the posibility of converting from a multitronic to a manual gearbox and the guy I spoke with confirmed that it is possble to just convert the car to a manual. I am going to see them tomorrow to confirm that they understood me correctly and that the price for the complete conversion will be no more than the quoted R14 000. I hope this is the case and that it will resolve all my multitronic problems forever. I will keep you guys posted.


  147. pete chatfield - September 8th, 2011

    Hi Fernando, you wouldn’t have been better off with a BMW as Driver Transmission, Birmingham, the garage I use to service/repair my auto gearboxes, say their workshops are constantly full of all the German cars, Mercedes/BMW/Audi’s. Lets hope this action we’re all taking will bring Audi to accept responsibility. I had an Audi 100 se 2.0ltr Avant, an Audi A4 2.0ltr petrol Avant and I now own, for my sins, an Audi A6 1.9 diesel Avant Final Edition. I only bought it because I thought that Audi would have stopped making crap geaboxes BUT Oh HOW wrong I was. I love the car, they are built well, they drive superb, the interior is excellent, luggage space tremendous. IT’S JUST THE ********* GEARBOX

  148. christoforos-Cyprus - September 10th, 2011

    I am in Nicosia Cyprus and i own an AUDI A6 1,9 TDI of 2004 build. i bought it 2 ,5 years ago and the last month the proplem with the flashing PRNS display came up.When i move the lever to P then to D etc a couple of times the proplem goes away until the next time!!! when the display flashes the back up program lets you drive the car but you should drive SLOWLY!!!
    After reading all the above i will be looking to check the ECU as well.
    Thank you very much !!!!!!

  149. Neil Buxton - September 11th, 2011

    Hi, as an update on my gearbox problem for my 3.2L TT. In fairness to the dealer (Listers of Stratford on Avon) they have offered a reduction and my potential bill is now around £1,500. As suggested by Admin for this site, I have contacted Audi and asked them to meet my repair bill because the mileage for my car is so low. I’ll keep you updated with their reply

  150. Peter Sills - September 12th, 2011

    My A4 is now 7 years old but has only covered 45k miles and the PRNDS has just started flashing. Local dealer said it was an electrical fault with the dash panel as the car is still driving well and no problem with performance in any gear. Have not used multitronic since I bought car, using only D or S mode. Have driven and owned Audi’s for 40 years and this is the only time I have had any gear/electrical problem. Will watch this site with interest and will update if flashing problem gets worse or performance is affected.

  151. pete chatfield - September 13th, 2011

    Hi everybody, I’ve finally had contact from who have asked me to phone a contact at Audi UK. Haven’t got thro yet but stll trying, so watch this space hopefully, Chatters

  152. kevin wicker - September 13th, 2011

    hi just had gearbox go on 05 A4 avant on 1st day of holday been told needs garbox rebuild new flywheel and new rad total £4200 only had it 2 months wish id read this site first

  153. peter chatfield - September 16th, 2011

    Well, well, well, who would have believed it. Audi UK finally got in touch with me and guess what. They told me I had no chance of any goodwill compensation or repairs, I argued that I had been a loyal customer having had 3 previous Audi’s, I WON’T BE BUYING ANYMORE. I will do my utmost to make sure that Audi accept the consequences of fitting a defective gearbox and knowing that it is defective by the number of complaints received over the past few years. I offered information about the garage which has re-plated (from 5 to 6 or is it 6 to 7) my ‘Tiptronic’ gearbox, Driver Transmission B’ham told me that the gearbox has a known problem and that they had been actively invovled in repairing many of them. Audi UKs response was that they only know of about 100 or so complaints, who are they kidding. I’ve had 3 Audi Avant cars and EVERY ONE had a problem gearbox, I’m a very angry Chatters

  154. admin - September 16th, 2011

    Thanks for the update Peter

    Previously, I was told by Audi UK they had received no complaints at all. So them now admitting that they have received 100 or so complaints is good. I’m sure they will receive more.

  155. JR - September 20th, 2011

    I own an Audi A4 Avant 2004 (54 reg), 1.8t 190bhp with CVT gearbox. Judders/snatching of gears when coming to a standstill and also slight pulling from gears 1-3 when accelerating, when crusing 40-70 mph everything is fine. Gearbox is not fit for purpose, car has done 76,000 miles, gearbox oil changed at 37,000 and 73,000. Driven with TLC, no harsh acceleration. Previously owned BMW which had it’s own niggles, but nothing as serious as this, and this is why my Dad told me that Audis are the poor mans Mercedes, will not be buying another Audi. They look great, but thats it.

  156. David Birkinshaw - September 21st, 2011

    Hi there
    I have an 04 A4 1.9TDI Avant auto and the gearbox did the PRNDS flashing thing and then started swapping itself between D and S on its own, which strangly disappeared as the car warmed up.
    Anyway, got a quote of £2 – £2.5k from Audi and a 4 week wait while the parts/software was delivered/installed.
    To cut a long story short it was diagnosed as bad wiring on the ECU in the gearbox. took off the part, re-soldered and repaired(or whatever they do :o)) and changed the gearbox oil as well as re-aligning the gearbox on VAG equipment. took 10 working days but car is running beautifully now. he says he is doing 2 per week at the moment.
    All for £695, still high cost but comparitively speaking a blessing. they are based in Greenwich

  157. Wajid - September 21st, 2011

    Does anyone know where the ECU unit is located on the A6 as my mechanic is struggling to find it.

  158. PF - September 21st, 2011

    If it’s the gearbox ECU it’s in the gearbox!

  159. Wajid - September 21st, 2011

    Its the ECU unit that is the cause of the PNDR problem that everyone here has. Is that in the gearbox???

  160. David Birkinshaw - September 22nd, 2011


  161. paul dryden - September 23rd, 2011

    Recently bought an A4 2.5tdi with multitronic, I had no idea there was serious issues with these gearboxes otherwise would have never bought it.
    My fault is the small judder when first set off, feels like its skipping. Only does it a couple of times a week up to now, just wondering how long it may last for before it starts to get bad, may give me chance to get shut.
    I have sent a complaint as requested above.
    Thanks Paul

  162. neamen samuel - September 25th, 2011

    yes i do have the same problem i can’t aford to spend $5000 the company has to do somthing

  163. peter chatfield - September 28th, 2011

    Hi everybody, just got news back from the guy who is repairing my gearbox (ECU refurb). He said the oil in the gearbox was all creamy, which indicates some form of water ingress. His theory is that the gearbox gets hot and because the gearbox sump itself is only 25% full of oil, there is a build up of condesation. Maybe that’s why Audi insist you change the oil every 40,000. I know the oil in my car is less than 40,000 because I had it overhauled last August (2010), ie 6 to 7plates, and of course new oil, which has probably only done about 12,000 miles. Something to think about, regards Chatters

  164. Wajid - September 28th, 2011

    How much is the guy charging your for the repair, if you dont mind me asking

  165. peter chatfield - September 28th, 2011

    approx £450, waiting for the company to let him know how much its going to be to refurb the ECU!!

  166. shaun - September 28th, 2011

    I have been quoted £1170.0o for ECU change.

  167. PF - September 28th, 2011

    Since 3D Transmissions in Reading rebuilt our gearbox and replaced the ECU the car has never been right, despite going back at least 6 times!
    Has anyone used a good company anywhere near Oxford?

  168. Guy - September 28th, 2011

    I used Inde tech @ Bletchley . ECU replaced not repaired. New oil, about £1200

    Fantastic, honest service in under a week.

    Google them for their website

  169. peter chatfield - September 28th, 2011

    Hi Shaun maybe that was for a replacement ECU rather than refurbishment which I understand to be all it needs. The only company which I have used for major auto gearbox problems, is Driver Transmissions in Birmingham. I think they charged me about £1200 for changing the 6 plates to 7 and since I have had no juddering problems its only the flashing light syndrome (ie ECU) that was bugginh me. However they did quote me about £678 for the ECU refurb. I have a mobile mechanic (Scott) who is Mrecedes trained, he does all my servicing/general repairs. He said he would do my ECU so I left him have my car and hopefully I will get it back on Friday. Scott is the one who pointed out the ‘creamy oil’. He has a buddy who works (or did work) for Audi so he asked him about the problem of ‘creamy oil’, his response was he didn’t know. regards

  170. A4Paz - September 28th, 2011

    Another Audi a4 , another problem. Have an A4 3.0 Auto on an 03 77k. Noticed that the car has a slight hesitation or juddering when slowing right down, not every time. Driving today and went into manual mode to overtake a bus, looked down now have the yellow engine managment light on. I have called a Audi Indy for a check/gearbox oil change

    From my investigation I have ruled out ECU? I have no other drive issue, fine at speed and genral driving select gears fine no delays or warnings, I know feel I have a slight heistation low down since the managment light has come on today. Only recently purchased it, gutted 🙁

    any ideas or suggestion would be great…. am expecting the worse



  171. Foster Bots - September 29th, 2011

    I have a problem with my Audi A4 2.0 2004 Multitronic. The juddering is felt when taking off and it goes on as long as i am lower than 2000rpm. The rpm also jumps up and down when below 2000rpm. When above 2000rpm the car drives fine and the rpm is stable. Today i went on manual mode and the car drives just fine, it jumps a bit but i think its normal.

    Has anyone experienced this type of problem? any ideas, is this a gearbox problem or something else? i have tried many forums but no one has a clear answer. Someone has suggested spark plugs…

  172. Wajid - September 29th, 2011

    I had a similar problem in my BMW 3series and it was the engine coils which had to be replaced.

  173. Foster Bots - September 29th, 2011

    Thanks Wajid for your response. I suspected ignition coils but no engine light is coming on. Is it possible they may go bad without the engine light coming on?

  174. Jake - September 29th, 2011

    As in earlier posts the more people I speak to regarding this problem it does not just boil down to the ecu although thats not great itself. Apparently the ecu is said to be faulty etc from either a valve needing replacing or loss of ‘pressure’ which then show the ecu to be at fault, mines got to a point where i cannot use it, i cannot sell it but has not far off become worthless I’d love Audi to sort my problem but they are becoming a joke, i speak to alot of circles of people and especially car people. i make a point of saying steer clear of Audi, surely in the long run it will damage their reputation? really we need watchdog on the case of this or were just wasting or time !? i certinaly will be going back to mercedes as at least they have customer service.

  175. Guy - September 29th, 2011

    I have a new problem 🙁
    Only when engine is cold….
    When creeping in traffic, and revs drop to 1000 ish, gearbox jolts from 3rd or 2nd back into 1st ??
    Really uncomfortable, so I now Pre empt it by sliding over to manual . The car then decelerates through the gears into 1st nice and smooth????

    Never when warmed up, and fine going up gears.
    Had new ECU, Oil and coilpack recall all done recently?

    Help ? Anyone else had this ?

  176. pete chatfield - October 1st, 2011

    Hi everybody, just got my Audi A6 1.9tdi back after having the ECU repaired and fitted back into the car and it only cost me £500. All seems well and the gear change is seamless. Scott, (the mechanic doing the job) went to the Audi dealers to get the oil, the ‘O’ ring etc, he was told by the person serving him that there is no way he will be able to do the job!! They obviously knew what he was doing?? Scott assured them he knew what he was doing and had the relevant information, but again he was told you will not be able to do this job, Scott replied you just watch me. Scott also took photos of the ‘creamy oil’ in the box which convinces me even more that it is condensation that is causing all the problems and hence Audi insist you have the gearbox oil changed every 40,000 miles. I have had automatic cars for nearly 40 years and I never had to change the oil, its only Audi who insist on the oil change!! Why? I would like to thank ECU Testing for the repair and swift turn around so the job was completed within 5 days, and of course a huge thanks to Scott for doing a superb job at a reasonable price. Is it possible to post photos on your site, Chatters

  177. Kam - October 3rd, 2011

    Same problem, I have a Audi A3 tiptronic gearbox (04 plate), took it to a transmission specialist who basically told me that the 6plate tiptronic gearboxes are “awful” and Audi has since changed it. They said it’s a very common fault, and he even had a car there getting the same issue addressed – so why hasn’t Audi done a recall?!!!! I was quoted £2000 for a reconditioned gearbox and the car has only done 48,000 miles!

  178. suresh dhingra - October 3rd, 2011

    i have a A3 sportback 1.8T S-Tronic with 07 number plate. the car has done 31000 miles.
    i have noticed oil leak on my drive.
    i went for full service to audi southend last week.
    i have been told that the oil leak is from gearbox and they will have to open the gearbox for diagnosing the problem.
    even to open the gear box they have quoted 700.
    i just shudder to think what it may entail.

  179. Rod Reid - October 4th, 2011

    I have an A6 2.4 V6. It has only 30K on clock. Same problems. Lights on dash don’t show what gear its in and it sticks in park and has to be manually released almost every time its started. In garage again now having gear selector stripped and cleaned to see if it helps. Anyone with similar problems and solutions please let me know. It is obvious when you research this issue on web that Audi know this fault exists and are blind to the truth. A full recall of all triptronic boxes should be made and the matter sorted out, but there is more chance of snow on the sun. Will never buy another one of these. I have a 12 year old Honda lying in my driveway which is about to be resurected from the dead to replace this bundle of scrap. My other car is a KIA sedona which has never let me down and is highly underated. Will be sending complaint to Audi and Watch dog

  180. kevin latania - October 5th, 2011

    just got off the phone to Audi uk to complain about my a4 3.0 cabriolet. advised them that i was quated $1400 for a new ecu and that i may need a clutch plate upgrade for an unknown amount.
    the lady was very nice and understanding and asked a few questions, like chassi number and where i bought the car from ect ect… she then said that she would see what she could do, although as far as Audi uk is concerned it is not a known fault!!!
    she promised to call back by 5pm tomorrow. (with bad news i expect)

    its a shame really , i do love my Audi and paid 36k for it! but like a few others feel a merc might of been a better choice if Audi refuses to admit and fix these problems. 🙁

  181. Neil Buxton - October 8th, 2011

    Update: Audi came back to me denied there is a problem and can’t / wont comment about forums like this. They said that the offer of a 25% discount made by the dealer included a 25% discount from them on the replacement part. I have since been in touch with a garage in Warwick called Vastech, a german specialist, they will send the unit away for repair. All in all, if it can be repaired I’m looking at a bill of about £700

  182. P DUBERY - October 13th, 2011



  183. Matt - October 13th, 2011

    Similar story here… although not as bad as some, yet!
    Flashing “PRNDS” lights on dash was 1 of 1st symptoms.
    Then started “slipping” in reverse sometimes (felt like clutch not engaging).
    Now ocassionally switches from “Drive” to “Sport” and back again, randomly.
    Reported faults to Audi (Southampton), and today they kindly charged me £98 to tell me it needs a new gearbox – £5000!
    Serviced at 80,000 miles just recently, which included replacing gearbox oil, and no mention of known, iminent fault! (Coiincidently, problems seemed to start after this service!)

  184. Guy - October 13th, 2011

    Matt- sounds like classic ECU failure. £1400 to replace or approx £600 to get taken out, sent away for refurb, refitted

  185. kevin - October 13th, 2011

    Audi UK called me to day and offered a whole 10% off parts and labour for my ECU and Valve block!!
    That was nice of them ……
    The nice woman still says that there is no “known fault” with there gear boxes…s

  186. willie - October 17th, 2011

    Hi, my name is Willie, own audi A4 3.0 2002 model, it started with jerking into first gear, then there was no reverse, then no selection of gears, I have never missed any servic. The audi dealer suggested for a new box but after reading ‘complaints’ from the net am confused and need to know the remedy for these frustating problem, kindly adive. Am in Gaborone BOTSWANA.

  187. Alex - October 21st, 2011

    I purchased an A4 PD130 Sport Multitronic from a non franchise dealer on a 54 plate (last of the B6 chassis) with 68k on the clock to replace our previous 06 DSG Octavia II that had been virtually faultless until an uninsured drunk Polish bloke wrote it off. The A4 began to exhibit signs of gearbox ECU failure on the test drive failing to go into reverse! I asked for the fluid to be changed and the fault codes read. It was given a clean bill of health (alarms bells were ringing but we were desperate for a replacement car as we have two small children and my other car is a 2 seater).

    I collected the car and drove it 10 miles home the first day without issue but the very next day it started to jump from D to S on a longer journey but didn’t do it on the way home, the following day the other half got the PRDS flashing while in the DVLA car park and after calling Audi was advised to get the car recovered which we did via a friend in the trade.

    The dealer was useless, it takes less than 10 minutes to turn a laptop on and get VCDS to do a scan but they insisted on dragging it out for 2 days before they bothered. Thankfully i’d had the codes read prior to recovery and they pointed to the input sensor (integrated onto the gearbox ECU). Audi quoted £1158.19 to replace the ECU and suggested 2 weeks off the road while the part was ordered etc. so we rejected the car under section 14 of the Sale of Goods Act (48 hrs of ownership and less than 100 miles before a £1k+ failure is unsatisfactory). The dealer couldn’t have been less helpful and after fobbing us off still further I raised it with the finance company. After more hassle than should have been required for such a straight cut case the dealer eventually accepted the car was not of sufficient quality but not before trying to convince me to keep it as i’d have a cancellation fee to pay. I asked how much so I could fill in the small claims court claim and they never came back to me.

    I’ve owned a DSG MKV Golf that had the Teves MK60 ABS unit failure, VW eventually coughed up for that, a DSG Octavia II (Golf with a boot) which had minor issues but the dealer genuinely apologised for and resolved, but i’d never purchase another multitronic. Both gearbox specialists I spoke to knew about the issue and both (while a lot cheaper than Audi) suggested that while the ECU was an inexpensive fix and it’s only a few hours to swap in/out I should be wary as the 6 plate clutch uses a different ECU to the 7 plate and if the clutch pack went i’d need to replace the ECU again anyway and that was assuming the rest of the box was OK.

    Good luck to those that are stuck with them, it’s disgusting that Audi clearly know about the issue but have ignored it this long. I’ll be logging my complaint like everyone else.

  188. naheem fareid - October 22nd, 2011

    own a 06 audi a6 with a multigear auto transmission. Am having similar problems with the gearbox where PRNDS flashes
    on the dash. Took it into audi in chingford seems its a common fault with 2000-07 models. The cost for a new ecu unit to be replaced is about 1500 pounds. As mentioned above audi are not willing to help and wont even contribute towards the cosy of repairs. I have been a proud audi owner for 7 years now but think this will be the last time i buy one. As i was told at audi this is a general problem they have with all audi cars with an auto transmission but still dont contribute or order a callback of vehicles.

  189. Peter Chatfield (Chatters) - October 22nd, 2011

    Hi Y’all, quick up date from an angry Audi A6 owner. Had the ECU repaired and 14 days later I’m back at square one. All lights flashing, only this time going along motorway at 75 when it decided to go into ‘S’ mode, aarrrggghh. Despite my mechanics (Scott) best efforts I am going to have to go back to my old frieneds at Driver Transmission Birmingham, to have a new ECU fitted etc for cost of £1200. Hopefully that will be the end of my saga fro at least 60,000 miles. I am still gonna be chasing Audi to accept some responsibility for fitting a CRAP gearbox in the first place. I did toy with the idea of getting a Saab or Vauxhall Vectra Elite but when I checked the web sites they are also having major problems with multi or tiptronic gearboxes, so I decided to keep my lovely car. Did try to upload some photos but no luck yet, will keep trying. Lets all keep trying to get those scoundrels Audi to accept responsiblity, Chatters

  190. Robert - October 22nd, 2011

    Thanx for this information on Audis. I have my Audi A4 2.0 Multi Tronic gearbox model 2001. I got it as a Japanese Autorec. It jerks between 30km/h to 40km/hr like u have run on potholes on the road. After that I will hear the jerk at 70km/h speed (slight jerk) then it will be smooth all the way. I have had this jerk for over a year now. I spoke to Audi/VW dealer in South Africa he said he can fix though the price is a pound of flesh. If I had read this I would have bought it. But when it comes to speed/take off hey its a nice piece, I like the car. So what do u think could be the problem? And if am to replace the gearbox how much can it cost me? If anyway can help with my problem.

  191. admin - October 23rd, 2011

    Hi Robert

    It can cost up to 5000 pounds for a replacement gearbox in the UK.More then what your car is worth. But less then half to refurbish. Still a lot of money.
    So that Audi are aware of another gearbox problem, email Audi headoffice in Germany. They will log and put you through to a customer services manager in Africa. Email address for Audi Germany can be located towards the top of the page.

    Hope you get your car sorted and Goodluck

  192. Robert - October 23rd, 2011

    Thanx for the information and your commitment to helping the vulnerable due to this hopeless work done by Audi. I will get in touch with Audi Germany.


  193. Jake - October 26th, 2011

    Has anyone actually got anywhere? as from the sounds of it until watchdog get involved nothing is going to happen!?
    I’m very annoyed !

  194. Robert - October 26th, 2011

    Willie, get in touch with me am in Botswana as well. I have a gentleman who deals in dearboxes in RSA , where am planing to take my car.

  195. admin - November 3rd, 2011


    If you are happy for me to pass your email address to Willie, please let me know.


  196. T Reddington - October 30th, 2011

    I Have been having a surging from the gears for some time like it wanted to change up or down while driving at around 30mph. having read so many problems about gear boxes on this site i am now very concered as to where all this will end up and after much discussion with wife we have decided to cut our losses and exchange the car and get what ever we can for it,such a shame as we have had it 9 years on an 03 plate and it is now on 45000 miles with almost full service history,i do intend to take it to my garage that services it for me and get an opinion from them first,i hope to return to this site and give you their stance on what it could be before selling,i have as requested by most people who have been on this site sent an email to Audi and will also send on to watch dog.

  197. Steven Jones - November 2nd, 2011

    Audi A4 S-Line Auto (7-Speed Multitronic with paddle shirt) – May 2006 ’06’ plate done 91,000 miles, fully serviced by Audi – Hole in gearbox.

    Apparently needs a whole new gearbox unit at a cost of £7,800 inc. VAT. Sytner Leeds prepared to pay 35% towards, Audi UK 0% – Arrogant !!

    Any advice appreciated. I have read all notes so please, no more problems, I sympathise !!

  198. Willie - November 3rd, 2011

    How do I contact you? please email me your telephone contacts.
    I had a call from Audi South africa and assured to get back to me within 48hrs, I will give feedback on that regard.

  199. peter chatfield - November 3rd, 2011

    Hi everybody, just got my Audi A6 Avant Final Edition back from the great guys at Driver Transmission, Birmingham. They did a super job and a quick turnaround, dropped off at 7:30am got it back by 11:45am. New ECU fitted this time so hopefully all my woes are gone, that is apart from trying to get the b****ds at Audi to pay me £2,400 for having my gearbox upgraded to 6 plates and having new ECU fitted. Lets keep up the pressure on Audi. I am going to send copies of my receipts to Audi HQ in Germany and also to the UK to see what kind of response it invokes. Chatters

  200. shaun - November 3rd, 2011

    Peter cahtfield:
    What did it cost you in the end and have you got a number for these guys as I ownly live in cannock.


  201. peter chatfield - November 3rd, 2011

    Hi Shaun, 0121 440 3476, talk to Greville or Phil Driver,
    Please tell them I recommended you to them. I have used this company for the last 20 years to service my auto gear boxes on a wide range of vehicles from the 3 Audis, a Volvo, Ford Granada, 2 Rover 800’s (my 825 and my wifes 820). They are a very good honest Company, I’ve never had a problem taking the vehicle back if I ever experienced a problem. regards


  202. peter chatfield - November 3rd, 2011

    Hi Shaun, sorry I forgot to include costs. Yesterday I paid £1,110:00 for the new ECU, oil, and labour, previously to have the plate upgrade it was approx £1,200:00 for new plates, ‘O’ ring, oil and labour. hope this helps,. Chatters

  203. Peter Neale - November 7th, 2011

    Thought I was safe with an a4 tdi cab 57 plate but just beginning to experience similar faults to 2002 -05 , slow pick up pulling away, ok if you delay a couple of seconds between selecting drive and accelarating, shuddering when braking and just recently over accelarating when comming downhill, as you brake slowly the engine starts to accelarate. Full service history gearbox oil changed 40k.
    Comming up for 70k and a cambelt change and don’t know whether to call it a day and trade in or fork out £1000 for the cam belt and service. Great car, drives realy well shame about potential multitronic problems which apear not to have been resolved in the 57 model.
    Going to call in to audi dealer today to discus gearbox problems, will come back with their response, could be interesting.

  204. Alan Molyneux - November 7th, 2011

    Only just found this site having had my 56 A6 TDI SLINE, 101,000 mls, towed away by the AA to dealer. PRNDS lights on, bad judder, no reverse. Glad I had AA Relay. Guess what ? £5000 for new gear box. Bought car off son who is devastated.
    Rang up Audi UK to log a complaint and then discussed my service history. It seems that the 2 G/B oil changes were done at 52k and 87k by Audi Dealers. Waiting to here from Audi claim team with a possible “goodwill gesture” in the next 48 hrs.

  205. Johan - November 10th, 2011

    hello, is this problem also with the a6 2,4 2005 the newer model ? The avant got newer in 2006 ? Excuse the english 🙂

  206. Peter Bright - November 11th, 2011

    I have a 2003 Audi A4 2.0 TDI, fully serviced every 2 years, including gearbox oil changed as advised (and no MOT failures to date). A couple of weeks ago the car refused to engage reverse (I had to turn the engine off and on to get it to move). Now I occasionally get the flashing gear selection display and, more often than not, the entire PNDRS disappears shortly after driving off (returns to normal after around 15 minutes). Failure to reverse is becoming more frequent. The Audi garage has just quoted over 6000 (incl. VAT) for a new gear box installation (which effectively writes the car off). This is a car that I really liked until the fault appeared (it was passed down to me in 2008 when my father died). Audi, of course, conducted a routine service (engine oil change etc.) and charged me for it rather than diagnosing the problem and asking whether I wanted to go ahead with service considering the repairs cost would far outweigh the value of the car The situation is horrendous given the obvious poor history of these gearboxes Audi have refused to take responsibility for an overly complicated and poor gearbox (for which the evidence is plain from this and other internet sites). I will be scanning in my quote and service history and sending them (with a detailed letter) to whatever consumer rights organisations I can think of.

  207. Peter Neale - November 16th, 2011

    Further to my comments on my 57 plate A4 Cab with problems develioping. Asked Audi main dealer to assess. When I picked it up they immediately said they had taken a sample of the gearbox oil and it contained swarf and just said without hesitation new gearbox, £4880 plus labour.
    Has anyone esle had the gearbox oil checked and a similar respopnse. A but miiffed when she asked me if I new what swarf was. I will put a letter together to Audi with all the service history which is all as specified by Audi, including an extra gearbox oil change in Sept this year which they carried out by mistake, but never mentioned any swarf at that time.
    Has anyone an idea what may cause the swarf.

  208. gurps - November 16th, 2011

    Hi All,

    I was just loking to buy a Audi A6 1.9 TDI 130SE 5dr Multitronic Diesel Avant but after reading these reviews I am a bit concerned about proceeding, I think the large consensus is to avoid it?

    Is there anything I could check to find out whether the gear box problem has been resolved?

    Thanks for your help and it is really helpful advice i have recieved through the forum, brilliant.

  209. kevin - November 16th, 2011

    Has any one thought that if we could join together and discuss the possibility of taking them to court to force a recall?

    It seems I get an update every day now of some one telling us all of the nightmare multitronic gearbox.

    It must be a known fault by now surely!

  210. Steven Jones - November 17th, 2011

    suresh dhingra your problem seems very similar to mine.

    My whole gearbox leaked oil – A substantial hole in the top. Someone mentioned an Audi gearbox company in Cleakheaton – Can you provide contact details ?

    Or does anyone know where I can get a new or reconditioned gearbox ?

    Thanks, Steven.

  211. Neil Morton - November 17th, 2011

    I have a 2005 A4 diesel automatic 62000 miles. Gearbox display lighting up red. Just been quoted £1473.00 for a new ECU by a main dealer. Thats about 5% of the cost of a brand new vehicle. Just outrageous.

  212. Tee. - November 17th, 2011

    Hi, I recently bought a 2002 audi 2.4 cabriolet, my car has started juddering when taking off, after reding through other peoples post I have realised its a comman fault and may need a full refurb to get it wright again can anyone recomend me a place I can get this done at a good price around london, kent, essex area.

    Many thanks


  213. naz sarwar - November 21st, 2011

    I have 2005 audi 2.4, multi, major issues, EPC light comes on, cant release from Parking, Have to do it manually, cant reverse sometimes, this seems to be a Manufacturer fault, we need to do something about this, Audi cant get away with this!!!!!!!!!!

  214. SHAUN - November 21st, 2011


  215. Chankie Madoda (Botswana, Africa) - November 22nd, 2011

    My Audi 2.0 A4 has A multitronic problem. Was opened by a mechanic because of noise which he suspected to be bearings. After assembling the gearbox now it can engage or engages with difficulty plus knocking sound then the engine goes off. Please advice. Does it need programming after openning?

  216. Willie - November 24th, 2011

    Good day, can Mr Chankie Madoda contact me as i really need his contacts- he may email me at
    cell: +267 715 33787

  217. Pete S - November 22nd, 2011

    I have just come across this website after experiencing problems with my gearbox for a few months now.
    Audi A4 Multitronic – 2004 plate, 48,000 miles.

    Symptoms include loss of reverse gear, gear selector randomly switching between D and S, and complete loss of power on one occassion on the motorway.

    I have had this diagnosed as a failed gearbox ECU by two separate ‘specialist’ garages, both in excess of £1200 for replacement. Having found this website I have also just sent an email to Audi Customer Service to see if I can recupe any costs.

    Any advice appreciated from people who have successfully received ‘goodwill’ from Audi UK!


  218. Guy - November 22nd, 2011


    I paid the £1200 to get new ECU from Inde Tech at
    Bletchley . Touch wood – all ok since.
    Sad to say , but the lack of Audi goodwill is why this website is so busy !!

  219. peter chatfield - November 22nd, 2011

    Hi Pete, I am the same as Guy, paid £1200 to have ECU replaced with a new one. If you have not upgraded your gearbox to the 6 plates then Audi may charge another £120 to program the ECU. I also agree with Kevin (November 16th 2011) who is of the opinion we should all get together and take Audi to court for firstly fitting a defective gearbox, secondly for knowing about it and refusing to admit liability/provide compensation. Chatters

  220. shaun - November 22nd, 2011

    I also agree with taking them to Court.

  221. Ola - November 22nd, 2011

    How long ago did you (Guy & Peter) have the new ECU fitted and have you had any problems since then? I have an Audi A4 1.8t Limited edition CVT. 63k on the clock and 04 reg. I get the PRNDS flashing light now and again and of lately the reverse does not engage.

    The occurence of the flashing PRNDS light is so Intermittent I can’t really tell when its going to happen. It still drives ok when the light is flashing which makes it even more confusing. Could it be just a sensor problem or signs of the gear about to pack up!

  222. Pete S - November 22nd, 2011

    Hi Ola,

    I have not yet had the ECU replaced but will be doing so shortly. Regarding the symptoms, mine began in exactly the same way, i.e. firstly intermittent flashing of PRNDS, followed by loss of reverse key and permanent flashing of PRNDS. More recently I am experiencing the gearbox switching into Sport by itself, some stalling when I stop, and on one occasion complete loss of power. So I am expecting it to get worse until complete failure!


  223. Guy - November 22nd, 2011

    Flashing PRNDS, intermittant loss of reverse was how it started.

    Replaced ECU and gearbox oil in late April. Pre-ordered a week in advance,and a few hours work to fit.

    Commute in car every day since, zero issues(touch wood / cross myself …..!)

    They give a year, maybe two guarantee on their work.

    20% of cars value, but hope to keep car a while longer to feel like im recouping some of outlay

  224. Ola - November 23rd, 2011

    Thanks guys, I was tempted to ditch the car ASAP. But the value I would get for the car and additional cost to fund a part ex is far more than the £1200 +£120… so looks like a keeper!

    Pete S – when are you planning to get yours done and where about are you? I am in Wolverhampton. Any garage recommendation will be most appreciated.

  225. peter chatfield - November 23rd, 2011

    Hi Ola, if you can make it to Brum, use these guys as I have been using them for many years now and they are excellent, have good customer service attitude.

    regards Pete

  226. Ola - November 23rd, 2011

    Thanks Pete C. I will contact them. Just checked out there website and I know that area..

    Any guide on cost to expect? what did they charge to fix yours? just to use as bench mark when negotiating.

  227. peter chatfield - November 24th, 2011

    Hi Ola, it was about £1,200 to have the gearbox ugraded to 6 plate, and it was £1,100 to have a new ECU fitted, there may be an additional cost of £120 if the ECU has to be programmed by Audi, regards Pete

  228. toni fletcher - November 24th, 2011

    Hi I have an audi a3 1.8 turbo 52plate, im having the exact same problem iv just had gearbox oil changed and has made no difference, garage said plates have gone so new it looks like a new gearbox for me or a new car, I wrote 2 audi but as u said they Dnt seem 2 care they just want money, if anybody knows of any places I can get a cheap gearbox pls could you let me know fanx.

  229. Ashley Cockerill - November 27th, 2011

    I’m in the process of buying a 2004 a4 1.9 tdi tiptronic, and thought I’d have a look about on the internet about the gearboxes I found this and I really don’t know what to do ???????????

  230. Guy - November 27th, 2011

    @ Ashley …. Don’t do it . If you want A4 , Find a Quattro , they are “real” tip tronic as opposed to multi chronic CVT boxes!

    This site indicates the pain people are going through !

  231. Valdet - November 28th, 2011

    I just came from Audi centre at Finchley Rd. they said to me that my gearbox needs replaicing which would cost me £4750. How can this happen on a 3 year old Audi A6 car? Any Advice please…..not sure what to do because I read the article and I am lost and schocked at the moment…..?

  232. phil - November 28th, 2011

    Have a word with Stevens Engineering in Ware Herts, they sort out the ECo on my A8 about 3 months ago so far so good-but u never know!!

  233. Burnsy - November 30th, 2011

    It has started again, all the things that started 4 months ago, the P N R D lights flashing, refusing to engage reverse etc. I had the ECU reprogrammed just at the end of July this year. For a while it seemed it was going to do the job, but now it’s happening the same as before. The car is a 03 A4 2.0. ltr multitronic. Taking it back to my local garage again who tell me the ECU is under 12 months warranty. Here’s hoping, but I’ve already made up my mind to move the car on, enough is enough, never again with multitronic.

  234. Werner - December 4th, 2011

    I’m in the market for a 2009 1.8 T Multitronic… (B8) version.
    Should i stay away, or is this Multitronic gearbox problem sorted?

  235. R Puncheon - December 8th, 2011

    Oh God………….STAY AWAY!

    Unless your garage has fitted a genuine Audi Electronic Control Unit and updated the cars computer with Audi

  236. Steven Jones - December 5th, 2011

    Hi Werner or Mr Werner (not sure if that’s your first name or surname) !

    I just paid £2k in. VAT for my Multitronic gear box on a facelift (Big grille) A4 S-line convertible. Full Audi Service History, however I have to sell it to pay for the £2k new gearbox I just bought !

    Audi quoted m £7,800 (inc. VAT) with a 40% contribution so I shopped around and Cleakheaton Gearboxes were best / cheapest, and recommended.

    It’s an 06 plate done 91,000 miles, silver metalic with black leather – The book value is £9,810 private, £11,200 retail. Happy to take private £.

    All in all, very good car just paying a bill before Xmas is a bit of a killer !

    If your interested, by all means contact me on

  237. MotocRxss - December 6th, 2011

    Hi, I’m in South Africa.

    I have a 2004 A4 2L Multitronic bought in 2007. The PRND background started flashing 5 days ago but the car was fine. 2 days ago I started the car, it was left to idle for 10 minutes. Tried to pull off and now the car won’t drive in reverse or drive. The car has always suffered from a lag (excelleration but no go) on pull off.

    Taking it (on a flat bed truck) to an Audi mechanic who works from home to diagnose if its ECU or gearbox on the weekend. From what I’ve read, even if it is the ECU, the gearbox is bound to go shortly, right?


  238. R Puncheon - December 8th, 2011

    Bought my lovely Audi A4 Cabriolet.2054 reg A year later …PRNDS flashing at 25,000 miles! On motoring holiday and lost reverse
    Gradually became worse and after a few weeks lost all drive, on the fast lane of the M18!!!
    Contacted Audi and after they checked that I had not had it serviced with them (80 mile round trip to nearest Audi rip off center) they told me in polite terms to p*ss off!
    I had the ECU repaired at ECU testing. Joy of joys it was a smooth drive and a deliight to drive!
    But only for a few months!
    Sent it back to ECU and it was fine for 2 months returned the faulty unit to them (received a refund) BUT
    I had to have the gearbox removed at my garage and sent to Derby. The oil can only be filled at an Audi garage with a special tool! So car towed to Audi for that

    I gave up and had it done at Aldi Grimsby (Fine up to now) £1500 (but a very good valet carried out there) 😀
    If yours is flashing and the drive is rough, it’s in emergency mode (a get you to our workshop mode, lol) IT WILL NEED ATTENTION!……SOON!
    I cant believe a major car manufacturer can get away with this, It is faulty manufacturing – nothing less! UNBELIEVABLE
    Back to Toyota for me!
    Thanks for nothing Audi!
    I will never buy another Audi

  239. Yvonne - December 9th, 2011

    I bought my Audi A4 in 2001 brand new in the Northern Territory. We now live in Tasmania and I love our car.

    We got 250,000 kms out of the gear box and it has now failed. The rest of the car is still in perfect condition BUT the transmissions are as scarce as hens teeth to buy and fine, they cost about $14,000 AUD to put in and my car is only worth about $6,000 AUD by the red book value. Ohhhhhh what to do??

    I’m so sick of this wasteful ‘throw away’ society we live in!


  240. HME - December 11th, 2011

    Dismayed to read all of this. (Well, nearly all – life’s too short etc.)

    Until our multitronic 2.0 petrol A4 (51 plate, so the car’s not worth much now) started juddering with something like intermittent clutch slip (on a manual) I absolutely loved the car, thinking the CVT gearbox was the best auto box I’d driven. I still think that in principle, and when working properly, it’s excellent; but when misbehaving (most of the time now) it’s unacceptable. The problem started at about 95k miles.

    Our problem seems like a combination of some symptoms I’ve read here, but to be more specific: below 2,000 rpm when the car is warm, we get engine speed surges and loss of drive – like slipping clutch. It’s regular, too – like a ‘beat’ every 4 or 5 seconds. Keep the revs about 2,100 rpm (usually by using manual selected ranges) and the problem disappears. And it happens only after the engine warms up.

    ECU? Or a whole new box? Advice welcome – if the latter than it’s basically a replacement car, given the age/mileage.


  241. Mohammed - December 12th, 2011

    I have Audi A4 2.0 2003. I experienced a problem with my gear not changing smoothely, specially with high RPM. No light is appearing in the dashboard. The Audi deLer asked me to change the gear oil. It did not help at all. And then obviously ask me to change the gearbox. The gear works fine when changing to tiptronic mode (manual change). Any suggestions if you faced the issue. The only error code I got with the computer is “instrunment cluster” !!!

    Any idea

  242. admin - December 13th, 2011

    The company ECU Testing have kindly offered a 10% discount to all visitors to this site. If you call ECU Testing and quote discount code ‘GEARBOX8’, you will get your 10% off 🙂

    So, before purchasing a new ECU, give them a try as they may be able to repair your faulty one.

    For further details visit

  243. Jeff Williams - December 14th, 2011

    Wow seems like i am not alone in experiencing Tiptronic gearbox problems. My Audi A4 Sline gearbox symptons started about a week ago. It is a 05 plate with 94000 miles on the clock. I purchased Audi because of there reliability and build quality as I am disabled and totally rely on my car for my job and visiting my children who live a 200 miles away!it cost me £1200 to get adapted to suit my disability. When my local garage rang me and told me the bad news i could not believe it. i went to talk to the mechanic who had spoke to me he told me he worked for Audi Bedford for 2 years and in that time he had seen at least 11 cars with the same symptoms. I was given a quote between £1500 to £2000 to refurbish the gearbox and maybe another £800 if the ECU faulty. I have no funds to pay for this repair or pay for a new car so will be forced to sell my car in its current state and go from there! I would like to thank Audi for (a) ruining my Christmas as i can no longer travel to see my family. (b) taking away my independence that i rely on, (c) and finally for building a pile of crap and not having the balls to admit that there is a fault and rectifying the problem. Once again a large corporate company tramples over its customers!!!!

  244. peter chatfield - December 16th, 2011

    Hi Jeff, hope you don’t mind but I have passed on the content of your email to Robert McDonald, Customer Relations Manager of Audi UK. I felt he needed to know what is happening out here. Up date on my Audi A6 Avant it has cost me £1200 to have it replated to 6 plates, then another £500 to have the ECU taken out sent away to be repaired, then refitted. which incidently did not work for more than a week. then another £1200 to have a new ECU fitted and fingers crossed since that time it seems to be OK but there have been occasions when I thought it was going to fail again

  245. Jeff Williams - December 16th, 2011

    Thank you very much for forwarding my blog to customer relations but i will not hold my breath waiting for any response!!!! I emailed Audi Germany my problems as from other blogs on this site i could see no point in contacting Audi UK as they seem totally oblivious to the situation. That was three days ago and i am still awaiting a reply! Seems though they have much in common with there UK arm of Audi!!!!!

  246. admin - December 16th, 2011

    Hi Peter

    Hope you’re well

    When you posted the name Robert McDonald, I was sure I had heard of him before.

    Just checked my email and found I had an email conversation with Robert last year (December 2010). Exactly one year today! He tried his best to help but was not enough.

    One of my questions to Robert was:
    Is this a known fault which Audi are aware of? I also mentioned the comments drivers were posting online at the time.

    Robert replied: (Please note, this conversation took place December last year, 2010)

    “”I have checked with our Technical Department and they have assured me that there are no known issues with the gearboxes fitted to your model. We are not able to comment about what you may have read on internet forums as these are not affiliated to Audi and tend to be individual opinions. We do occasionally read what is being posted as this is a useful way for us to see what our customers are saying but we also monitor our own failure rates which gives us a much clearer understanding.””

    I hope Audi are reading the comments on this site and the inconvenience the gearbox is causing drivers not just from the UK, but other countries including Africa and Australia.

  247. peter chatfield - December 17th, 2011

    I have twice written to Mr McDonald, this is copy of the last text sent today.
    Good Morning Mr McDonald, Please see below, I believe that’s exactly what you told me 3 months ago and 18 months ago, so who is telling ‘porkie pies’ then stating Audi know nothing of the problem.
    Audi will have to accept there are hundreds, maybe thousands of us out here who have got a vehicle that is not ‘fit for purpose’.
    The sooner Audi sort this out the better it will be for everyone and the less damaging for the brand name Audi.
    I look forward to your comments


    Dear Admin and the rest of you guys and gals out there who have a pile of Audi **** . We need to up the stakes on Audi and get the message through to the very top of the tree, past Mr McDonald who I’m sure is just spouting the proverbial ‘party line’ . Regards and seasons greetings to everybody, from a disgruntled Audi owner

  248. peter chatfield - December 17th, 2011

    Hi Jeff, you will get a message or phone call from Robert McDonald telling you the same old cr** he has told everybody over the past, however many years, that Audi know nothing of this problem and we can’t help you because you didn’t have it serviced properly, blah blah blah blah.
    regards Pete

  249. Gerald Desmond - December 17th, 2011

    Hi, Just purchased an Audi 2.5 Tdi with a Mutitronic box what a rubish car problems with the box remote locking and the radio quality car I think not. My first and last Audi!!!

  250. JR - December 17th, 2011

    I sent an e-mail to Audi Head Office in Germany and after a week I had a reply from Audi UK who asked me to book my car in with them. The car is a 2004 Avant model, 1.8T auto CVT with 77k on the clock and gearbox oil changed at 37k. The car was serviced by Audi up until 40k and then at independent garages for the past 3-4 services.
    It was juddering from take-off and slow down. Audi initially said the clutch plates need to be replaced, however retracted and said the whole box needs replacing at a cost of 4.5k! After some “discussions” with various advisors and managers, they agreed to contribute 25% towards the labour and 25% towards the parts, which would still leave me with a bill of 4k. Not worth it on a car that is worth around 5-6k.
    Initially no discounts were on the table as “the car had been out of the dealer network and was not serviced by them in the past 3 years”. If they spin you this line, simply reply with “there are no serviceable items to the gearbox”, apart from the gearbox oil change every 40k. As long as this has been changed, you have a case.
    In my case I had an extend car warranty with Warranty Direct (thank god!), who would not pay the discounted cost offered by Audi, but instead said it could be rebuilt by their preferred repair shop. I got the car back last week and it is much better, however still judders when slowing down. I am lead to believe this is the valve chest/body that needs to be replaced so it is going back again in the New Year. My advice to ANYONE who owns an Audi with a CVT gearbox: 1) Get an extended warranty from Warranty Direct. 2) Change the gearbox oil every 30k. 3) Avoid harshly accelerating the car, which stresses the CVT – a flawed design to an otherwise good car. Oh and the 4th piece of advice, never buy an Audi again with a CVT box ever again!
    I think the day will come where Audi has to hold up their hands, until then it is up to the owners to keep complaining until action starts happening.

  251. Alex - December 18th, 2011

    Hi guys,

    Has there been any more development on this from Audi / Watchdog / Ombudsman?

    Just bought a 54 plate A4 2.0 SE with the multitronic box, its only got 19k on the clock and drove really smoothly on the test drive but starting to get a bit worried after reading all these horror stories, (can’t say I have £4k lying around to replace a gearbox)…

  252. Peter - December 18th, 2011

    You’re lucky if it only costs you 4K – my quote was 6K…

  253. peter chatfield - December 19th, 2011

    This is the latest from Mr McDonald:- still evading all the issues and toeing the “party line”:-
    Date: 19/12/2011 10:03:45
    To: Pete Chatfield
    Subject: RE: New Comment On: Audi MultiTronic Gearbox Problems

    Dear Mr Chatfield

    Thank you for your latest email.
    I am sorry that you are dissatisfied with my previous response and have again fully reviewed the details of your case.

    I understand that you may have read about negative experiences on the various web forums. As I have previously mentioned, such websites are not affiliated to us and they rarely give a complete picture. The many owners who experience reliable service from their Audi are unlikely to be motivated to contribute to these websites.

    You are right to expect that reliability and build quality will be high when you purchase an Audi. The vast majority of our customers enjoy reliable service from their Audis over many miles of driving. However, like any vehicle manufacturer, we can not guarantee that the many components which go in to the complex build of an Audi will last continuously.

    Given that we have not had the opportunity to inspect your vehicle, I cannot comment on the nature of the failure. In more general terms, I can reiterate that we work continuously to develop and further improve all our vehicles and components. If we update a part, it does not necessarily mean that the original was sub-standard.

    It should come as no surprise that we recommend that all our cars should be maintained in accordance with our recommendations, at one of our Approved Audi Centres. All Approved Audi Centres are equipped with the latest diagnostic machines and they are trained to Audi standards.

    We understand that repairs can be both unexpected and unwelcome and we will try to take a flexible approach when there is a problem outside of the warranty period. We will always take in to account the age and mileage of the car along with customer loyalty as evidenced by purchases and servicing within the Audi network.

    In addition to this, a pre-requisite for any kind of goodwill support is that diagnosis and repairs are carried out by an Approved Audi Centre. This allows us to confirm the nature of the problem and guarantee that repairs are appropriate and carried out to our standards.

    Taking all of the above factors again in to account; I must stand by my original evaluation of the situation, as I explained in my previous response, that I am unable to offer any goodwill contribution towards this repair.

    Although this is not the response you were hoping for, I hope that I have explained the reasons for this, my final response on the matter, clearly. We have given your case our fullest attention and tried to resolve the matter as fairly as possible.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact me again and allowing me the opportunity to respond.

    Kind Regards

  254. Sean - December 19th, 2011

    To All,

    I suggest that we should drive our faulty AUDIs’ to their UK Headquarter’s in either in Milton Keynes in protest the not fit for purpose multi-tronic gearbox.This should be an organised and non violent protest to raise awareness and disappointment at AUDI for ignoring hundreds of unsatisfied expensive AUDI owners. If this campaign is to go ahead, it will need to be registered and conducted according to the relevant legislation (SOCPA) or policies.

    Let’s share ideas..

  255. Alex - December 19th, 2011

    Hi Sean,

    That’s an idea, although there’s probably a fair chunk of multichronic’s who wouldn’t be able to attend (for example: cars that are unusable or cars that couldnt make it quite as far as Milton Keynes without a gearbox failure). Just batting things around here, but if a list of victims was compiled (maybe with a picture of each owner and their car) and a brief individual story of each person’s experience, then maybe that could get the message accross? As I say, just an idea.


  256. Sean - December 19th, 2011


    Well said and what a great idea, we need to apply pressure on Audi. We need to START now ***consumer power***. Keep the the ideas and suggestions rolling.


  257. peter chatfield - December 19th, 2011

    Hi everybody, I think we should do the ‘drive’ (back ed up photos etc) as it would have the biggest impact. Sending in petitons etc only court a certain amount of publicity whereas several hundred knackered Audis converging on the headquarters would have the eyes and ears of the press and tv, if set up correctly.
    I think we should really nail the bas**ds, mainly because of their attitude towards us and the way they think they can just sweep us aside, Pete

  258. Kevin Latania - December 19th, 2011

    Now that sounds like a plan !

    I think my A4 might just about make it the trip…..

    It would certinly make them see the size of the problem, the more cars that could attend the better..

  259. Mohammed - December 19th, 2011

    Hi guys ,

    I wish I could attened. However, I am not from UK 🙁
    But having the same cvt gear issue. I am from Bahrain (I wish u know it :))

  260. David Hancock - December 20th, 2011

    I have just bought an Audi A4 2010 (60 Plate) with 9000 miles on the clock and note sometimes when I set of in reverse the car may move then seems to go into neutral and then requires me to rev the engine before it again starts to move this is an automatic gearbox 2.0 tdi s line model

  261. Jeff Williams - December 21st, 2011

    Hi All
    Just had a response to my email sent to It was passed on to a Lesley Wright customer relations at Audi UK. And guess what! Because i did not pay the rip off prices and have my car diagnosed at a Audi dealership then they are unable to help! What a surprise! Well my Christmas is ruined but at least Ms Wright was sorry about ruining it which makes me feel so mush better!!!!!
    People power is the only way forward in shaming Audi into action. Roll on the rally to Audi HQ There i will set my pile of crap on fire in protest as that is all it is worth!!!
    Merry Christmas All

  262. admin - December 22nd, 2011

    David Hancock

    With the car being new, contact Audi. If you need the number, can be located towards the top of the page.

  263. Nigel - December 23rd, 2011

    Hi all,

    I bought a 03 A6 from auto auctions here in Melbourne 6 months ago. Beautiful car, very cheap, I thought I’d got a bargain only to find, after I drove it home that it was very hesitant on take off & sometimes clunked when touching brake or accelerator while in reverse. I found this site & saw that I had not bought a bargain but a problem. I contacted Audi Germany who contacted Audi Australia who contacted me & said pretty much what others have said on this site,– beautiful car– shit service. I had several Audi auto shops check out the problem only to be told no fault found or listed & it could be ECU or valve body with each costing $4000 + for parts only. Yesterday I noticed hunting & a hissing when in gear with the park brake on. On inspection I found all the problems were due to a torn diaphragm or PCU (crank case pressure sensor) I temp repaired with sica flex & car now runs like a dream, I couldn’t believe such a small fault could cause so many larger problems. Look into your problems & hopefully more will have an easy fix.

  264. paul - December 23rd, 2011

    Ive just purchased a 2007 audi avant a4 tfsi multitronic, and in a word im crapping myself about the gearbox. Just gotta keep my fingers crossed i guess.

  265. rizwan ali - December 23rd, 2011

    I have a Audi a6 2003 auto and it feels like its slipping in gear 1. should never have bought it.

  266. Peter - December 23rd, 2011

    Paul, your 2007 A4 will have the 7 clutch box which is basically problem-free! I did 120,000 miles in a more heavy A8 3.2 FSI plus I drove it quite enthusiastically. I changed the gearbox oil when it started misbehaving and it was perfect again (@100k miles). I loved the almost F1 style instantaneous and seamless shifts with the paddles, in fact I really miss that box. A bit cushioned on the uptake to protect itself but when you reach 5 mph it is so much more fun and flexible than the Tiptronic I replaced it with. I think you’ll have a nice surprise in store with that box…

  267. Kenny - December 24th, 2011

    Can’t believe Audi state that these transmissions are lifetime-filled, not only that but they sealed them for good. After a series of reported troubles with the B6 models, they’ve finally realized that the fluid needs to be serviced in a timely interval (which is common sense by science terms), a machine must be developed to able to ‘suck’ the old fluid out from the transmission.

    I am freaking out too because my 2008 2.0 TFSI is a CVT, nothing major but just hearing some very low whining noise when the cabin windows are shut, but not sure if that has anything to do with the wheel bearing or perhaps the Diverter Valve. Noise goes away as soon as I accelerate though. Otherwise the car drives fine once it picks up.

  268. Ryan - December 28th, 2011

    Greetings, from the other side of the pond. I’m in California, USA and the gearbox cancer is here too. Same story: 2005 A4 Multitronic transmission. It started slipping when in reverse, then, randomly, it started going into “Fail Safe Mode” (Audi’s proactive name for “transmission failure,” I suppose). There is no rhyme or reason to when this happens. Now it’s 50/50 whether reverse will engage or not. Out of warranty, I don’t have $6200(4000£) to fix it so….I guess I’ll drive it until it dies. My first and LAST Audi. I won’t go down without a fight, though. Thanks for all the ammunition, can’t wait to hear the dealer’s explanation as to why the car he sold me didn’t even make it to 80,000 Miles(128,000Km). Good luck everyone. Keep fighting the good fight! /:^]

  269. admin - December 28th, 2011

    Just found this article from APRIL 2009. Interesting read. I know some of you have had the same issue with the older Audi’s, where you have lost power whilst driving at high speeds.

    Audi/VW had to recall thousands of new cars with DSG gearbox problems.

    “Volkswagen and Audi are recalling 16,000 vehicles because of transmission problems that make them lose power — or completely stall — out of the blue. What’s most startling is that they’re brand new vehicles

    Volkswagen and Audi are only recalling about a third of the vehicles the government is investigating and will replace faulty temperature sensors that may have been causing their transmissions to shut down.

    These appear to be the vehicles that exhibited the flashing activity on the dashboard and then a total loss of power, with the engine shifting into neutral.

    But that still leaves another 34,000 vehicles that seem to have a different problem, also related to the transmission.

    NHTSA documents mention “lurching,” “surging” and “delays in engaging gears.” Drivers have reported that their cars then went into “limp home mode” rather than losing power altogether. ”

    Read more at (page 1) and (page 2)

    Report from the U.S Department of Transportation (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) –

    Response from Audi/VW –

  270. admin - December 28th, 2011

    Couple of comments from drivers in South Africa taken from the below websites.

    Comment 1:
    I would like anyone with the same problem in South Africa to contact me. My intention is to take Audi South Africa to the consumer court for the faulty Multitronic gearboxes that should be replaced. this is a manufacturers fault and we the consumer should not be ripped off any longer. R80 000 for a replacement is madness. tiaan [Email Removed] or phone +27 71 105 7404

    Comment 2:
    Bought 2004, Gear Box first breakdown in 2007 (Within Manufacturer’s Warranty). Took it to Audi Sandton. Was given a run around that the fault wat with the Control Unit. Gear Box Control Unit was fixed in April of 2007, but the problems persisted. Audi owned-up and admitted that it was a factory fault with ther 2001 to 2005 versions of the A4,2L. Multitronic. They replaced the gear box towards end of April 2007, taking about 4 weeks with inconvenience of being without a car for the known problem.
    2 years after expiry of Maintenance Plan and Warranty, mid-November 2011. The problem resurfaces. This time Audi did not know the problem. I had to pay overR18000 with inconvenience of not having a car for 11/2weeks. WHY MUST I CONTINUE TO SUBSIDIZE THIS PREMIUM BRAND WITH THEIR FAULTY PRODUCTS (TRANSMISSION). Now I requested for a quote to convert to Manual. Firstly I must pay for the cost, and secondly it is not recommended by Audi. This gearbox is going to break down on me every 1.5 years at a servicing cost of R18000.
    What is the way out. Was my R260 000 just to acquire endless liability. I need some answers from Audi and possible options they are prepared to fund.

    Comment 2 above states “Audi owned-up and admitted that it was a factory fault with their 2001 to 2005 versions of the A4,2L. Multitronic.”

  271. John Ray - December 29th, 2011

    I’ve had my TT 3.2 for about 3 years. Its a 2004, purchased in 2008. From the first day of ownership, I’ve had a problem of ‘a jerk/jump when setting off from the drive gear’. Also, the car hunts forward when in gear and handbrake applied. It had 69000 miles on it back then and now has just over 90,000. I took to Audi initially and reported the problem. They said there was nothing wrong with it. (having read the above, they would wouldn’t they). So if Audi deny a fault. Then it’s up to us as drivers to remind them of their responsibilities. They will eventually have to come clean as they did with the faulty dash pods.

  272. Robert Moran - December 29th, 2011

    owner of a 07 a4 s line 7 speed tripmatic nothing but problems 1st couldnt get park gear done oil change at 40000 problem solved 2 wks later can get park gear but wont release key was bought as retirement car would i recommend audi NO I WOULDNT IM GONA TAKE THIS FURTHER WITH THE WATCHDOG ROBBING OLD MEN

  273. Salam Rahim - December 30th, 2011

    Had several of these problems as a trader I steered away from these cars. I think drivers should start suing Audi to get their attention as happened to Toyota. Manufacturers always distance themselves from any liability and unfortunately UK drivers seem to be a soft target i.e, they only complain. You only get their attention by taking them to Court. This is the only language they understand and it works.

  274. Robert Puncheon - December 30th, 2011

    I absolutely agree with Salam Rahim’s advice; take audi to court
    The small claim’s court can be done on-line and is quite straight-forward
    There is now no doubt that the tiptronic gearbox has a major flaw and has placed drivers in dangerous situations
    I lost forward power on a fast and twisting road I had to stay where I was for 30 mins flagging drivers to avoid a nasty shunt as my car was invisible to drivers coming round a sharp bend
    Also consider that as only Audi can effect a repair they must be making a lot of money rectifying faulty gearboxes
    Lets all take them to court
    Thius will also rech the ears of the BBC,s Watcdog and give Audi the pulicity they reicly deserve
    New slogan? “Going nowhere thru’ Technology”

  275. Robert Moran - December 31st, 2011

    I’V spoken to audi uk excutive office man called Graig westwood more or less told me to take it to audi belfast an we will sort it out but we want your money, I told him i will take it to audi an i will park it at the front door where no one will get in our out til they fix the problem this is how we do it in N,ireland he has to 3rd of january am proceeding with court has to be less than 6k

  276. Sean - December 31st, 2011

    If anyone needs to take Audi to court and before making a claim, you need to do the following:-
    – send a complaint letter to Audi, give them 14 or 7 days to respond to your letter/complaint.
    – if you do not recieve any response from Audi, it important to send another letter reminding them of the first letter (enclose a copy of this if possible), give them 7 days to respond.
    – its important to inform them that if the issue is not resolved, you intending to commence legal action.
    – please keep copies of the above letters or any correspondence for proof.
    – if you recieve an unsatisfactory response from Audi, or no response at all, then you can go ahead and make a claim.
    – the above will equip you with proof and evidence that you have done you best to resolve the issue.
    – it is a requirement by the County Court to prove that you have tried your best to resolve the issue.
    – gather more evidence from everyone on this site (which you have already) and probably the independent inspectors or mechanics.

    Send in your claim, I mean everyone needs to start court action!!!!
    *** whilst you/ we waiting for the courts’ decision lets drive our beautiful Audis’ with RUBBiSH GEARBOX to audi’s HQ “consumer power”..

  277. Kevin Latania - December 31st, 2011

    The idea of a mass law suit sounds like a plan , what we need is a solicitor with a broken audi !

    This cruise to audi uk hq sounds like a great idea in the meantime tho…..

  278. rizwan ali - January 1st, 2012

    Many people find the CVT disconcerting at first because of the way cars with CVTs sound. When you step on the accelerator, the engine races as it would with a slipping clutch or a failing automatic transmission. This is normal — the CVT is adjusting the engine speed to provide optimal power for acceleration. It doesnt always mean there is something wrong with your gear box, the mechanic might say there is just to make some money. I thought there was something wrong with mine because it was the first time id owned a car with a CVT gear box but with a CVT its normal.

  279. Kenny - January 1st, 2012

    For some of us that took care of the transmission by getting the recommended fluid changes, it should lasts a while, but there are some unlucky folks with older year models ranging from 2001-2005 which has known to produced problem almost indefinitely as the miles progresses. I have a 2008 with the 7-plate and I’m still wondering from time to time if this thing will die on me one day out of the blue. I haven’t heard of any serious problems with the 2008 yet but then again I have less than 30,000 miles on the car.

  280. Robert Moran - January 1st, 2012

    is there anyone else in n.ireland with the same problem with audi tripmatic gearbox please contact me on 07706512308 and we,ll drive to audi belfast and protest

  281. Robert Moran - January 1st, 2012

    my gearbox was serviced note it dosnt say on your manuel to service gearbox now at 37000 a4 sline 7 speed tripmatic 07 this car is a joke if u ask me audi over rated

  282. Alex - January 1st, 2012

    Just had the multitronic oil in my 54 plate 2.0l A4 changed at the local Audi centre. Car was at 20,000 miles but thought i’d play on the safe side after reading this thread. Now the car seems to lurch forward when setting off, much more noticeably than before. Also, when trying to get out of a filter lane it’s hesitating a lot before it’ll finally move off, which is downright dangerous if you ask me… In addition to this there seems to be a dull whine when at a standstill, which I’d never noticed before. Should i be worried? On a student budget I can barely afford the Audi centre service charges never mind a replacement gearbox…

  283. Kenny - January 1st, 2012

    Alex, what year is your car and what do you mean by ’54’ plate? There’s either a 6-plate or the newer 7-plate. The car will take off a bit when you release the gas pedal, that’s normal and any automatic transmission including the CVT.

  284. Alex - January 1st, 2012


    Sorry by 54 plate I meant the latter half of 2004. From
    Expressing my concerns to the dealer he informed me that the design was changed at the beginning of 2004, but that could just be the old “tell em what they wanna hear” story…

    In terms of the delay in setting off and the lurching described, its more of a danger than anything else, the hesitation at junctions has almost ended in crashes on numerous occasions… It sickens me that Audi can continue to ignore this problem. It’s caused so many people so many problems, people depend on their cars and nowadays most people don’t have the best part of £6k lying around to replace a component that was flawed from the outset.

  285. MILOS RAJCEVIC - January 1st, 2012

    I HAVE A 2007 AUDI Q7 3.0 TDI

  286. Robert Puncheon - January 1st, 2012

    Hi Alex
    My 54 reg started playing up at 25,000 miles!
    When the PRNDS flashes on/off the gearbox is in emergency mode It’s rough! but will get you to an Audi garage – lol
    I had my box sorted by ECU testing. When I got it back the take off and gearchange was beautiful! A completely different feel to the car. Smooth take up from standstill and smooth changes. and…better MPG!
    However the computer (that’s where the fault is) failed again – twice! (I received a refund from ECU)
    I had a new box fitted at Audi and since then it’s been a delight. But for how long? 🙁
    From what I have learned there is a major flaw in this tiptronic box up to 2006 Reg vehicles
    I was told that this gearbox is a “sealed for life” box that is why there is no instruction on changing the oil which has to be heated to a very high temperature to get it into the box. If you dont do this the warranty (joke) on the gearbow is rendered void.
    I am taking Audi to the small claims court. Its a simple action on-line. Also not expensive.
    The advice given on here to write to Audi before going to court as described by Sean is I think sound
    Blocking Audi’s forecourt is an illegal act and will not help our cause
    Lets all sue them at the same time and tell the BBC what we are doing

  287. Robert Moran - January 1st, 2012

    it aint wrong blocking the forecourt how? they carry the audi name and if thats what we have to do to get there attention fcuk them ROBBING OLD MEN IS RIGHT??? Cause thats all i see audi doing

  288. Kenny - January 2nd, 2012

    They just don’t rob old men, but men, women, and children!

  289. paul - January 2nd, 2012

    Can anyone re-assure me that the audi a4 avant multitronic 1st reg 31st-1-2007 has a 7 clutch plate system.Much appreciated.

  290. Kenny - January 2nd, 2012

    ^^If it shows ‘1234567’ gears on the dash while driving in ‘D’ mode then you have a 7-clutch plate transmission.

  291. paul - January 2nd, 2012

    It shows 1234567 on the dash but not in D mode, Only in manual mode

  292. Kenny - January 2nd, 2012

    Then you have a 7-clutch plate. I wasn’t sure exactly which mode it is showing on. You can leave in ‘D’ mode while driving and tap the paddle shifters (- +) on your steering wheel and it will also show the gears.

  293. Peter Neale - January 3rd, 2012

    I also have a 7 clutch plate transmission reg 57 with 74000 miles, but when I reported a slow pull away and a juddering when pulling away and juddering when slow braking the dealer told me they found filings in the gearbox oil and the transmission needed replacing.
    I have not had any problems with the ECU like dash lights flashing or failure as many of you have reported, so it appears there are at least two modes of potential failure, ECU and mechanical ?

    The vehicle has a full service history with Audi and they are replacing the gearbox with a hefty gesture of goodwill (75% of the costs). So I must say I am satisfied with their offer particularly as the car is out of warranty.
    They have already replaced the turbo and exhaust system after the turbo failed at speed, pulling up a hill, again out of warranty.

  294. Kenny - January 3rd, 2012

    What year is your vehicle Peter?

  295. Peter Neale - January 6th, 2012

    Kenny, mine is a late 2007 model. 2.0 se tdi Cabriolet.

  296. li - January 4th, 2012

    I meet the same problem, my audi is 2001 A4, the warning light on the dash is illuminated, and the car shakes when changing the gear

  297. Robert Moran - January 4th, 2012

    spoken to audi more than helpfull this time more than happy to sort or gearbox out after all if audi has to stand by there gearboxes like an 07 with less than 50k on it and needing a box is a joke cars only worth 11k with a 6k gearbox bill just dsnt sound right

  298. Vaughn - January 6th, 2012

    Just taken my Audi A4 2.5 TDi quattro SE 180bhp in for a service at a local Audi specialist in Birmingham.

    75k and he reckons the clutch plates and multitronic autobox are on their way out.

    Not great on an 02 reg with a full Audi history.

  299. Kenny - January 7th, 2012

    Are you sure yours is multitronic CVT? I didn’t know they were available for Quattros.

  300. Keith - January 7th, 2012

    I have and Audi a3 S-Line 2004 diesel DSG box – I suffered problems my gearbox, a grinding noise and sticking in gear. After speaking to Audi and ‘a guy my friend knew’ who says he worked on Audis for years, their diagnosis was you need a new gearbox, appx £3500!!

    I then got in touch with a gearbox specialist – after driving the car they advised its more likely a bairing as the noise only occured in gears, 2,4 and 6 – he says he’d be able to fix it. I left it with him, he stripped the box, bought a replacement bairing and built the box back up – totalling £850, which by all accounts was really good. The costing being labour not the part! I live in the north east the company is called Austrim Engineering if anyone wants to try them.

  301. SAMSON - January 8th, 2012

    Hi, I have an Audi A4 1.8t sport on a 2000 (X PLATE) with the multitronic gearbox, the car seams very sluggish and the multitronic or manual option on the box doesn’t work, phoned the dealer and the wally told me ITS INSIDE THE GEARBOX, was told there is a selector module which sits on the gear box but when the mechanic put it up on the ramp said he couldn’t find it…………does anybody know where it is?

  302. J Parrish - January 10th, 2012

    I have a 53 plate Audi a4 estate with multitronic gearbox. Have had the car for about a year . Had problems since I had it with it not moving forward in low gear on certain cambers in the road, Over the last 6 weeks it has become really jerky in the drive gear. Its horrible to drive and to be honest does not feel safe. a total disappointment for a supposed high quality car.

  303. Wajid - January 10th, 2012

    Hey peeps, looking for a place that does refurbished, rebuilt gearboxes for an audi a6 1.9 tdi 2003 model which has the same problem as others on this site.

  304. Helen - January 11th, 2012

    My Audi 2.4 auto 2002 (61000 miles) had to be scrapped – the gearbox went *as* I was about to part exchange it at a garage in December. I had been told it was a cam belt problem and had told the garage this and they were still going to give me a decent P/X as the car was in great condition. The car wouldn’t move when he went out to test drive it – Audi mechanic next door diagnosed that the gearbox had gone. Christmas ruined.

  305. neil - January 11th, 2012

    hi all
    my 05 audi a3 20ltdi 150,000 on clock had gearbox oil changed 10,000 mile ago.
    got in it today and 1st and 2nd gear ok would not go into 3rd.
    use trip tonic and it works fine.
    no rattles of whining.
    anyone any ideas

  306. Andy - January 12th, 2012

    AUDI A4 1.8 54 plate, 60k, just started to experience problems when accelerating, it seems like it jumps out of gear – PRND starting flashing for a week then everything ok. Driving the car nice and easy is fine but put your foot down and it jumps around a bit then no drive. It seems worse if i’m doing lots of ‘stop go’ driving. It’s booked in for a gearbox oil change this weekend, i don’t think it will sort it but its the cheapest place to start! I’ve not had the car long so working with the garage to see if we can sort this out…

  307. Robert Puncheon - January 12th, 2012

    Read this carefully Andy
    Take the car back, you are looking at a major expense

    If it’s in warranty TAKE IT BACK!
    If he’s a dealer he will know of the long standing problem that Audi have walked away from.
    I wish I had
    Best of luck

  308. Andy - January 19th, 2012

    Thanks for the advice, i will give it serious consideration

  309. Andy - March 17th, 2012

    Hi, still having issues with gearbox, its booked in with local Audi in next couple weeks to see if they can give me some honest advice (you never know it might happen). Anyway found some stuff on the internet which might help – half way down page talks about Audi CVT

    Hope it helps

  310. Peter Chatfield - January 18th, 2012

    Hi Y’all, I understand about taking a company to court over a faulty goods item, as ‘not being fit for purpose’, but how do we stand if we bought the car second hand, surely it will come out as caveat emptor, i.e.-buyer beware.
    I much prefer the option of embarrasing them by a ‘drive in’ as well as taking legal action. Surely that’s the privilige of free speech etc,. I can’t see how it can be illegal to drive to a dealers, even if we do it all at once, and express our anger over their very cavalier attitude towards iloyal customers. Look forward to your comments, Chatters

  311. Imran Ismail - January 18th, 2012

    Hi, from South Africa, I have had problems with my 06 Audi A4 1.8T since it was serviced at Audi Johannesburg in March 2011. The oil indicator light came on as I was entering Johannesburg while driving from Durban. Audi Johannesburg informed me that the turbo, oil pump, timing chain needs replacing. This was done at Audi Johannesburg and I drove the car down to Durban. I noticed a slight grinding noise at low revs while driving down. I took the car in to Audi Umhlanga who informed me the noise was from the gearbox. I took the car to two independant gearbox specialists who told me the gearbox was perfect as there was no jerking etc. with the car. The noise is now louder and starts as soon as I start the car for a couple of seconds and then take off. The car has also started jerking recently just below 2000rpm. If i accelerate hard and keep the revs high there is no jerking. I have given the car in to Audi Durban and am awaiting feedback.

  312. Kenny - January 18th, 2012

    Sounds engine-related. They probably messed up while doing the timing belt, remember, lots of Audi techs are idiots that’s why I do my own work if I can.

  313. ken wei - January 19th, 2012

    I got the same problem with my car now. My A4 only got 109000 KM, which is around 68000 Miles. the tritronic switch started to getting problem, gear indicator doesn’t show which gear I running on. so, I think it will be happen very soon.

  314. Lisa - January 22nd, 2012

    Just looking at buying an A6 1.9 Tdi 2005 that has had a new 7-plate gearbox fitted last year (car has done 80k in total). Was planning on going to see it tomorrow – BUT, having spent the last 45 mins on this site I’m not so sure!
    Two questions, is the 7-plate gearbox reliable in the longer term i.e. have Audi sorted out the problem? Should I confirm with the seller that the gearbox had a new ECU and this was synchronised with the main ECU. I’m not a tech so hope this makes sense. Any advice very welcome…

  315. Peter Neale - January 23rd, 2012

    Lisa, I have just had the 7 plate gearbox replaced on my 2007 A4 at 70000 miles. Because the original box was 7 plate I guess I should not suffer any synchro problems.
    I have noticed that fuel consumption at around 70 -80 mph is less with the new gear box, where it was reving about 2000 at these speeds it is now reving at about 2100.
    Regarding the gearbox in general, although I am pleased with the replacement I still feel it will not outlast the rest of the car. The old one was replaced due to jerky pull away and braking and swarf found in the gearbox oil. Although the new box is smooth and a much improved drive there is still a hint of slow take up on accelaration and not entirely smooth braking.
    So my gut feel is that there is generic problem even with the 7 plate box and unless you are willing to take a risk then steer clear of an Audi multitronic, a real shame because when the gearbox is working as it should the car is a joy to drive.

  316. Scott Lommori - January 22nd, 2012

    Same problem with my 2004 audi A4 as well. 70000 miles and I most likely will be looking for a transmission or rebuild.


  317. Lisa - January 23rd, 2012

    Thank you, I’m so pleased I’ve found this site. I will be spreading the word. The comments are invaluable; thank you both very much for the taking the time to reply to me. The 2005 car was lovely in all other respects but I’m not going to take the risk! I’ve decided to go for a manual A6 2006 – poor old knee will suffer more but not my sanity nor my bank balance. Cheers all.

  318. Burnsy - January 23rd, 2012

    Lisa you did the right thing, my car is still off the road, almost 2 weeks now and the company in England who reprogrammed the ECU in Aug ’11 have now said that it needs a new ECU. When I get the car going again I am going to trade it on, never again with a multitronic gearbox. It’s a shame, almost 69k miles on the clock, love the car, but a hopeless gearbox.

  319. Imran Ahmed - January 25th, 2012

    I have just taken my Audi A6 to Audi this morning, delay in the car setting of from stationary, a jerk when setting off and the car breaks twice when stopping, mechanic from Audi has just called me back and advised it going to cost £5000 to repair. Not sure how honest they are, when I initially found the fault back in Aug 2011 Audi advised on an oil change, if that doesn’t work then a 7plate gear box, mechanic has told me today it has one of these in already? How reliable is the dealer.

  320. Peter Neale - January 29th, 2012

    Imran, what year is your car ?

  321. Mian - January 31st, 2012


    I’ve got an 2010 A3 Sportback (1.6) with the auto box. Car has been juddering for some time. I took it to the dealers (Epsom) last weekend and was told there are a number of instances of this occurring across the Audi range. No fix at present but I will be contacted when they have more information (no later than March this 2012). It was noted on my service receipt too. Should I be taking any more action?

    Thanks, Mian

  322. Kenny - February 1st, 2012

    If you’ve documented the complaint during the warranty period and the dealer was not able to rectify the problem throughout the warranty, even after it expired, then Audi would take full responsibility should your transmission breaks down from the related fault.

  323. PF - February 2nd, 2012

    Two years ago we had to have a new radiator on our A6 as we were told it had failed and leaked water into the gearbox. £500 for this….then we had the gearbox rebuilt, another £3,000, by 3D Transmissions.

    The car has been back to them at least 6 or 8 times as the gearbox has never been right. Took it back again as it’s getting worse and guess what….the radiator has failed and leaked water into the gearbox!! They’re saying we need a new radiator and the gearbox will have to be reconditioned again. It’s an absolute joke. No way are we paying out another £3,500.The car is now worth nothing.

  324. Peter Bright - February 2nd, 2012

    I finally gave up with my Audi A4 (’03). Rather than spend the £6300 quoted by the Audi garage in Cambridge on a new gear box we traded the car in and bought a new city car (Hyundai I10 1.2 Active). Completely different category of car, of course, but the fact that you can buy a brand new and well reviewed car for not much more than the cost of a gear box from Audi (!!!) speaks volumes for the contempt with which Audi treats its customers. And the fact the multitronic gear box is so obviously defective just makes it even more damning. Good luck to all of you who have had to put up with the shady practices of this awful car manufacturer…

  325. Peter Chatfield - February 2nd, 2012

    Hi there PF, can’t see water getting into the gearbox from the radiator as it’s supposed to be a ‘sealed for life’ gearbox. If you check back thro my postings I mentioned the fact that I have suspicions about this ‘sealed for life’ thing because when my mechanic opened my gearbox the ‘almost new’ oil was a strange colour, the kind you see when oil and water is combined. I believe the Audi gearbox has mega condensation problems which may dilute the so called “Audi special oil”. regards Chatters

  326. R.Neyn - February 2nd, 2012

    My Audi A6 1.9 Disel ( 2003) was bought 4 years ago with 67,000 miles on the Clock. The Multitronic problem manifest itself , the day after my first drive. No mention of Gearbox problems appeared on the Audi Service history printouts. Oil changes were tried, and for 4 years it was a wrethed drive. Finally its broken down after 140,000 miles, with a failed box. It has always remained an uneconomic repair, and wish I’d never bought the Car with this particular box. Incidentally I ran my old P registered Audi A6 ,manual ,for 300,000 miles with out a hint of a problem. Audi needs to come clean on a design fault, and owners need to be better informed of potential problems with this Gearbox

  327. Alex - February 4th, 2012

    Hi Guys, Has anyone considered contacting VOSA (UK) about this issue? If enough people were to highlight their concerns/experiences regarding this gearbox then they could ensure a recall was enforced by Audi.

  328. R.Neyn - February 7th, 2012

    I have forwarded my complaint to the Managing Director, at Audi UK, in Milton Keynes. Having had to scrap my car, due to a failed Multitronic box, I have suggested that he read posts on this site. Audi ought to conisder the impact of this problem, and could provide stats on the percentage of Boxes that have failed. Surely Quality Control at Audi, would have picked up on a fault. Audi owners need to be reassured, if people posting problems on this site, have been unlucky ….. or are our problems, design and engineering, related. I’d love to know, as I remain a fan of the Audi brand…

  329. Mr and mrs crane - February 9th, 2012

    We bought an Audi A6, had the same gear box problem. Shuddering etc. Audi tried to fob us off and told us we needed a new gear box at £4000!! The Audi engineer was trying to hint to us to research the problem on line!Wanting to keep hisjob he obviously could not say outright what the problem was, but told us to perhaps not get the gear box until we had done some research! We then read all the online info from other people experiencing the same problem. We went to a garage specialising in this fault, we paid £1,800 to have the clutch plate changed to a 7 plate and a full service and oil included. We then placed a complaint with the head of Audi UK, where again we were fobbed off, we told them they were endangering peoples lives if the car stopped suddenly etc. They were not in the slightest bit interested, told them we knew they knew the problem, told them about all the websites dedicated to this problem, then filed a complaint with watchdog. Hope they sort this out before a life is lost somewhere.

  330. Barry Shackleton - February 9th, 2012

    Bought a second hand Audi A4 2.0 TDI with the multitronic gear box, had it serviced regularly and gear box oil changed at 21K. Currently at 65K and has been at 65K for past 2 weeks as sure enough the gear box has failed and I am looking at a bill for over 3K GBP. The cars warranty only goes to 60K but I understand for those still in warranty auid are refusing to do anything for anyone that has not had gearbox oil change at 40K. It is clear to all the mechanics and dealers that Audi know they have a problem but are doing there utmost to avoid addressing it in an ethical way – disgusting in my view. I shall be continuing discussions with Audi and the relevant authorities.

  331. Rochelle - February 11th, 2012

    I own a A3 sportback s-line 1.4 automatic 2010 it has only done 8,000miles. From the second year of having my car I have experienced a number of problems with my car. My engine stalls with the stop start. My car jolts in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear. The car stuggles to maintain the speed at top speeds of 70mph and the car is unable to find the appropriate gear. At any speed the car was travelling if the brakes were hit for an emergency the car still carried on rolling. I first took the car to (Wimbledon) and they told me nothing was wrong with the car. Then I took the car to (Coulsdon) for a service and reported all the faults above. When I got the car back I was told there were no faults with the car but to my surprise they told me they changed the front discs and pads and gave an excuse that they were unbalanced.
    I recently experience that when you pull out from a junction there is a very long delay and the car slugs before the car picks up the speed. I was on the motorway travelling a few weeks back and I was using the cruise control and the cruise control froze and wouldn’t shift to release the cruise control when I applied the brakes it normally cuts it off but instead it started speeding the car up. Has anyone experienced such problems on their car?

  332. Casey - February 12th, 2012

    I have a 2002 A4 whose box was replaced by previous owner in 2007 (assuming upgraded 7 plate).

    My only concerns are – on a cold start, I take it up past 2k revs before it creeps (fine when warm) and I also experience the delay when pulling out at junctions (funnily it’s always when turning, straight line acceleration seems fine).

    Are these just some quirks of the CVT box or a sign of something more sinister (no jerks, judders whatsoever…)

  333. Kenny - February 13th, 2012

    That’s very typical behavior of CVT transmissions. I think you’re fine since the previous owner replaced the box and upgraded to a 7-plate. To be sure; if the dash show 1234567 gears when you’re in manual or ‘s’ mode, then you have a 7-plate.

  334. Casey - February 13th, 2012

    that’s a glimmer of hope – to be fair apart from the quirkiness I don’t have any physical problems with the gearbox. However, I only see 1-6 on the dash. It was carried out on 03/07/07 and my earlier research suggested Audi had done away with 6-plate before then.

    My main cause for concern is that a year ago during a routine service Audi flagged ‘suspect gearbox ecu fault’ to the previous owner which was not investigated. I’ve had the car nearly 4 months and experienced nothing out of the ordinary so maybe it was Audi’s response to the hestitation nature of the box???

    very seriously considering selling now though…

  335. Kenny - February 13th, 2012

    If you only see 6 gears then probably they didn’t replace the transmission but just the ecu, he/she probably did it because it was the most economical way to get it repaired and then sell it shortly after. Either way, it is still a very expensive fix ($2,000 US). If the previous owner had a ‘catastrophic’ failure with the transmission, then it would have to be replaced with nothing other than a 7-clutch plate transmission, but that alone can cost upwards of $7500US unless the vehicle’s under warranty which I doubt based on the year and time the transmission was worked on!

  336. Kenny - February 13th, 2012

    Also, the newer updated 7-clutch plate transmissions are supposedly to be more durable. So far, I haven’t heard any of the newer models (2007-2008) went wrong. But this doesn’t mean that it won’t. I have a 2008 with the 7-plate and believe me, it bothers me just as much as any other CVT owner. To overcome this issue, I recently bought a 4-year extended service contract for peace of mind, but then again, my car has under 28,000 miles.

  337. Casey - February 13th, 2012

    ok, the work order I have says:


    The receipt says:

    “Supplied and fitted new auto gearbox”. it also notes “advise gearbox change every 40,000 miles”

    The work was done under a dealer (not Audi) warranty 6 months after the previous owner bought the car. He kept it for a further four years so it’s not as if he was quick to get rid of it.

    I will give Audi a call to see if they can clarify for me, thanks

  338. Kenny - February 13th, 2012

    So they did put in a new box, wondered why they didn’t update it to the newer 7-plate version. Here in the states, two things can happen; if the failure is not major, they would only replace the ecu which is a gamble because sooner or later it can still go out within time, or if the trans failed completely then they’ll have to put in a new 7-plate box. From my understanding your CVT should be fine if you service it under every 40,000 miles. I did mine at 27,000 and like to keep it under 30k on each service. Some people here in the states has had their 6-plate boxes with over 140,000 miles with a good service history.

  339. R.Neyn - February 13th, 2012

    Your gearbox symtoms are so similiar to mine. My car was a A6 1.9 Diesel( 2003) with a multitronic box. The initial diagnosis was an ECU malfunction, within the gearbox. At 70,000 miles I did fee not feel, it warranted drastic action ……. What a mistake! I ought to have sold the car, and taken a drop in price. Very shortly after that problem, I was recommended an oil change, than another, and finally an exchange box priced at £ 3700. It was not an economic repair, and I suffered terribly in that car, especially on a cold start ….and at junctions, where it bordered on being dangerous. Finally at 140,000 miles, the gearbox failed …and on my model, both drums inside the box, were damanged and possible damage to the flywheel. To save more heartache, get rid of the car! Its the best financial decision you could make. Cut your losses!! the best offer I have for the Car today …£225! I bought the beast for £ 9000……

  340. Bernard Wood - February 15th, 2012

    HI,I own an Audi 2002 A6 and wish I never!! It first started with loosing first gear, then reverse. Had a complete gearbox rebuilt which lasted for 6 months then lost the computor in the box!!! Since the box was redone again (R30 000.00 per rebuild) I have major ”jerking” in automatic and fine in manual. Diagnostics dont pick anything up!!!!
    Any ideas?

  341. Yunus Mangera - February 22nd, 2012

    I would like to report to you about my Audi A6 2003 gearbox it is automatic/tiptronic system my cars registration number is YL03BWN after reading about this type of gearbox i found out that it is a commen fualt with this gearbox. i have driven many other automatic cars and had no fualts with the lifespan of the cars. i have had two Volvosx2 Omega CArlton and never ever had this sort proplems this is my only autometic gearbox that is geving me trople. being a disable driver and can not afford £3000 plus system to be replace also with it being a commen fault with many of the system audi should call them back and replace to more updated version thank you

  342. keith hancock - February 26th, 2012

    bought the car june2011 its a 03 plate afsh problem it fails to change down when slowing down unless you blip the throtle could this be the ecu or some other fault it can be intermitant 5 days out of 7 drives fine it fails to show up when checked any advise welcome.

  343. Mohsin Vawda - February 26th, 2012

    Hi there,

    I came across your website after experiencing faults with my gearbox.

    I was assured by a warranty company (WW) that when I would take out their cover, it would inc this gearbox that was known to have issues.

    I sent around 10 emails to the warranty company stating I have not had issues as of yet but due to the nature of A4’s and reported issues with it online, I want to take cover so it would be covered.

    During 3months into my cover, on a very cold day in London I experienced shudders when changing 1st gear into 2nd and vice versa.

    Took it to my garage and was diagnosed with a failed ECU.

    I contacted my Warranty company and after 2 weeks of messing me about they have rejected my claim based on the issue must of been progressing before taking out the warranty.

    The issue was never apparent before and the whole purpose of this warranty was to be covered for this exact reason.

    Do you think I have a case against my warranty company for a complaint and if required, court action?

    Is there anyway to see if it was a progressive issue on the ECU?


  344. Kenny - February 26th, 2012

    When dealing with warranty companies, it always best to read through the EXCLUSIONS, not what they will ‘supposedly’ cover. If the company has assured you that it will cover the fault at the time of purchase then you need to bring this up to them. Warranty companies are always on the lookout in their best interests; and that is making it as hard as possible to approve/accept claims. One other thing; it is always best to keep mum about foretold problems to them because they will assume that it is an existing or known fault (specifically on your vehicle) before the warranty was purchased. Your e-mails probably proved to them otherwise.

  345. Paul Arpino - February 27th, 2012

    Got a 2004 Avant 130 tdi. Bought 2 years ago from Audi Portsmouth. 60,000 on the clock at present with FSH. PRNDS started flashing the other day with a loss of power shortly after. Apparently the gearbox backup system kicking in. Took it back to Portsmouth Audi today who confirmed blocked valve in the gearbox. Sealed unit so need new gearbox. They just quoted me £5,500 to replace it ! Then requoted without challenge to £4,200 with free full service..Still rather expensive and suspicous of the ‘favour’. Any recomended gearbox specialists in the Southampton area much appreciated.

  346. Paul Arpino - February 29th, 2012

    After the crazy quote from Audi that I needed a new gearbox at an original quote of £5,500. Have had car towed to a gearbox specialist in Southampton who are fixing the gearbox for £1,300! Words of advice not to accept Audi’s advice and seek independent specialist second opinion. Whilst still a cost that I would like to avoid, happy with paying £4,200 less than Audi originally wanted. Not customer care in my book, and would have expected better advice on options from Audi.

  347. Kenny - February 29th, 2012

    That’s great to know, at least you’re able to get it fixed at a price that will get you back on the road and enjoy your a4 again. What are the specifics of the repair, are they putting in a new trans, new ecu, or just replace ecu or repair the box?

  348. Paul Arpino - February 29th, 2012

    Not 100% sure on the part exactly. New ECU I believe but will post when I collect the car and get the finer detail so other can learn from this. The new part is costing £1,095. It is a shame as the car is a joy and in fantastic condition. Will be writing to Audi for feedback so watch this space. Complained last year on a service and Cam Belt chnage and got 50% costs paid back to me so well worth it. As much as I am disgruntled with Portsmouth Audi they did rectify the matter professionally. Let see if they how they receive this next challenge…….

  349. r ahmed - February 28th, 2012

    hi i have an audi a4 tdi sport auto 53 reg. it runs fine but all of a sudden the dash display for gear selectors started to changed itself while i was driving on motorway. from p to n to drive.. i had to pull over and swtich off engine then i engaged it in tip option and gears went through fine till 6th then i changed back to drive and it has not happend yet. could u please advise if the gearbox is on its way, many thanks

  350. Robert Puncheon - February 28th, 2012

    PRNDS flashing?
    Welcome to the club that Audi doesn’t recognise or assist and no doubt wishes didn’t exist.
    Your gearbox will get worse and you will finally lose drive.
    It is expensive to remedy (especially by Audi) Try and sell it, but you will be passing a rotten gearbox on to somebody else
    I pray it will be an Audi dealer but they know not to touch this model and year
    This gearbox is a disgrace to Audi and made worse by the way they have walked away from a badly designed and manufactured gearbox.
    It really should be highlighted by watcdog or a motoring programme on UK TV
    It’s time Audi received the bad press they so richly deserve


  351. ricky graham - February 29th, 2012

    have we had any responce from audi yet?has anyone contacted any motoring mag/journalist?just a thought.

  352. Ian Meall - March 4th, 2012

    I have a 54 plate Audi A4 2.5 tdi with multitronic gearbox. I have just started to experience problems with the PRNDS lights intermittently flashing on the dashboard where the D light is normally illuminated. Told this is a very common ECU problem with the gearbox, and expect it to get worse.

  353. Robert Puncheon - March 4th, 2012

    My sympathies!
    The same year as my cabriolet A4
    Yes it will get worse, eventually you will lose gears. Reverse gear (which is annoying). Utimately you will lose forward drive (dangerous) as happened to me on a very bendy country road
    I had to walik up the road with the thoughtfully provided red triangle (They must know this is going to be used with this car)
    I sent the ECU to a refurb center and it worked well – for a few months. But it didn’t last long!
    But the expensive part is having the ECU unit removed from the gearbox. The oil will have to be drained and new oil to refill the gearbox, which your garage cannot do as it needs a special tool to fill the gearbox
    Audi will do it for you but this will cost
    I eventually took it back to an Audi garage (towed!)
    I still cannot understand why this is not a major news item.


  354. Kenny - March 4th, 2012

    The fluid (or oil) has to be removed with a specialty pump developed exclusively by Audi for the CVT transmission. Also, it must be done under a temperature-controlled environment of around 35c I believe. While doing do, it is being monitored by computer via Vag-Com software program. The vehicle will have to be raised up to a certain level of height; then each drive mode (P.R.N.D.) must be engaged in and out after every ‘fill’ so that the fluids can disperse evenly throughout the box. Too much or too little fluid can effect the performance of the transmission.

    This is a pain in the a$$ and it is very costly to maintain…and/or replaced should it ever fails, which most likely it will. The matter would certainly be ‘sooner or ‘later’. This is a shame because the transmission can basically ruin killed the whole car. My understanding is that this transmission is non-fixable, but only a direct replacement from Audi — to the tune of at least $7500 US dollars!

  355. W Sagar - March 5th, 2012

    I have same problem, PRNDS light flashing, Loss of reverse gear, and sometime it gets free while driving (which i know is dangerous.

    Has anyone used is it worth paying them money to get it repaired? does the car work perfectly after that?

    any thoughts ?

  356. M Brown - March 9th, 2012

    Hi W Sagar,

    I spoke with ECU, they were very helpful. My garage sent my unit to them, they tested it but advised it couldn’t be repaired. Their service was prompt and friendly. I contacted them at a later date to get information on my ECU and to find out why it couldn’t be repaired, once again they were very forthcoming and gave me the details I requested.

  357. Conor - March 5th, 2012

    i have 2008 2.0lt A4 Sline model with 100kilometres on the clock and the same problem flashing gearbox with slow reversing! what confuses me more is it is driving ok. When i start the car i makes a noise. The garage in Dubai has told me i need a new control unit for my transmission. They are quoting me 1500 pound but do you recommend ECU Testing to refurbish it? i am disgusted at Audi and know they will not help. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  358. W Sagar - March 5th, 2012

    I have same problem, PRNDS light flashing, Loss of reverse gear, and sometime it gets free while driving (which i know is dangerous.

    Has anyone used is it worth paying them money to get it repaired? does the car work perfectly after that?

    any thoughts ?

    mine is only 40K on clock, its Audi A4 Convertible 1.8T.

  359. peterdawson - March 6th, 2012

    I own a 55 plate Audi Avant 2.0 multitronic I have owned it from new and driven 61k miles. 2 weeks ago it developed a subtle judder whilst accelerating from rest, then it started to intermittently lose power. I took it to my local garage, the diagnostics told nothing so I and a mechanic (who was driving) took the car for a test drive after 4 miles accelerating onto a dual carraigeway the drive vanished, so has my money! ‘cos now I need a new gearbox.
    The oil in the box was changed at 41k as advised!
    Audi, after my experience and all the other comments, you should be ashamed.

  360. Mr.Wheatley - March 8th, 2012

    I’m the proud owner of a 2004 Audi A4 cab 3.0L with a multi-tronic gear box that has developed a fault, after 5 miles of driving, the gear indicator starts flashing, I’ve been advised that this is the gear box ECU, i have owned the car for 3 and half years with an impeccable service history, the car has only done 74000 miles, i called Audi to see of the part was under warranty as its a sealed part, they said no, i asked how much it would cost to repair a whooping £1500, the thing is the car before i owned it had a brand new gearbox fitted and ECU under the three year warranty. this was fitted at 35000 miles, i am stuck, do i pay the cost or is there a contact within Audi who will be able to help an Audi Enthusiast???

  361. M Brown - March 9th, 2012

    My Audi A3 registered October 2005 suddenly and without warning whilst on the motorway started to rev and appeared not to go up through the gears. I called my local Audi specialist who said that it sounded like a problem with the gearbox. My recovery service took me to the garage who said that the ECU had failed. It was sent for testing but couldn’t be repaired. I had a choice of replacing the ECU, with a risk that the gearbox could fail or replace the whole thing, gearbox with ECU. I opted for the latter. I contacted Audi Customer Care who were no help. I then contacted Martin Sander who heads up Audi UK and asked for a contribution and had a response from a Customer Service Executive. She said she had spoken with their Master Technicians who said ‘there are no known issues with the DSG Gearbox’. I’ve now been left with a bill of just under £4000. It’s unlikely I’ll buy another Audi nor will I recommend them.

  362. Kenny - March 9th, 2012

    Are you talking about ‘CVT’ or ‘DSG’? Because there are no known issues (anymore) with the DSG, but only with older CVT boxes ranging from 2002-2005.5.

  363. M Brown - March 9th, 2012


    the gearbox is a DSG.

  364. Kenny - March 9th, 2012

    If I remembered correctly, there was a recall on the DSG. I didn’t the DSG was such a problem transmission too.

  365. Peter Chatfield - March 9th, 2012

    Hi everbody, why don’t we try another tactic. Everyone on the site sending emails to Audi Germany, Audi UK, Watchdog, Trading Standards, all at the same GMT time so it has the effect of a massive hit instead of them getting emails in 1’s or 2’s, We must keep up the pressure on them, regards, Chatters

  366. Dave Baker - March 10th, 2012

    What is a Factory Spec Exhange Gearbox really mean ?

    Hi, I’ve just had a “Shift Solenoid Fault – Short to Earh” and my Audi dealer says I need a “New” geabox at £5000 fitted.

    Audi UK have offered me a 40% discount off a “New” multitronic gearbox, due to my very good service history, etc., but my local dealer is now telling me that it won’t be a new box, but just an factory exchange unit ???

    I can’t get hold of anyone at Audi UK to confirm what this means, I don’t mind them taking back my old box if they are supplying me with a brand new one, but if the new box is only a refurbished one and still costs £5000 inc fitting before discount to replace, that seems a bit extortionate !

    Does any one know the real cost of a new box and what a factory exchange is, so that I can check I’m not being ripped off.

    2005 Audi A4 Cabriolet, 2.4 V6, Multitronic, 64,000 miles only.

    Thanks, Dave.

  367. R Gaff - March 10th, 2012

    Answer – if Audi won’t help (even if out of warranty) never buy an Audi again (ever) manual or otherwise. And tell all your friends to do the same.

  368. Marlize - March 12th, 2012

    I bought my Audi 2.4 V6 A4 2000 around seven months ago from dealer. Had it two weeks and petrol pump went. Fixed it and a week later on my way to fit new tyres oil was leaking from gearbox. There i sat with my two minor kids and a messed up car. went in for gearbox repair and after 2 weeks got it back for a day, and there was the oil leak again. went back in and a week later returned….for half a day and still oil leak…now its all and all about three months. The mechanic sent it to gearbox manufacturer and they said need to fit new cooler in order to sort out gearbox problem….costing me more and more. they refurbished the gearbox again with new oil, cooler…and geuss what.? two weeks later oil leak back again. Went back to gearbox manufacturer and where informed gearbox overheated due to cooler pipes..? fitted another cooler and off we went…its now three days later and temp gauge keeps playing, then normal and so forth… gearbox also jerkking again….Now ive read about a lady saying she bought the Audi from hell…? Whell i think mine must then be the mastermind from hell…

  369. Kenny - March 12th, 2012

    Sorry to hear your problem Marlize, it is wise if you get rid of it since the car is over 10 years old and obviously repeating multiple problem that is un-fixable.

  370. James H - March 12th, 2012

    Dave Baker –

    Have you received any paperwork e.g. quotation from your Audi dealer outlining that it is their intention to replace the gearbox with a “new” one. Did Audi UK tell you the replacement would be “new”.

    Has anybody on this forum received paperwork from an Audi dealership clearly stating that the gearboxes they supply as replacements are “NEW”.

  371. Dave Baker - March 12th, 2012

    James No,
    I have had no paperwork at all, my dealer just told me I needed a new gearbox.
    I have asked Audi UK to clarify exactly what is meant by a factory exchange gearbox and Audi UK has assured me that only the outside case is reused and that all the internals are new, so that is not as bad as I first feared.
    I could have the faulty solenoid replaced locally for about £500, but that would have to be a refurbished one as they are not available new, but as these boxes seem so prone to faults, there would be no guarantee that something else didn’t fail next month, at least with a new box I will have some peace of mind.

  372. Kenny - March 12th, 2012

    As long as the box is ‘refurbished’ with NEW parts, there shouldn’t problems. I don’t think you can actually buy any ‘new’ parts unless you buy the car new. Most of everything on automobile parts are 90% rebuilt to new anyway. There are however gearboxes listed from Audi dealer parts departments which showed retail prices of more than $7500US, not sure if they are 100% new but refurbished to new as we call it here in the states.

  373. admin - March 12th, 2012

    I asked Audi the following question in an email in December 2010.

    My question:
    How much do you charge for a refurbished gear (approx)?
    Also, is it true that the issue I am experiencing is a known issue that Audi are aware of?

    Reply from Audi (below from December 2010):

    The price of an exchange gearbox from AUDI AG is 2952.42GBP + VAT. For this price we would also need to send your current gearbox back to the factory as part of the exchange. If the current gearbox can not be sent,
    there would be an additional surcharge of 1425.00GBP.

    I have checked with our Technical Department and they have assured me that there are no known issues with the gearboxes fitted to your model.

    We are not able to comment about what you may have read on internet forums as these are not affiliated to Audi and tend to be individual opinions.

    We do occasionally read what is being posted as this is a useful way for us to see what our customers are saying but we also monitor our own failure rates which gives us a much clearer understanding.

  374. Waqas - March 12th, 2012

    Hello all

    As mentioned above i had same Problem. i took my car to Audi today and have been told that there is something wrong with Greabox Control unit. which i believe is Electric control unit.

    They quoted me £2K to get it replaces which is totally our of my budget. I have also spoken to Audi UK, they are willing to help at all and saying that car is out of warranty so they wont do anything.

    I did mention that there are number of people there who are in same boat as me, but they are saying NO there is nothing wrong , and it is not manufacturing fault. and they said they don’t get that many complaints about the gear box.

    Wel i am going to take chance here, and will send my Control unit to ECU testing people and see if that helps. if it does fine otherwise i will get rid of this car.

    My car is 2004 Audi, 1.8 Sports convertible. with only 40K on clock.


  375. admin - March 12th, 2012

    Waqas, join the group.
    If you do use ecu testing, there is a discount code available on this site. GEARBOX8. Quote and you will get 10% off.

  376. DaveW - March 16th, 2012

    I’ve got an ’03 A6 Avant 2.5 TDI. Bought 4 years ago as an approved Audi with 67K on the clock. After 6 months with about 75k on the clock the gearbox failed completely without any warning, and left me at the side of the road. Got it towed back to Audi’s who had to fix it free of charge because it was still under their warranty. I think I was very lucky. They replaced the valve body, ECU and put in the 7 plate clutch. Now I’ve done 140k and am wondering if the refurbished gearbox is going to fail once I’ve done 70k with it. It’s working fine at the moment. I’m in a dilemma whether to sell the car or just to hope for the best. Extremely reluctant to go for an Audi automatic again (even though they’re nice when they work).
    I’m frankly disgusted by Audi’s view that there is no known technical fault with this.

  377. Richard - March 18th, 2012

    Read through this with interest. Picked up an Audi A6 Avant 2002 Auto Tiptronic on Friday and met the seller on the side of the road. All seemed fine but at around 20mph it shudders, fine for 20 minutes and then it starts as engine warms up. Reverse is also slow. Not sure what to do, at speed the car seems fine but unsure whether to have 7 clutch added or trying to have it foxed with a 2nd hand gear box. Reading through all the comments cannot understand how Audi stonewall the problem which is obviously a major issue. Car cost £3300 – any advice?

  378. Another Owner of a crap Audi - March 20th, 2012

    Same here A4 Avant 2002 2.5tdi 106k 12 stamps FSH and will not select any gears at all. Not sure if it is the ECU or Gearbox i might try the ECU repair first, Dog Poo Audi, complete contrast to my MK5 golf i have, chalk and cheese..

  379. Richard - March 20th, 2012

    Update for anyone reading this, I have spoken to Audi and they deny knowing a problem on the cars. I told them Watchdog and trading standards etc and they offered £1000 towards a new £4000 gearbox. Spoke to AVS in Cornwall and they for £1200 suggest putting in a new clutch box as have done it to many others. Then spoke to automatic clutch specialist and they confirmed fixing the problem (which is very common) by taking gearbox down and changing the 6 clutch plates to a 7 plate system and then re-flashing the ECU to make it run on a 7 plate system – all being done for £592 inc VAT. Spoke again to Audi with the update and they agreed to it being most likely what needs to be done. Will update after job done if it helps anyone.

  380. Andy Peters - March 21st, 2012

    This sounds very promising i would certainly be interested in how you get on. So are you taking it to the automatic clutch specialist to have the work done? Whats the name of company? Did Audi come back with a revised price to do the same work as the specialist suggested? Good luck

  381. Kenny - March 20th, 2012

    ^^That’s the cheapest I have ever seen for an update/repair Richard.

  382. Another Owner of a crap Audi - March 21st, 2012

    Richard can you give me more infor please, i think i need a new gearbox ecu first but would pay that for a 7 plate without question, is that what your saying the can do you a 7 plate for that price? can i just take the car to them or box out? etc

    Also any advice what year did they change to 7 plate clutch for the A4 will a later 2006-2008 gearbox 7 plate fit into my 2002 mulititronic of course. Is it a differant gearbox ecu or upgrade flash of the old one/new one if i replace it.

    regards Chris

  383. Richard - March 21st, 2012

    Hi Chris,

    I received he new clutch box quote today and it was £1200 for brand new. I am having it manually done next Monday for £592 by a German Multitronic expert. Will confirm how it goes and let you know. I think the clutch plates changed in 2005 on the new model and problems dramatically reduced although can still happen. From all I have read, spoken about and heard the clutch system sorts it but it takes a specialist to repair. They then update the ECU and car runs again. Thanks

  384. Richard A6 - March 21st, 2012

    Hi Chris,

    Will let you know update once work is done early next week. From all I hear this is what needs doing and it takes a specialist. Audi actually have been the ones who didn’t return the calls, deny the problem and then OVERcharge massively. There are some guys at AVS in Redruth in Cornwall who charge 1/3rd Audi rates and ran Carrs (official Audi Cornwall & Devon) technical dept for 10 yrs. There quote today for the job was £1200 against Audi £2600 for brand new box. I am having it manually done and will let you know. Clutch changed on 2005 on the new model and although didn’t eliminate it, greatly reduced the problem. Car goes in, gear box taken down and then placed back and ECU reset to run on 7 plate system.

  385. Ian - March 22nd, 2012

    Hi Richard is there any chance of letting me know where i can get this done, i think i am about to become another audi multi tronic victim, thanks Ian

  386. Another Owner of a crap Audi - March 22nd, 2012

    Thanks Richard, i would like mine doing could you pass on the details of who y are using please. i am going to send the ECU off first to be repaired then even if the box is fine i will still want it done. Regards Chris

  387. Another Owner of a crap Audi - March 22nd, 2012

    Forgot to say it is a pain in the bum, it would be fine if it was a complete unit gearbox ECU, but both going both seperate items and both around £1200 to be fixed, if the ecu can not be repaired….

  388. jeff - March 22nd, 2012

    i own a a4 audi 2.5 tdi it just cost me £1700 to get fix multitronic gearbox fix 4 month ago its started acking up again they taken it in now they say its a faulty ecu on gearbox so had annuff will never ever touch a auto box again will stick to manuals

  389. Waqas - March 23rd, 2012

    I have posted earlier aswell….same problem….took to audi…they are asking for 1400….then i thought i will get ECu repaired from….i took my car to local garage and that guy is asking me for 600 pounds just to take ECU out…so i m just thinking is it worth paying £600 to him and then £200 odd to Ecutesting people…or shall i get it done from AUDI..and get 2 year warranty aswell….

    why the heck AUDI is not Taking any responsibility…..someone suggested above that we should send email at same time to watchdog and Audi…It may help….

    Any suggestion?

  390. Lynne - March 23rd, 2012

    i have a problem with my Audi a4 2005 its been in 3 garages now and been off the road 6 weeks its had 3 new radiators on and for some reason u drive it around the corner it blows the radiator and loses all the gearbox oil

  391. Kenny - March 23rd, 2012

    I assume you didn’t bring it in to an Audi dealer. Joe Blow garages uses cheap non-genuine parts and trial and error put together. Bite the bullet and spend more for something (Audi dealer) that’s done right and you won’t have a problem.

  392. Gavin - March 28th, 2012

    Just found this as guess what, having problems with my tiptronic gearbox. It doesn’t select on the odd occasion when driving and also seems to not change back down when slowing down???????????

  393. Yunus Mangera - March 29th, 2012

    To all vw/audi automatic and maltyitronic gearbox propplems get together and ask WATCHDOG to complain about the issues, like they did with nisan the propplems are with most triprtronic/automatic cars. the cars from 2000 to 2006 have got this propplems and to get it repaid it cost you more then what the car is worth out of those high amount are disabled drivers who can not get it repaired it is known that the company has modified the clutch to 7plate systom why cant the manufactures get the product users get called in and update the models with the propplems

  394. Waqas - March 29th, 2012

    i agree with yunus

    but the question is, how can we all complain together? i mean rather than sending emails one by one…we should send complaints together? what you guys say?

  395. Richard A6 - March 29th, 2012

    Yes I agree, BMW and Toyota have both done recalls although most companies will only do so if it borders on dangerous, that seems to be the key point on a recall. Something that might work is a website being put up explaining the problem and then getting that in front of watchdog or audi etc. No-one wants to see a website promoting the problem when you google Audi Avant etc. People could upload their car and the problem etc?

  396. Kenny - March 29th, 2012

    ^^That means one or two of us has to die, who wants to go first and be a savior for our dear Audi gearbox community?

  397. Waqas - March 29th, 2012

    hahaha good one Kenny…

    Well My car gets free and lose the gear sometime in local drive…i am just scared what if i drive on motorway ……..GOD know what will happen.

    but there audi people are not helpful at all..they are asking me 2K to fix it…..i will spend to 2k but not now..may be in a month or 2…

  398. Harvey - April 6th, 2012

    New 7 plate gearbox fitted just over 2 yrs ago and less than 20k mls and the dreaded PNRD lights. ECUTesting and BBA REMAN will service the ECU but from what I’ve read in this forum I have doubts that it will be a very permanent fix. Also I am worried about refilling the gearbox when Audi use hot oil and computers to do the job. Chatters, I read that you did this yourself and then still had to go down the expensive route. Audi dealers, of course, are still no help. Cannot contact Audi UK until Tuesday but will not be holding my breath. Any comments anyone?

  399. Kenny - April 6th, 2012

    What year and engine spec on your car Harvey?

  400. Dave Baker - April 6th, 2012

    Hi, Audi did help me, twice, but that’s probably because I have a 100% service record with Audi since new (2005) 64K miles.

    I had a new ECU 2 yrs ago (48K) when Audi paid for the part and I paid £495 labour.

    Now I have just had to have a new gearbox fitted, due to a Solenoid fault (it went shot circuit) and it is not a serviceable part by Audi.

    I could have had a reconditioned solenoid fitted by a local Auto Gearbox specialist for £500, but I took the 40% discount offered by Audi and paid the £2917 inc and now have a 2 year unlimited warranty on the new box.

    Considering the A4 Cab is now 7 yrs old I guess that is not a bad deal, but would have preferred not to have had the expense.

  401. Harvey - April 6th, 2012

    Hi Kenny, 2004 A4 Avant 1.9TDi

  402. nigel w - April 8th, 2012

    i seem to have the classic reeving and not going anywhere in reverse poor take up etc. i am using the manual feature now which allows me to change up later and gives a much smoother answer but not sure how long until the whole thing packs up.

  403. Dan - April 10th, 2012

    I have the same jerking at start off and its in LIMP mode the code that comes up is P0820 anyone have any ideas

  404. Burnsy - April 10th, 2012

    Having had all the trouble with the ECU and gearbox problems, I have now moved on my 2003 A4 2ltr petrol to an Audi dealer and purchased a 2008 A3 1.6 petrol with 23000 on the clock. Although the A3 is a nice enough car, I still miss my A4, just a pity about that multitronic gearbox, I would still be driving that A4 had it have been a manual. Cheers all,

  405. Ashy - April 11th, 2012

    Thanks for all the much appreciated advice. I was just about to buy an 03 plate covertible with an auto gear box, but after reading all your comments I have opted for the manaul version of the car. I have seen an identical car but with a manual gearbox for a few extra hundered, and figure it’s the safer bet, despite the auto having a full audi SH. Any known problems with the hood failing on these cars?


  406. Jimbob Marley - April 11th, 2012

    Crikey thought I was the only one with the problem!! Bought an Audi A4 2.5 multitronic 02 plate in August 2011 beautiful car it had no problems when I bought it. It’s done 96K.
    The problem is when you start off in drive and it takes a second or two to engage before you drive off. This started about two to three thousand miles ago. Took it to Audi for service but they didn’t check for problem. Took it back 2 weeks later and they offered free diagnostics check. They didn’t mention gearbox but told me that I required a new turbo, as turbo was not working properly, and an exhaust manifold at a cost of 1800. They wouldn’t allow me to take away the diagnostics report as they did this FOC. Took car to local audi specialist where I tried to explain what the Audi mechanic had said was the problem. He removed engine cover to expose the Turbo cover plate but they had not even unscrewed the cover. He said the turbo was fine and that it was a gearbox issue possibly the ECU. He’s apparently replaced loads of them all with same problem.
    I have no warning lights on yet so should I try and trade in now? Don’t really want to fork out nearly 2 grand for nothing!

  407. Robert Puncheon - April 12th, 2012

    Hi Ashey

    Yes I have had major problems with the PRNDS with a “won’t help” from Audi and also….
    Problems with the HOOD
    Not opening but worse not CLOSING!
    A long jorney holding the hood down with my hand!
    Until my garage showed me how to wind it down with a key!
    Problems with HT coils fitted at Audi for £198 each!
    £22 at my local garage
    At these service prices Audi iis NOT for the private buyer in my opinion
    Just check out their showrooms – who pays for this and all the suits?
    YOU DO!

  408. Ardit Pepaj - April 15th, 2012

    I have an audi a4 2.5tdi sport multitronic-lovely car! however its got a massive flaw and you guys probably can guess that its the gearbox, and you’re right! i owned 2 audi b6 a4’s which were 6spd multitronic and both have similar problems, the first was a 2.0 fsi it juddered and shook the hell out of me and would delay the engage time of the clutch or torque converter then would jump i didnt pay much attension and sold the car then bought the 2.5 tdi sport, this one however has a catastrophic problem; it shakes, judders, jerks and jumps from gears 1-2 maybe 3 aswell, but now occasionally its not moving at all, puts the engine into safemode(no revs) no matter how hard i put my foot down on the accelerator pedal it does not move. i decided to call up audi and aranged a testdrive and check up, they drove the car about and detected that it shook in ‘D’ and ‘S’ but not in manual mode. they conducted a check up on the oil and said their was shards of metal, i could only think thats natural in a gearbox(gears 1 to 6 run fine no shakes individually only when changing) which is why cars have magnetic bolts excexc, they came to a conclusion to gamble… hey this isnt las vegas this is my freaking car here! putting me in life threatining situations when it doesnt drive! they said either gamble with the oil or change the gearbox(quoted £5016 w/o labor) at this moment i felt like giving audi a nasty taste of what i thought about them! so i gambled with the oil, it worked for a month or two fine; still juddering and jerking, but it managed to drive. the problem then came back and now the car is in a very poor state! i really dont know what to do anymore! audi failed with the oj1 gearbox im sure most of you out there agree!

    if somone could help me out i would be veryveryvery greatful!

    kind regards A. Pepaj

  409. Dan - April 15th, 2012

    Audi is dumb enough to have a facebook page, start posting your problems on their site. This DSG transmission is bad.

  410. Harvey - April 16th, 2012

    Latest update is good news. I found a VW/Audi independant (ex main dealer) called FORGE in South Wales (Aberaeron) who know about the ECU problems – replaced 10 in the last 6 months.They plugged into the latest Audi diagnostic software and although the ECU was showing as faulty so was the small circuit board under the gear lever console. They cleaned out years of dust and dog hairs, cleaned the plug and socket and repositioned the gear position sensors. It now works perfectly .2.5 hrs @£45/hr. BEWARE OTHER GEARBOX SPECIALISTS MAY NOT HAVE THE DIAGNOSTIC GEAR TO IDENTIFY THIS BOARD. FORGE highly recommended

  411. Dan - April 17th, 2012

    I need all you guys to go to this site and fill out the form so that audi will issue a recall. I know the forums are a good place to vent frustations but we need them to send out a recall. They quoted me a price of $9500 Canadian to fix a $17000 car. I talked to them this morning at Audi Canada and as you can guess it did not go my way. Then where no help at all. They fell my frustaion yeah right.

  412. Glynn Salter - April 19th, 2012

    I emailed this to Audi HQ

    Its about time Audi get your heads out of your backsides and sort the problem with your NOT finely engineered gearboxes. If you want to keep selling cars at the increasing rate that you are with repeat custom you need to admit the tiptronic gearboxes in 2000 to 2009 are no good. Good old German ARROGANCE

  413. Jeanne - April 21st, 2012

    I bought an 2004 Automatic Audi A4 in 2007. In 2009, the gearbox started giving trouble. Dropping gears mid drive and not being able to get reverse most of the time. I’m told now I have to replace it, so I’m scouring the internet trying to find one cheap enough because I can’t afford a new one. Have emailed Audi service in Germany, as I’m in Ireland, per your instruction, but wouldn’t hold out much hope for anything there. What are the chances of them admitting that it is their fault and replacing every one of them at this stage?? I’ve emailed a few auto breakers and am waiting for responses. As it seems to be a common problem, I’m not too sure about using a second hand gearbox, as the same thing may happen again. I’ll have to keep looking anyway and see what I can come up with. Frustrating!!

  414. Deepthi - April 26th, 2012

    I have an A6 54 plate. It suddenly shifts from drive to sports mode whilst driving in drive. It is CVT 2.4 petrol V6 engine. The aircon sensors seem to play up, these problems araise only when the car has warmed up. It feels like there is a virus in the soft ware controlling the different functions. Please help. My mechanic tells me the ECU needs changing. I am not sure if the warrenty com pany will cover the help. Please help.

  415. Harvey - May 1st, 2012

    Hi Deepthi, I’m no expert but it does sound like an ECU problem. However, even if you have to travel some distance, I would try to find an independant VW/Audi specialist who really understands these problems and can plug your car into the latest diagnostic gear and find out for certain what is wrong. It may be the gear lever position sensors. See my earlier note. An Audi main dealer would obviously be able to diagnose the problem but from personal experience I would not trust them – making money is more important than good customer relations!

  416. Christoph - May 5th, 2012

    has anybody had a good exerience with the bristol guy who sells multitronic gearbox refurbishment/ ecu testing on ebay for £999 ?

    my faults are: delayed change from reverse back into forwards, occasional frog leap at pull away – only whith warm engine! (A6, 2.8 v6, 100k milage)

  417. Dan - May 5th, 2012

    I used these guys, way cheaper see what they would charge for shipping to you. I had the same kind of problems and it’s all good now. 1300 canadian installed

  418. Dan - May 5th, 2012

    I used these guys, way cheaper see what they would charge for shipping to you. I had the same kind of problems and it’s all good now. 1300 canadian installed.

  419. Christoph - May 5th, 2012

    cool – (I am writing from the UK though…) so if any one has had positive experience with Tadek in Bristol UK please come forward (and take a load off me)…

  420. Christoph - May 5th, 2012

    cool! (I’m wriing from the UK though i.e. if anyone had a positive experience with an ebay guy from Bristol in the UK offering multitronic repair for £999, please make me feel better and come forward!

  421. Marc - July 17th, 2012

    HI Christoph, did you get anywhere with the guys in Bristol? if so, please let me know, as i’m reasonably local to Bristol and am interested in the feedback to send them an enquiry, my A4 is on the way out!. thanks

  422. Mark Faulkner - May 25th, 2012


    My Audi A3 Tiptronic 2.0 FSI has just started having the exact same documented problems of jerking gear changes.

    I took it to an Audo garage and they told me I needed a new gear box. They told me it was a known problem!!!!!!!!

    Soi much for German engineering.

    Any advice?


  423. Kenny - May 26th, 2012

    Sorry to hear of your problem with the CVT Mark. What year is your A3? By the way,I relive the transmission was either manufacture either by ZF or a Japanese company, not German. But I agree, Audi also has problems with their own transmission (if not manufactured by the same folks) and they are known to be fragile for our massive heavy cars.

  424. Daniel - June 8th, 2012

    Hi, another Multitronic gearbox problem I’m affraid.
    I have an A4 B6 Avant 1.8T with a multitronic 6spd box.
    The car has covered 65k with full serice history. When I select reverse sometimes I get drive and sometimes not. When this happens the PRNDS display in the dash flashes. I have been told that the gearbox needs rebuilding and is going to cost £1200 and take 10 days as Audi have to build some components specific to your chassis No.
    If anyone knows of anyone in the Dorset area who could carry out this work cheaper then please let me know.
    Also can anyone advise if this is actually worth doing ?

  425. Andy Peters - June 9th, 2012

    Hi Daniel, i’ve recently had my gearbox repaired after Audi quoted me £5500 for a replacement!!I bought my A4 1.8T in November fortunately with a warranty (purchased frm indepentant not Audi dealer).
    After months of trouble the car was finally booked in to garage where they removed the gearbox and sent it to the ‘Gearbox Centre’ in Hove. They diagnosed an issue with the ECU so they sent it off for repair (i think was about £400 for the repair). They also suggested i replace the 6 plate clutch for 7 plate which i agreed too (approx £480 + vat).

    Anyway, car now back (2 weeks today) and so far so good so fingers crossed

    Good Luck

  426. Helen - June 10th, 2012

    2001 A6 2.0 with 38,000 on the clock
    we’ve had the oil and filters changed on the gear box which made no difference judders at around 15-2,000 revs. Now been told it needs a gearbox. Its a lovely car and our second A6….but will be the last we buy.
    Audi please realise customers have paid that bit extra in the past because we were getting a fantastic product.

    I’ve seen the facebook page and will join. For those that use twitter name and shame the big companies get alerts if key word to do with there company ie AUDI are tweeted

  427. Helen - June 10th, 2012

    I’ve seen the facebook page and will join. For those that use twitter name and shame the big companies get alerts if key word to do with there company ie AUDI are tweeted

  428. Christoph - June 12th, 2012

    I have had the same problems as everyone here and have just had mine repaired by a polish gearbox mechanic who’s USP is that he analyses the computer read out data and only exchanges the parts that are actually faulty rather than sell you a new gearbox – that makes it obviously more affordable. He also advertises on ebay where you can get his details. (I am not affiliated in any way, just a happy customer:-)

  429. Marc - July 16th, 2012

    great thread, thanks for the insight. I own an 04 A4 avant 1.8T CVT, same juddering/hunting probelms as highlighted. I am in the process if writting to Audi UK to complain. However, not sure what to do in the mean time… I can see you talk about a 7 plate clutch…so is this the way forward rather than replace like-for-like with the 6? Is there any ‘brain’ re-configuring invloved? Does anyone know of a decent/cheaper garage in the Gloucestershire or surrounding area that will be able to replace? thanks guys

  430. ardit pepaj - July 17th, 2012

    If youre having the juddering problems DO NOT turn to audi.

    they do not have “specialists” their mechnics know only to put together and take apart.

    Seek and scout for an automatic specialict, if you live within the uk i can arrange you a great mechanic.

    what the auto specialist does is he replaces the 6×2 friction plates and modifies it to fit 7×2 friction plates, thus giving you more friction during gear changes. it completely worked for me costing me only £800!!!!!!
    he also said a whole gearbox recon would cost only £1200, a fraction of the £7000 audi asked me for, plus he got the job done in 2 working days and my car is now perfect.

    please for the love of your cars and wallets! turn to 3rd party mechanics and specialists, audi spounges your wallet out!

    when audi introduced this cvt gearbox in 2000, they noticed the owners were complaining about the clutches, therefore they modified all 2002+ audis to fit the 7plates clutch! if your car is a 02+ then it was likely to have been kept in a showroom or factory till it got registered.

    please email me for any q’s:

    hope it helped
    cheers guys

  431. Kenny - July 17th, 2012

    Actually the newer revised 7-plates CVTs (at least here in the U.S.) were introduced in late 2005 as a ’05-5 or 2006 model. Not sure in your part of the region, but Audis seldom sit in the dealer showroom as ‘new old stock’. They usually sell out pretty quick, or before they even reached the dealership.

  432. G Wilson - July 22nd, 2012

    We have a late 2004 1.9tdi Sport with the multi-tronic Gearbox, purchased 4 ½ years ago from a local Sales patch with 62,000 miles inc Audi history but nothing stating Gearoil changed, hence rather than haggling on price they agreed to change the Gearbox Oil & Cam belt. I had the Gearbox Oil changed at an Audi Dealer again at about 84,000 miles. A couple of thousand miles later we noticed the juddering, at this point I first came across this website, to keep my story brief I returned to the Audi Dealer who I thought did me a reasonable deal and uprated the clutch plates to the 7 plate version. At this stage I didn’t leave any feedback on your website, if this had of been the end of my problems I personally don’t think it is expecting too much for me to have paid for this on a 7 year old car with close to 90,000 miles. However within the last 6 days/approx. 200 miles we have encountered the symptoms below.
    Once warm and/or after several miles R is not displayed on the dashboard display, It appears at the moment Reverse functions in this state but with reduced traction, ie reversing uphill appears to lose drive. Also, on a couple of occasions, when moving the selector quite fast I have felt reverse engage with a clonk, on one occasion this stalled the engine. After either of these have occurred the PRNDS lights flash for a while and then return to normal.
    I have contacted The Audi Dealer who updated the clutch plates for me, to simplify the conversation, the aftersales Manager stated it could be the Control Unit, but faults like these are so time consuming to diagnose and to undertake the test procedure fully takes them about 6 hours, excluding the time to change Control Unit at £96 per hour, and of course if that doesn’t reveal anything you might then need to turn to the Gearbox. He wasn’t armed with the cost of a Control Unit, but stated it is more expensive than the Clutch Plate Modification, so I reckon he was hinting well above £2000. In simple terms I now consider the repair cost from the Audi Network to be nothing short of profiteering for their very own design flaws, particularly with regard to the Control Unit which is a component which should outlast the moving parts within the Gearbox.
    I personally do not think Audi will ever Recall our vehicles unless there are a couple of significant Safety Related occurrences, even if they do, they will not compensate any of us who have already had repairs carried out. The farce is whilst they charge so much, particularly for a new Control Unit which creates a repair market they have no way of determining how many are actually failing. I won’t buy another Audi Multitronic, not because of the problems I have had, but because bad reputations are very hard to shake off, and from this perspective I don’t personally think it matters whether new Multitronic’s are improved, both my trust and concerns for future saleability are sufficient reasoning.
    Having read through all the comments on here I am amazed how many people have encountered the same problems, Thanks to everyone who has commented previously I think it is worth a gamble to try sending my ECU to ECU Testing, I just need to find someone to do the job.

  433. PHIL - July 23rd, 2012

    To G Wilson

    Where are you based?? I had to have my 2005 A8 upgraded to seven plate but they also did the ECU my car had same symptons are you experienced.

    Mine was done by a local specialist in Buntingford, Herts a year ago and so far no problems (Here’s tempting fate!!)

  434. G Wilson - July 23rd, 2012

    Hello Phil,
    I live and work in the West Midlands.

    To Anyone who can help, I work at a Truck dealer ship and we intend to remove the ECU, does anyone have any clear instructions?
    I am particularly concerned whether the oil needs to be drained fully beforehand along with any hints for items used to refill the oil accurately.

  435. Robert Puncheon - July 30th, 2012

    Bad news I’m afraid
    You can’t drain and refull the gearbox oil!
    This is a main dealership job!
    I have replaced the ECU twice and each time the car had to go to an Audi garage (by carrier!) to have the oil filled.
    It has to be heated to a very high temp and is done a bit at a time using the Audi computer.

    Good luck with this dreadfully expensive gearbox

  436. Kevin Saor - July 31st, 2012

    55 plate owned from new A3 3.2 Quattro DSG gearbox, under 50k miles, full service history. Suddenly lost all gears with no warning. Reading through posts and thinking back I recognise some of the symptoms that I have experienced over time – even when it was well within warranty – juddering on pull off, problems getting reverse. Just didnt realise seriousness at time. When I contacted Doncaster Audi at the time I was told sorry sir “out of warranty” I argued but it’s only 3and half years old with less than 50 k on the clock, answer was the same. As much as I love my car it has left me with a dim view of ever buying an Audi again. I eventually got the gearbox replaced by an independent gearbox company in Doncaster at a cost just under £3k. Audi was wanting £4,500.00 plus labour which I was told at the time would push the total bill to around £6.5K. Wish I’d seen these reviews before I bought what I believed to be my dream car.

  437. G Wilson - August 8th, 2012

    Update for my comments from 22nd July. For the benefit of anyone else reading this thread with similar symptoms.

    ECU testing confirmed my ecu had failed and repaired the unit the day after they received.

    While I have been on a weeks holiday the control unit has been refitted and then towed to an auto gearbox place and filled with oil cost for Oil & labour £125. I have now covered about 50 mile, and it seems fine,

    Not only have the symptoms gone, I am quite sure the drive take-up is now more responsive and some functions now work which I wasn’t awatre of, for example I now have to use the Interlock button whilst driving to select sport, previously I didn’t have to do this.

  438. Waqas - August 8th, 2012

    Hi G

    Can you please tell me how much did it cost you to take ECU out? and refitted in the car?

    i have same problem but My local garage is asking me for £800 to take Ecu unit out and to re fit it. and then of course i have to pay ECU testing roughly 200 as well.

    on the other hand Audi has quoted me £1200 plus VAT to replace ECU.

    Not sure what option should i go for…both are expensive.

    Could you please tell me how much did you pay? to take ECU out? and where did you get it from.


  439. G Wilson - August 9th, 2012

    Hi Waqas,
    I work at a Truck Dealer and a friend of mine here removed and refitted it for me, we only did it because Audi’s prices were like telephone numbers. I am sure the place I got it towed to to fill with oil would undertake the work which was Steves Auto’s who are in Cradley Heath Tel No. 01384 566648. I have used him twice and consider him knowledgeable opon Multitronics and I can’t quote for him but I am sure he will do it a lot chaper than the £800 you have been quoted, which in my humble opinon is daylight robbery.

  440. Daniel - August 13th, 2012

    I recently traded my A4 Avant 1.8T Multitronic in due to being told that my Multi tragic gearbox needed a replacement ECU, 7 plate clutch and gearbox oil. Symptoms were, not always engaging reverse, juddering/jolting on acceleration and PRNDS flashing. When my local Audi specialist put the laptop on my car it came up as transmission range sensor fault. Total bill would have been in the region of £2000 for a car which had covered 65k with full history. I was thinking of changing my wife’s merc slk AMG next year for an A5 but seriously re-considering. Audi really are not helping there otherwise prestige reputation.

  441. Ralph Butterworth - August 15th, 2012

    I recently changed my MANUAL 1.8 Audi Cabriolet (2000), which was brilliant, for an Audi 2.5 Avant tdi with CVT transmission (2002).
    It is also suffering from juddering at about 18 miles and hour but then clears and accelerates smoothly. I had new transmission fluid put in but it is still the same.
    I phoned a local gearbox specialist who instantly told me that these CVT’s mostly suffer with varying degrees of problems and he said mine has 6 clutch plates and he could upgrade it to 7 plates which should sort the problem.
    1050 british pounds and that did not include new filter and oil….OUCH.
    Does Audi not realise how much damage this is doing to their reputation as a manufacturer of quality!!!! cars.
    I, like so many others, will think again before buying another Audi.
    …….one very unhappy Audi driver

  442. john nolan - August 21st, 2012

    I bought a Audi A4 Avant 1.9 TDI 04 reg with Multitronic gearbox about 6 years ago. Present milage 116000 and aprox 5k miles per annum. I have experienced a slight judder at approx 20 mph infrequently at the moment. My car is only worth £3 or 4k and will cost a similar amount for gearbox repair. I am unsure of the rate of deterioration and if I could wait for it to become significantly worse. The garage I use is very good and the foreman had a similar age multitronic and opted to sell before it got worse and cost as much as his car was worth. I am reading your blog to benefit from the experience of others.

    I have a theory about the source of water entering the gearbox and corrupting the oil. I worked for the Electicity authority and we had some 11000volt outdoor cable terminal boxes which were south facing. On very hot days the metal got very hot and when the thunder started the rain cooled the box rapidly causing the rain to be sucked through the slightest of leaks in the gasket. The cable box then exploded. Situations where this could occur were identified and rectified.
    An automatic gearbox gets very hot and if the car drives through pools of water in a storm the water can splash over the gearbox and can be sucked into the gearbox through any control device bushing when the rapid cooling causes a partial vacumn sucking water into the gearbox. If this is the cause I doubt if Audi will deal with the rectification based upon their present response.

  443. john nolan - August 30th, 2012

    I agree with CHATTERS complaints and a feeling of frustration when a previously quality manufacturer will not accept responsibility for a design failure.

    A public relations measure which would prompt AUDI to take corrective measures could be by creating a banner for the lower portion of our rear window.
    The wording with 2 inch high letters being:-

    “CAUTION AUDI MULTITRONIC SHUDDERS CLUB” which would following vehicles warning that our vehicles are likely to cause our vehicles to break down.

    If faulty AUDI multitronic ownners parked their cars at AUDI showrooms in prominent positions may cause the sales outlets to prompt the manufacturers to rectify design faults as the competitor TOYOTA did to restore its quality reputation.

  444. FB - September 1st, 2012

    Hi all – bought an A6 1.9TDI Avant 2003 with 43K on the clock. Oil change at 43K. Gearbox imploded at 50K at high speed with no prior warning. I have a photo of the gearbox with a large hole in the side. No warning lights, no hints of impending doom. Full Audi history. Audi response – we’re terribly sorry but we don’t know of any problems with this gearbox, or indeed this car. We can’t cover it and basically we’re not really interested. What a shame. I’ve posted the pictures of the remains online –

  445. FB - September 1st, 2012

    Other pic included also…

  446. Chatters - September 3rd, 2012

    Hi Y’all, I am dissapointed that Audi are still not listening to their customers. I think everybody should swamp them under the ‘freedom of inforamtion act’ requesting all the works/complaints they have received over the past 10 years. I believe they can’t refuse, but they are not allowed to reveal customer information. We need to hit them where it hurts, that is by giving them very bad publicity, keep at Chatters

  447. admin - September 3rd, 2012


    Everyone of us should resubmit our complaint to

  448. dominic - September 5th, 2012

    Hi Lads

    Firstly Admin-Well done-Thankyou for all your hard work !upto today I thought I was alone after my mechanic told me that my reconditioning of my gearbox would cost about €2500 Euro.

    I have a 2003 A4 cabriolet Multitronic Automatic and about 3 months ago it starterd jerking and shuddering with the rev counter jerking. My mechanics a nice guy and has a diag machine but didnt mention the ECU light coming on but maybe thats what he meant when he said the problem was with the gearbox

    I will lpog my complaint with Audi Germanuy buyt as the cars nearly 10 years old Im not sure the point however there is only 40,000 miles on tyhje clock and 2 owners incl me.

    Do any of the really helpful people on this post have any advice for a Dublin Driver ? Where could I go to get the ECU testing or rewired ?

    Any advice gratefully appreciated ads dont want to sell the car on like this but dont have the 3 K needed and am losing faith in Audi as have had a few disasters so far

    Thanks a million

    Newly horrified Dominic

  449. Bruce Batey - September 9th, 2012

    A bit of a problem, have drive my 2002 a6 2.5 tdi 157000 mls multitronic from Glasgow out to the south of Spain, great trip out but whe I arrived at San Jose Spain and tried to reverse the car did not want to know, thought it migth have been heat orientated so left it for a couple off hours and every thing was fine, but over the last couple of days there has been a couple of times when car would not reverse. Today the dreaded PNRD flashed on and off, but after starting again all back to normal, have to drive up to Alicante to drop fff my daughter and grandsonn for flights back to the UK tomorrow 320 mile round trip. ( can I trust it to make first this trip) and the the return trip back to Glasgow the following week. I have had the 7 plate clutch fitted at 80000 mls, and the gear box oil done by Audi Glasgow 10000 mls ago in Jan 2012. Wife and daughter bending my ear about the trip to Alicante tomorrow. Luckily have taken out RAC European cover but don’t want to breakdown on the motorway with family in the car in this Spanish heat. Any advise would be appreciated

  450. Admin - September 10th, 2012

    Hi Bruce, thats a tough one to answer as no one can predict when these gearboxes will go wrong. Personally, i believe you should get through this one but its risky as these gearboxes are not reliable. Chatters, did you experience the same issue. Or anyone else who can advise Bruce. Thanks

  451. DBC - September 10th, 2012

    I’m so grateful to all the people that have shared their experience and knowledge about the problem as it has really helped me in deciding not to buy an AUDI with automatic gearbox 2 days before I could make a payment for an A4 (2004) automatic model. I have change my mind and get a manual one and hope it doesn’t have big issues as well.


  452. DBC - September 10th, 2012

    If people have information on problems with the manual model would appreciate your advice.

  453. Dave Baker - September 10th, 2012

    Bruce, I’m no expert, but if you can get a nearby AUDI dealer and get them to diagnose the actualy problem they may be able to say if you will get home OK.
    If you are lucky it will be a problem with the ECU (£1200+£500labour) if your are unlucky, like me, it’s a new gearbox (£3500+£1500labour).
    If you have a perfect service history with Audi, you may get them to offer a discount, I got 40% off but it still cost me £3000 🙁

  454. Bruce Batey - September 10th, 2012

    Thanks for the replies, managed to do the 350 ml round trip today to Alicante and delivered daughter and grandson for their flight tomorrow. I spoke to a mechanic at A4audi in Glasgow this morning who was a gret help in reassuring me that It should not get any worse which boosted my confidence to attemp the journey to day. Luckily no problems experienced today, now just hope it gets me back to Glasgow next week, so I can get it checked out at A4audi.

  455. Mohamed Patel - September 17th, 2012

    Sold my Audi 2 half years ago after I spent 4 thousand on repairing the problem . Went to Audi Wakefield no help. My advice stay away from audi cars

  456. Dan - September 17th, 2012

    Audi no better than to buy an Audi. I live in Canada same problem with jerking at start off. It’s 9500.00 Canadian to fix the gear box because they don’t sell the parts here. You have to replace the transmission. Audi has been no help at all. I will never buy another one ever.

  457. Kenny - September 17th, 2012

    ^^The ‘jerking’ while start off is very normal for CVT transmissions. It is unfortunate but that’s just the nature of it. Reliability is a whole other issue. I have a 2008 A4 2.0T (mfg date 07/2007) with the newer 7 virtual gear on the dash, but then I’ve only put on 32,000 miles so far. It does jerk occasionally during take-offs from a standstill. Supposedly the newer 7-clutch plate versions (2006-2008) are more reliable but who knows, it is still at the early stage for most owners. The good thing is I haven’t heard of any problems with these newer models. What yr/model is yours?

  458. kevin latania - September 17th, 2012

    hi all.
    i just recieved my a4 cab multitronic back from audi-specialists near cambridge. they have replaced my gearbox ecu and i must say they have done a fantastic job at a much better price than a main dealer would of charged.
    i highly reconmend them.

  459. john nolan - September 17th, 2012

    My previous posts were 464 and 465.
    I had the judders on an Audi A4 Avant TDI automatic with multitronic box 117,400 miles and
    I took my car to Cleckheaton Gearbox and Clutch Centre who after a test drive told me that a 7 Plate clutch replacement would resolve my problem. I was shown in the workshop the difference of the 7 and 6 plate components and was impressed with their professional approach. I asked about water entering the gearbox since I had a theory that water could be sucked into a hot gearbox if the car ran through deepwater. I was wrong since the mechanic explaned that the gearbox cooling pipes pass through the cars radiator and that water had been known to leak from the pressurised radiator into the gearbox cooling pipes.

    They had an answer of fitting an air cooled intercooler rather than cooling with radiator water.I decided to have the intercooler fitted. The Gearbox oil was also replaced.
    After 2 days in their workshop I now have an unjuddering gearbox which is a pleasure to drive again.
    I really recommend them and trust them.

    Each repair will be different but the cost was one third of my expected cost with 1 year or 12000 miles warranty.

    Dont hang about give them a try.

  460. Bruce Batey - September 21st, 2012

    Well the good news is that the car managed to get back to Glasgow from the south of Spain under its own steam, a couple of times would not go into reverse, and several either blank or flashing PRND lights but moving the selector a few times got itt into reverse so no major hassles. Not bad for a 2002 160000 ml car I suppose. But what a relief not having to put it onto the RAC truck to get it home. I can now start to do a bit more research into what I am going to do next. I will keep the blog posted thanks

  461. Kenny - September 21st, 2012

    Bruce, if you really like the car then it is worth to fix it. Keep in mind though your car’s got some miles on it so it isn’t bad at all. Too bad these earlier CVTs’ are crap otherwise the car is fun to drive. Get it fitted with the updated 7-plate transmission and I’m sure that should do it for a long while.

  462. Dan - September 24th, 2012

    Audi Canada has aked me to make a facebook page to gather as much information as I can. So that they can see how bad the issues are and they will change their warranty to 10 years 150000 KM in Canada. Here is the link

    I hope that all of you can help me out so that I can get this fixed. Thanks

  463. Paul - September 27th, 2012

    Hi all
    I have purshased an Audi a4 cab 2.5tdi with multi gearbox 3 days ago. This afternoon the gear indicator was flashing on the dash but was driving ok. This evening the car would not go into reverse or drive, but after switching it off and on again it went into gear ok and drove ok. History:- car has had regular services, had 7 plate clutch fitted at 58,000mls, also gearbox oil changed again at 75,000mls. AM I NOW IN TROUBLE???? Anyone please help

  464. G Wilson - September 28th, 2012

    Hello Paul,
    I bet the previous owner had these symptoms
    Your symptoms sound the same as I had a few months ago (My orig thread number was 453.) I gather Reverse selection problems is the most common sypmton of the Gearbox Control unit, for Audi will charge you a lot of money for a new one, Check out ECU Testing – they repaired mine for a fraction of the price and its been OK since. Note the ECU is Within the Gearbox, the back part of the casing has to be removed, losing your oil. I hope this helps.

  465. sud - October 2nd, 2012

    I’ve put 35k on a 4 owner 1998 2.5tdi auto.,with no real problems.
    though in its service history i see a receipt fro a ecu change around 19000.
    she’s now on 250000.i have seen the prnds light come on twice,both times when doing between 20/25 mph in too high a gear.(auto)….i feel the jolt,pull over,ignition off,start again and shes ok…….never happens in tiptronic mode though,so when slow,put her in tip

  466. admin - October 2nd, 2012

    HI all

    What are your thoughts on the below comment from gregor100 replying to another member on the Audi Sport forum.

    “I wouldnt fully agree with your opinion. The earlier version of multi. was faulty thats right, since 2004 multitronic was improved. People who buy an Audi with such a gearbox often forget about regular service which is ATF oil. It has to be change every 60km. otherwise multi strats slowly brake down. Another reason why it has bad opinion as a faulty gearbox is that people abuse their cars and unfortunately multitronic is not strong enough for sporty driveing style. I watch a couple of other forums, thrust me there are a lot of problems with tip tronic too.”


  467. Kenny - October 2nd, 2012

    He is right in a way, but most CVT issues and failures were reported long before the car needed its scheduled (transmission) maintenance. The other thing is that MOST folks with the reported problems did have their CVT fluids replaced and documented (whether one owner or from multiple previous owners). No vehicle, and I repeat; NO VEHICLE should succumb to this kind of problem with such low miles, I don’t care how the car was driven. This is a known problem with CVTs manufactured between 2000-2005.

    Another thing, I currently owned a 2008 A4 2.0T CVT (7-plate). I bought the car new when it only had 14 (US) miles on the odometer, I recently replaced the CVT fluid at 27,000 miles and I now have close to 33,000 and it still runs smooth like the day I took it off the lot. The car has always been jerky from a dead stop, meaning you can’t ‘rush’ the transmission, you’d have to wait until all the internals (let just use the word ‘gear’ for now) to engage before you hit the gas pedal otherwise it would ‘jerk’ as mentioned. It has been like this since brand new, that’s just the nature of the CVT box. This is another reason why I hate to ‘valet’ park the car, and we all know how they park and retrieve your cars very quickly. Do I like the transmission? Yes and NO, but it is smooth and somewhat efficient on gas so that’s the trade-off for having the CVT.

    I haven’t experience any problems with mine (knocking on wood at the moment), not sure if AUDI had fixed the problem by revising from 6-plate to the newer 7-plate but I do know that it definitely helps eased the torque therefore prolonging the life of the transmission. Supposedly the newer ones are 8-plates now. I read this blog and other forums through and through and the problems seemed to be ranging from models years 2000-2005, haven’t heard of any problems with the 2006-current models with 7-plates.

  468. Orac - October 4th, 2012

    Interesting journal chap

    I got a Audi A4 1999 Tiptronic gearbox ZF 5HP19

    Done perfect for 1305K. Slight slow on engage and slight reverse on steep hill sometimes. You say its done a good job. The reverse issue is well known on the ZF19 and can be sorted by replacing the D&G (Reverse) drum which cost about £50 quid! But if you ask your local Auto to do it they will want around £1800+vat to replace the whole auto with a refurbished one? Which comes from a scrap yard…yes you guessed it…another dead Audi. So they will stick in the cheap bits of metal…wack it on your car for £1800+Vat.

    They will take your old one away…as its already open…..stick in the cheap drum+bits and sell it on to the next punter…or mug. It takes seven hours to take of an auto box from your car, refurb it and whack it back on. So a nice little earner! They all charge about the same so I call it a nice cartel.

    If your car is newer model then you looking at 3-5K…I would call it Auto Tax…

    Multitronic are known as the scrap yard car….its terminal… that’s what you driving. Audi do not care as its good business and the auto shop will love you…lot of people are emotionally attached to their car and will carry on spending till its fixed….and that’s the problem. Once it starts…like a heart patient…it will get worse.

    If you been charged over £300 for an ECU you have been ripped off…which again is a scrap yard replacement. Most are off ebay £50-100 and flashed to factory setting to your car. Car will start yes but will not have any memory about your car..if there have been any modifications it will get confused. Brain transplant…blackouts….you get the idea. Another thing if you post your ECU for testing…the postal service will make sure it gets a good thumping on its journey…don’t be surprised if it turns up DOA.

    Also as the Ecu is nicely tucked in within the Auto Box? Transmission Oil slump comes off..and will need to be replaced.£125.. any more you are getting ripped off. And then you have another problem….replace the oil….things may get a lot worse…the old oil with those nice metal bits may be helping the gear change. Open up the Gear box, repair, replace whatever…opens up a can of worms! Even the best Autos wont get it right all of the time never mind the worse auto places…£1800-5K what do they pay the part changers? You pay…you take the risk…you take the pain

    As someone who has been in the trade for over 60 years…a wise man you may say…if you have a hint of any gear box\Ecu issues …don’t spend a penny then you need to…dump it! Just like the ones on sale at forecourts and Ebay ect

    Also I would check out the Engine ECU for any green corrosion on the connector pins and inside the ECU.

    If you find this you want to knock it on the head with some contact cleaner ASAP.If it gets down your wiring loom then its game over 🙂

    Common problem with water damage. Very easy to open it up and have a look..plug and play. Check your rain drains…small rubber hole next to and underneath the battery..lift long slim panel under windscreen. Locate them and knock them out! *** Keep an eye on the ECU*** save you money in the long term.

  469. Dave harmon - October 5th, 2012

    Will a 2007 a4 auto gear box fit a4 2003 2.5tdi?

  470. Pete Chatfield - October 5th, 2012

    Hi y’all, I agree with Admin, (thread No 447 Sept 3rd 2012) On a specified date, everyone of us should re-submit our complaint to That way it should focus their minds if they were to suddenly receive several hundred or even thousands of emails on the same day. And then we should do the same to Watchdog and Audi UK. Lets keep up the pressure or even up the anti, regards Chatters

  471. ashraf - October 7th, 2012

    Hi everyone

    i wonder if anyone can advise me. i have an audi a4 cabriolet 2005 auto trptonic. six months ago i had problems with the gearbox ecu transmission which cost me £900 to sort.

    now i have problems with the engine. my local garage has stripped it and i need a new engine . i am really fed up and asking for some advice please. thanks


  472. Orac - October 7th, 2012


    #1) What problems did you have with the engine?
    #2) local garage has stripped it and i need a new engine? What did they say is wrong with it!
    #3)what computer equipment did they use. shorts to ground ,load tests?
    #4)Do they have Ex audi Master Tech


  473. Orac - October 7th, 2012


    Emailing will have little impact…its not in their interest to own up to the problem as it will cost them £££s

    Watchdog is fine…emailing every other week! but writting in will have bigger impact.

    The best thing you can do is…campaign outside audi showrooms…invite the media…youtube etc Aim is to get it on the media…then you have a chance to make some impact 🙂


  474. ashraf - October 8th, 2012

    hi Orac

    thank you for the reply, initially i did not have any problems with the engine just the gearbox which was fixed six months ago. the car juddered to a halt while driving , green flag chap reckoned most likely cam belt . the garage informed me cam belt had slipped off but said they will have to open up engine to investigate further.
    they said the oil pump within the engine ws not getting enough oil eventually causing the engine to cease
    i dont kno if they used a computer and i dont think they ex audi master tech
    but are very well experienced


  475. Orac - October 9th, 2012


    What broke first oil pump or Belt? When was the belt done last. Did the oil light come on while driving?
    Oil Pump steel key Fail Common problem in 1.9/2.0 TDI

    You can stick in another engine but you don’t know the history…rebuild engine still will cost about the same.

  476. Ash Mahmood - October 14th, 2012

    I have an 05 Audi A4, 2.0 Petrol. I bought the car with 94k miles, it drove superb for 3 weeks, then the fatal flashing lights appeared. I booked it into audi and the diagnostics came back with ecu fault. Repair cost £1250.00 even then there is no guarantee that will solve the problem. I was driving the car yesterday on the motorway it dis-engaged and would not go back into gear. Had it towed home. Now waiting for another quotation to have somebody look at the gearbox. I advise people not to let their children travel with them in this type of car. It is very dangerous.

  477. Waqas - October 15th, 2012

    Hi Ash

    I have quoted the same £1250 plus VAT by audi..I spoke to them and told what if i have an accident and i was told it will be my fault that i am driving the car knowing the fact it is faulty. i said its not my fault if it is faulty as everyone has same problem..but they refused to help and asking for money..Kindly let me know if you get good quotation from someone local.



  478. Waqas - October 15th, 2012

    I have posted my comment on AudiUK’s facebook page…could you please all do the same..lets see if it helps.


  479. Mark - October 24th, 2012

    I live in New Zealand and I’ve had a 2002 A3 1.8T for five years, I was aware of the terrible gearbox reputation of the Audis generally and it is dissapointing that Audi Germany dont or wont recognise that.I’ve been so paranoid about any gearbox issues over the years but nothing has materialised thus far, I love the car but it’s done 180,000 ks so I figure if I can flick it off I will.
    I hate to say it but I’ve just traded it in on a Toyota.The first words the car dealer said to me in regard to the A3 were “gearbox”. Everybody in the industry knows about it, it’s a shame because it is hurting a suposed “quality” brand.I hope to trade up to another Audi in a couple of years.

  480. Mohamed Patel - November 5th, 2012

    Sold my Audi 2 half years ago after I spent 4 thousand on repairing the problem. Went to Audi Wakefield no help. My advice stay away from audi cars.

  481. Allan Probetts - November 5th, 2012

    I have a A4 Avant reg 2010 which sometimes jerks when pulling away, especially when pulling away up hill and turning right. I am concerned as the warrenty runs out in 5 months. Any advise.

  482. Kenny - November 5th, 2012

    Buy an extended warranty before the manufacturer’s warranty expires. That’s what I did except I bought it two months after mfg warranty expired. Costs a bit more plus dealer inspection.

  483. john deeney - November 5th, 2012

    i have just bought a a4 multitronic have i any thing to worry about with this gearbox

  484. Robert Puncheon - November 5th, 2012

    Oh YES!
    Just read through these comments
    If it’s not after 2007 it’s a junk yard car
    Sell it ASAP
    AUDI are turning a blind eye to this dreadfully compromised gearbox
    Can’t believe they are getting away with this

  485. john deeney - November 5th, 2012

    my audi a4 multitronic is 2011 are these gearboxs ok

  486. Dave Baker - November 5th, 2012

    I had a new gearbox fitted back in Feb 2012, but my A4 Cab was 1st registered in March 2005
    I was told the new box would be the latest spec, so am I now safe, or do I too still have to worry about by Multi-Tronic box ???

  487. Kenny - November 5th, 2012

    I have a 2008 A4 2.0T (US) with the 7-Plate, 7 Virtual Gears on the cluster readout. I’m currently at 33,000 miles and so far so good. The transmission has always been slow to start and sometimes ‘kicks’ unless I wait to accelerate after switching gears but that’s normal and it’s been like this since I took delivery from the dealer when it was brand new with only 14 miles. The car was recently serviced and had the CVT fluid changed at 27,000 miles. Although there are no signs of any weird behaviors but there’s always something in the back of my mind about these CVT boxes therefore I bought an extra 4year/48,000 mile full coverage warranty 10 months ago.

  488. john deeney - November 7th, 2012

    is it true that the multi tronic gearbox on the audi was motify from 2007 and are not giving any trouble since 2007
    rgds john

  489. Steve Lord - November 20th, 2012

    Hi people….
    I drive for a guy and he has a A6 that has these problems with it. It had a new gear box and ecu! For the gear box! It was put on a computer and it said ECU and Tiptronic switch fault…. The ECU was sent back to Audi and they said it was all ok lol…. The car was returned and we were told it was a miss fire on the engine. Blow me down, it started up again with problems in no time.
    Could a problem with the juddering on pull away be caused by the plug onto the gearbox ECU not making a connection properly????
    Any help or advice gladly exceptted.

  490. Steve Lord - November 23rd, 2012

    Stuppid thing here!!!! We had problems with jerking on our A6. Looks like it was a coil pack!!!! Replaced it and car is fine, touch wood at the moment.

  491. david mason - January 17th, 2013

    had our a4 2.5 tdi for 4 years now , always well maintained and up till recently loved the car but now its joined the multitronic gearbox judder and flashing warning light club !
    trying to get an accurate and truthful diagnosis but whatever its going to be very very expensive . Am disgusted with Audi at their attitude with this huge problem in not acknowledging that it exists , this is my third AUDI , was their biggest fan but never ever again ,

  492. Rika Lane - January 30th, 2013

    Oh dear, I wish I had found this conversation before purchasing my Audi a4 cabriolet 7 months ago. It is a 2005 automatic with 59,000 on the clock. Problems started just before Christmas with the car, one garage thought was gearbox and advised a change of gearbox oil. My regular garage thought was coil pack which was duly replaced and problem went away… Until this week when the gearbox started making a terrible noise and is now in for a rebuild. I am shocked and horrified that accompany such as Audi can ignore this.

  493. Allan - January 30th, 2013

    Its always worth writing to Audi pointing out from your investigations you
    understand this gear box problem is a design fault and therfore NOT FIT For
    PURPOSE, and as such Audi are legally bound to offer to correct the problem.
    You could also speak to THE CONSUMER ASSOCIATION, WHICH , as they have a big
    file on this problem . you could also contact What Car and Honest John at
    the Telegraph as they also have experience of this problem.

    I hope this helps to some degree,


  494. Rika Lane - January 30th, 2013

    Many thanks for your comment, I am composing letters to both Audi uk and Germany, as well as the other suggestions you have made. No holidays for me this year when I get the bill…

  495. Rika Lane - January 30th, 2013

    Has anyone taken Audi to the small claims court over this issue??

  496. Jon Major - February 14th, 2013

    My 2003 A4T has been off the road since before Christmas. Long since out of guarantee and do not trust the local Audi agents.
    Problem started sever l months before. Not going into reverse right away then a jerk. OK when warmed up.
    Final stop was o noise up front and no drive.
    My mechanic stripped the gearbox and found that the Valve Assembly which has an oil pump in it was broken. In fact the oil pump had broken smaller driven pump gear, all in pieces. I located another in Durban (South Africa…I live in Botswana) which looked identical. The old oil was very dark, clearly neverchanged despite regular agent service.
    Put everything back together, including engine on the floor…and still no drive. My mechanic says perhaps the pump needs priming, but I see from this string that the ECU may need a reboot.
    anyone else dug this deep? All the mechanicals look ok but the electrical/computer reset may be required.
    Help…no wheels for 2 months and I can’t even sell the thing until its running!

  497. Jesse - February 15th, 2013

    AUDI could a least come to the party with info on how repair it . they still have monoploy over all items required from TCM,cvt chain,even the oil. at audi its like we will send you hell but we will send some napalm to make sure you dont forget the Experience.

    That is why companies like LUK SCHAEFFLER will never supply parts to us they make 500% when they sell it to you via AUDI after everyone has made 1000%.

    Too bad too bad this issue has been with us for close to a decade and all we have is a place to vent our frustrations. Someone should outsource to the Chinese they have been known to make some quality product.

  498. tony bell - February 19th, 2013

    got a 2005 Estate A4 2.0lt diesel with multitronic gearbox
    sounds like a box of nuts and bolts in the gearbox when driving.
    Audi specialists in Cambridge quoted me £800.00 to fix it. they look good but does it need to really go to Huntingdon Audi main dealer?
    just bought an A6 auto hope I haven’t made a mistake!!!!

  499. Sander - April 12th, 2013

    In 2002 I bought a new Audi A4 2.4 Multitronic in The Netherlands. It was my first and my last Audi. What a disaster! Two cousins of mine also bought Audis (an A4 and A6) with Multitronic gearboxes. All these 3 Multitronic gearboxes broke down within one year. The dealership first tried to fix the problem with a software update, lateron they had to replace some kind of valve unit, a major repair. Fortuneately this was all fixed as warranty, it is shocking for me to read that this is still a problem for current Audi owners.

  500. Wayne - May 3rd, 2013

    I am on my second Audi A6 Multitronic (based in South Africa). The first was a 2005 model (2.4l) which had to have the gearbox controller replaced at 110000km. It was still covered by motorplan.
    I now own a 2007 3.0 l with 136000km and the gearbox controller has just gone on this one. Cost R30k. The vehicle came out of motorplan 35 hours (or 122km) before the failure.
    I am hoping for some relief from Audi.
    I cannot believe that 2 different vehicles produced in 2 different years owned by 1 owner can have the same fault without it being an inherent fault in the vehicle.
    Both failures occurred at low mileage.

  501. Helen - May 13th, 2013

    So I posted 12 months ago about our nightmare Audi A6. I emailed Audi and had a call off one of their staff….basically along the lines of “get stuffed” he said how he’d seen the forums of people “moaning” I reminded him that its our hard earned money that keeps his job. He also said this wasnt making a difference to the second hand market, I beg to differ and pointed out to him how Audi’s are bening marketed on sites such as Autotrader as not having “that” problem…he did go a bit quite at that point
    Anyway the long and short of it is we traded our 51 reg Audi with 41k full leather and imaculate For £500 and felt we had been lucky to get that amount. It was our second A6 and our last. The guy from Audi said they were a good company and we should be loyal, my answer was “Why when Audi dont look after its customers” I hope for all drivers that still have an Audi they full there finger out but arrogance springs to mind. Good Luck all

  502. Mohamed Patel - May 13th, 2013

    I was on my first Audi A4 multritronic just over 5 years ago 54 plate after 2 months juddering started took it to Audi didn’t want to know new gearbox £5500.00 had it done some we’re else £3000.00 18 months later same problem got rid straight away lost out big time but I now own a VW not been in the garage for even a minor fault besides service but I now no not to buy Audi again

  503. leo - May 24th, 2013

    I bought a 2009 Audi A5 2.7 coupe Auto multitronic diesel on 27/01/13 from cargiant uk 86k miles. Within 12 days of owning the car i had a problem with the turbo so i called cargiant and they replaced the turbo with a new one… after 2 months i started having problem on my gearbox car dont engage reverse and is making some loud noises from the gearbox.. so i called cargiant again and the said they only cover the 1 month… so i took the car to a private garage and they said i need a new gearbox. cost 5k to replace. so now im stuck with a bill of 5k to pay… anything i can do against cargiant??? Audi needs to take take responsibility of this problems..

  504. Fred - May 24th, 2013

    Hi leo
    First let me tell you,Don’t panic and don’t lose your temper with cargiant,Keep your cool phone them up and ask to speak to the manager,Inform him that you want the car repaired,Or you will have no alternative but to contact consumer protection and trading standards,They will not like that one bit,And will either repair the car or give you your money back,If they refuse to do either,Then write them a polite letter telling them what the problem is with the Audi and asking them to rectify the matter otherwise, You will have no alternative but to place the matter consumer protection and trading standards,And you look forward to there reply,Send it by recorded delivery that way you have proof you sent the letter and they can’t say they didn’t receive it as they will have signed for it,And keep copy’s of all letters sent,If you get a negative response from them,Then contact the consumer protection department and they will take the case up for you,And you will win as the vehicle is not fit for the purpose its intended for,I have dealt with this sought of situation several times for customers of mine.

  505. tish - May 31st, 2013

    I bought a 2004 Audi A6 Avant automatic, just 2 months out of guarantee and with only 140,000 kilometers on the clock,the gearbox started to judder then it started surging. It cost me 140€ to get an Audi diagnostic on the gearbox. They said a new gearbox was required at the cost of 6,000€ plus fitting etc. I went for the cheaper option of a repair 5,741€. The car has now been in the Audi garage in Bordeaux since the beginning of January 2013, it is now almost June 2013 and still no car. As I live in a fairly isolated part of France a car is essential, no public transport, so I have had to buy another car. This is the first and last Audi I ever buy. The car has been gone so long now that I am beginning to think that it is only a figment of my imagination. I think it exists as the mechanic at Bordeaux keeps assuring me that it will be ready any day now. Ha !!

  506. ritchie - June 3rd, 2013

    bought a 53 plate a6 2.4 v6 on 12th may,83,000 plus mileage.gearbox seemed to be working ok,until all warning lights started to flash.called AA,and audi glasgow and they told me to get AA to deliver car to glasgow.being delivered tomorrow 5th noise off gearbox or no juddering,just that the lights started.hope it aint gonna be expensive,hopefully just needs oil change.

  507. Steve j - June 7th, 2013

    Just bought Audi auto 1.9 diesel final edition A6 04 plate, with 95k but full Audi service history. Driving in Drive, whilst moving put gear stick in tip tronic mode, came to a sudden halt, whilst doing 50mph on a dual carriage way. Car behind couldn’t help but crashed into us, fair bit o damage to my Audi plus the other car. Garage put Audi on fault diagnostics computer, to see if any problems came up……. No problems came back. Really appreciate further advice please.

  508. Robert PUNCHEON - June 8th, 2013

    This is the case that we should all contribute, to a court Proceeding
    This could have been fatal
    This is the one that should (at last) be taken up by BBC’s watchdog
    At last that proof, if it was not obvious, that the Audi Gearbox is seriously falwed and a danger to all on the road.
    Not just the unfortunate Audi users

  509. Mark Vincent - June 11th, 2013

    The tide of discontent in the US has led to a class action, check out the link.

  510. Alphonse S - June 11th, 2013

    Many thanks to Admin for creating this site. My 10 year old A4 3.0 cab multitronic with only 56k on the clock has started to have the juddering on take off problem which is still not too bad. It has also recently developed a slight surging when coasting along at about 30 mph. Otherwise it all seems fine especially using the finger buttons on the steering wheel. Having found this forum I will now get my local mechanic to analyse the gearbox ECU to see whats up. Unfortunately, from what I have read so far, the juddering problem will not be cured by the cheaper ECU fix and may require a new gearbox. Like everyone else here I am really peed off with Audi for this issue which they should have owned up to and addressed years ago.

  511. ritchie - June 11th, 2013

    just had phone call from AUDI(glasgow) saying that i need new ECU at cost of £1500. this is further to my comment #538

  512. Ladydriver - June 13th, 2013

    Thank you for this site, I have experienced several of these problems with my auto multitronic A4 2005 B7, specifically trouble reversing, stalling when and most alarmingly, suddenly being in neutral when driving along with no warning. These problems started around 65,000kms one year ago and was quoted A$5,000 for new transmission control unit. Since then these problems are occuring more frequently.

  513. Mark - June 13th, 2013

    After 3 years with my 55 plate, 2.0T A4 auto with only 78K on the clock , I’ve suffered multiple breakdowns, two gearbox ECUs, a 4K reconditioned gearbox, oil pressure warnings, a boot that wont lock when cold, and now it’s juddering again, so not surprisingly, I’ve had enough of throwing good money after bad. And all this after replacing the timing belt and the trans fluid when I bought it to prevent problems… So Audi have lost me and everybody I know as a future customers. Never again. Lost all faith and trust. I’m getting a merc.

  514. Sameh - June 17th, 2013


    I have the same problem on my Audi A4 2002 2.0 FWD CVT transmission
    The transmission delay started with less than a 2 second delay and ended up with 1/2 minute and it is getting worse

    Audi said this is normal!!! And refused to contribute to fix it
    I have replaced the transmission oil and the problem got worst

  515. Kevin Kevoh - June 27th, 2013

    I thought this issue was only confined to the multitronic CVTs made on or before 2006, with the 6 plate clutch pack. From the comments above I can see some 2009 models are also facing the issue

    I have a 7 speed CVT with the 7 plate Clutch pack, Audi A4, 2007 Model B7, 2.0 TDI 138 bhp / 320 Nm of torque with 64K miles. The transmission fluid was replaced at 41K miles. It’s also had a full Audi service at 15K, 32K and 51K miles

    Scary moment was @ 52K miles. The Car lost power, but I could still drive it, the engine light came on. It turned out to be a faulty EGR, which was replaced. It cost me £450. In the 2 months prior to that from 50-52K miles, the car intermittently hesitated while pulling away at junctions and roundabouts. The hesitation got worse after the 51K service.

    I thought the CVT was starting to fail. After the EGR was replaced, I have had no issues with the car. Fingers crossed that I don’t get any issues with CVT or anything else.

  516. Kenny - June 27th, 2013

    I’m not sure what the Euro specs are but we haven’t had much (or very few) problems here in the states with the 2007-newer revised ‘7-plate’ multitronic CVT. I have a 2008 2.0T (US 200HP) and so far at 35,000 miles the car has been driving fine. The CVT fluid was replaced at 28K miles about a year ago. Anyway, I don’t do a lot of miles as one can tell. So far I have no issues with the car, just didn’t like how the CVT behaves from start (either slow or jerks when applying the pedal) but that’s the nature of the transmission and it’s been like this since I bought it new, otherwise great car.

  517. Kevin Kevoh - June 27th, 2013

    That gives me some reassurance as the torque limit specs for the 7 part CVT are all 400Nm, despite the newer one having 8 speeds.

    I’ve looked at my Euro service booklet printed in 2006, it states that ATF should be changed at 40k miles. It doesn’t state it should be changed every 40k Miles. Has this schedule been changed in the newer service booklets? If so, I’ll Change mine at 80k,120k etc.

  518. Kenny - June 27th, 2013

    CVT fluid should be changed between 30-40k miles. I did mine early because I had ‘Audi Care’ which expires at some time since I don’t put much miles on the car. So I figured replacing the fluid on my final schedule maintenance was feasible to avoid losing it.

  519. Kevin Kevoh - June 27th, 2013

    Thanks Kenny, to be on the safe side, I may replace the fluid as well. I have not experienced any jerking or slowness from a standing start. But I’ve to confess I touch the gas very lightly. I try to keep to at least an average of 50 Miles per UK gallons. I participate in the occasional race at the traffic lights

  520. Kenny - June 27th, 2013


  521. Alphonse S - June 28th, 2013

    Further to my last post, the mechanic has hooked up his computer to the car and there were no faults recorded against the engine or gearbox which he said was not good news as this meant that the problem was mechanical not electrical. I have looked at my service book and I had the car serviced by Audi (Slough) at 36,000 and 44,000 miles. They have ticked the “No” box for ding the extra servicing required on Page 12, which was the CVT oil change at 40,000 miles. Why did they not tell me that this had to be done??? They cheerfully told me at the previous service that I need to change the cam belt and quoted me over £1200! I would have had them change the gearbox oil if they had said. I am really annoyed about this.

  522. Kevin Kevoh - June 28th, 2013

    You are right to be annoyed Alphonse. However, I don’t think dealers want to bring attention to the dodgy gear box design, because many boxes with the 6 clutch pack still fail even after the 40K fluid change.

    On a side note, 1200 for a cam belt change is over twice the average cost. Audi Poole quoted me £499, Independent quoted me £450. I think they want to make a killing from you on the labour. If the camshaft is chain driven, then it would cost over £1200; but chains don’t really need to be changed except on the dodgy BMW N47 2007-2010 engines. I think Audi still use rubber belts.

  523. Alphonse S - July 2nd, 2013

    Just spoken to a specialist Audi repairer and explained the faults – slight over-revving and slow from take off but otherwise OK – and he recommended that I had the gearbox oil double flushed at a cost of £328. He said there was no point in running diagnostics first if this had not been done. Does anyone know if this has ever cured the problem ?

  524. Robert - July 2nd, 2013

    Don’t waste any more money my friend!
    I had this done 3 times and the oil can only be replaced by Audi Garage
    Each time I was let down! PRNDS flash terror
    Over 3 years this car cost me a shed load of money
    Finally sold this junk yard piece of sh*t for half of what it was worth in the book
    and…was pleased to get rid!
    Just bite the bullet! Do your wallet a favour and give it away!
    Oh! And Never, I mean ….NEVER go near an Audi again

  525. Kenny - July 2nd, 2013

    If the CVT fluid was never changed, then I’d whole-heartedly recommend doing it asap. It needs to be done one way or the other as this is part of maintenance. In most cases it should perform normally afterwards, if not then you take it to the next step.

    I once had a Honda Civic years ago and the transmission would kick real hard in between gears, I then had the fluid replaced (thank goodness it was only $60) and it shifted as smooth as butter.

  526. Kevin Kevoh - July 2nd, 2013

    Kenny is right, it’s very important it is done, hence I’m considering doing it for the 2nd time when my car hits 80k Miles. However I’m not sure if a double flush is better than a Simple oil change, which costs around 200 GBP, but you never know

  527. Alphonse S - July 3rd, 2013

    Update – Asked the gearbox specialist what the likely costs would be if the oil flush and change did not cure the problem – i.e. approx cost to replace the clutch plates and/or valve assembly. He refused and said that he would not “waste his time putting together quotes for work that we don’t know needs doing”! Can you believe that? So, without doing any diagnostics, he thinks I should first of all fork out £328 for an oil change that could, potentially, be a waste of time. He would then diagnose the problem (new gearbox!) and ask me to shell out another £3/4k having just wasted £300+. unbelievable! This just gets worse.

  528. Alphonse S - July 3rd, 2013

    Thanks to Kenny and Kevin for their responses. I hear what you are saying and if I could guarantee that the oil change would cure things and I would do it but from what I have been reading in this forum many have gone down this route without success. I reckon my car is only worth about £5,500 as it is 10 years old and I am not sure that it will be worth potentially spending another £3/4k to fix it.

  529. Robert - July 3rd, 2013

    read this carefully and read all the other comments……IT’S A JUNK YARD CAR – GET SHUT!
    Stay away from Audi Don’t waste your money

  530. Winchmore - July 4th, 2013

    Oil change wont guarantee anything infact there may even be a risk it will make things much worse I.e the old grung is assisting the gears and if cleared out the whole thing collapses…

    Seven hour job to open up auto box , replace cheap parts, oil change and back on. You work out the markup 🙂 Its only part changing no big deal! They have high costings because the rate of return is very high. So you also paying for other people returns…there nothing in it for you. As one well know master auto said….once you open up…its a can of worms 🙂

    so yes I agree its a junk yard car…..there are lots on the forecourt just waiting for a new mug..

    Hope it makes sense

  531. ian jackson - July 4th, 2013

    i bought a A4 multironic in 2010 ,after only 3500 miles it needed a new gear box ,as the vehicle would not reverse properly. ever since then i have had problems with the car lunging at junctios and trafic lights . My Audi dealer says this is the charicteristcs of the car ,yet for the last 18 months they have been putting new downloads into the car ,and only now say there is nothing wrong with it

  532. Jon Major - July 5th, 2013

    Last year Decomber, after some hesitation getting drive and accompanying clunks, my 2002 1.8 T with 129k km on the clock lost all drive on its Multitronic box. Turned out the fluid pump in the box had disintegrated with a broken drive gear.
    I found and had fitted a scrapyard pump which got the car moving in emergency slow drive mode only.
    Local service agents useless and probably never changed fluid but too late to complain.
    I have found a repair shop where the owner has all the repair manuals and a good diagnostic unit,
    Chanced the fluid pump for another s/h one and now have drive but it is clear from the diagnostics that the ECU needs fixing or changing.
    Waiting for a chance to have this taken out and repaired by a local electronics guy who apparently can do that. he is a busy guy apparantly, fixing all sorts of car electronic boxes that are fixable and cost mega bucks to replace from the dealers.
    This was a nice car but now I hate it,,

  533. TheCheeseGoat - July 8th, 2013

    2006 2.0 TDI MultiTronic (7spd) 58000 miles.

    I managed 50 miles from the forecourt and got the PRNDS flashing error.

    I nearly said no to the three year warranty as I wasn’t aware of the problems with the CVT box. Luckily I did buy it and all I can say is it’s the best £400 I ever spent! Shame about the car I choose though – lol!

    Anyway the garage replaced the ECU under warranty. I fear it will be the start of many more problems.

  534. randystranger - July 14th, 2013

    I have a 54 plate A6 1.9tdi avant, previously PRND lights flash intermittently, occasional problems engaging reverse. Now judder and lurch when pulling away. Had auto fluid replaced by main dealer at around 90k. Now at 104k and looks like I’m going to have a big bill ahead of me. Will investigate ecu. Last audi I’ll be buying.

  535. admin - July 18th, 2013

    Hi, just a reminder that ECU Testing are offering a 10% discount to visitors from this site when you quote discount code ‘GEARBOX8’

    More details can be found at

    Do let us know what your experience with them was like.

  536. CarlosT - July 18th, 2013

    Audi A6 allroad TDI 2.5 180cv tiptronic Quattro multitronic. A dangerous 2 seconds+ delay when accelerating from full stop before the car starts moving. Change of transmission fluid has not helped. The CV joints also failed. This happen a lot to allroads, I am told. And the brake disks fail if stressed as heat alters their shape (and the allroad is fast and heavy… so an easy thing to happen). Audi is simply not up to the reputation they pretend to have. Besides this problem, the allroad has had 2 suspension compressors replaced, 2 times the front air springs replaced, until I finally replaced the entire air suspension by an OEM of better quality and blistein shocks. Other problems: the two heads of the V6 had to be replaced because according to the dealer they “were broken” (I had brought the car to the shop because it would have difficult cold starts -the heaters…). Audi in Germany said they could not do anything to help. I paid the bill, and keep the car ’cause it stills drives… BUT I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER AUDI AGAIN. I own a Mercedes 500SEC of 1984 that runs circles around any Audi in reliability and quality. If you are think Audi… think again!!! BMW or Mercedes are clearly much better options.
    I still wish somebody some day finds a cheap way of fixing the acceleration delay… but I don’t have much hope 🙁

  537. Kevin Kevoh - July 18th, 2013

    CarlosT, your car doesn’t have a multitronic cvt transmission, as they are not compartible with allroad/quattro. However, I do sympathise with the issues you have had. You were unlucky, I would have sold it as soon as it had 2 or 3 major issues

  538. CarlosT - July 18th, 2013

    Kevin, you are right! So many years thinking that it wasn’t that smooth after all! 😉 I just have the auto gear with tiptronic… 5 speeds! I should have known better!
    Would you have a clue why I am suffering the delay when accelerating from full stop?

  539. Kevin Kevoh - July 18th, 2013

    I have read online that triptronic engages 2nd gear by default. if you floor it will hesitate while it selects first gear. The heavier the car, the longer the hesitation.

    here is what I read…..

    Under normal accel, the Tip is programmed to start out in 2nd gear. If you floor it for a quick getaway, there is a minor hesitation as the Tip downshifts to 1st.

    You can do 2 things to have it start out in 1st:
    …put it in “manual” and make sure that you drop it into 1st prior to accelerating
    …select “3”, instead of “D”, this will have the Tip starting out in 1st

  540. Mike - July 19th, 2013

    Read a lot of the posts on here with great interest as I have the same ‘judder’ problems on my 2004 A4 tdi automatic. Diagnostic check shows a fault code relating to ‘speed sensor 2’ (transmission fault).

    Has anyone else had this fault appear? If so, did the replacing or cleaning of the sensor stop the juddering or is that just wishful thinking? Still be a big job to actually get to the part anyway.

    I’ve been quoted £1150 plus vat to have the gearbox reconditioned. It has a 6-step clutch system … can the 7-step be put in instead? I’ve read on here that it could help the problem from reappearing.

    And, is there any danger of the car packing in altogether because of the problem or is it safe enough to keep driving it?

    Also reported this fault to Audi as the car had 70k on the clock when it first started happening.

  541. recort - July 19th, 2013


    yes all very annoying, saying so, I had my juddering and reverse problems at 100.000 miles cured on the ‘cheap’ by exchanging a couple of sticky plastic pistons in the box – it had to be done twice (did reoccur after 2 month on another piston)and cost 1K flat rate including 6 month warranty from ‘Ebay’ – the slow take off doesn’t go away though, but after all auto is not for racing… for reference I have a quote for proper rebuild at specialist workshop in Germany over 5.6K for A6 petrol, ferry & 2 flights if you are from UK…I have done it before on A4 as I need auto & all my mercs died of off I guess..

  542. Kevin Kevoh - July 19th, 2013

    Mike, to answer just one of your questions:
    The number of ratios does not indicate how many plates the clutch has. Also note that CVT is a step-less transmission.

    What you are looking for is a clutch pack with 7 plates that was introduced in late 2006.

    The 8 ratio CVT has definitely has 7 plates, as it was introduced in 2008

    The 6 ratio CVT has 6 plates, as it was discontinued in 2004

    The 7 ratio CVT could have 6 plates if made early 2006 or 7 plates if made after late 2006.

  543. Kenny - July 19th, 2013

    Simplest way to find out if you have a 6 or 7-plate is to look on your dash by putting the gear in (+/-) manual mode. If it shows 7 virtual gears ([1]234567), then you have a 7-plate.

  544. Mike - July 19th, 2013

    Thanks Kenny, I’ll check that out. I have a feeling it’s 6-plate though given the year of the car.

  545. Kenny - July 19th, 2013

    No problem, you’re welcome.

  546. Kevin Kevoh - July 19th, 2013

    older 7 speeds could have a 6 plate clutch, so checking the ratios will not help

  547. VP WK - July 22nd, 2013

    Dear oh dear !
    Wonder why on earth I bought this crappy piece of classically engineered car fitted with DSG/CVT b*llocks !!

    My problems with 1.8T A4

    – Car fails to recognise the gear lever position when the engine/gear box gets warm. Hence when the engine is turned off, it will not re-start till the engine/gearbox gets cool down (takes about 1 to 2 hrs depending on the weather outside)

    – Gear lever gets stuck in Park, when the engine is ON – it fails to move. Turn the car off, wait for 10-15 minutes, it will re-engage in the correct gear depending on the temperature of the engine/gearbox (see above).

    – God bless audi !!

  548. Kevin Kevoh - July 22nd, 2013

    VP WK, what year was your 1.8T A4 manufactured?

  549. VP WK - July 22nd, 2013

    @kevin ,
    Its 2004 (54 plate). Its gone out for repair with ECU testing.
    Fingers crossed.

  550. VP WK - July 22nd, 2013

    @kevin ,
    Its 2005 (54 plate). Its gone out for repair with ECU testing.
    Fingers crossed.

  551. Robert - July 22nd, 2013

    Sorry but….
    5 plate; 6 plate and 7 plate clutches>
    Makes no difference as far as I can see reading these feeds
    I sent in my ECU three times
    Audi put in another at a price.
    All a complete waste of money!
    Let’s face it if Audi could have released a modification then it would have.
    Audi is suffering bad press around the world for this “Arthur Daley” Car and rightly so.
    Never have I seen such a blatant denial that is being dished out, time and time again by a well know manufacturer
    The bottom line is;
    Don’t waste your money trying to fix what the manufacturer obviously can’t
    GET RID!
    Stay away from Audi
    They are in denial!

  552. Kenny - July 22nd, 2013

    Well actually Robert, it is a junkyard and dog of a transmission for a perfect car. All the other A4s or A6s seemed to have a time of their lives w/o the CVT.

  553. Kevin Kevoh - July 22nd, 2013

    @VP, the issues you facing seem consistent with what others have reported on a 6 plate clutch CVT. So far I’ve only see 1 car with 7 plates having similar issues, so problem seems to have largely been fixed for those built on or after 2007.

    Once a 6 plate starts having trouble, it seems that there is no fix.

  554. Mike - July 23rd, 2013

    Robert – the problem I (and everyone else who has a the same gearbox issues) have with ‘getting rid’ of my problematic A4 is – who’s going to buy it? No garage will buy it, and morally I would never put it in an auction to let someone else buy the problem.

    The only two solutions I have are:

    1) Drive it as it is with the annoying juddering problems in lower speeds, or

    2) Get it reconditioned at a cost of £1150 + vat and hope that it lasts for 3 or 4 years.

  555. Kenny - July 23rd, 2013

    ^^There are guys here in the U.S. that swapped out the CVT for either a regular Automatic or Manual transmission. Eventually it is much more cost effective and assured long term reliability (w/o having to worry about the CVT box anymore).

  556. Andy Gell - July 30th, 2013

    Does this problem go back as far as 1998? My R reg is showing some of these worrying symptoms.

  557. Kevin Kevoh - July 30th, 2013

    multronic cvt was introduced in 1999 with 6 ratios. Andy, what model is your Audi? is the auto gear box 5 speeds?

  558. Andy Gell - July 30th, 2013

    4-speed A4. As for what’s under the bonnet I’m not sure. I started getting the problems with a jerky, delayed pull-off, random over-revving and a hard to engage Reverse. Popped the bonnet to find a cracked, leaking gasket which my local mechanic says is £400+ to get right. I’m a little reluctant to do anything if the transmission is doomed. I don’t see how my leak would produce these same symptoms.

  559. Kevin Kevoh - July 30th, 2013

    you don’t have a cvt as your A4 is a B5. cvt was first used on the B6. A leaking gasket could cause hesitation and over revving, but never heard it being the cause of failure to engage reverse.

  560. Kenny - July 30th, 2013

    When stuff goes wrong such as like a leaky gasket, erratic behavior develops and the number one symptom would be difficulty in engaging in reverse from a cold start, followed by inconsistent shifting.

  561. Andy Gell - July 30th, 2013

    I think that’s good news! Hopefully a smaller fixable problem then. Thanks for your prompt replies. It’s unbelievable how badly Audi had treated everyone and I hope that there’s some resolution soon. The US case looks promising.

  562. Kevin Kevoh - July 30th, 2013

    overheating, milky oil contaminated by coolant, white smoke, bubbles in radiator, leaking coolant are all symptoms of leaking gasket, which may get worse and blow the gasket making repair more expensive.

  563. winchmore - July 31st, 2013

    HI Andy,
    hard to engage common Reverse problem is the D&G drum. Your auto is ZF 5HP19. This cheaply made drum rim is about to snap off.

    £50 quid new drum should sort it out. 7 Hrs to take the auto all apart and pop a new one in plus few other bits.This alone would cost you £1200+ but it looks like you may have other issues and hence best advised to call it a day.

    don’t kill it by reversing up hill.

  564. Kevin Kevoh - July 31st, 2013

    ZF5HP19 is the 5 speed variant also used on the B5, while Andy’s car has the 4 speed. Could it also have the cheap drum?

  565. winchmore - July 31st, 2013

    apart from the cheap drum ZF 5HP19 is a solid box. Just made the cutoff since after 1999 things went down hill and never recovered.if you want something that still works get a skoda superb and you will never look back.

  566. winchmore - July 31st, 2013


    Yes same box hacked on latter 🙂 Got a quote of £500 for the repair plus replace few bits. The slight reverse gear issue started about 5 years ago and the car is still running. The best advise is when these issues first start dont spend top dealer/audi shop prices. find a local master tech who works at these places and do a private cash job. get your own original parts of ebay and get them fitted 3rd of the price.

    Do your own research. get on the tech forums.part changing is not very difficult to understand.

  567. Londoner! - August 12th, 2013

    Thinking of buying an audi a4 2007 multitronic.. 101kmiles with full audi service history. should i buy or look for merc or bmw???????????

  568. Kevin Kevoh - August 12th, 2013

    Multitronic cvt built in 2007 or later will have the 7 part clutch pack, so it should be fine. Check the gear box has been changed at 40 and 80k miles. When test driving it, do it with the windows down, stereo off, to make sure the gear shifts are as smooth as silk.

    Mine is 2007, 2.0 140 bhp TDi, with 65k miles,cvt is very smooth, but no guarantee it will always be smooth. I do the occasional traffic light drag race.

  569. Londoner! - August 12th, 2013

    will test drive it this week. if everything seems fine do you reckon a good buy or goodbye??

  570. Kevin Kevoh - August 12th, 2013

    Good buy if fluid has been changed at 40 and 80 miles and the Shifts are silky smooth

  571. Peter K. - August 13th, 2013

    I have the A6 2.4 year 2002, multitronic, changed the new gearbox from Audi distributor in Bangkok, Thailand at 120000 Km.
    They charged UKP 8000, and now the car has 220000 Km. and start to have problem on the gear box again.

    I heard that, in US, Audi US have to compensate/responsible for such multitronic gear box as per the suing of American customers, please check out.

  572. Bruce - August 23rd, 2013

    Have just had the most fantastic service ie refurbished multironic gearbox in my 2008 76000 Avant TDI 2.0 by a man in Bristol. thought the car was going to the scrap yard. This what happens when you buy from the auctions with no come back. But now very happy and car running like a dream.

  573. Alphonse S - August 24th, 2013

    Hi Bruce, Good news for you! What were the issues you were having and how much did the refurb cost? Perhaps you could share the details of the man in Bristol in case we need him?

  574. Bruce - August 24th, 2013

    Further info, mine had the worst vibes shaking ever encountered and eventually would not move at all, was put onto Alex trading on eBay Audi gearbox, does refurbished boxes and repairs ECUs. The most genuine hardworking gent ever encountered. £1000 fitted for replacement box with guarantee 6 months.. Need any further info leave message even arranged to collect car from Glasgow.

  575. krd -kev - August 25th, 2013

    okay guys,, i have a 11 plate a6 and the car started to judder between selecting reverse to drive which has started after a oil change at 40k… 2 months ago… this afternoon i lost complete drive at 70mph… managed to crawl home. Gear box malfunction appeared on the screen.. not very happy… so audi will be getting a call at 8am today..

    anyone want to buy a car lol??

  576. Robert - August 26th, 2013

    Sorry to hear that, but not surprised!
    How in Hell does an international (reputable?) company get away with this?

    Don’t waste your money on the phone call
    Go round and have a good shout!
    You’ll feel so much better!
    You will sell it but at a junkyard price
    advice? …….GET RID!

    I had 3 separate garage bills for my A4, what a waste of money

    Just wondering if all the cars (Audi) that you see Jason Statham crashing are Multitronic Audi failures

  577. Icarus - August 27th, 2013

    My 2004 Audi A4 Automatic had a lot of the problems indicated above. I went for the ECU repair costing £1000 with removal, repair and reinstallation. it failed after a year. Major recommendation is if your PRNDS is flashing and the car is behaving badly buy a new ECU and get it fitted by an indepedent. In all of this Audi main dealer’s solution was a new gearbox costing £4K+. They don’t seem to see the irony in that and judging by this web page they see a lot of these problems. I had further problems costing me £1k+ (clunking noises from gearbox when in reverse) but happy to say its now running nicely.

  578. Londoner! - August 29th, 2013

    Bought a 3.0tdi quattro with Auto. Heard too mmany bad things about the multitronic/dsg.

    Is the auto in the quattro different?

  579. Kenny - August 29th, 2013

    Yes, it is different.

  580. H. NARULA - September 17th, 2013

    Hi. I just last week paid a large deposit for a new A6 2013 model with 2000cc turbo engine.

    Do model 2013 models have the same type of gearboxes that everyone seems to be complaining of here? I also took delivery last month if a VW Tiguan, and I understand even VWs have similar problems?

    Should I forfeit my deposit on the A6? Or take the risk? Had I read this earlier I would have bought the Merc E class. But now I’m kinda stuck.

    Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks

  581. Kevin Kevoh - September 17th, 2013

    Audi and other cars from the VAG generally come with 4 types of gearboxes. CVT, S-tronic/DSG, Manual, Conventional Auto. The gearbox being discussed here is the CVT. The issues being discussed here mostly affect CVT gearboxes made on or before 2006 that have the 6 pack clutch system.

    Does the A6 you ordered come with CVT? If so, it will have the 7 part clutch pack which is much bigger improvement, but like other Auto boxes, it is not 100% immune from issues.

    The gearbox in the Tiguan is not CVT. It’s either manual or DSG. Some DSG boxes have had their own different issues. Search for DSG in Wikipedia

  582. H. NARULA - September 18th, 2013

    Thanks for your quick response.

    The dealer (and the catalog) indicates that the transmission in this 2013 Audi 2.0 TFSI is an 8 speed multitronic. Pardon my ignorance but reading this forum has me a little paranoid.

    Should I be concerned?

    If this gearbox does not have any KNOWN problems, then I guess its the luck of the draw, which I can live with.

    Thanks for your assistance and advice.

  583. Kenny - September 18th, 2013

    H. NARULA,
    If you’re just leasing, or decide to own it short term (5 years or less) then there’s no need to worry. Also, I haven’t heard anything bad about the newer CVTs yet. People seemed to be pretty happy with it otherwise you’d be hearing complaints all over the internet. Any CVT over 2007 should be fine. I have a 2008 U.S. model and so far so good, but then it only has 37,000 miles on it. If you plan on keeping your next purchase for a very long time (8-10 years) I’d ‘probably’ consider a different type of transmission/gearbox.

  584. H. NARULA - September 18th, 2013

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Its an outright purchase, not leasing. Do plan on keeping it long term. My current car a Volvo S80 I have had for 9 years now, with nary a squeak. They just have very poor resale values locally so it makes sense to keep it long term.

    Audi’s likewise dont have very high resale values, but my usage is also not high, about 65,000 miles in the last 9 years with my Volvo.

    Unfortunately I cant make any changes without forfeiting my deposit of US$10K, so at worst case a gearbox overhaul should not cost this much, so I guess I’m kinda stuck now.

    I’m confused, are the Multitronics and CVTs one and the same?


  585. Kenny - September 18th, 2013

    multitronic is another name for CVT. I didn’t capitalize it because Audi trademarked it with lower case instead of a capital ‘M’ultitronic which they never use.

    I don’t think you should worry. I bought my 2008 model in late 2007. I have the 7-plate CVT with a mfg date of July 2007. It’s going on 7 years now with TWO CVT fluid changes — one at 19K and the other at 27K. Smooth as silk!

  586. H. NARULA - September 18th, 2013

    Hey, Kenny, thanks. I’ll sleep better at night knowing this.

    Appreciate your sharing your experience

    I read transmission fluid changes need to be done every 35K to 40K miles. You seem to have done yours much earlier, and TWICE. Workshop recommendation or on your own?

  587. Badger Roger - September 18th, 2013

    Actually, CVT released prior to 2006 is the main problem ones. Atleast 80% of the problems reported here are such category, and the rest 20% is others. If you are planning to buy a 2006 or before model car with CVT think twice!. I would strongly advise avoid. If you are planning to buy a model after 2007 then you have to be extremely unlucky as such models seem to have improved over the time and only few people reporting problems.

    The cost of repair or replacement will be huge, so it is worth avoiding a 2006 or less CVT model..

  588. Kevin Kevoh - September 18th, 2013

    To reassure you, as indicated earlier on post 549, I have a 2007 Audi A4, CVT 2.0 with the diesel engine. As it’s a 2007 model, it has 7 gear ratios and the 7 part clutch pack.

    As yours is the 8 ‘speed’ version, it will also have the more reliable 7 part clutch. As Kenny and many others have stated, most issues affect the 2006 and older CVTs as they could not handle the torque output especially with diesel engines.

    This newer CVT is designed for a torque output of 400 Nm, my Audi is 320 Nm, your 2.0 TFSI will be 320-350 depending on which engine power version it is. You made the right choice with your choice of engine. I wouldn’t go for CVT if I had any engine above 2.8L as it will be close to or above the 400 Nm limit.

    I have so far done 70K miles, with ATF change at 40K and engine service at 15K, 32K, 51K Miles. Next engine service is at 72K and ATF change at 80K From my post 549, my only issue was with the EGR at 53K, which had the same hesitation symptoms as a faulty CVT, so it was a scary moment for me. Got that fixed for £450 GBP.

    If I were you, as you have paid a very big deposit (I paid just £200 GBP deposit), I would take delivery of the car, take care of it and the CVT will last long. I’ve read owners with both older and newer CVTs who have done over 130K miles with no issues. I plan to keep mine for another 7 years, with around 150K miles on the clock. It’s how you drive and service a car that really matters. I rarely do the traffic light drag race, so I don’t use the full engine power 99% of the time, although diesels have high torque at low engine revs.

  589. Kenny - September 18th, 2013

    N. Narula,
    I changed the CVT fluid because it was included in the pre-paid Audi-Care program. I needed to use it before it expires since the car is driven so less (it’s years against miles). The second one was a complimentary from issues I had with the dealer, also involving Audi-care. I am planning to do the next one at 70K. Oil changes are between 7,000-8,000 miles which, believe it or not also makes a HUGE difference and help prolong the transmission — less engine drag/wear ratio to transmission shifting.

  590. Kenny - September 18th, 2013

    ^^I shouldn’t say shifting because CVTs don’t ‘shift’ but the engine lessens the overall rev when fresh oil are used, but you get the idea.

  591. H. NARULA - September 18th, 2013

    Thanks to everyone who responded. Really appreciate your help in allying my concerns. Now I can o ahead with this purchase with peace of mind.

    Thanks again, truly, to all and here’s to happy motoring and safe driving

  592. peter N - September 20th, 2013

    Kenny, good to read your comments. I have an A4 Cabrio 2.0 TDi. 2007 Full service history. All the usual problems around 60k, juddering, particularly when slowing down for junctions ,lights etc. Audi stripped the box down and said knackered full of swarf. But no lights up on the dash. Audi offered good will with a new gearbox but it cost me £1k in labour, still I was satisfied after reading a lot of other horror stories. Unfortunately not the end of the story, with about 25k miles on the new gearbox, minor lurching and slow pick up at slow speed, but only after a long journey when the engine is hot. Still in warranty but I don’t want to pay another £1k for a car with 96k miles on the clock. I have noticed that the engine in neutral isn’t smooth, bit lumpy around 1k to 1.5k revs so hope it might be the engine management system. Took to Audi dealer today but with engine cool couldn’t find anything wrong. So although it is a 2007 model perhaps even the 7 plate model is susceptible, like you I am a reasonable driver, no wheel spins and cruise 70 – 80. Another minor point, often get a smell of hot or burning rubber at the rear of the car, not tyres, only after I have reversed.

  593. Kevin Kevoh - September 20th, 2013

    Peter, you seem to be having more than just gearbox problems. A few things to consider:

    Since the gearbox is still in warranty both gearbox parts and labour should be covered. So when the engine is hot and having the same issues, take it back to them.

    When was your car manufactured? You can find this info as a print out attached to the inside front cover next to page 1 of the service booklet and/or under the rear seat. Mine was registered on Sept 2007 (57 plate), but manufactured in March 2007 – 03/07 is what is printed on my service booklet.

    So you may either have the dodgy CVT with 6 part clutch which was manufactured in 2006 and earlier, or your could be one of the 20% of Audi CVTs with the 7 part clutch pack that has similar problems as the older CVTs. Sell the car before it gets worse.

  594. peter N - September 20th, 2013

    Kenny, good advice.
    The car was registered Oct 2007 with a 7 plate CVT. Can’t confirm manufactured date as service book and car are with Audi right now, brake fluid change. The original gearbox failed last winter and was replaced Jan 2012 and they told me it was a two year parts only warranty but if things go wrong I will contest that. As you suggest the plan is to take it back into Audi after a long run when it’s warmed up. Agreed may as well sell it but when its running well it is a dream to drive and the second hand value at 96000 miles won’t amount to much perhaps £6k. Many thanks for your constructive comments and advice. Peter

  595. Kevin Kevoh - September 20th, 2013

    You are welcome Pete. I agree, it’s silky smooth when it is working right. Please keep us informed. Mine is at 70K miles, I’m keeping track of Audi CVTs with higher mileage than mine. The highest I’ve seen on the forums so far is a 2004 B5 Audi A4 1.8T with the 6 plate clutch with 260k Kms (in Canada) which is 160k miles. It’s a petrol engine though, so it may have less low rev torque than my diesel 2.0 TDI

  596. Dave Baker - September 26th, 2013

    Guys, it is only 18 months and 18K miles since Audi fitted a new CVT box to my 2005 A4 2.4 V6, because of a shorted solenoid, so hopefully it is still covered by their 2yr unlimited mileage warranty.

    However, tonight, just before I arrived home after a 20mile journeys, I stopped to post a letter, but then when I started off again, all did not feel or sound well.

    When I dropped it into drive I felt the revs seem to surge and I applied the brakes to avoid possibly moving off too quick, then I heard a noise which is difficult to describe, but it was a pulsed scrape, roughly 1 scrape per rotation of the road wheels and sounded a bit like a scrapping or sliding noise, not very loud and disappeared once above 15-20mph. I had to stop at the top of my road and when I started off again I heard the same noise, but when I reversed into my drive everything worked as expected, no juddering or reluctance to go into reverse and no flashing Dashboard lights.

    I can’t see anything else wrong and the engine sounds fine, I can’t see anything caught in the wheels that might have caused the noise, so later when the traffic clears I might go out for a short run, but does anyone recognise, or know what might now be wrong ?

  597. Kenny - September 26th, 2013

    This is definitely NOT normal and I’m pretty sure the culprit is your transmission. Take it back in and let them deal with it. They should of replaced the whole transmission instead of a solenoid, seals, filter, or TCM etc…

  598. Dave Baker - September 26th, 2013

    Sorry if I didn’t make it clear, they did replace the whole transmission, it cost me £3K as Audi gave me a 40% discount as a loyal customer.

    Anyhow, I’ve just been around the block and all now seems fine, no noise, no surge of revs when I put it into Drive, no juddering, no flashing lights.

    I did have a bit of a problem starting it though, it coughed and died and then took quite a lot of time on the starter before it finally started, but after that all seems fine. It was serviced by Audi less than a month ago !

  599. Kenny - September 26th, 2013

    Sorry, I was going too fast on your post.
    Question: did they replaced your transmission with the 6 or 7 virtual gears? You should see this on your dash when shifting to ‘manual’ mode. Don’t put off the incident and think that everything will be fine. These CVT boxes have a mind of their own and comes at you with no warnings.

  600. Dave Baker - September 26th, 2013

    Hi, I still only have 6 speeds, but they did assure me at the time that the new gearbox would be to the latest spec.

    Understood I do still have until Feb 2014 so I will do the same tests tomorrow and for the next few days and I will then contact my dealer to register the incident if nothing else occurs, or to report the fault if it does.

    Thanks Dave.

  601. Kenny - September 26th, 2013

    I don’t know why they didn’t fit the newer/updated 7-speed cvt as a replacement as they should. The older ‘6-speed’ gears are a known problems, no matter how many times you replace them. I’d take it back and raise the issue, or call Audi directly and demand the updated version.

  602. Dave Baker - September 26th, 2013

    I’m really confused as to the difference between a 7 plate clutch and a 7 speed transmission ?

    I have previously been told that both the 6 and 7 plate clutches still only have 6 speeds when fitted to my year of A4 and that my car would need to be the later model to have 7 speeds ???

  603. Kenny - September 26th, 2013

    This thread will give you a better understanding.

  604. Kevin Kevoh - September 27th, 2013

    Dave Barker, you are right, depending on what year your car was made. My post number 576 explains it all, I’ll post it here again. Please note, the number of ‘speeds’ it not a definitive indicator of how many plates the CVT has. The 7 plate CVT was introduced in late 2006.

    The 8 ratio CVT definitely has 7 plates, it was introduced in 2008

    The 6 ratio CVT has 6 plates, it was discontinued in 2004

    The 7 ratio CVT could have 6 plates if made early 2006 or 7 plates if made after late 2006.

  605. Dave Baker - September 27th, 2013

    So looks like mine is a 7 plate / 6 speed clutch then and I must say I have never suffered from the juddering that others have described.

    Anyhow today all seems well, no funny noises or effects after two 23 mile journeys to and from work.

    So I think it is now a case of monitoring things very closely.

  606. jai rawal - October 10th, 2013

    Thank-you for setting up this site. I have just bought a used audi a6 2.5 TDi with a CVT gearbox and have become the proud owner of the dreaded judder not apparent on test drive.

    I wondered if there was a class act against Audi UK following the similar successful action In the U.S.A recently.

    This probably may not make a difference for the majority of
    individuals who will need to pay substantial money for the repairs themselves, but may present a glimmer of hope.

  607. Kevin Kevoh - October 10th, 2013

    Civil Procedure Rules is the name for class action in the UK, they have not been used much since they were introduced more than 10 years ago.

    If you bought from a trader, you can sue them if you believe it was faulty when you bought it.

    How many miles and months since you bought it? What year was it made or registered? And how many miles is it now?

  608. jai rawal - October 11th, 2013

    Its a 2003 Audi A6 front wheel drive Avant that had only covered 72000miles. I bought it approximately 3 weeks ago. Proving that the dealer had knowledge of the judder is very difficult aside from contacting the previous owners to see if they are aware. But the problem is compounded by the dealer having sold his business and now he is un-contactable by mobile phone. So if I looked at a legal recourse it would be against his business which no longer exists. I am taking this up with trading standards, and there are other customers who have also been affected by this as well, so pooling them together may prove useful.
    Aside, in every other way the car is a good car, but will prove costly with regards the gearbox.
    Does anyone know the reliability of the “7 plate clutch adaption” if following the 20K fluid change regime.
    thanks all — apologies about my ranting

  609. Kevin Kevoh - October 11th, 2013

    Seems the trader set up shop to sell faulty cars for a few months. Once trading standards start asking questions, they close/sell and set up in another part of the country using another trade name.

    My suspicions from what I have read here and elsewhere, those with a faulty 6 part clutch pack do not get a replacement gearbox with the 7 part clutch, as they continue having issues. But I stand corrected.

    Either the 2 gearbox designs are cannot be interchanged in the same car or lack of the 7 part clutch gearbox

  610. Robert - October 11th, 2013

    Is there no end to this fiasco?
    The blame should be laid at the vehicle maker
    They have been aware that there is an on-going problem with this automatic box

    I spent thousands of pounds on repairs (so called!) and even had replacement gearboxes fitted to no lasting avail
    I have had 3 repairs and a new gearbox
    I like many others thought “enough is enough” and traded my junk-yard Audi in for much less than it’s real worth
    My advice after reading all these blogs is:

    I have seen a car lot locally with dozens of Audi’s there all selling for a very low price!
    Audi should do the decent thing (as if) and buy them all and dismantle them
    and destroy these wretched gearboxes

  611. Mark - October 14th, 2013

    I went through the same expensive pain Robert, and took the hit and got rid of my ’05 2.0T and replaced it with a 2011 Merc C180. I decided to pay now instead of repair bill after repair bill. I love the new car but the best thing is the peace of mind that the gearbox wont blow up when I’m miles from home with the kids in the back. That alone is worth the money. Audi can go **** themselves.

  612. Robert - October 16th, 2013

    It’s not easy Mark, to walk away from a faulty car, especially when you have spent a lot of money buying the car for long distance travel in your retirement!
    I traded in for a BMW and am pleased I did

    I really had no choice as I had been through every option to get a permanent repair and keep the car
    It is a comfortable and attractive car, but if it doesn’t get you there, or home, its JUNK!

    I despair at reading the blogs on here by mechanics advising people about oil changes (which your garage can’t do!) Multi plate clutches etc etc

    I don’t know why Audi have not put up their hands up for this problem, but they haven’t ….and won’t!
    BBC – Watch Dog? ….Where are they?

    bottom line? Nobody will help you and you will spend BIG MONEY to no avail!

    Grasp the nettle and spread the word

  613. Dan - October 17th, 2013

    Hi guys, I have audi a4 ,2.5 TDI ,05 on plates and I’ve got the same problem with the gearbox. What I can say after all this comments…fuck you AUDI factory…I had a good opinion about Audi but now I can’t say nothing anymore about Audi just…Rubbish.

  614. CJ - October 17th, 2013

    I wish I had seen this 6 months ago before I bought an used Audi A4 2003 with a Multitronic gearbox. Thaught that I did my homework when I made sure that car had been serviced regularly by Audis authorised mechanics. The gearbox broke down after two weeks. When doing some additional checks I found out that the gearbox had been out of the car for repairs less than 20000 km ago. No help or answers from Audi/VW, other than it needs a new gearbox. Nothing about how come it broke down or what to do. This ruined all my plans for the summer and the car is still standing waiting for me to find someone to help me fix it to a price not exceding the price of the car…..

    Best regards/CJ (Sweden)

  615. Kenny - October 18th, 2013

    Yeah, it’s a shame. Such a beautiful car ruined by the transmission. There are ways to swap the CVT for a regular ‘automatic’ transmission though, or even a manual (stick) gearbox. It’s probably much more feasible and reliable in the long run going this route.

  616. CJ - October 18th, 2013

    I have been spending two months trying to find out if there is a way to change to another automatic gearbox or if there is one who is compatible with mine since I have an unusual gearbox code FYX which isn´t on the Swedish market, and “just” buy a used one and hope for the best (until next time)…. No one has been able to answer this, especially not the people at Audi or VW, since they “only work with new parts with the same codes”……
    Mine is a long story of communication with different people at Audi and their mechanics and so on which I try to keep short until someone gives a damn.
    The most troublesome part is when you see their own mechanics recommend people in different forums, just to sell the car to someone else so they end up with the problem, as in my case….
    My fourth and last Audi/C

  617. Matyas - October 21st, 2013

    Hello guys, i have bought my dream car 4 months ago. Audi A6 Multitronic. Now i have the same story like many of you. 140.000 km in the car and the 3rd transmission. The first problem was after 800 km. The second now. Audi told tey cannot take over the costs because the ATF change was not done properly. You wrote many things here officially the transmission oil has to be changed in every 60k.. Then i proofed that it was according to the service plan. Now they say they cannot take over the costs becauce once the service was done after 30400 km instead of 30000. When the lady told it to me i started loughing. NEVER buy an Audi!

  618. CJ - October 22nd, 2013

    Hello Matyas
    Don´t worry, it wouldn´t have mattered. They will find a way to get out of it anyhow. The oil i my cars gearbox was changed more often then the recommendation and by their mechanics, and still they say that they don´t know what could have gone wrong and won´t do anything or reduce/take the cost. They started out by claiming that the fault was due to that the oil hadn´t been changed reguarly. I then made enquiries that showed that the oil had been changed in accordance to the serviceintervalls and an extra time when “repairs” were done to the gearbox (was not noted in the servicebook. The whole gearbox had been out of the car and faulty parts exchanged and the ATF oil had been changed at the same time. I managed to get a copy of the servicespec.). This was at 140.000 km. At around 155.000 km the gearbox totaly broke down. The guarantee for that erlier repair did not cover anything…..

  619. Jonny - October 28th, 2013

    I’ve got a 2007 A4 avant 2 litre.

    Multitronic failed after 104k. Oil changed every 40k as advised by Audi UK.

    The box is a 01J and my local Audi Shrewsbury quoted (they supplied the car) me £8-9K. WE all know that a reconditioned box can be bought for about £550 with total fitted cost at £1k.

    This is sheer profiteering by Audi UK for a component part not fit for service. I have had 5 Audi A4 over the years and can state they were all fine manual cars doing up to 100k miles without fault. My experience with the above leaves a bitter taste and I doubt I shall ever bother with those scoundrels again.

  620. Kevin Kevoh - October 28th, 2013

    Not good at all Jonny, I agree with your sentiments. Your car seems to be one of the few 7 plate clutch pack boxes that fail prematurely.

  621. tim marple - November 5th, 2013

    Audi 1.9.tdi se auto. 53 plate. Had problems start at 75000 miles. always had car serviced by audi intil 45000. By 75000 was experiencing a shudder on starting off. Local gear box garage diagnosed it needed 7 plate clutch upgrade. Also noticed oil leak on another part of transmission. Decided to get it all done as box had to be sent away to have seals replaced. Total cost £19000. Within 2 weeks the shudder had started again. Garage changed the clutch again free of charge but was not convinced it was the clutch, more likeley to be a pressur loss in box that was causing a stall when starting off. I decided before spending any more on a car that was only worth £3000 max i would trade it in before more problem arrose. after agreeing a price for trade in and 4 days before the deed. The heat exchanger in the rad split sending gear oil into the water system and water into the clutch and gear box. car now unroadworthy and will cost thousands to replace.

    when the car was running it was superb. 50 to the gallon on a run and 38 around town. But this will be the first and last Audi I buy. This last 6 months have been a nightmare. Judging by the other posts on here Audi are ot the car to buy in automatic form. Stay well clear.

  622. Kevin Kevoh - November 5th, 2013

    Not good Tim, not good. But did you really spend 19k to fix the car the first time?

  623. David De Villiers - November 8th, 2013

    I have been an avid Audi enthusiast since the first Quatro rally car first appeared. I have been driving Audi since 1995. The 500SE was a dream to drive and I traded that in due to age after 11 years. After that I drove an A4 2.0 multitronic that kept on blowing its tail end lights. Thereafter I drove an A4 1.8T multitronic with no significant problem. When I got the opportunity to buy an A4 2.0 TFSI quatro factory demo, I jumped at the chance, much to my regret. It had +- 7500 kilometers on the clock. The S-Tronic gearbox has been clunky from the day I drove the car off the lot. At first the dealer treated me as if I was nuts when I complianed, as their diagnostics didn’t show any faults. we went through repeated cycles where they kept the car for a day or three and they re-loaded and upgraded software. This didn’t solve the problem.

    I eventually gave up. Then at the next service they told me the technician who test drove the car after the service said there was something wrong with the gearbox and they wanted me to bring the car in again, which I did. This led to another series of tests and eventually the mechatronic unit was replaced. This didn’t solve the problem so another series of tests followed, after which they replaced the clutch. Still no resolution of the problem. The car has +- 41000 Kilometers on the clock now.

    I have now, after 2 years, finally given up. I was considering replacing it with another model with a multitronic box, but after reading the feedback from Katherine, I’m not sure I should do that to myself. As if this isn’t enough, the car has now developed rattles that the dealer tried unsuccessfully to correct.

    This makes me very sad. Where to now???

  624. tim marple - November 12th, 2013

    sorry. got carried away. spent £1900. may be a silver lining here. I had a no fault accident some 20 months ago. new rad, air con rad. and new front end. have now found it had a 5 yr warrenty on all parts and labour. The rad that was replaced has failed and caused the dammage. Insurance say thay will mend car or if over the value will pay me the trade in value. at least i may get some of the money back i have paid out.

  625. CJ - November 19th, 2013

    Latest status
    Got a call from the mechanic, my car is now repaired (again). The fault probably due to a faulty oilpump wich lead to the gearbox breakdown (broken gears/pinions and bent axel) About £ 3700 shorter (this time). Will pick the car up tomorrow.
    Until next time…..:( /C

  626. tim marple - November 19th, 2013

    mine now scrap. cost more to repair it than its worth. But credit to SAGA Insurance who have offered more than the trade in i was going to take. and honoured a repair that was 20 months old. Good job i am 60 and insured with SAGA ( The advantages of being old!!)

  627. David de Villiers - November 20th, 2013

    Continued from 659 above. After obtaining the contact details for Audi Germany above, I sent them an e-mail detailing my woes. I was astounded to receive an immediate response requesting the vehicle details, which I sent. Two days later I was contacted by Audi South Africa. They are currently arranging for the vehicle to go back to the dealer for further action, whatever that may be. As I said before, I am not hopeful that a solution will be found, but at least Audi are taking my e-mail seriously. They are even renting a car for me to use while my car is in the shop. I’ll keep you updated.

  628. Simon - November 23rd, 2013

    This may be of some help to all of you poor guys out there, that like me, have had the dreaded PRND lights flash at you and discover something is not quite right the gear selections.

    I own a 2006 1.8t A4 wagon here in Sydney, Australia. I bought the car second hand and had an extensive inspection prior to purchase.
    The mechanic told me the car was good but I should probably look at getting the gearbox serviced with new fluids because it was shifting slightly slower than it should. After few months I had this job done and it was a lot sharper.

    But now only 3 months on, PRND!!!! PRND!!!! PRND!!!!
    I had been planning a road trip up the coast so thought it prudent to have it checked to be safe. I’m not sure I can call it a blessing yet, but had we set off this story could have been even worse.

    My local garage took a look and came back saying the gearbox ECU unit was faulty and needed replacing, quoting $4700 for this repair. I almost fainted. I did some research and it seemed, but my god what a stupid place to mount this thing if they are likely to need replacing at some point.

    i made some calls and manage to find a garage that would change out the ECU – have it reeningeered and back in the car for $1600. They said they had seen many of these. I felt like I was in good hands and it almost felt like I’d won some money at this point, but it was not to last.

    After leaving the car with them I get a call the next day telling me they have found water in the gearbox oil and that the whole thing would need to be rebuilt. The reason for this they went on is that the radiator core for the transmission had failed and water was contaminating the gearbox fluids. All the seals would need replacing throughout the gearbox. The he says I need a new rad as well. My heart sinks as he stars to add up my quote … $5200 for the rebuild and another $1000 for the rad … Plus fluids….. $6720 …. omg.

    Im not sure this is a bleesing or not knowing that had I broken down somewhere miles from anywhere it would certainly have been even more expensive. Not having the radiator replaced at the same time would only have resulted in this happening again as a well so I’m thankful for their knowledge. I love this car and just hope that after this It will serve me well… It bloody better thats all I can say because to sell it now and buy another car of any make would just put me in the same position. People sell cars when they know something is expensive to repair. Even with an inspection you just never know. You certainly don’t expect this to happen with something that is meant to be well engineered but all cars have their issue.

    I hope this is helpful to all of you who have been told it’s just the ECU. it might be worth checking for water in the fluids to avoid disappointment later down the track.

  629. cycling gear - November 28th, 2013

    was looking at 04 1.9 a6 auto and came across this site Thank you to all contributors you have saved me a load of trouble, goin took for something else Keep up the good work Thank you

  630. tim marple - December 15th, 2013

    Try this:
    Lesley Wright
    Customer Liaison Manager
    Audi UK
    T: 01908 601 722
    F: 0844 844 0512

    if everyone were to contact her we might as a group get some help. wonder how many e mails it takes to block an inbox?

  631. Kevin Kevoh - December 15th, 2013

    Her customers are the dealers who want money for a solution that doesn’t work. You should resist all attempts for her to fob you off to the dealers. Good idea to contact her, hope she reads the emails and does something constructive despite my doubts to the contrary

  632. Ron G - December 15th, 2013

    I’ve soldiered on with an ’03 A6 2.4SE Multitronic box from 5,500 miles at one year old.

    It now has about 123k, the Gearbox ECU has been replaced once and refurbished once. The gearbox has been rebuilt once by a specialist. So, overall that’s only cost me about £6,000 and approximately 9 weeks off the road in 9 years.

    Given the car’s current expected worth, the next failure will be the last, but – quite obviously – i can’t afford to sell it, I need to get my money’s worth from the repairs.

    Oh and, btw, it actually drives quite well in reverse. Especially compared to when it had 6,000 miles on the clock when it would buck and kangaroo like a bronching buck – but my local Audi dealer said a) they couldn’t find anything wrong, then b) they’d fix it under warranty, then c) after it had been with them for a day ….. “no one was trained to do the repairs”.

    Such a shame that they’ll never get business from me again. But then the dealer and the manufacturer just don’t care!

    In forward gears it snatches so badly again – one day soon, it won’t take off at all!

  633. tim marple - December 17th, 2013

    Lesley Wright
    Customer Liaison Manager
    Audi UK
    T: 01908 601 722
    F: 0844 844 0512

    new I would not get anywhere but a e mail never did any harm.

  634. Rishi Kumar - January 9th, 2014

    Hi, I am about to purchase a 2009 A6 Saloon with 37k miles on the clock via Audi main dealership. I had not considered Multitronic transmission previously, but due to price am considering this now. However, i have just seen this article and others with similar problems highlighted. Is it just Audi’s prior to 2005, or am i taking a big risk with this purchase ?
    Many thanks for any help/feedback

  635. Robert - January 10th, 2014

    647…read my previous blog

    NO! It is NOT just previous Audi’s
    Why take a risk at all?
    You have not purchased a car yet and here you are, contemplating a demised vehicle with very bad reviews blatantly ignoring these feeds
    If you do buy it won’t you always be nervously looking out for that ominous PRENDS kiss of death?

  636. Phillip - January 12th, 2014

    I have a A4 convertible 3.0 v6.
    My car seemed to take time changing down gears but no bad sounds etc did a 400mile round trip no issues.
    Today I have just drove home after a 20mile trip and had smoke coming out the back.
    There is loads of oil over the cats underneath ( this is what was causing the smoke)and oil on the underside of the gearbox.

    Is this bad news? ( new gearbox) or just an oil seal?

    Kind regards Phil

  637. sharaz azad - March 7th, 2014

    Hi, I have 2004 1.9 tdi multi tronic. I have to rev high to get it to move initially. Otherwise it drives fine.
    only problem is setting off. can you advise of cost and what it involves?


  638. Admin - March 7th, 2014

    Experienced the deadly PRNDS a couple of days ago!! No acceleration and all lights on dashboard lit up.

    Noticed a one off battery alert whilst on motorway but it disappeared.

    The car gave up on me at traffic lights on local roads. Turned off ignition and restarted. Accelerated for a few seconds and no response again.

    Tried again, hit the accelerator slow and managed to get it home.

    After trouble shooting found the alternator was faulty

    Replaced Alternator, issue resolved. No more PRNDS.

    Thought I’d share incase anyone experiences a similar issue.

  639. Kenny - March 7th, 2014

    My beloved 2008 A4 2.0 CVT is in the dealer service department for a new transmission replacement – at 39,000 US miles!!!

  640. Kevin Kevoh - March 7th, 2014

    Kenny, looking at history, you started having issues which your car in December 24th, 2011. I know this won’t help, but you should have sold it as soon as those acceleration issues appeared, if not resolved to your satisfaction

  641. Tan - April 6th, 2014

    Sorry to hear you guys have spent £0000s but do you know you can get a new rebuilt to tougher levels multitronic gear box ecus for £150?

  642. Tim - April 22nd, 2014

    Audi 1.8t A4 Quattro 5spead Auto gear shudders on take off and also from 5to4 any help!

  643. paul, - May 18th, 2014

    A6 1.8t cvt multitronic,tiptronic
    starting issues,no power going to starter tickler wire via no 396 relay,power to ing switch ok(starter+reverse light,sensors)no faults found on engine and gearbox ecus,put a loopwire and fuse inat the mo so i have power,all funtions on gearbox work park,neutral,reverse,and drive,tiptronic gears 1-6 ok,kickdown ok, foot brake shift lock works,ign key lock works,selector display all light up in correct selection,dash display ,only reverse,drive,and tiptronic 1-6 show,park and neutral do not highlight up ?.unable to find the problem as yet thought it might be a park/neutral switch ?,but unable to confim this,been told its all done via the ecu ? any help appreciated

  644. Michael - May 30th, 2014

    Hi All,
    I have a AUDI A4 2 Liter diesel auto,It’s juddered and shakes when I strated to drive, some time it’s not acceleration as well,Contacted few local machanics,most of them are saying it’s a common fault wi these cars,does any one know a Automatic gear box specialist to change to oil and the filter please,I’m really guttered,this happen month later buying the car,Please let me know if any one knows to buy a second hand gear box.Thanks

  645. Jeff - June 1st, 2014

    Hi there, I owned a 2003 A6 which had the gearbox issue and am looking to get a new one. Which year did Audi change the gearbox to fix this issue? Im looking to get a 2007 plate. Would this be ok?

  646. Shaun - June 2nd, 2014

    Cape Town, South Africa based. Have two Audi A6’s, 2002 & 2003 models. Both have quite high mileage – 174003 & 232594 kms

    Both gearboxes are shot and I am sitting with the prospect of shelling out R70 000.00 to have them rebuilt…money of which I don’t have. Now what? Two beautiful cars but one can do nothing with them.

    Audi should recall or offer assistance to owners.

  647. Chaz - June 2nd, 2014

    i have a Audi A4 convertible 1.8 Mulitronic
    i have rencently been advised i require a new gearbox wich will st me back £2,600. I really wish i have read more about this car before I brought it. I have warranty with Warrantywise bu not sure they are going to cover the problem, they said they need to ins[pect the gearbox before a decison can be made, i will update to let u know what happens


  648. nicola - June 4th, 2014

    I have an audi s5 auto cab 10 plate , just out of warranty , been jerking for a while now in in d1 gear and reverse . Took car in to audi whilst under warranty and couldnt find the problem. car now worse rang service manager and car is in garage now , Had a phone call yesterday to say new gearbox as found iron fillings in gearbox oil and oil burned, Were not told about changing gearbox oil when car had its service at 37,000 (car now done 41,000). The cost will be aroung £9,000 to repair … Been told as good will audi will pay for parts and we have to pay labour (£1,000) But should we really have to pay anything due to the car being low millages ,just out of warranty , car up to date on services ,had all work ie mots ,brakes down with audi and problem noted before warranty expired . Dont get me wrong am really grateful to them footing most of bill , but should this fault really be happening at all ????????new gearbox on low millage well looked after S5 . We dont think so….

  649. Chunter177 - June 10th, 2014

    I’m sitting in Avonmouth having my audi A6 Avant (2008) 2.0L TDI S Line serviced.

    Alex, a Polish guy, is reconditioning the gearbox as we speak.

    He is knowledgeable – he also costs less than most other companies, and he specialises solely in the multitronic / CVT gearbox.

    It’s worth the trip. Get him to look at it if you’ve got the judder.

    If you want to cut to the chase – you know it’s the gearbox/clutch plates, and the shake is driving you nuts, don’t bother going to Audi – they don’t acknowledge the fault and will charge you to do nothing. It’s a specific problem with specific solution – go and see Alex.

    I’m a customer of his, and solely on the strength of his service am I posting this – I have no interest in his company, but like you, I’ve been looking for the cure, and this is it. Get in the car – drive to Avonmouth, and get the problem fixed. It’s that simple.

  650. sharaz azad - June 10th, 2014

    Hi, I have 2004 1.9 tdi multitronic. I have to rev high to get it to move intially. Otherwise it drives fine.
    onyl problem is setting off. can you advise of cost and what it involves?

  651. Peter Chatfield - June 10th, 2014

    Hi there,

    well I’ve finally gone and done it, got rid of that bag of rubbish called an Audi A6 Avant Final Edition. it is the 3rd and last time I will ever by an Audi. The electrics started playing up resulting in taking 5 hours to get home. All the guys who checked it out couldn’t find what was causing the problem because it was intermittent. I had relays replaced etc etc but still to no avail. So that was the straw that broke the camels back. I loved the car apart from the gearbox/electrics, I am now the proud owner of a lovely Honda Accord ES GT 2.2 Tourer and what a difference. I wish you all the best and I still say the only way to get Audi’s attention is to get a load of cars and head for the Audi/VAG Headquaters to embarass them into doing something. best regards Pete Chatfield

  652. Bruce Batey - June 11th, 2014

    Contact Alex the pole in bristol, he advertises on ebay for repairing Audi auto gearboxes, cant recomend highly enough, he really knows his stuff, regards Bruce

  653. David - June 11th, 2014

    During postal transit the long arm on my ECU unit came loose from it’s base. I would like to know if this is repairable as l know this is a complex sensor.
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

  654. Paul Humphrey - June 12th, 2014

    Blimey… Lots of unhappy people… Including me!
    3 years ago I had some problems with my Audi A4 1.9tdi 03 plate.
    I have a friend who is an Audi technician and he said that the problem was to do with the gearbox, so he replaced the clutch plate and gave the gearbox a flush and replaced the gearbox oil. I thought that would be problem solved, but over the last 9 months I noticed a rattle, as though something was loose in the engine compartment, now the car judders when driving from a standstill, which I suddenly realised was something to do with the gearbox.
    When I drive the car in manual mode the problems including the rattle seem to go away.
    I contacted audi years ago and they didn’t want to know, so I stopped using them for all my servicing etc (I had used them for many years).
    This was my second audi A4 and they are great cars, but audi should have accepted that there was a problem and recalled the cars with this gearbox.
    Some of the low end car makers recall cars all the time, but audi seem to think they are the best car manufacturer in the world and don’t want to believe that they can make massive errors in their workmanship.
    I’m not sure what to do at the moment… I haven’t got the money to get a new car or spend a fortune on a new gearbox at the moment…. I might just drive the car through my main dealers showroom window and tell them they can keep it.
    I’m going to talk to my friend again this morning who by the way has known that the gearbox in question has been problematic since it was introduced and audi know this and have known this from day one.
    Good luck everyone

  655. Tim Marble - June 12th, 2014

    The company had to recall over a million of their newer model cars 7 months ago, over gearbox issues which leads to loss of power. Seems like the company ignored the problem until lots od drivers started to campaign. I wonder how many have died or been injured when such vehicles lose power on the motorway or at high speed! shocking

    Some 1.6m cars and vans to be recalled worldwide over problems with a gearbox which leads to loss of power

    VW will replace hi-tech synthetic oil used in 7-speed dual-clutch gearboxes with traditional mineral oil

    30,000 Volkswagen Tiguans are being recalled in UK due to fuse problem which causes headlights to cut out

    One of biggest recalls in VW’s history

    Read more:

  656. Richard Cleare - June 13th, 2014

    I have 2008 A6 Avant , s line Le Mans. please dont be confident the later model autos were solved . I had delay starting off after reversing out of drive, seems to go into neutral slowing down for lights, and nearly got stuck against a wall , trying to get out of a steep drive, into a narrow lane . Reverse wouldnt engage. Left foot brake and more revs and it engaged for half a second then charged forward having disengaged. Stopped the car before hitting wall eventually got reverse to stay engaged. 7 clutch boxes are still a problem to be resolved. No mention of oil change in handbook. Got to get shot of it , might try quatro. But very nervous . What else to buy ?

  657. Ross hall - June 23rd, 2014

    I own an Audi A6 tdi auto . Has all the problems that are listed on here with my gearbox. It’s only done 39000 miles since it was last chance by the main dealer in Poole. Surely there’s something that can be done .
    Certainly won’t be buying one of these again. Shame as it’s a lovely car .

  658. Joanna Sheppard - June 23rd, 2014

    I have Audi A3 1.9 TDI auto, its got 68000miles on the clock ive owned it just over 3 months and I had to recovered last weekend after it lost power on the motorway, now undrivable!
    very scary just for your car to shut down like that, luckily it was late at night and no traffic on the road but if this happens when your in the thick of it on a busy motorway would easily cause a pile up!
    When it shuts down there is no warning, one minute driving along at 70 then it just falls out of gear and dies.
    Audi need to sort this problem out and admit there is a problem!
    watchdog NEED to highlight this as its only when a big companies reputation can be harmed that they will acknowledge it, independent people trying to take them on won’t make them listen or do anything about it

  659. Mark - June 25th, 2014

    Hi all, Its such sad news that so many people are having multitronic issues! My dad has had his 2008 2.0Tdi Multi since new. Its just clocked up 160k with very little problems at all to date. The gearbox has recently started sticking in gear & causing the revs to stick high when slowing down. Etc from 70mph off throttle rolling to slower speeds, the car will stick in 6th gear but the revs are hanging around th 3k mark. We have changed the oil as this was due but still no better. The oil removed was dirty but no evidence of metallic swarf etc. I dont see this symptom come up in what reading ive done so could someone say if they have expirenced this? We have booked it into audi this saturday for a re-adaption & will not be paying for a replacement. It will be a new car if thats the case!!

    Thanks in advance!!

  660. Lucien Morrison - July 1st, 2014

    Hi all . I have Audi A6 2.7 2006 bought it a month ago . When I did the test drive everything was fine and then after 2 days PRNDS started flashing and couldn’t move the lever . He get stuck in P until I found a small button underneath of cigarette box to unlock and after 10-20 min the flash was gone. But the flashing light came back again after I parked in the following day and is getting more often . I don’t know what to do . Please help me with some advise or whatever is need to be done! Thanks

  661. steve - July 24th, 2014

    I bought a Audi A4 tdi multitronic on a 54 plate 86,000 miles all service history and receipts for upgraded clutch,first 5 months no problems then the gearbox ecu started playing up got that sorted £230 approx ecu testing,Derby . everything ok for a couple of months then started to notice a slight judder in low gear changes over a few weeks it gradually got worse took it to an audi independent specialist who said it was a common fault on these gearboxes and would only commit to fitting a new box for about £5000 the car was not worth that so I p/xed it shame great car when running right.

  662. Sam Carpenter - July 25th, 2014

    We recently bought an Audi A6 1.9 TDi Multitronic Avant from an auction.

    Despite some absolute mug spending £1400 apparently getting the gearbox to work, we’ve had to take it to Alex in Bristol with a view to getting it fixed.

    The final bill was £1,000 for a completely reconditioned gearbox, ECU software upgrade and 7-plate clutch pack upgrade. It took about a day to do. Amazing service and quality of work, the car is now absolutely flawless. It pulls itself forward when left in D/R like it should, it does not judder, kickdown is awesome, it’s more economical and it doesn’t jolt when you put your foot down. Excellent work.

    His auctions are available through eBay, and are massively cheap. I was quoted £2,900 from Audi in parts alone for the job that he did, all inclusive, for £1,000.

  663. geoge hull - August 9th, 2014

    Exactly same problem. Already spent 3000 on transmission re build and now 2 years later need a multi tronic ecu sensor. quoted 1000 for part only. Going to contact to assess possible repair

  664. Tim Marble - August 12th, 2014

    I had my Auto Gearbox refurbished by Beeston Gearboxes located in Leeds. They beat all prices I was quoted.

  665. tim marple - August 14th, 2014

    just had watch dog e mail me they are thinking of statring an investigation i will keep you informed!!

  666. Scandi - August 16th, 2014

    I recently bought an Audi A4 2013 with a 125kw engine and multironic. It had only 24000 km driven and I personally drove only about 1000 km’s when I noticed some stuttering, jerking etc. Audi service agreed with me and asked instructions from Audi factory. They also sent factory some diagnostic data. Factory simply sent new multitronic gearbox to this local Audi dealer for replacing the faulty one, but there was and still is no explanation what was actually broken. Now the car is fixed, but I wonder if I can afford having it after warranty expires. Does anyone know if there is still some fundamental reliability issues with the latest multitronics? I know that gearbox change after warranty costs 10.000 EUR + labour so I need a bit more information on multitronic faults etc. to be able to make conclusion if I should pass this car to new owner. Otherwise this car feels just great!

  667. Martin Beukes - August 22nd, 2014

    I Have a 2005 A4 B7 1.8T Multitronic. The car has done 114000 KM (70836 Miles). I have a problem where my PRNDS flashes when a drove a few KM.For me it is worring that AUDI does not do much for the car users out there experiencing problems like this. Stuff like this will make me not to buy an AUDI again.

  668. Scandi - August 24th, 2014

    I have to adjust my comment (702) a bit, since although the multitronic gearbox was changed, stutter continues. I’d say it is unlikely that my problem was gearbox related despite the fact Audi factory gave order to local dealer to change the gearbox. Nobody knows what is going on with the car, but I suspect is has something to do with EGR.

  669. Robert Walden - August 30th, 2014

    I’ve today purchased an Audi A6 1.9tdi Multitronic (53 plate, 115000 miles) from a reputable used car dealer and, when driving home (and the car was warm), the juddering started when pulling away from standing. The car was sold with a 3 month warranty so I will see what the dealer has to say in the morning!
    So pleased to discover this thread.

  670. Andy Thomas - September 9th, 2014

    I have a 2001 A4 2L SE with a multitronic gearbox. Problems became apparent at about 68000 miles when it started to behave oddly going up steep hills, and now, with the car at 72000 miles, it jerks violently when starting from rest and I have not used it for a year for fear of it breaking down. I was wondering if maybe I could swap the useless multitronic (which I didn’t like even before it failed!) for a standard automatic… anyone got any experience of that? The car does not seem viable to repair, especially at is now due a timing belt, but it seems wrong to be throwing away an otherwise perfectly good car which has done only 72k miles, especially in this era of ecological sensitivity. It is a disgrace that Audi have not held their hands up and admitted that there is a fundamental design fault, reminds me a little of the Ford Pinto fuel tank scandal (but without the incineration) – they have made a decision based on preserving their bank balance and not based on providing any form of customer service. Can’t see me ever buying another Audi/VW…

  671. Tony R - September 20th, 2014

    Hi all, I have owned a 2003 Audi A4 3.0 V6 cabriolet since 2010, I bought it because I wanted something slick, quick and reliable. The Audi seemed to tick all of these boxes until I drove the thing home. I have literally had nothing but aggravation with this car and would never, ever, own another Audi. It started about a week after owning it, the juddering in the gearbox.i took it to Audi and I feared the worst. As the words so nonchalantly verberated from the mechanics mouth, “yeah, new gearbox mate, £5,000”. I was dumbfounded as the car had only done 60k, how could it need a new box? Anyway, I found a great auto specialist in Mersea, Essex who fitted me a new box for £3k. The juddering never went away though and I’m up and down to Mersea more times than I’d like t recall having it looked at. The EML is constantly on, every time I have the fault fixed, a week later the light is back on and I’m back at a garage. I’ve had the entire engine stripped as Audi said the timing was out, when I got it back from Audi, it had developed a severe oil leak that they said was nothing to do with them even though they’d had the engine apart? Back to another garage to get that sorted, EML still on, audi say its an O2 sensor, get this fixed, week later, EML back on this time it’s gearbox ECU, another £600. Finally fixed? No chance! More gearbox judder, EML back on, back to Audi, now it needs a catalytic converter, cost £1200! Audi guaranteed me that a new CC would solve all of my problems, the gearbox would not judder and the EML would go out, for good. Did it? What do you think? A week after having the CC fitted, not by Audi by the way, but still costing £800, the EML is back n and the gearbox is juddering like a sailor in the morning! I have hardly driven this car since I owned it, I have calculated I’ve lost about 9 months whilst its been in one garage or another. I’m probably about £10k out of pocket due to repairs alone. Audi, in my opinion, have neither the knowledge or the wherewithal to be able to fix the car. The CVT gearbox was made by an external company for Audi and they simply do not understand it enough. This vehicle is a complete waste of space, if you are even considering an audi with this gearbox, give yourself a slap and wake up! Do not buy it, if its a private seller, whoever is selling it to you is doing it for a reason (its a heap of crap) Every time I tried to speak to a mechanic about this car they told me to “get rid of it, make it someone else’s problem”. I just simply could not do this. I’m now scrapped the car and had a lot of pleasure doing so. It has been a thorn in my side for 4 years now, the hatred I have for the seller who sold it to me is most irrational and if I ever had the misfortune to bump into him I would tell him exactly what I thought of him. Anyway, rant over, I feel cleansed now and I’m moving on with my life and buying something else.

  672. Blayne - September 23rd, 2014

    I have had many Audis now and even though I absolutely loved the Allroads, I had problems with both these cars. The first was a 2002 2.5Tdi and the Head Gasket went. The second I bought in Jan, 2014 with 130k miles. No problems to start however engaging into reverse was a problem a couple of months ago.
    I would select reverse and it was jolt into gear if I was lucky. Then the forward gears would fail to engage and I am simply not sure if I should install a new gearbox of sell as is. It’s in beautiful condition, new tyres, suspension compressor and alternator. I was just about to buy a new gear box with a view to fit and then sell but simply not sure if this will cost me more in the long run as it’s probably worth about £3k in good condition. Olive green, cream leather 🙁
    Great car when it works!

  673. Giles W - October 1st, 2014

    Bought an Audi A4 auto, 2002 plate 3 years ago, now up to 100,000 miles. Has started juddering and ‘cattle-gridding’ when moving from ‘drive’ after half an hour or so driving, and am being told it needs a new gearbox at c. £3k. Car has always had an oddity – when driving downhill it would refuse to go down a gear so would end up whining away at 3,000+ revs. Wonder if that’ s related at all?

  674. Mirza Sheheryar Baig - October 23rd, 2014

    Thanks for the info, am too facing the same problem with my Audi A6 2011.

    I have written the e-mail on the address you have mentioned in this blog.

  675. Lee Merrin - October 24th, 2014

    I have trouble getting reverse and first when cold…..leave engine to warm and engine oil temp gears no problem. Car is currently in audi stripped and they reckon I need a new gearbox oh by the way its a 2007 audi r8 manual

  676. Matt G - October 25th, 2014

    Mine completely failed whilst merging onto the motorway. 100k miles.

    Ecu had been replaced and oil changed even more frequently than recommended. Yet still these issues…

    I can get a whole new gearbox for ~£3000 but how long will it last?

    Shame on Audi…

  677. Pete G - October 31st, 2014

    Copy of email to Audi (UK) customer services sent today:-

    I have a 2004 A3 3.2 with a DSG gearbox with 70,000 miles with an intermittent fault

    While driving the transmission will sometimes drop into neutral or 1st gear with the PRNDS display flashing
    I have to stop, turn the engine off and restart it,- sometimes it is then OK, sometimes it will do it again after a few more miles

    I have had a diagnostic check done and am told that it is ‘probably’ the mechatronic unit that is faulty which will be approx. £1800-2000 to replace

    I would not expect a major component on a modern car to fail after such relatively short mileage and it is obviously potentially dangerous, particularly on a motorway!!

    I have since found out that this is not an uncommon problem with cars of this age with this transmission.

    Please could you advise me as to what opinion VAG has regarding this issue

  678. James Johnson - November 2nd, 2014

    Hi all

    I am a Brit living in florida I purchased a A4 B6 2003 avant with 50k miles from a trader in my town and the gear box is sticking in 2nd. If I contact Audi wil they repair this as a recall now after the ‘Settlement of Class Action Against Audi Gets Preliminary Approval’. The main agent had the car from new as a service car that’s why is so low mileage.
    look forward to you reply James

  679. Bernard - November 15th, 2014

    My Audi A4 2007 model 2.4L. V5 has a problems with the gearbox. The car originally had an over heading problem. After taking it to the local technician the over heating problem was solved. 2 weeks later the gear box had a problem. While on the drive mode, the gear operates as on nutral. The car doesn’t accelerated…so can someone advice…

  680. Lucian - November 17th, 2014

    Hi Bernard you’re here for gearbox problems so why don’t you go and test it . I had the same problem and after the test ECU came out as the problem and I fixed/rebuild for £385 by a good mechanic instead of very big price £1500 at AUDI Service Centre. You’ll find them online .

  681. Rebecca - December 5th, 2014

    Sydney Australia

    NEVER buy an AUDI – I will go into detail of all the problems in my next post when I have a moment but lets just say this –

    Audi A6 2010
    In excess of $30,000 in problems!!!!!!! Gearbox, electrics, camshaft, water pump….these are just some of the big ones!

    Audi should be made accountable and be out of business!!!!

    Currently my car is in Audi Five Dock Sydney – last week I spent $1200 to fix “the problem” drove it and it was worse – I said refund my $1200 and I will get rid of it. “No we will fix it” got a call today $2800!
    I argued the price – they already dropped it to $2000…wonder why? They know its a piece of ***!

    They will not get another cent from me! I am fighting this!

  682. Fred - December 5th, 2014

    Hi Rebecca
    Please let me know the full details of your Audi A6 like engine size and mileage and problems you are having, I can then advice you as the best approach to take with Audi as I am an Audi Master Tech e.mail me

  683. James - December 20th, 2014

    Awesome just bought an Audi A4 3.0 Multitronic, got the shudder at the start of drive 89k miles looks like I should have done some research first…..

  684. Kevoh - December 20th, 2014

    Cross your fingers that the shudder is caused by anther issue. What year your 89k mile Audi? Did it have the automatic transmission fluid changed at 40k and 80k?

  685. Robert - December 22nd, 2014

    GET RID.
    I had all the service done on my 75,000 Audi and sent it to Audi to repair when it shuddered and eventually went nowhere (on a fast twisting road……..frightening!
    It returned three times
    Read all of these feeds
    It’s a design/manufacture problem
    Do you think Audi donn’t know about this site?
    Of course they do!
    If it could be repaired they would have done it before now
    Like you I wish I had looked on here before I bought it
    Actually the guy who sold it to me said, and I quote
    “this is the first car I have lost money on!”
    He had been in the car sales all his life (65 years!) I didn’t twig!!!
    Shudder is the first sign
    I do feel for you as I went through the same as you

    GET RID of this car – it’s rubbish
    Vorsprung blah blah” Going nowhere through technoligy”


    A shame we cant get Watchdog to publicise this
    I bopught my Audi to tour Europe e=when I retired.
    I dare not risk it after repeated failures that left me stranded
    I managed to sell it for £3500! Half the price it was worth

  686. Kenny - December 23rd, 2014

    My 2008 2.0T CVT box was replaced earlier this year with only 39,000 U.S. miles. The cost – $6200 rebuilt with all ‘new’ internals. Luckily my extended warranty covered it 100%. It is currently at 44,000 miles and I’m sure this will not be the end of it.

  687. Gary - January 6th, 2015

    Hi, I have an Audi A6 1.9 TDI automatic 2003 and by the sounds of it a 6 plate CVT gearbox. It has done 143k miles and to be fair I have not had any problems with the gearbox apart from the occasional shudder on take off. However, when driving through town on Mon afternoon I lost all drive. I pulled over and could not engage either drive or reverse and nothing also from the manual. Could this be the ECU or will it be a complete new gearbox. Grateful for any advise.

  688. Gary - January 8th, 2015

    Clive, many thanks for the info, I’ll look him up.

  689. PK - January 8th, 2015

    Yes I would definitely speak to Alex in Bristol. In follow up to my previous post (672) above, I took my A4 down to him and he fixed it completely for £2500 all in. The clutches and input shaft had disintegrated and Audi were quoting around £6000 for a replacement gearbox with fitting extra!! Alex rebuilt my original box and the car now drives like it did when I first bought it nearly new 6 years ago.

    When I picked it up, Alex insisted that I drove the car and fully tested it to make sure that I was totally happy with it before paying him. I’m pleased to say that I was delighted with the work and that three months later I still am.

  690. Brian Jones - March 10th, 2015

    Hi I am a new visitor to your forum.

    I have a audi allroad 2004 Quattro, 2.5 tiptronic, it has approx. 95,000 miles on the clock.

    I have experienced a couple of problems lately, would greatly appreciate any help / experience of this.

    When the car is first started, if I have to reverse off the drive the R comes up on the dash and then it thumps and almost goes back to P for a split second and then all the transmission lights come on, the car is then in limp mode. I have to turn the ignition off and back on a couple of times for this to reset itself.

    Now I have also experienced when first starting the car up, I drive forward off the drive, the car gets stuck in 1st gear and will not change gear, even using the tiptronic, it remains in 1st gear, car has to be stopped and restarted, again after a couple of attempts it resets itself, only the D light comes on during this issue.

    Got my box of tissues ready to hear the replies!

    Many Thanks


  691. Stephen Wilby - March 16th, 2015


    Could be the ECU. Contact ECU testing and they may be able to advise you over the phone.

    Details at including a discount code for 10% off. 🙂

    They offer a great and fast service. Much cheaper in price then dealers.

  692. D - March 16th, 2015

    I found this forum whilst searching for information on a 2010 1.4TFSI A3 issue bought s/h 4 months ago from AD with 2 year warranty.
    I have the slight judder when moving off from stationary position, and which is more noticeable when driving for over half an hour.
    Booked in with Audi will see what they say.
    Quite concerned after reading this.

  693. Lex Slr - March 19th, 2015

    Car: 2002 A4 1.8T
    Front wheel drive and 6 speed CVT.
    Milage: a little over 60,000 miles.

    There is a definite lag when accelerating from rest followed by a surge of power. It helps to let the car start to roll at idle and then hit the gas; power flows a bit more smoothly.

    Started off with a slight shudder when accelerating around 1500 to 2000 rpm. The shudder began to intensify with time. The shudder has now become an aggressive jerk that is akin to riding a mechanical bull. I am not joking. It doesn’t even have to be under acceleration anymore and I don’t think the bull discriminates against rpms either.
    The only way to make this stop is to tip the gear shift into the sequential manual mode. When changing gears myself, there is no shudder and once I time my shifts sensibly, the car drives incredibly smooth!

    This has lead me to believe that the problem with my car occurs when the CVT starts varying the actual ratios of the 6 ratios. The actual shifting from ratio to ratio doesn’t cause the issue.

    However, it’s still a pain. Paying for a premium car with mediocre parts; yes, that’s our wonderful progressive world! I’m sticking to my Honda Accord folks ^_-

  694. Mike - March 24th, 2015

    Audi A4 Cabriolet 1.8 T Sport – Automatic Multitronic Tiptronic
    2006 – 56 reg on 65k miles.

    Few weeks back couldnt get reverse gear.
    The car seems to drive fine, and smoothly.
    Took ti to a transmission place, who test drove it, said it seemed to be fine. You cant dip the level of transmission oil on these. No dipstick.
    Then tonight, ‘PRNDS’ started flashing on the dash. This coudl be the start of it failing, and possibly it goes into fail safe mode and then no engien power at all. So hopefully it is only the transmission ECU that is on its way out, and can get this replaced, one for one for around £195. I read on that this is a common problem and they rebuild your one once you send it to them in a turnaround of about 5 days. Fingers crossed this solves it.

  695. Stephen Wilby - March 24th, 2015

    Hi Mike

    Does seem like the ECU so you may be in luck!

    ECU testing are offering 10% off if you quote ‘GEARBOX8’

  696. Rebecca - March 24th, 2015


    Just an update on a post I wrote a while back…

    Firstly – if you haven’t already, get rid of your Audi!!!!

    Secondly, I have never dealt with a more rude and unsympathetic company. I cannot even begin to explain how this company, from sales staff, managers to customer care, head office have treated me and the situation. No ownership, no responsibility and worse, not even an apology.

    Thirdly, in the last two years and after more than $20K (Aust) in repairs – a new gearbox (argued and only paid for labour) timing belts & tensioners (x2) water pump (x2), the electrics all shutting down, no power – all whilst going down hill, oil leaks, coolant leaks, misfiring, cam timing out, camshaft, cam sensors, cam adjuster….just to name a few issues – I drove this terrible car from Audi (and I swear it still was not performing right) and traded it in……

    BOUGHT – JAN 2010 – $80K
    SOLD – JAN 2015 – $13K


  697. Pete G - March 24th, 2015

    A3 3.2 V6 multitronic
    2004 73k miles
    What a tale of woe this forum is!
    My car has similar problems in that the transmission can just drop into neutral or stick in the current gear while driving with the PRNDS flashing. I have to stop to turn the engine off and restart it,- not nice on a motorway or unlit bendy road!
    This was usually happening within about 5-10 miles of driving off, but now it is happening more often, sometimes taking 2 or 3 goes to restart it.
    Vorsprung durch technik,- I don’t think so!

    Taking it for a diagnostic check tomorrow

  698. Robert - March 24th, 2015

    I can’t believe that YEAR AFTER YEAR I am reading tales of woe regarding this gearbox from a major car manufacturer
    AUDI really should be held to account.
    I sold mine after 3 replacement ECU’s
    I got virtually nothing for it.
    I now have a BMW X3
    Great not to have the worry of flashing PRNDS to spoil my day and empty my wallet.
    I will never – ever buy Audi again
    I hate to tell you this but it’s a junk yard car!

  699. Iain MacDonald - March 26th, 2015

    Hi my 2006 A6 has a gearbox communication problem….I went to use it and the selector was locked solid. The car was towed to ‘Audi’ specialist garage, they said ECU problem ..stripped gearbox and sent the ECU off to a specialist company that rebuild them, they returned it to the garage saying there was no problem with the ECU. The garage had the car for over four weeks, trying to find the fault, I gave up with them, and got the car to the Audi main dealers, the have charged me £60 to tell me there is a communication problem, but do not know what the problem is. I will have to pay another £300 odd for them to investigate further…I WILL NEVER BUY OR RECOMEND AUDI.

  700. Tony Capony - March 27th, 2015

    PK – Is the gearbox still OK?

    I have looked but cannot find details for Alex in Bristol, but several posts seem to recommend him. Can you post the details please?

    Why don’t we all contact Watchdog about this problem and mention the class action that is going on in the US? They may be able to help us get some compensation from Audi.

  701. thomas williamson - March 30th, 2015

    please can anyone recommend some advice on my isssue, I have bought a 53 plate dsg tt 3.2quattro 80000 mls, recently from a used car garage (3 weeks ago) the flashing lights prnds and resticted driving started happening just like is described in this forum, it was sold to me with an independant warranty covering 1000 pound of repairs, do I have a leg to stand on as regards sending the car back for a refund under the consumer goods act?
    the car is at my local garage, and they have diagnosed it as a mechatronics assembly replacement, but could it be more drastic, i.e full gearbox replacement, either way it has been quoted at over £2000 for mechatronics replacement and i dread to think what the full gearbox would be.

  702. alex - March 31st, 2015

    Hello all,
    I have a A3 1.2tfsi 2012 model,with automatic gear box (ntz). Lost warranty a couple of months ago. Last week I had a failure with car, made a motoring from 4th gear to 1st and didn’t gear shift. The service reclaimed the mecatronic unit. After change it, the problem was still not solved, and procedeed to change whole gearbox on their expenses. Now, they don’t want to give warranty for a new gearbox, reclaiming that I didn’t pay for it. How can I be sure that is not a 2nd hand one? They said that the new gearbox will arrive from DE in 10 days but in 3-4 days was all ready installed, without notifing me. I don’t want to think if this happened on highway!

  703. Pete G - March 31st, 2015

    Thomas, if you only bought it 3 weeks ago take it back for a full refund as it is not road worthy or safe!
    Don’t ask them to repair it.

    You have a similar car and problem to mine (see post 699 above)and I have been quoted about £2000 to supply & fit a replacement unit.

  704. Jerry B - April 1st, 2015

    I’m experiencing the same problems as mentioned above with my A4 Avant TCU and have been quoted £1200 parts alone. Zero help from Audi UK and a total denial that the US class action settlement suggests that there is an underlying problem.

    I am exploring the possibility of forming a UK Action Group to take legal action in order to force Audi’s hand and would like to hear from anyone interested in holding them to account.

  705. Pete G - April 2nd, 2015

    Well my A3 has given up completely now,- stuck in 1st gear last night for the last mile home, it would not reset itself!
    Have now got quotes (see 699 above) but can’t get car to the workshop without trailoring it.
    Jerry, I’d be interested but it will be a long process and I will probably have sold it long before anything came of any group action.

  706. RON COULSON - April 2nd, 2015

    Took 59 plate Audi A6 Avant to Shrewsbury Audi yesterday to change cam belt at 70k miles. Just 100 yds from garage and MultiTronic gearbox started to shudder. Audi just quoted £6800 to replace it – and say it cannot be repaired. Looks like total cost about the same as value as the car. Garage advise Audi not prepared to help with cost. From what I read above, they have something to answer for!

  707. Kevoh - April 3rd, 2015

    It is disheartening to hear that Ron. What’s the cc, power and torque of your A6 engine?

    What I understand is the torque limit for the multitronic is 400NM. But some gearboxes have failed well beyond this limit and Audi continues to fit them on cars that have a torque very close to this limit or even beyond.

  708. inaaris - April 8th, 2015


    Unfortunately I encounter the same problems as all 709 previous commentators. I own a 2006 Audi A4, 2.0 with a multitronic transmission. I have pretty much done everything that you need to do in order to keep the car and the transmission health (i.e regular oil changes , the washing of the transmission /dynamic oil change/). But still the shudders are starting to come back and there are few other less-occurant anomaly’s that excist. What is saddest thing about all this is that Audi does not accept the error they have made. The Audi representatives say that everything good, drive on, nothing wrong bla bla bla bla bla. The same story what follows most of the problems in the world.
    I have really enjoyed my car, Audi has and will always be one of my favourite cars. But with that kind of attidude they just keep losing people. Just make a little effort towards people, compensate a percentage or something thats not so hard to do for a manufacturer so big.
    And I see my friends (audi fans) look a video in youtube what’s title is Audi perfection.
    Firstly when I saw it this video I really believed that what they are saying is true, now I’m really doubting that the next car I own will be a Audi.

  709. Diana - April 13th, 2015

    Same problem with my car. 2 years ago changed from 6 to 7 clutches, and a few days ago the same circus starts all over again. At 1900 rpm there are bumps, jumps and shudders.
    I have just written to Audi Germany and I am going to look for a dealer nearby where I am on holidays now, because I still have a long way to drive home and find this default to be quite disturbing and stressful.
    Note that I am a 70-year old grandma and I hate being stuck with a broken down car in a foreign country, even though I have “Audi Assist” which should come to my rescue (never tried it, have my doubts as to its effectiveness….)

  710. audi notanymore - April 15th, 2015

    I have a 53 plate 1.8T multitronic gear box which has clocked ~65K miles.
    Gearbox was playing up since last two months and now it is totally unpredictable and needs a cold start always to make the car move. Took it to the local Audi garage – no use, absolute shambles and very arrogant customer service!

  711. Nick Price - April 16th, 2015

    I have just had to tell the owner of a very nice 2003 A4 cabriolet that his gearbox is quite poorly at 70k miles. he didn’t want to believe me at first, but this information has helped him understand he is not the only one by a long shot, and I thank you for making my life a little easier in that respect. he is in a dilemma now weather to keep the car or trade it. It’s a bloody shame, the car is immaculate.

  712. Sami - April 22nd, 2015

    I am the latest victim of the multitronic gearbox woes! Having said that my 2003 Audi A4 1.9tdi has done over 200k miles. The PRNDS display started flashing on my way back home this evening. I intend to take it to Fontain Motors in Iver. I would welcome your thoughts if these guys are good?


  713. Daniel Maddock - April 23rd, 2015

    57 Plate A5 2.7tdi, 70k, Gearbox developed jerkiness on launch 🙁 Going to be expensive!

  714. Danny Bar - April 26th, 2015

    Hi all.

    I have a 1.8t multitronic A4 2005 with 42k on the clock.

    I am now experiencing the dreaded juddering which started very intermittently but now a couple of months on noticeable on each drive.

    I would like some advice from those that have resolved this problem and how they went about it.

    My car has been checked by a very experienced mechanic who has said I need a new gearbox. However reading various forums it is not clear if this is the root of the problem or is it simply the ECU which needs repairing?

    As there is quite a difference in price I wanted to check which is the best way to proceed with this? Spend money on repairing the ECU or take the advice of my mechanic.

    Given the age of my car it would not be a new gearbox so am I advised to get mine replaced with a reconditioned box or repaired? (If I need to go this route)
    Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks.

  715. Pete G - April 27th, 2015

    Juddering is more likely clutch,- mechanical or control problems
    It’s worth having a road test/diagnostic check done by an independent Audi specialist or main dealer,- then decide who you are going to use to do the work

  716. colin foster - April 27th, 2015

    audi a6 2001 2.0 multitronic
    gearbox replaced under audi warranty in 2006 because of juddering which was recorded by audi technician as ‘normal’ with multitronic gearboxes!!!!

    now have the prnd dashboard light flashing with reverse sometimes not engaging, stalling now a couple of times….booked in with my inde garage but expecting worst

    apalling that audi refuse to acknowledge the problem

  717. John - SE16 - April 28th, 2015

    2003 A4 Avant SE Multitronic

    I have been trying to make contact with Alex in Bristol, attempting to get a re-build, but it’s not happening: my voicemail messages are not returned, in the one brief telecom he asked for an e-mail via eBay, then responded asking for a call rather than e-mail ! Just wondering if anyone knows if he’s still offering his services, has packed up, or is anything other than reliable ? Any alternative contact info (other than the 005-ending phone no) please ?

    Anyone else out there offering his kind of re-build service ?



  718. Danny Bar - April 29th, 2015

    Hi Colin.

    I am currently experiencing the same problem as you. The car was diagnosed by a German car specialist who advised I replace / repair the ECU rather than the gearbox based on the diagnostic readings.

    The same garage quoted me around £1200 to do all the work and fit a brand new ECU.

    My approach is to get a repair on my existing ECU for around £155 all in. If this resolves the problem I will be a very happy man, but will accept that a repair may not be a permanent fix, but at less than 10% of the cost of a new ECU I’m willing to take the chance.

    My car will hopefully be fixed Friday so I can add an update after the weekend.

    Good luck.

  719. diana - May 8th, 2015

    Update on my A4 Avant automatic Multitronic gearbox
    Thanks to all for the various posts. Most interesting.
    A mail to Audi Germany (as suggested in one of the posts), only had the result that they forwarded my complaint to the Audi importer in my country of residence (Switzerland).
    From this importer, I got no info whatsoever. I put forward the question to know if they know about these problems, their answer was “NO”, since they only import the cars, they have no repair nor maintenance service.
    I have to go to an Audi dealer anywhere I wish.
    Since here in Switzerland Audi prices for service and repairs are situated directly in paradise, I think I am going to contact either the Belgian firm or Alex in Bristol. In some of the posts I saw a link and/or telephone number.
    All I want to know is, if this problem (rumble and shudder) can be repaired to guarantee me something like 60’000 km of unproblematic gearbox functioning or if it would be wise to trade the car in for a Quattro which seems to have a different gearbox and no problems at all.
    I will keep you posted on this issue. Regards, Diana

  720. John says goodbye Audi - May 15th, 2015

    2004 A4 Avant 2.5 TDI multitronic; 70,000 miles; full service history (Audi & Audi specialist garages).

    I’ve got the dreaded judders. Audi Walton diagnosed the problem: “the 6-plate gearbox design cannot handle the torque” and a 7-plate replacement would fix the problem for £4,500.

    I bought the car 6-months ago and now it is effectively a write-off.

    Audi Walton wouldn’t offer good will… and neither would Audi UK: They claim it is not a known problem, despite the US class-action lawsuit for the same issue 2-years ago. They also claim that they are not aware of anyone else in the UK suffering from this problem.

    I will be taking this further.

    This is my second Audi (had a great manual A4 for a few years) but I will never buy an Audi again.

  721. bart - May 16th, 2015

    Our gearbox got stuck in Park…nice car, shitty gearbox, poor design.
    yoiu would expect better quality for the money

  722. Jens A L - May 21st, 2015

    Just got the same problems with my 2003 A6 that I’ve had for 3 years. Flashing PRND lights and poor reverse gear. It has 198.000 km on the dial and my Audi dealer har full service history on the car and told me that the gear box have been replaced once. I hope it’s just the EUC and that it can be fixed. I’ve loved the car up to now, but are not so pleased now.

  723. Mike Souber - May 29th, 2015

    Audi Q5 – 67,000 miles Autio gearbox

    Fault since 40,000 not really recognised by Audi.
    The car had trouble going into reverse.

    Took it in for testing – Car failed to generate any revs in reverse gear at all while I was showing the technician.

    Audi Yeovil say I need a new gearbox £9,000. They say missed an oil cahnge at 30,000 so nothing they can do.

    They tried a part replacement gearbox for 31,000

    Now car stalls instead.

    I want them to replace the gearbox to how it was BEFORE it stalled as at least it was driveable.
    Trading standards and solicitors agree with me.

    If the graage has created a new fault, they must repair that .

  724. J - June 4th, 2015

    My dad bought a 2002 Avant 2.5tdi estate and has had ongoing juddering if putting his foot down heavily. He has actually lived with it like this for 3-4yrs as it hasn’t got worse and he doesn’t race anyway.

    Recently he bought another 2.5tdi convertible with the same gearbox and guess what? Same problems started but in this car far worse. We went to Alex in Bristol and although we had a couple of glitches he sorted them all out for us.

    He is apparently in the process of moving to a new premises and when I was with him pretty much every phone call he got he didn’t take and his voicemail box is full. I did mention to him that he would lose customers if no one can get hold of him so if you are wanting to contact the guy you might have to try a few times but he is still operational, although why he doesn’t get a young lad to just take messages for him or something is a bit beyond me, but hey it’s not my business.

    Anyway he knows his stuff and we have found him very trustworthy. I did enquire about conversions to manual gearbox but he shook his head and said the cost is very high and the electronics are different so a lot to modify.

    Hope other people get their problems resolved as we know the frustration of never being able to feel confident in the gearbox.

    Audi clearly have avoided the issue for years and the cars are now of an age where they know they have got away with it.

  725. Gegs - June 5th, 2015

    Hi all,

    My Audi A4 2.0 FSI SE (44,000 miles) reg 2003 CVT suddenly has a heavy juddering problem. I think this falls into the category of a 6 plate clutch manufactured between 2000 -2005. If this is not fixable is it viable to replace the gearbox with a refurbished gearbox with a 7 plate clutch?


  726. Kenny - June 5th, 2015

    I believe most people with the B7 A4 (2005.5-2008) have had the same issue and replaced their CVT with the updated 7-Speed version.

  727. Kevoh - June 5th, 2015

    I would sell if I were Gegs, going from what others have written above, chances of a full fix are very low. This is made worse by the mileage on Gegs car being very low for a 12 year old car.

  728. Kenny - June 5th, 2015

    Well, at least his was better than my 2008 2.0T when it needed a new CVT at only 39,000 miles!

  729. Gegs - June 6th, 2015

    @ Kevoh re selling it – before the gearbox problem valued it at £2400. Is anyone going to buy it now with this gearbox problem? I got a quote for a reconditioned gearbox with 1 year guarantee = £3k. I think a new gearbox fitted by Audi would be more like £4k or £5k.

  730. Kevoh - June 7th, 2015

    Why spend 3k only for the ‘improved’ value to be less than 3k?

  731. Kenny - June 7th, 2015

    All replacement CVT gearboxes are not brand new, they are re-manufactured to ‘new’ – meaning only the internal parts are new but rebuilt then fitted in to old casings. There is no such thing as a new CVT…unless you have the latest year model.

  732. Gegs - June 13th, 2015

    @ Kenny ok thanks. @ Kevoh yeah I said the quote was £3k but whether I would actually spend £3k on it is of course a different matter – and no, I would not spend £3k on it. This A4 is a dead duck.

  733. jacob - July 13th, 2015

    my Audi A4 2.4L 2003 model has the same problem and its too bad tht i am in botswana(africa, to find a new engine is costly. so does this means all of us owning an Audi A4s of those years we cant be helped since it seems its a manufacturing problem?

  734. Jason Davis - July 13th, 2015

    I’ve been having some problems with my car shuddering when i pull away. ive taken it to my local audi and showed them a copy of your story and they told me that the problem was with older gearboxes and mine is a 2010 a5 cab .have you any updates from people who have the same problem with newer cars please?

  735. chris green - July 15th, 2015

    I have an A6 avant 58k prnds flash and the car wouldn’t start. seemed like totally dead.
    had ecu changed by Audi and the same thing happened again a month later.
    Each time when the car was picked up and dropped off at garage the car would start and prnds flashing would stop.
    A £20 relay change sorted the problem out. ~ the jolting of the car on a loader also reset the relay temporarily!
    112k the auto gearbox is slipping and the car wheelspins if I’m not really gentle with accelerator.
    Been told to change gearbox oil and filter as this might fix it.
    The problem did not show as a problem when plugged in to a troubleshooter.

  736. Quade - July 20th, 2015

    2003 2.5l v6 a6
    Pulling off feels funny, it sometimes pulls off in 2nd gear
    Acceleration does not feel smooth at all times

    Is this the start of problems ?
    Should I do a gear box oil change first ?

  737. ant - July 22nd, 2015

    hi im having the same problem with my2007 audi a6 7 speed gearbox im wanting to get a reconditioned one has anyone any recommendations in the south yorkshire area many thanks ant

  738. chibuz uk - August 1st, 2015

    just about buying an a6 audi 2.8 2007 multitronic, 81k mileage. really scared from all these comments. wish I could get a positive remark to convince me in buying it in 2days time. will have to pay extra for the 36mnths warranty.

  739. Iain Clark - August 1st, 2015

    I have a 58 plate, Jan 2009 Audi A3 1.8 tfsi automatic s-tronic.

    It’s only done 24,000 very careful miles. It’s making a grinding noise as I’m driving. Audi took a sample of the gearbox oil and found metal fragments in it, so they’re saying it needs a new gearbox. £4,282.

    In July 2014 the car was recalled due to a problem with the gearbox oil, so they changed to a different type of oil – from synthetic to mineral.

    The car feels perfect to drive, the only issue is the grinding noise.

  740. David - August 3rd, 2015

    @744 ‘chibuz uk’ – Don’t buy it… Having read all the comments take notice and walk away from that car. I can tell you first hand that it isn’t nice to know you have a £2 to £4K bill just around the next corner.

    As far as warranty goes.. read the small print, there will be a maximum payout – check that it will cover the cost of parts and labour.
    If you must have the car, I would go as far as writing to the warranty provider and ask for it in writing – If Audi can get away with it then they sure can!

  741. Paul - August 3rd, 2015


    I’ve got a A6 2000 avant with the gearbox code EBV, I started getting a judder when selecting reverse and now when I select reverse it will go back as long as I don’t accelerate but the moment I hit bump or touch the accelerator I loosed drive and the engine just revs?

    I’m thinking about sending the tau off for testing but still not sure if I’ve even got a Multitronic box.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  742. Melvin Chibole - August 12th, 2015

    I recently bought an Audi A4 S-line 2007 model (pre-owned) with a mileage of 66,200. Having driven it for only three weeks, my gearlights on the dashboard have started flickering. I have replaced the gear oil, reprogrammed it twice as well as changing the spark plugs with genuine parts but the light flashed back albeit intermittently. I have been advised by mechanic who was trained in your facility through the now defunct Arrow Cars that it might be an ECU failure. In his garage, there were atleast five other cars with the same issue. My question is, how do get the parts since we don’t have a service centre in Kenya and is Audi is aware that this a very common fault.

    We have formed a private club of audi owners with a membership of about 370 and your response will be highly appreciated.

    Melvin Chibole – Kenya

  743. Joseph - August 19th, 2015

    I am from Cape Town South Africa, My car is a 2005 A6 2.4 V6. 3 Months after purchase,the car started, changing from D” gear to S” gear while driving. Took it back to Audi Dealership, and they had it repaired at their cost, R13,000. 2 years down the line the car now started with, lights all came up together, it jerks and shudders, lose of power while driving. I brought it to a nearby Audi Center for diagnostics. I was told that the gearbox ECU fault. This will be the second time after two years, that it needs to be repaired or will need to replace. Not sure what to do, repair and sell or buy replace ECU and keep the vehicle. Audi’s Multitronic Gearboxes are the worst ever gearboxes made and fitted into its vehicles. The designed and engineers should be fired for introducing it to its cars.

  744. Corne Marinus - August 26th, 2015

    I am from Cape Town, South Africa. I bought a 2007 Audi A4 2.0TFSI second hand, with 112000km on the clock, full service history – only the last one not done with the Audi dealership. The car is in a very good condition, and still has an extended warranty on. A week after I bought the car, I started it one evening and the PRNDS lights were flashing. I switched off and on, and they were still there – I put the car in D, drove off and the lights stopped flashing, and everything was fine. Put the car in P at home to open the garage, and when I put it back in D there was no power. The next morning all was fine again, apart from a shudder through the transmission when I slow down to a stop. I took the car to the dealer, had it checked and they could find nothing wrong. I also had the gearbox oil changed at this point (within the 60000km specified time). The gearbox still shuddered when coming to a stop (only in D, not in S). 2 weeks had gone by, and suddenly last night while trying to reverse up a curb, there was no power to the wheels (gearlever in R, but no light on dash to indicate it). When reversing without throttle it moves, as soon as power is applied nothing happens. It seems I will have to replace the gearbox as well.

  745. Dane Canavan - August 31st, 2015

    Hi got our gearbox filters changed and new oil. Put it back into the car and now reverse is drive and drive us reverse! Is it possible the gearbox could be assembled incorrectly or could it be a linkage/paddle issue?

  746. Paul W - September 16th, 2015

    Have a 2001 A6 2.4 automatic. I had all these issues mentioned. Sent the ECU to ECU testing at the recommendation from this forum. Great service and it was worth the gamble of nearly 600 pounds to fix the problem. The car has been running perfectly for 3 months but just this week the car seems to be slipping out of gear. When you drive along, the rev counter shoots up and the engine roars as if it has gone into neutral.
    Any ideas what might be wrong now?


  747. Karl Scott - September 21st, 2015

    Just to let you know that i have an Audi Avant [2004] tdi 130, and i have the dreaded shudder when moving off, i don’t have any noises at the moment, but i fear it is only a matter of time, why wont Audi realise this is a massive problem with these gearboxes

  748. Roy Sharp - September 26th, 2015

    Same old same old – juddering when pulling off etc. Just spoke to a local gearbox specialist and again he confirms that this is common (mine is an A4 Avant 1.9tdi 2004) but that some of the newer gearboxes fail earlier! Recommendation is to sort this one out and keep the car.

  749. Dane Canavan - October 2nd, 2015

    Bought a new gearbox and flywheel and put it into the car, same issue! Any ideas what is causing the start judder? Doesn’t look to be flywheel, gearbox or ecu related?

  750. Dane Canavan - October 2nd, 2015

    Bought a new gearbox and flywheel and put it into the car, same issue! Any ideas what is causing the start judder? Doesn’t look to be flywheel, gearbox or ecu related? As all these changed and verified!

  751. Chris - October 2nd, 2015

    Get a new loom. And/or get the injectors tested

  752. Paul sibley - October 4th, 2015

    Audi 2007 A6 grinding noise when selecting drive , noise stops when gearbox is put into neutral,some juddering not a lot when stopping any ideas?

  753. stephen - October 13th, 2015

    My audi A4 2.0 tdi multitronic on a 55 plate over revs through gears when cold,ie holds onto gears for too long before changing gear, but once warmed up changes beautifully. However i noticed the other day that when i stopped at the bottom of my road and turned ignition off,removed key then restarted again it ran great, am at a loss of what it can be.

  754. Ken Jubber - October 14th, 2015

    I’m sorry I did not read these tales of woe before I bought a 2003 Audi A4 in February. Soon after taking ownership, the car with 128K on the clock started shuddering when reverse was engaged and it took a few seconds for drive to engage. When on the road the gears changed smoothly. A week ago while driving the gear box suddenly died. No light indicating which gear was engaged, no connection to the engine. Now I’m told I have to replace the gearbox. Same story as so many of those I’ve now read. My first and last Audi purchase.

  755. sarah - October 14th, 2015

    have 2007/8 audi A8 just spent 300 on having a new part fitted as automatic gear change not happening correctly and it was trying to over rev. Guess what now having same problem with gear staying in 2 or 3 and not wanting to move up. Told I need a new gear box probably, car only done 55000 so hardly worn in,cannot afford monthly charges like this!

  756. Roger Brown - October 14th, 2015

    I have a 2006 Audi A4 multitronic gearbox, looking to send it to ecu testing but ringing around garages near Tonbridge Kent only found one in Gravesend but will charge £500.

    Can anyone help ?

  757. J Campbell - October 17th, 2015

    Audi – Shame on you I have trying to find a resolution to this gear box issue which is economically the worth it against the value of the car without any success. (2.4 Convertible A4 – 65000 miles-03 plate) Car Warranty ran a mile once l mentioned audi and gear box in the same sentence.

  758. Corne Marinus - October 19th, 2015

    Update on my situation – I contacted Audi South Africa to complain about my gearbox giving up the ghost. Apparently they have no record of any CVT gearboxes giving problems in South Africa (even though numerous dealers I phoned told me that they regularly replace/repair the CVTs). I will never buy another product from VAG and I will spread the word whenever I get the chance.

  759. Kenny - October 19th, 2015

    Corne, it will never work because most people ‘lease’ their new vehicles at the dealer, at least that’s the majority of cars being sold here in the states. They drive them for 2, 3, 4, or 5 years and will never encounter such problems, then returns the lease. If problems do arise the full warranty will kick in – no loss, no headaches.

    The lease-return or ‘used’ vehicle will then be sold at pre-owned market section. These are entirely different and will not hurt VW/Audi one bit since they already sold a particular number of units as new. The original new owners leave their headaches to to the second-hand owners (if any), but there are some diamonds in the ruff if you search. Not all used Audis are p.o.s.

  760. Mark - October 20th, 2015

    Audi Cardiff in uk didn’t so much admit fault, but said the gearbox oil needed to be replaced every 40k miles and said this was a revision on the life time oil as first stated, they are fully aware of the issue
    They also have a good low price on doing it £175, other non audi garages advised against the oil change and we’re more expensive
    Mine now runs fine, get the oil changed asap!!!

  761. Blessing Mushayi - November 4th, 2015

    I have an A4, 2002, 2ltr. I bought the car with a mileage of 80,000km, everything seemed ok up until the mileage went above 100,000km, it started flashing the ABS and handbrake lights when its warm especially when I’m going at higher speeds, it gives jerks when taking off and shifting to higher gears, it’s slow in shifting gears up and when I’m in reverse it only starts moving when the accelerator is half way down with the rev count at around 3 that is if it does reverse at all.

  762. Robert - November 8th, 2015

    SO…Volkswagen have been found out as have Porche.
    Audi on emissions, But NOT YET on a seriously demised automatic gearbox
    Now lets hope that Audi will do the “right thing” and confess the dreadful Gearbox that leaves us stranded and at risk of collision on the roads
    Happened to me many times and twice on a motorway…..frightening, particularly as I am a disabled driver
    I spent £4000 on repairs at Audi and wasted my money
    Traded it in at a major loss, but just relieved to get shut of this”junk yard car”
    SO come on Audi let’s see if you can get people to trust German car manufacture

  763. Ghidar - November 22nd, 2015

    Have an Audi A6 2010, S line Multitronic with 40100 miles. Car stopped on the road when I stopped behind the traffic light and didn’t move. I recovered the car to AUDI Garage and I was told the car Gearbox has failed and need a new Gearbox which cost £6050.00.
    That is a major loss and I am under a big pressure to manage this situation to repair the car or exchange the car.

  764. Swampydrill - December 4th, 2015

    I have a 2007 Audi A4 2.0 tdi Automatic. Problem started recently where i started getting some juddering, this got progressively worse to the point where the car is pretty much undriveable.When the car is started up, it sounds fine and revs fine, once you start to drive, the car will start to judder to the point where i can drive maybe 2 miles before needing to pull over. I managed to get to a garage where the guy said it was the flywheel, he said 80% sure so i decided to let a friend of a friend look at it. He says it is not the flywheel but says the 7 plate clutch is slipping badly. I guess the question is, does clutch issues like this generally lead to a new gearbox being required or not.

  765. Phil Doig - December 7th, 2015

    Have a 2003 1.9 TDI A6 which has just shred its multi-tronic gearbox after three years of jerky first gear pull-aways – despite attention by a well-recommended local transmission specialist. Because so many have this exact problem, correct-spec used boxes are as rare a Audi Dealer tears – so the car is now worth scrap value.(Also know someone with a Passat who has the same box / problem) So, in my experience, specialists can help, but the box has inherent problems that just won’t go away. I NOTICED IN THE SERVICE HISTORY THAT THE CAR HAD REMEDIAL GEARBOX WORK WHEN STILL UNDER WARRANTY – THIS IS LITTLE TO DO WITH AGE OR MILEAGE APART FROM THESE CONTRIBUTING TO AN INITIAL ‘BAD JOB’ GETTING WORSE. I’LL NEVER BUY AN AUDI / VW / SEAT / SKODA AGAIN. ‘VERSPRUNG DURCH KAPUT’.

  766. GARY - December 23rd, 2015


  767. Gary - January 3rd, 2016

    Hi all. I have an A4 3.0 quattro auto. 135000 miles. Had car a week and gear box fault ,they are saying torque converter seals had gone £1400 to fix. Lucky for me as have warranty.but I am thinking of giving car back and having something else. Gutted as lovely to drive

  768. David - January 3rd, 2016

    I have an A4 estate 3.0 Tdi v6 quattro with S-Tronic, 28,000 miles, first registered july 2012. As vehicle speed (not gearbox speed) increases, the box becomes more and more noisy, almost a boomy/grinding noise which sends vibrations into the cabin make the car shake at high speed (80mph). On long journeys the phenomenon gets worse. Any ideas ? Final transmission drive problem or something else ? Thanks for any ideas you can give to help diagnose.

  769. James Robertson - January 13th, 2016

    Has anyone been successful at getting Audi to repair their gearbox for free? A few located in the U.S won a battle against Audi and these gearboxes? Has there been no such action in the UK?

  770. Mark - January 13th, 2016

    They no longer say about lifetime oil
    You HAVE to change oil every 40k miles

    That’s their policy.
    I changed my oil with audi for £175 and now gear box is fine…. Leave it too long and gear box dies

  771. Kevoh - January 13th, 2016

    The RS5 and the Quattro have a different gearbox from the multitronic CVT. Hence those cars have different gearbox issues, it doesn’t sound good.

    I’ve changed my CVT gearbox oil at 40k and 80k miles. The box is still smooth. Mine is a 2007 A4, B7 with the 7 plate clutch CVT

  772. suraya - January 20th, 2016

    i have purchased an audi a3 2007. my car when started moves well until the heat gauge is on 90. the downshift in d drive from 3 to 2 gives a very big jerk. when taking off from 2 to 3 it does the same. thereafter it moves ago without hassle until u break speed .

    The cost to fix according to a gear box specialist is r10,000 and they say it is the valve body.
    i have been on the net and it seems there are a lot of owners experiencing this.

    Can it be the atf fluid. car is 130000km and kast service done 119000kn

  773. Cristian - February 4th, 2016

    Hi, I’m looking to buy an 2012 A6 multitronic but reading all of this kind of put me off, does the 2012 A6 multitronic has the same problem with the gearbox? Thnaks

  774. Kenny - February 4th, 2016

    ^^They all do. You’d have to really baby the car and have the transmission service every 40K US miles, this I mean having the fluid changed accordingly by a qualified technician, not just any transmission service center but by someone that understands Audi CVT box and preferably Audi. I’d steer clear if I were you unless you’re not set on owning the vehicle for a long time.

  775. Rick Wilson - February 4th, 2016

    I was just about to buy an Audi Q5 2010 V6 3.0 Tdi with an auto gearbox. Reading through most of these comments – I don’t notice any about problems with such a box? Has anyone out there had any problems with one? Also – any issue with the catalytic converter in that model?

  776. Lorraine Lovegrove-Wood - February 18th, 2016


    I have an Audi Q5 with the same mechatronic issue as mentioned on this page.

    May I ask why you are not reporting this to the DVSA as they are the ones responsible for getting recalls issued?


  777. Lorraine - February 18th, 2016

    I have a 2009 Audi Q5,65000 miles, same gearbox issue, jolting/stalling. No offer of goodwill towards replacement of mechatronic unit. Please, please, please people, report this to the DVSA otherwise a recall will never be implemented! I have contacted VAG group in Germany.

  778. Kevin - February 18th, 2016

    Hi Lorraine,

    Your Q5 has a different gearbox to the multitronic gearbox which has this issues. Multitronic is not compatible with 4×4 vehicles.

    DVSA only deal with safety defects that could cause injury. The Multitronic problem isn’t considered a safety issues





  779. GL11 - February 21st, 2016

    Hi all I have a 2003 A4 2.5tdi V6 avant already had ECU replaced couple of years ago but recently I have developed a slight judder on take off….I am thinking of buying a New 2016 avant ftsi with s tronic box are these problematic I think the s tronic has been around approx 3 years ish. Would value your opinions greatly.
    Thanks GL11

  780. Jonny.R - February 21st, 2016

    Hi all,

    I have owned a 2004 B6 A4 Avant 190bhp CVT for the past 6 years and am well versed on the pitfalls of this troublesome gearbox, however it is manageable..

    When I bought the car second-hand in 2009, I quickly noticed the judder under hard acceleration, however mine also juddered on slow down. The judder on acceleration is nearly always the clutch plates and on slow down the valve body(these are different issues). Fortunately I have never had the PDRNS flashing, which I know is an ECU fault.

    I had the clutch plates(7) and valve body replaced in 2010 and they are still going strong…

    Having owned the car for a while I understand why these boxes fail and how to avoid them failing in the future…

    1. Do not hard accelerate hard from a standstill. As your turbo spools it will rip through the 1st clutch plate in a short time. You have to judge the move off perfectly and you can still enjoy the car fast, but when moving off, give it that extra second before flooring it(should you be in the mood).

    2. Oil change every 20,000 or 2 years.

    3. When engaging reverse, don’t be in a rush.

    4. Going uphill, take it easy and avoid putting the gearbox under excessive load.

    Basically a CVT gearbox should never have been mated with a 190 bhp engine with a turbo, it just cant handle it. With that in mind and as your car gets older, you need to look after the CVT.

    Knowing what I know now, my gearbox is super smooth and no problems since I had it fixed back in 2010.

    The CVT is lovely when it works and makes the car very economical as it selects the optimum gear continually.

    So for all those that have CVT faults, do fix them, but then understand how to look after them.

  781. Kenny - February 23rd, 2016

    Thanks for the input. I also have a 2008 2.0T (200HP US Specs). Had the CVT replaced at 39K. My car was never driven hard nor has it ever been modified in any way, and it is all stock as we speak. These are complex boxes and I totally agree with you on the weight ratio of such part fitted. This also goes for many other different components as they are too delicate for this beast of a vehicle. In the states, CVT fluid changes are recommended at 40,000 miles but one must be very careful when doing such task, meaning you’d have to have someone that is very knowledgeable when servicing a CVT simply because they are not ‘drain & fill’ types like the rests. The work requires rigorous steps and certain temperature environments. ‘Gear’ lever selections (PRND) as the work in progress is very crucial. Over-filling or under-filling can also slowly destroy a CVT box. With that said, they are great when working correctly as mine have after the replacement but they are still very delicate in many ways.

  782. Mark - February 23rd, 2016

    Simple fix, call audi, tell them about problem and get gearbox oil replaced
    It will cost you £175
    Dont go anywhere else, I never found a cheaper price and they do a proper job
    I had exactly the same issue… If you leave it, it will costs you thousands… Plz do it asap
    Mark (someone who spent many hours researching!)

  783. GL11 - February 23rd, 2016

    Many thanks for your reply re my above post on judder at take off, the gearbox oil was replaced at 32,000 now done 57,500 it states in service schedule book every 40,000 but I am going to book in for it to be changed.
    Thanks again

  784. ricky graham - February 23rd, 2016

    Hi Jonny, well said, i too have had my 19tdi sport 04 since 2009, changed the oil at the 40k recommended by Audi uk, i don’t drive the car like a boy racer and i do really think this box is spot on. The car is coming up to 180,000k now so think i will put it in for a oil change as the last one was around 145,000k

  785. Louise - February 23rd, 2016

    I have an A4 2005 multitronic, I have lost all gears, and wonder if anyone has experienced the same problem. The car started sticking in one gear, with the PRNDS being displayed with no gear selection. Stopping the car and turning the engine on and off resolved the problem, and all gears came back into driving. This intermittent problem got progressively worse over the course of three weeks. The gears would go through 1,2,3,4 try to go into 5, jump back to 4 then down to 3, then lose gear selection and drive in 3 only. There was no gear selection displayed, just a static PRNDS display. The problem seemed to happen when the car was driven on a wet day at first. I took it to a garage, and it was thought that the problem was electrical, and the car was booked in to be looked at more thoroughly. The day before however, the car lost all gears, and is now undrivable.

  786. Mark - February 24th, 2016

    If you had the oil change done by audi then the problem could be different (unless you have a patch of oil where you leave car overnight?)

    There is a Polish guy based in Avon mouth Bristol, he specialises in these issues, you can find him on ebay if you search for something like audi multitronic recon
    I’ve seen his name all over the audi forums and is very cheap, but knows his stuff, many audi forum members have been to him, I have not,.but.did speak to him once.
    It might be worth calling him first and explain you had oil already changed
    There other other fixes for this like ecu, valve body, upgrade to 7 plate system, néw seals, but he’d probably need to drive it to diagnose properly

  787. GL11 - February 25th, 2016

    Mark… no oil on drive ever….. had ECU done 3 years ago by Audi after PRND lights was flashing and couldn’t get reverse gear (Audi covered all costs)I have car booked in at Audi for 10th March for investigation and gearbox oil change couldn’t get it in any sooner they were all booked up. Hope I don’t need new gearbox or clutch as only done 57,500. This car has only ever been to Audi main dealer for service or repairs and even MOT. Just had complete new tensioner kit fitted at Audi January 2016 due to tensioner failure. Feels like a one way money box lately.

  788. Kevin - February 25th, 2016

    GL11, for a car with only 57k on the clock, you have had too many issues with it. Time to sell it!

    I have a 2007 A4, 143BHP, multitronic. Owned since 2010, 21k miles. In 2012, 52k miles, EGR died, £420 to get it replaced.

    2014, 72k starting the engine while it is hot takes 2 seconds longer. Garag says the DMF is wearing out, but no need to change it until it the same occurs when engine is cold.

    The car is now at 84k miles

  789. GL11 - February 26th, 2016

    Kevin…. other than ECU and Tensioner kit we havent had any other problems only small things really like Amplifier stop working and a new control unit for electric windows other than no trouble, its been and still is a lovely car. It has passed all MOT’s with no problems. The judder has only just occured few weeks ago and doesn’t judder all the time just sometimes.

  790. Kevin - February 26th, 2016

    It’s still time to sell. Once the CVT box starts throwing wobbles, there is no way back.

  791. GL11 - February 27th, 2016

    Kevin…. we are in the (thinking) process of ordering The New A4 S-tronic but concerned whether the S-tronic auto box has any problems, the New A4 has only just come out so there is no evidence as yet its a time thing regarding gearboxes, we are also thinking of Techpack for Sat-Nav but still concerned about the sat-nav problem that Audi had some time back, the Sat-nav would not recognise 7 digit postcodes, the UK is the only country that uses 7 digit postcodes so if they haven’t sorted that out we would be paying for something that dosen’t work properly in UK, Techpack is £2000. There is a SD card based Sat-Nav but again problems with 7 digit postcodes. Yes Techpack does other stuff like music etc but Sat-Nav should work properly.
    Thanks for your help and advice much appreciate it.

  792. Kevin - February 27th, 2016

    GL11…. S-tronic is the newer name for a direct shift gearbox (DSG), which has been around since 2003. Some owners have had issues with it, but to a much lesser extent compared to the CVT. I think that’s why Audi has dropped the CVT in the new A4. It’s also used in Audi vehicles with much higher power and torque compared to the CVT.

    So, at present if I had the choice between CVT and DSG, I would go for DSG. For my next used car probably around 2018-20, I’m looking at one which has the ZF conventional torque converter auto boxes, which are mainly used in BMWs, Merc, Jaguar etc. But I could change my mind and go for the A4 dual clutch s-tronic as the interior is much better and spacious. I’ll Google for any S-tronic or ZF issues for the next 3 years before I decide.

    Btw reading on audi’s website, they say the new smartphone interface in the new A4 supports android auto and Apple carplay as standard. That means that you can connect your phone via USB and run Google maps navigation or compatible app via the in car screen, eliminating the need for built in navigation. Please check if it’s a standard feature or if you have to pay extra for it.

  793. GL11 - February 27th, 2016

    Kevin.. Again thanks for the info…you are right about the smart phone interface in new A4. The MMI is standard but the MMI+ with full Sat-Nav is in the Techpack and that is £2000 optional extra. I was told by sales rep that the A4 has a jukebox music facility with a HDD of I think he said 10GB and can play music from a SD card or memory stick and mobile phone. I don’t have a smart phone, only use the internet when at home on laptop. I have a basic mobile phone for calls and camera only. Got no interest in being connected all the time. However I would like to have a Sat-Nav that is already in the car it saves messing with cables and sticking to windscreen (then removing when I leave the vehicle) as I have to do now with a TomTom, plus it is always there ready to go. I am still trying to find it they sorted the 7 digit postcode my plan is when I am out and about and spot a New A4 to ask the owner if they have one and if its works with 7 digits.
    Many Thanks GL11

  794. Kevin - February 28th, 2016

    Anytime GL11. I do agree with you that MMI+ is great to use and look at as the navigation and other apps are also displayed in the driver’s console. Google tells me that Google maps/earth is used as the navigation system, so you shouldn’t have any post code issues.

    As for Android auto or Apple carplay, once you connect a smartphone, you don’t need to hook your phone to the windscreen as I do now. Any compatible apps like Google navigation are displayed on the centre tablet style screen.

  795. GL11 - February 29th, 2016

    Kevin I don’t have a smart phone I use a TomTom sat-nav and stick it to windscreen, thats why I want to have a fitted satnav so its there when needed.
    Thanks again GL11

  796. Andy - March 4th, 2016

    I bought an A4 1.9TDI 3 weeks ago, lovely car but it wasn’t until I’d driven the 30 miles home that I noticed the judder when moving off, the car also seems to ‘slip’ when cruising at a steady speed, as if the gearbox was constantly disengaging drive then re-engaging about every 2 seconds. You can see the rev counter lifting and falling by about 100-200rpm . I have no warranty on the car which I got for £2200 from a dodgy dealer ( didn’t realise all his cars were ‘sold for parts’ so beware of Santoft Trade Center – STC).
    So all that said I’m in a dilemma, do I spend the 2 grand needed for a re-furb (which I don’t have) or take a £1000 loss with a trade in. I don’t know how long this Audi will last now so if I keep it, it could fail at any time leaving me with a scrap car. It’s been quite an upsetting experience TBH as this disabled family doesn’t have that kind of money to throw away. If I could fix it for a grand I’d have a go but it doesn’t seem possible
    It’s put me off Audi for good.

  797. GL11 - March 4th, 2016

    Andy you didn’t say what year it is or the mileage or if it is Automatic or Manual……Your fault sounds like mine was, and mine was the ECU on a Multitronic A4 Avant 2.5TDI V6 2003 as it was purchased new from Audi and has FSH the repair was carried out by Audi when the car was 10yrs old and no cost to me. I still have the car. If its the ECU there is a place in Nottingham that refurbs them you send them the part and they refurb it and send it back (comes with a warranty) it costs £800-£1000. They are ECUtesting Nottingham comes up on google. I am sorry that this has happened and I hope that you can get it sorted at a cost that is good for you. I believe this part is also called Mechatronic. Please let us know how things pan out for you. As you say they are lovely cars but you have been unlucky to get problem so soon after buying it. If you go for the refurb you will be back to the lovely car you wanted. All the best.

  798. Kevin - March 4th, 2016

    Andy, Did you pay a small amount using a credit card? If so, you can claim the £2200 from your credit card firm using section 75 of the consumer credit act.

    If not, you can take them to court if they refuse to give you a full refund.

    I always pay for stuff using a credit card incase things go wrong, I don’t buy stuff from traders who only accept cash, unless it is cheap stuff.

  799. GL11 - March 11th, 2016

    update on judder….had ATF Fluid changed and had diagnosed a Valve Chest fault cost to repair £2,300 had a chat with Tech guy and got price down to £1,500 as car only done 57,500 mls and FSH anyone had this problem? Is it also called Valve Body?? car only judders on take off.
    Anyone got pictures of Valve Body I looked on google but couldn’t find Audi Valve Chest pic’s I am not to sure what exactly what Valve Chest does never had any oil etc on drive.
    Thanks GL11

  800. Mark - March 11th, 2016

    Try giving the specialist Polish guy in Bristol a call, he might be able to quote a better price /solution

  801. GL11 - March 12th, 2016

    Mark thanks for your reply Bristol is a long way….but will give him a call…it has been diagnosed as Valve Chest problem by Audi, I understand is also called Valve Body I wish Tech’s would all stick the the same names of things as its very confusing to us folk who aren’t savvy with car mechanics. Car is 13 years old but still in extremely good condition. ECU done 3 years ago Audi covered all costs.
    Good thing with Audi doing any works on car is 2 year warranty on the parts. I have to say in fairness to Audi they have been very helpful in the past and this time also reduced the price to what we thought was fair considering that this multironic gearbox has got a (shall we say weakness) that is a well known thing to Audi Tech’s.
    I would like to know if the S Tronic that we are thinking of ordering is better than this Multitronic we have now.
    Thanks GL11

  802. Mark - March 13th, 2016

    Probably a write off at those costs!
    Try eBay, this guy want £550 with 6 months warranty for valve body

    I’m sure there must be a few in eBay closer to you

  803. GL11 - March 17th, 2016

    Took my car to Audi Tuesday Morning 10.30 to have Valve Chest repaired. Got a phone call from Audi Wednesday 12.30pm to say that they had bad news for me, that a delivery vehicle had reversed into my car and damaged the rear back and side corner and they would get their insurance to sort things out with the delivery company and get back to me asap, they also said they would send me photos of the damage via email….so I could see the damage done to my car. I said (oh dear thats not good is it but these things happen) and I waited for a email…..after 3 hours and no email I rang Audi and spoke to the guy who said he had been busy and he would send email asap ok…5 hours later no email so i rang again and he sent pics while I was talking to him on the phone..took him a few seconds to send them, so why the (5 hours) I said thanks and went to look at pics and then I was very very angry as my car was still in the parking space at the front of the showroom where I parked it a day and half earlier (in disabled bay as I have a blue badge) thus no work done on it and also it got damaged..I rang Audi and a service manager rang me back and I asked him why my car was still on the forecourt and had not been taken into the secure compound at the back of their workshop? he said he didn’t know why but that they accept responsibility for the damage and he didn’t know why no work had been done on it either, I have no other car and so while my car was at Audi just sitting there I was struggling with no transport, had I known this I would not have left it that day but gone back a different day rather than it be left were large van lorries etc are in and out all day. Audi guy tried to say my car was not in a vunerable parking space but I don’t agree as it got damaged and should have been moved to the secure compound after all when we take our cars in to garages we expect them to take good care don’t we. We are in the serious stage of ordering a New A4 but I am concerned that a £40,000 new car could get left again like this one when it goes in for service etc and could get damaged. I am still waiting for Audi to do the Valve chest as I write this, not heard anything at all today from them. My car had no damage or marks and now will have an insurance accident claim history reducing and resale price in the future as well as a known CVT gearbox problem.
    Sorry for the rant but thought you should know your car is not necessarily safe when you think it is.

  804. Kenny - March 18th, 2016

    Wow, this really sucked. Can you get an estimate and have their insurance pay you out, then maybe sell the car?

  805. Kevin - March 18th, 2016

    As well as paying you off, also make sure they give you a huge car while the insurance sorts it out

  806. GL11 - March 18th, 2016

    Thanks Kenny,Kevin, what effect will my car with a accident claim history have on selling price do you think. I am really angry because if they had put it in secure compound this would not have happened. Haven’t got my car back yet not heard from Audi today. Since January I have spent almost £3,000 A full tensioner kit £1,200, this Valve Chest £1,500 +ATF oil last week £180 which will be a waste as that oil will be drained out and thrown away. Audi Insurance rang and will sort out a car when mine gets the damage repaired but I will have to wait until i get it back from Valve Chest job and then it will have to get booked in again at the bodyshop. I am hoping the insurance claim goes ok.
    Thanks GL11

  807. Kevin - March 18th, 2016

    Depends on the damage. Minor and cosmetic damage shouldn’t even appear of the vehicle search history. The only problem might be if it is not repaired to the original condition.

    If written off my the insurer even for minor but costly to repair damage, then the vehicle will be classified as a category B write off. You need not worry about that as you will have already been paid off my the insurer. If a CAT B is repaired, the trader has to declare that it is a CAT B to potential buyers.

  808. GL11 - March 18th, 2016

    Thanks Kevin the damage is noticeable it has a crumple on the offside side panel at the back below the rear lights and a little further round from that and at the bottom of the car there is dent that would need pulling out and then the paintwork would need doing…we had as an extra some body coloured bumper strips that protected the bumpers on the back and front of the car that were standard on some Audi cars in other countries (but not in UK) and we had them sent over from Audi and Audi fitted them before we took delivery of the car this is also scratched as is the bumper. I would have shown you pics but I can’t find anywhere on this site to post them. I have still not heard from Audi and its 5.30pm on friday so I guess I will be without a car all weekend, annoyingly the car sat for almost 2 days and nothing was done on it and if I had known I would have brought it home and then took it back when the were ready to do the work, and then of course the damage would not have occurred. The insurance company said that Audi will give a cost of repair when they inspect it and I will ask the cost when I go to pick it up after the Valve Chest is done.
    Again thanks GL11

  809. Richard Hughes - April 1st, 2016

    I to own an Audi a four cabriolet 2004 with a multi-Tronic gearbox. The problem is just started of jerking away on first takeoff and judging by the comments above I think this is only the start of my problems. It would be nice if Audi knowing that it is a common problem would help contribute towards their errors

  810. GL11 - April 2nd, 2016

    Update got my car back today and the damage was repaired and it has been done very well. Also had gearbox valve chest and the Mech unit for that also was done £1500. Good to drive without a judder I have to say. See what happens next to it.
    Richard what mileage have you done?? have you had a quote for the work to put things right? Have you got full service history?
    Sorry to hear you have the same problem as I had.

  811. Kenny - April 2nd, 2016

    Glad you got the car back GL. Usually replacement gearboxes are more sturdier than the originals, at least that’s what I heard from many sources due to the better and updated internal parts.

  812. GL11 - April 3rd, 2016

    Hi Kenny I was going to ask tech guy if the parts were better quality than originals but forgot…as he was busy.
    I rang Audi after hearing nothing from them for almost 2 weeks to see how things were progressing and was told my car was sitting waiting for me to collect and had been for 2 days (no-one had rang me to tell me) I was bloody angry and asked to see the service manager but he was not in that day (what a surprise) but I will catch up with him at some point to tell him his customer service is Shit. Tech guys are great and staff in showroom really nice and friendly.
    I am very happy with my Audi A4 but the service dept need to get their act together on communications with customers they had my mobile and landline number and also email address so no excuse for not getting in touch with me.
    I do wonder how many other Audi owners have bad customer service looking on google at reviews seems a common thing.
    Its putting me off buying a new A4 Avant from the same dealership. Urgggg

  813. Paul - April 13th, 2016

    Can anyone recommend a garage in essex or soffolk to replace a mechatronic-unit for an Audi Q5. My 09 plate has hit 100k and Audi are quoting 5.5k (originally 7k)for a replacement!

    Thanks Paul

  814. steve - April 27th, 2016

    HI i own a 2001 Audi a6 tiptronic ,i had a gearbox fault
    ,would no engage reverse gear,found to be a faulty gearbox ecu,sent for repair £150+posting ,easy to remove and put back,a few hours work,came back ,now all gears work in auto but cant get tiptronic , these gearboxes have allways had common faults,and need to be recalled by Audi to put the seven plate clutch in and a software upgrade ,then your fault you get would no longer be a issue SHAME ON U AUDI KNOWING THESE FAULTS AND STILL SELLING THESE CARS ….

  815. Kevin - April 28th, 2016


    Tiptronic gearboxes is a different type from the multitronic. Tiptronic is a conventional automatic transmission using a torque converter. Multitronic is a CVT. Tiptronics have had less problems compared to multitronic. Although most multitronics are trouble free, a worryingly high number of them have developed a fault that seemingly cannot be fullly fixed.


  816. Kenny - April 28th, 2016

    In general, most Audi transmissions are pretty bad. They all have their own issues. Our cars are just way too heavy for the parts fitted therefore causing stress and internal wear.

  817. GL11 - April 29th, 2016

    The All New A4 is lighter made car. (I believe a fair bit lighter) I wonder if that will make a difference to stress and wear of internal parts.

  818. Mick - May 7th, 2016

    My 2005 A4 2.5 tdi 190km has the judder issues while downshifting and sudden jolt when accelerating in sport mode.

    It’s worse when the gearbox is warm!!

    Also the acceleration delay from stop is horrible!

    Don’t think I’ll ever buy another Audi!!

  819. Jigs Sharma - May 12th, 2016

    Juddering when Pulling away whine coming from the gearbox had to pay 600 for a torque converter that was rattling but problem with pulling away still exists also with the whine. A4 cabriolet 2008 7 speed cvt.
    What is it and will audi cover it?

  820. Kenny - May 12th, 2016

    CVT boxes DO NOT have Torque Converters, only in Auto Tiptronic ‘Quattro’ versions. If you paid them to do this mythical work then they just took your money and your car probably just sat there the whole time. This is the reason why you still have problems with it. I hope this wasn’t a dealer as it sounded more like from some Joe Blows Mechanic repair shop.

  821. ian jackson - May 13th, 2016

    I owned an audi A4 2007 multitronic gearbox wich i had 2 gearboxes a computer part under the gearleaver none of wich sorted out the problems with the car .They took the car to Milton Keynes and had it for several weeks but still never sorted it eventually replacing car

  822. Mark - May 13th, 2016

    In 2013 I replaced my 2005 A4 2.0T automatic, due to recurring gearbox and ACU issues, with a 2011 Mercedes C180 automatic. Best decision I ever made. My old A4 became scrap at 8 years of age. Never again will I drive an Audi. Lost all trust in them and their cars.

  823. Tyrone - May 15th, 2016

    A couple of of years back I owned a 2005 A4 avant s-line.
    This had the dreaded multitronic gearbox, which back then I did not know about their problems.
    I got this car buy doing a straight swap for my Golf GT TDI DSG, which ran great.

    Literally day’s after having the Audi, I started having the reverse colours of the PRDNS, then flashing a few day’s after that.
    By then I realised that the person who had swapped with me had done me over. But not much I could do about it.

    Luckily I am a mechanic, so I started looking in to the problems and how to fix them.
    I found out that the PRDNS problem is to do with the sensors built in to the Gearbox ecu that brake down.

    After discovering this I set out on fixing this.
    All I did was drain the oil out of the gearbox. Then remove the rear gear box support mount and bracket.
    After that you can take the little back part of the gearbox off and then you and unscrew and remove the gearbox ECU.

    I then took the ECU to a bloke in Bristol who did the repair on the ECU for £150 and did it in less that 4 hours. After which I put everything back together in reverse.

    I put some fresh CVT gearbox oil in and the car and it ran sweet as a nut there after. In total the the whole job cost about £250. £150 for the repair and about £100 for the correct oil.

    So to all you out there that have this problem. Don’t panic to much, because as long as you can work some spanners and Allen keys you can fix this yourself and ignore Audi’s stupid quotes of thousands of pound.

  824. Colin Foster - May 17th, 2016

    Tyrone, could you fix mine?…identical fault but still occasionally doesn’t flash… Car otherwise is perfect and lovely to drive…gearbox was totally replaced 10 years (70,000 miles) ago under Audi warranty!

  825. Prem - May 17th, 2016

    I own a Audi A6 3 lit Quattro,has done 50,000 miles 2011 model,all service at Audi service centre,showed up with a fault message a week ago”gear box malfunction ” struggled to move into a safe place 100 Mrs away,couldn’t move with out juddering ,jerky movement ,couldn’t engage reverse gear at all. At the Audi garage after 180 pounds worth of diagnostics… I been informed I need a new gear box due to a catastrophic internal malfunction leading to leak of oil,etc etc…the garage contacted Audi … The Audi has agreed to give me a new gearbox … But I have to pay for labour,which comes to 900 pounds . Is this an acceptable offer ,or should I demand that Audi pay for the parts and labour as well? Plz any one has any experience in this regard?

  826. Kevin - May 18th, 2016

    Hi Prem,

    Congrats on getting them to offer you a new gearbox. I would demand they pay for labour as well, as your car is only 5 years old and 50k miles.

    Coz your car is a quattro, Your gearbox is of the conventional type, not the CVT model being discussed here. Maybe that’s why they offered you a new gearbox.


  827. David Baker - May 18th, 2016

    A new replacement gearbox for £900 on a 5yr old car sound like a good deal to me, all things considered. I guess a new box would be at least £5K !
    I needed a new ECU at 48,000 miles / 5yrs and got the same deal, i.e. just pay the labour.
    But when I needed a complete new gearbox at 64K miles / 7yrs I had to pay both parts & labour less 40%, but that still meant I paid £3K !
    Audi A4 Cab 2005

  828. Prem - May 20th, 2016

    Thanks Kevin/David,
    Thanks I have been trying to get some offer on labour which till date they have refused,but they claim the gear box will cost them to the tune of 8800 pounds, and are unwilling to go down on the labour.
    Thanks for the advice.

  829. Rachel Tippett - May 20th, 2016

    I have an Audi A4 convertible, its 2005 immaculate condition only 41k on the clock and i have a massive ECU problem and I also have a rare gear box so to undertake the work would take 8 hours, alot of money and the whole engine would have to come apart just to get to it!!! One garage said they would have to keep it for a week, so I would be carless, Gutted! My car is totally devalued, I paid good money for it, work 2 jobs to pay for it and feel like I am in limbo… wrong! So not impressed with Audi….

  830. Neil - May 22nd, 2016

    I wish i had read this article a few day ago before i bought a A4 3.0L convertible. It test drove fine and on the way home felt a few kicks.
    This morning it scared me to death as it jumped forward as i set off !!!
    At least i only paid £1250 for the car. the quest is is it worth me trying a gear box oil change or just live with it.

  831. CCRogerEcutNotts - May 23rd, 2016

    Most likely gearbox oil change is not going to fix the problem. What year/REG Plate is the car?
    Is the dash panel gear showing flashing (normally ‘P’) momentarily when the judder happens? From what you has explained, it is seems to the classic ECU problem that 1000s had with Audi CVTs manufactured during 2002 to 2007.
    The best, easy, quick and affordable option in ECU repair which will cost you in the region of £130-£160.

  832. Neil - May 23rd, 2016

    I took it to a garage today(highly recommended by a friend) the boss said as much,an oil change won’t fix it,they topped up the oil and did some kind of reset but nothing as changed.(they didn’t charge) he recommended taking out the gearbox and sending it off to be reconditioned(£1300 all in). suits me as we go away for a week. but ill call him tomorrow to talk about the ECU,mine is more of bang into gear than a judder.

  833. Neil - May 24th, 2016

    2002,no flashing PRND. one other thing,if i drive it in sports mode its sets off a lot better and the gears don’t jump around.
    Im driving up to Manchester today,wish me luck!!

  834. Chris - June 9th, 2016

    2009 S4 DSG and shuddering in 2nd 4th and 6th. Audi advised to replace the Gearbox! No warnings and Mechatronic unit is fine and been updated.

  835. Ian - June 14th, 2016

    I have been offered a 2010 Audi Q5 TDI S Line S Tronic Quattro 5dr but I have been informed that the car Starts but has no drive whatsoever, you can hear it clucking for gears when you stick it on drive but no drive, currently cars on neutral, still gets into P fine.

    Is this a common issue as detailed in all the posts or have Audi rectified the issues and this could be another issue?

  836. OKhan - June 15th, 2016

    I have an Audi A3 2007 Auto DSG, i experienced jerks when moving from a standstill and the dreaded PRNDS flashing every other week. Took it to an independant Audi specialist who diagnosed that the mechatronics required replacement at £2k. Fortunately I only had the car for under 3 months and I managed to get the trader to pay for it. Anyway two weeks on after replacing the mechatronic unit and gearbox oil change the dreaded flashing PRNDS has returned. I’m fed up already with what problems this car has given me since I purchased it.
    What could be the problem now? I would appreciate anyones help on this.
    This is my first Audi and it probably my last.

  837. Fred - June 15th, 2016

    Hi OKhan
    The trader obviously did not get the TCU replaced,and regardless of you only getting 3 months warranty you can contact the department of fair trading and they will deal with the matter for you,as the vehicle is unfit for the purpose it is intended for.

    Office of Fair Trading – GOV.UK

  838. Mandy - June 22nd, 2016

    I have an Audi 3.2TT and you describe the problem exactly. It has only done 68,000 miles on a 2003 plate but also had to have a new timing belt/recon engine which just cost £2000. Now the multitronic gear box needs changing at a cost of £2400. It is not what I expected and am so disappointed with Audi -I would never buy another!!

  839. Kenny - June 22nd, 2016

    Wow, I did not know TT’s were multitronics.

  840. Kevin - June 22nd, 2016

    According to wiki, the 3.2TT comes with 4WD as standard. Multitronic is incompatible with 4WD, so the problems Mandy is experiencing are different.

  841. Sarah - June 23rd, 2016

    This is so incredbile to read so many problems and when are AUDI going to take responsiblity for selling faulty vehicles.
    We bought our secondhand Audi Q5 2009 plate in Feb this year, it had a mere 70,000 on the clock.
    Within 2 weeks the gearbox failure light came on and it was jerking around and loosing its power.
    We took it back to the garage we bought it from and after some heavy persuading they took it away to get it fixed at a local garage who said they replaced the metatronic unit and the garage picked up the bill of 1200 GBP.
    We are only 3 months down the track and after experiencing more jerking about the gearbox failure light came on again. We took the car straight back to the audi garage that fixed it and now are told it needs a new gearbox and it could cost us 10,000 GBP. I dont think we should be picking up this bill because surely they would have known this if they had serviced the vehicle properly in the first place. We have returned to the garage i am sure they will palm us off but we must be covered under some consumer law right? we havent even had the car 6 months??

  842. Kevin - June 23rd, 2016

    2 ways to seek redress of goods Act states that the goods have to be fit for purpose. You may have to threaten or initiate legal action.

    2. If you financed the car or even paid part (deposit) or all of it by credit card and it’s between £100 and £30,000, the section 75 of the consumer credit Act states the credit firm is jointly responsible..

  843. Jason - June 24th, 2016

    I had the same problem with my A4 B7, Multitronic gearbox packed up, I have spent over R50 000 on it trying to fix it but no one knows what the issue is.

  844. Kenny - June 25th, 2016

    This thread is based largely on the faulty CVT (multitronic) slush boxes but it seems like all transmissions across the board from Audi are crappy and nothing but trouble.

  845. charles - June 26th, 2016

    i am thinking of getting a4 avant early 2015 which uses multitronic gearbox , is there problem with them as well?or is it only on older models ? should i just go for bmw 3 series avant just to make sure there will no future problems ? i know audi
    stop using multitronic all new cars have stronic gearbox now . Any help ?

  846. David - June 27th, 2016

    My advice would be to avoid anything Audi with an auto gearbox unless it’s on a lease hire agreement or you buy brand new and sell it before the manufacturer warranty expires.

  847. eco - June 27th, 2016

    hi guys wonder if anyone can help
    i have a audi a4 automatic gearbox 2005 diesel 2 litre , i have had recently faults on gear box i think the car wont drive as it strugles to move off and than hardly managed to drive into a garage as it can hardly pull its own weight , engine sounds fine
    any ideas please

  848. Kevin - June 28th, 2016

    Hi Eco,

    It could be an issue with the gearbox or the EGR… I had a similar problem which turned out to be the EGR which I’ve documented above… Go get the on board computer read at an independent garage

  849. Silas - June 28th, 2016

    I own an AUDI A4 2005 multitronic (automatic) gearbox.
    I bought this car from a dealer in Blackburn in September 2013 at 29,000 mileage. Over the years it has performed very well with no problems. In March of 2016, it became problematic. It jerked while it changed gears. Occasionally it slowed down & stopped. On other occasions it wouldn’t move even after a throttling; instead the noise would amplify (similar to throttling while in neutral gear). The problems got worse of the months. 3 different mechanics, 1 electrician & 1 transmission specialist all suspected it was a gear box problem but they were not sure & they were not ready to do anything. I took it to AUDI Manchester at a mileage of 45,500 and after about 4 hours wait, they told me it was a gearbox problem. They told me it would cost me £6000 to £7000 to replace. I was distraught at the time and I still am. I should have read other people’s reviews of AUDI before going to buy this car.

  850. Elisabeth S - July 4th, 2016

    858-silas. I have an Audi 2005 too, and I love my car, since it has all the options I want. In 2013, at 88K, the same problems as you described happened to me. First repairs were done in July 2013 by an official Audi dealer, upgrading the gearbox, so they told me, from 6 to 7 clutches. Cost me £2K.
    Just one year after that, the same jerking and shuddering problems returned, with a definite loss in power, specially in reverse. Advice from Audi: a new gearbox at at least £6K (I do not live in the UK).

  851. Paul t - July 6th, 2016

    I have an Audi A4 2008 no mention of oil change needed for box from Audi gearbox specialist recommends 30,000 worn components jerky shift into 2nd from 1st only covered 56,000 miles gearbox never serviced as Audi said not needed done 48,000 when bought only owned a year. Big disappointment 7 clutch box took to v.p.t.m Norton hays heard s tonic is also rubbish.

  852. Steve Rutter - July 12th, 2016

    I have a 2004 Audi A4 2.5tdi. To start with I had an engine management light on and I got it diagnosed as a air intake flapper malfunction. I was told I could carry on driving, but after a couple of years there was more lights on the dashboard came on, the car was alright for a bit but then as I was driving the gearbox selected a lower gear and it was as if it put the brakes on itself I took it to get it diagnosed again and they said there was a list of
    faults and they thought it was a computer problem, they said it could be the Cambuss clock.

    Can anyone help me to get my car back on the road please

  853. Fred - July 14th, 2016

    Hi Steve
    Where did you get your Audi diagnosed,they should have given you a print out of the fault codes,without the fault codes it is not possible to advice you.

  854. Ron Coulson - July 15th, 2016

    I own a 59 plate A6 Avant – was taking to Audi garage for cam-belt change at 70000 miles. Just 200 meters before garage gearbox started to judder.
    On arrival was told tiptronic gearbox had failed, and there was no possibility of repair – result a bill for some £8k+ (about the value of the car!).
    Audi would offer no help with charges.

  855. Jon Richards - July 15th, 2016

    Hi all,

    You may have heard, Audi recently announced they are discontinuing the CVT transmission in their cars and will be more with Audi. Reading all the above, you all know why!

  856. Robert - July 15th, 2016

    How do Audi keep getting away with this?

    VW are paying for a chip that shows you have a nice clean emission, when you dont!
    They got fined millions

    The gearbox issues are in fact dangerous.
    My Audi A4 stopped and wouldn’t get into gear on a motorway
    NOW THAT IS DANGEROUS- life threatening!
    Yet no trading standards or BBC Watchdog reports appear anywhere

  857. Richard Osborne - July 18th, 2016

    I bought a 2010 Audi A4 2.7l Automatic S Line last year, with 55,000 miles.

    Within 2 months, the automatic gearbox appeared to go into neutral. Got towed back to the independent dealer and they sent it to the transmission specialist.

    It turned out to be the Gearbox ECU but took 6 weeks to fix, while they waited for parts.

    It then ran for 2 months and then failed again – this time losing power as I pulled away from a standing start (a kind of clutch slipping feeling).

    Back to the transmission specialist. This time it took them 3 months. They said it was a different control unit and a (hard to believe) unconnected fault and I think they damaged it putting it back together and continued getting problems.

    The (independent dealer) I bought it from has been good as gold and I had bought a 3 year warranty, so havent had to pay anything but I put this up here to say:

    1) Never buy an unusual engine (like the 2.7l) because no-one will ever have parts in stock (so every repair involves weeks wait for parts)

    2) Think twice about an Audi. Seems gearbox problems are inherent and hard to fix. The garage said they had another 3 in at the transmission specialist.

    Ironically, I had an A6 courtesy car, which the garage got after the owner gave up on it after multiple gearbox problems.

  858. Kenny - July 19th, 2016

    It doesn’t matter which transmission, so long as it is fitted on an Audi you will have trouble with them. I have a CVT and it was replaced at only 39,000 US miles. Here in the U.S., we have problems with just about every (Audi) transmissions – whether it be CVT, DSG, or Tiptronic.

  859. Phil Doig - July 19th, 2016

    Thanks to all for useful contributions on this subject – much appreciated.
    Scrapped my lovely A6 Sport – leather seats, Bose multi-changer, 5 new tires, great condition etc – for £120 after the crappy Tiptronic finally gave up mid motorway intersection. No spares (that could have been relied upon) and £thousands to renew, even for a recon (based upon the same faulty item of course).
    Audi should be called to account for ANOTHER VAG Group malpractice. VW haven’t been the only marque conning their customers. How about international compensation for Audi owners too?

  860. Robert - July 19th, 2016

    Arthur Daly would have been proud of selling these junk yard cars all these years for the money they fetch.
    But where was our consumer watchdog?

  861. Kevin - July 19th, 2016

    A bit of good news.

    My CVT gearbox has now reached 90k trouble free miles.
    2007 Audi A4, B7, 140 BHP, 2.0 TDI

  862. Tammy Reyes - July 19th, 2016

    I bought an Audi A4 2005 2.0 with cvt transmission with multitronic gear box , 95,000 thousand miles on it. Drove it just a few months when it started jerking. Took to Audi dealership where they diagnosed it with transmission failing internally in which they said it would cost 8,000 for a new one. I took to another place to see if that was there diagnoses they recommended tcm rebuild at a cost of 2,605 dollars. Drove the car for 6 more months then my daughter driving down the highway at 75 when the car downshifted with rpms jumping up high while in heavy traffic scared her to death. I wrote a letter very upset with Audi. My daughter could have been seriously hurt. They contacted me and referred me to Audi of America in which a La Tonya Sellers reference no 160617436 said thanks for contacting us with your experience with Audi and if you could leave s number so we may contact you well that was on July 1 2016 and still nothing. I told her these cars are dangerous and are nothing but an endless money pit and I would put this car on a street corner with a sign don’t buy these cars they are junk and Audi is nothing but a rip off and they should be ashamed for selling cars that are defective all while lining their pocket books. Shame on you for not doing the right thing and recalling these cars instead stick your head in the sand cause you sure aren’t listening to complaints and owning up to it

  863. Kenny - July 19th, 2016

    Great news Kevin. I’m at 25K after the exchanged unit (total at 55K now) and hopefully will get as high as yours. So far so good but I’m still somewhat leery after that early incident.

  864. Kenny - July 19th, 2016

    ^^ I meant 15K+ after.

  865. Kevin - July 19th, 2016

    At least you got yours swapped as part of the extended warranty Kenny. Many have not been as lucky… I’ve read in previous posts where several cars are at 130k plus miles.

    My previous plan was to keep it until 150k, in the last few years I’ve driven an average of 7k per year, so I may keep it until just before the next ATF oil change at 120k miles. Not to mention the DMF started wearing out 2 years ago at 76k, the rate of wear has slowed down, so it may not be necessary to change the DMF.

  866. Silas - July 20th, 2016

    859-Elizabeth S. Thanks for your advice on where to fix my AUDI gearbox problem. I sorry but I am no longer confident owning Audi car. I have auctioned it. Audi is a rip off!

  867. Chris - July 20th, 2016

    Update on the sundering in 2,4,6th gears. Audi confirmed it was indeed the clutch at fault and it would need to be replaced – to the tune of £8000 (the cars is worth £13,000) so took it to a specialist. After speaking to Nigel at (automatic transition specialists ) they fixed the lot including the Flywheel (my request) for just over £2500. It’s a dream now but on top of the Thermostat going last year (another common fault) it’s really adding up. What’s next to go I wonder?

  868. Roger - July 20th, 2016


    This is a general observation is Fault crappy Audi manufactured CVT gearboxes during 2002-2009.

    when it is summer (or the outside temperature soars above 30C) – this problem with GearBox ECU surfaces more often.

    When the gearbox oil is cool (especially in winter) – this forum is generally quiet.

    The main issue is due to the temperature of the gearbox oil, which makes the ECU unit jerky.

    ECU repair is recommended.



  869. Kevin - July 20th, 2016

    For those in the USA. I got this from Wikipedia

    Class Action
    In the USA a Class Action was won to give Audi owners a new transmission if it failed in the first 10 years.

  870. Kenny - July 28th, 2016

    That is fantastically cheap for this kind of service. It would cost you at least $7,000 here in the states to replace the whole transmission. As stated earlier, I did have my 2008 replaced but my car was manufactured in Sept 2007, not sure if I got one with mostly old parts but I remember it having 7 gears displayed on the dash – indicative of the newer 7-plate version.

    So long story short, no, the latest ‘B7’ CVT hasn’t improved as far as reliability but can only handle a bit more torque and power. It is just the nature of Audi and its bad transmissions, whether it be Tiptronic or DSG, especially with CVT.

  871. mark - July 28th, 2016

    The mechanic I spoke to ran me through all the years and told me of about 4 or 5 problems and when audi fixed them. It was something like 2004 stronger valves (mines 2003 and valves are sticking) 2005 7 plate clutch 2006 ecu issues Etc
    I’ve probably got that wrong, but the 2004 definitely had the new valves. They told me it’s a 4 hour job and £550

    However, due to all the other problems, they recommended getting the full lot done for £1250 to stop/minimize future issues

    Their work shop was big, clean and modern, they had 3 cars on proper hydraulic lifts, and I could see about 8 staff
    They only deal with Vag group gearboxes, and prices are reasonable so I would guess the are the best/ one of the best in the uk
    Luckily for me i was only 1 hour drive. But they do offer a service to collect your car from anywhere in uk, and return it.
    With these types of issues, just see them Obviously it’s in North Bristol, Uk
    I think there was a place in midlands somewhere also doing something

    Rather than bitch about audi, it would be good if we turned this into a place of knowledge for users
    For usa, maybe others can comment on specialists

    Basically, if your car is in uk and buggered, it will cost you worst case £1,250 to get it running perfectly again

  872. GL11 - July 28th, 2016

    John SE16
    Thanks for the above address.

  873. GL11 - July 28th, 2016

    I no longer have my 2003 Multitronic 2.5 V6 but a family member now has it. Just taken delivery of brand new All New A4 2.ltr petrol engine so hope things will be ok long term with this new car I have only done 350 miles as yet but did take out 5yr warranty and had some extras fitted on the build when ordered. Must say its really lovely to drive…as was the 2003 Multitronic.

  874. Haseeb Akhtar - August 4th, 2016

    Hi guys,I own an Audi A4, 58 plate. This car has been running smoothly and is well taken care of and has 70,000 miles n the clock. However yesterday I was driving on the motorway and the car started jerking. I got off the motorway and it started to jerk even more and then a message on the dash appeared stating ‘gearbox malfunction’.
    I’m aware of comments made on here regarding faulty gearboxes in cars from 2000 – 2005 however as mine is a 58 plate surely is shouldn’t happen right?

  875. Ron Coulson - August 4th, 2016

    Haseeb – Problem you encountered identical to mine – I have a 59 plate A6 Avant. Certainly did not stop after 2005. See my earlier posting.

  876. Eric - August 6th, 2016

    Hi guys
    I have an audi a4 2005 2liter auto diesel with 140000 miles on the clock. A few months ago I started getting PPRDNS LIGHT FLASHING, never thought anything of it, now the car has lost power completely and even started getting a leak of oil under the chassis. Has anyone had the same problem?
    Thank you guys

  877. Kenny - August 6th, 2016

    ^^The issue you are describing is a very common issue with Audi cars, particularly the A4.

  878. Dillan - August 9th, 2016

    My Audi A6 c5 2004 is doing the same…PRNDS flashing, reverse gear misses, loss of power and constantly jerks….very annoying transmission performance. Audi shouldn’t be let off with this so easy.

  879. Eric - August 9th, 2016

    Thank you..any of you guys tried doing the work on it , and is it worthit?

  880. Ben - August 11th, 2016

    I have 2008 A5 Stronic with the same issue, transmission jerky/ jumpy. This started around 50k miles, the car is very well looked after and driven gently.
    I contacted a couple of Audi dealers in London and no one seems to know what’s wrong with it or they pretend not to know.
    I’ve gambled on the oil change and lost as the problem consists, the diagnosis is transparent and I don’t know what’s wrong with it and I can’t fix it.
    I also don’t want to sell it fearing for the new owner’s health and safely.
    Help please!!

  881. david - August 20th, 2016

    I have an audi a4 conv.05 plate with auto tiptronic gbox after having it for a couple of months the gearbox started to judder and seemed to find difficulty in finding the correct gears but this only happened when the engine had warmed up
    I checked on the internet for any problems and saw to my dismay that I wasn’t alone with this problem
    Last week I was overtaking or trying to as the gbox was jumping like **** and the emission control warning light started to flash which I presumed was because the revs were so high the next day the warning light came on and stayed on so took it to my local garage and they checked the diagnostics which said it was mis firing
    They checked it over thinking it was something to do with the plugs or coils and found the rockergasket cover was damaged and was leaking onto the plugs
    They replaced the cover and plugs and it has driven like a different car absolutely amazing not juddering or struggling to get into gears as before
    I hope that this helps as I was for sure that the gearbox box was cream crackered and was ready to get rid of it but like I said it drives perfectly now and love it to bits

  882. Mohammed Elahi - August 27th, 2016

    I bought a used A4 2.0T mileage 173K.
    After few months, after changing engine oil, the gears started flashing. Engine was hot, burnt my fan controller and fan set.
    changed the fan set and burnt controller, the controller burnt again. Changed the position of the controller with extended cable.
    Working OK. There is a heat problem, when in Summer around 100F.
    Allways driving with AC on. So that the heating of engine is under control. using SAE 10-40 engine oil. Now struggling with gear problem. Sometime jumps while start to move. Flashing all gears are common. Hard to Back, that means Back gear does not work. Dont know what is next. mileage is great. Car is very robust. please help if some known solution for A4 2.0T.
    I am from Atlanta, US. Any solution nearby area..

  883. Fred - August 28th, 2016

    Hi Mohammed

    You say you have changed the engine oil and that you are getting bad gear shift,first the engine oil has nothing to do with the transmission,the transmission has it’s own fluid and at 173k the transmission most likely needs the ecu repaired and clean fluid to rectify the fault.

  884. James McDonald - August 31st, 2016

    I have bought an Audi A7 2012 3.0Tdi it had 48,000 miles on it and FASH but was due a service which i got done by a trusted garage with oem parts. I later found out the car needs to get the S-tronic box serviced so i took it to VW/Audi dealer at a cost of £175.
    I got the car back drove it and done about 15miles in 2 days and got a warning to adapt my driving as gearbox overheating and it disappeaerd in seconds and all fine etc. Car had done about 1mile at this point so cold and in a 30mph.
    I took it back to the garage and they checked oil level and all ok but said it is my remap that is causing the issue even though it has been on the car for 5 months with no issues but appeared within 15 miles of service and this neing the only fault code logged by the car. 8040 – torque reduction due to clutch temp – P17D8.
    Not happy and i asked if it comes back they said they would check it but think remap will hump any claim.

  885. david watson - September 13th, 2016

    Hi, i’m thinking of buying an Audi A6 2l tdi with cvt box for towing a caravan, should i run away or should it be ok? any comments good or bad appreciated.

  886. Kevin - September 13th, 2016

    I would stay away as the torque required to pull a caravan is high. So your Audi would always be at maximum torque which would be at the upper limit (400nm) of a post 2006 CVT

  887. david watson - September 15th, 2016

    thanks for the advice Kevin, i wasn’t totally convinced anyway

  888. Hennie Jackson - September 18th, 2016

    I own an A4 Audi 3.0TDi Quattro with Tiptronic transmission – after nearly ZAR 80 000 recent repairs (R48 500 at ZF for the tranny) I am cured from driving / owing Audi – definitely not “Vorsprung Durch Tecnik” – in my personal opinion it is SOS – shit on street. Here in SA is the car is hardly woth R60 000.

    That after spending lots of ZAR on maintaining a FSH with services at the agents. So disappointed and this being my 4th Audi. Definitely my last Audi.

  889. J Campbell - September 21st, 2016

    David Watson

    Don’t do it you have been warned

  890. Eric - September 21st, 2016

    I managed to get the car sold after receiving mad quotes on repairing the eco ,thanks to all the group for the helpful messages

  891. Steph - September 22nd, 2016

    I need a new automatic gear box but not sure which one I need to look for anyone that could help I would appreciate it, my car is Audi A4 S Line cabriolet TDI 2007 reg 1986cc Diesel Automatic, need to shop around so best no exactly what I’m looking for first. Thanks

  892. Fred - September 22nd, 2016

    Hi Steph
    What is your location,and what is the problem with your Audi gearbox ?

    Audi Master Tech

  893. jamie - September 23rd, 2016

    Hi Guys, does anyone know what causes the dead spot on first pull off. Im used to it now but would like to know whats causing it?


  894. John Darlton - September 27th, 2016

    Another flaw Audi are ignoring!

    Title: Audi Design Flaw Air Conditioning Failure


  895. K Sangha - October 6th, 2016

    I’ve had my Audi a6 2008 TDI automatic dsg double clutch 7speed gearbox for just over 14months what started off with a little bit of rattling on Monday has turned into a complete engine failure had the flywheel replaced the tft sensor replaced gearbox serviced seems to be just getting worse. Until finally today just packed up seems like all the electrics are failing even to the point where the window is now failing the car aggressively Judders as if the car will split in 2 the rev counter is going up and down. To cut long story short lost power all together was towed and all the following codes came up p0730, p1741, p1764, 01826, 01176, 01317,, 02111, 02559, 02272, 02273, 02252, 02252, P0403, been told possible egr vavle, clutch needs replacing but also been told new gear box, possible new engine the story is don’t by an Audi, my 2nd 1 and both have been bad as each other. Both had only done 75K full service history etc. Unless you by it new and its covered don’t bother!

  896. Rick Wilson - October 7th, 2016

    I have two Audis – a 2007 A4 1.8T multitronic and 2010 Q5 TFSI auto. I haven’t experienced any problem with the A4 (yet). Last week the Q5 suddenly flashed a gear image on the screen and the words ‘Gearbox malfunction. you may continue driving. I took it to Audi and after 5 days they repaired a ‘blown circuit board in the mechatronic.’ It’s just such a pity these cars have these inherent faults (which Audi know well about but refuse to admit publicly) as when they are running they’re a pleasure to drive. I’m VERY nervous.

  897. B. forester - October 23rd, 2016

    I have a 2005 3.0tdi Quattro A4 avant there is now 140,000 miles on the clock, my fault in this car is the triptronic part on my gearbox does not work when I do a manual shift up and down the lights on the gearbox light up but nothing happens, apart from this the car drive 100% with no other problems in drive mode and sport mode. Audi needs a to pay attention to all of these problems that people are having surely this isn’t good for business. Any garage I talk to they tell me to leave the gearbox alone as the cost to fix can run into thousands of ££££, I think they are great cars but this is putting me off buying another automatic from Audi I will be sticking with a manual from now on..

  898. Sam Z. - November 2nd, 2016

    Hi, I bought 2004 A4 about year ago not knowing the issues now I have a problem with my transmission. Does anyone know if I have any resources to get Audi to pay for repairs?
    Thanks for all your help!

  899. Rick Wilson - November 3rd, 2016

    Sadly not – they refuse to admit a design flaw and rather than a recall – will deal with complaints on an individual basis – first trying to blame poor driving habits.
    Your car is well out of the warrantees too. In the USA – I heard that a class-action law suit was filed against Audi but I didn’t hear the outcome. Their mechatronic unit is brilliant in theory, but it always packs up. My son’s in a 2 year old car.

    Great cars to drive but man – so susceptible to breaking down (like Alfa!)

  900. Lorraine - November 3rd, 2016

    Please please please all report these issues to the DVSA they are responsible for recalls in the U.K. I’m sick of Audi getting away with this. I have a Q5 which hey won’t help with the cost of repair and that I can sell because it constantly stalls.

  901. Andrew Fletcher - November 16th, 2016

    Hi everyone, I have an A3 1.4tsi, 44k miles owned from new but not serviced through Audi. Doing 60mph with family in the dark on a bypass and the gears stopped and the car slowly lost power. Got towed by AA to Audi Liverpool. Needs a new gearbox £4200. No goodwill sorry didnt service with us. Anybody got any ideas, greatly appreciated.


  902. Lucian - November 16th, 2016

    Hi Andrew ,
    I don’t know right there where you live but here in London we have a few garages specialised in automatic gearbox wich can fix your gearbox no matter how bad it is.

  903. Kevin - November 16th, 2016

    Andrew Flecher
    You didn’t state how old your car is, it could still be on warranty or if it is a manual, conventional auto or CVT. If CVT, was the gearbox oil changed at 40k miles?

  904. Caroline - November 17th, 2016

    I have a problem with my Audi A4 Avant 2009 which i recently bought. 54km millage.
    gearbox Error codes are:
    2298 internal control module- non-volatile memory error
    9828-clutch pressure adaptation limit reached
    5684 pressure control valve 2 (N216) electrical malfunction

    My mech says i buy new gear

    Please assit

  905. John McGurk - November 18th, 2016

    Audi A6 2008 2.0 tdi se 7 speed

    Word of warning…I have a Audi A6 2008 7 speed automatic paddle shift 2.0 tdi se with 95000miles serviced every 10000miles. I first noticed a fault about 2yrs ago where PRNDS would stay lit on dash board but when i drove off it went away. This went on for about 1yr occasionally but then it started sticking in the Park position and the only way i could drive it was by manually releasing it from pressing the switch under ashtray infront of the gearstick. Had to keep a long screwdriver in car constantly just incase.

    I then looked into it and found out about ECU testing and arrangements where made. They replaced and I had it
    refitted with new gearbox oil about £400 all in. That was about 3 months ago and guess what my car has started shuddering when starting off and coming to a junction. The best way i can explain is like the shuddering in a manual car if you don’t change down gear appropriate to the speed you are driving as if the car is going to stall.

    I now have been quoted £3500-£4000 for a gearbox replacement or £750 for a new torque converter which cannot be determined until they take out the gearbox.

    Did ECU testing just mask a problem or did actually cause the gearbox failure..i don’t know. If anyone out there has had this fault and fixed please advise.

  906. John SE16 - November 18th, 2016

    Just do a search (Control F, or whatever) for ‘Alex’ – you’ll find many glowing references above.

  907. Tommy - November 20th, 2016

    Bought Audi A4 tdi sline b7 2.0l ,CVT , 2008 , I’ve lost drive buts starts up ok , is this common fault with manufactured, wat are the best options to get this sorted and the cheapest as I would like to keep the car ? Pls help ??

  908. Kevin - November 20th, 2016

    Loss of drive could be caused by a number of faults. Such as CVT, EGR, DPF etc. Go get the fault codes read via the OBD port.

  909. Andrew Moore - December 5th, 2016

    Just bought an A5 2.0 tfsi 2012 with CVT gearbox. Noticed slight jerkiness when pulling away, especially when cold but there all the time, almost as if you were dropping the clutch if it was a manual. In your opinion: 1/ Does this CVT jerking problem affect 2012 cars and is this going to get worse ? 2/ only bought the car 1 week ago – should I take it back ? 3/ I took out a 3 year warranty on “non-consumable” parts inc. electrics and gearbox (so they said) – I’ll get it checked but anyone know my position re. consumer rights with the dealer if the gearbox is faulty ?

  910. Rick Wilson - December 5th, 2016

    Sadly this is a very common problem! There is a very strong chance it will become worse leading to Audi’s well-known ‘gearbox malfunction’ error message surfacing, followed by the failure of your mechatronic unit. It’s a very costly repair unless you take it to that Audi gearbox specialist in Cardiff ( I think) everyone raves about his reasonable and excellent solution. I love Audis and have two of them – one of which has had a mechatronic circuit board failure. Audi refuses to acknowledge this inherent fault which has affected thousands of their cars worldwide. Best plan is to sell an Audi as its motor plan runs out. Even the new cars have problems. Sorry I can’t be more positive! They’re great cars…when they’re new!

  911. Kenny - December 5th, 2016

    Audi transmissions are crap, it doesn’t matter what year, what series, and the types of gearbox – with CVT being the worst of all. ‘Jerkiness’ is about sums it up right. Sooner or later you will need a new gearbox. Had mine replaced at 39,000 miles. Cost? Over $6800US! Fortunately I have an extended warranty which I invested $3000 for, but nevertheless I lost $3K. Still have the car, it is a 2008 A4 with 62,000 miles now and drives decent. The short answer is yes, it will cost you a great deal of money down the line.

  912. Kevin - December 6th, 2016

    Andrew, reject the car as it was clearly faulty when they sold it to you.

    If the won’t play ball and if you financed the car in any way, including only paying the deposit by credit card, please inform the finance company as they are jointly liable under the consumer credit act

  913. Mark Hampshire - December 9th, 2016

    Wow – how come this isn’t a recall???

    A8L 3.0ltr 2005 multitronic

    Started juddering about a year ago, and it’s getting worse. Oddly, it’s 100% when cold, but once warmed up….arrggghh!!!
    It’s a real shame as it will write the car off, because it’s not valuable enough to spend upwards of £3k on. If anyone knows of a cheaper, short-term fix I’d be all ears, as the next stop is the big car park in the sky.

  914. Peewee - December 10th, 2016

    Hi, if any one can offer advice on where to fix my Audi 3.0 all road auto gearbox. It buffers when it comes down the gears and goes into 1st and jerks forward. It’s 2009 with 130,000 miles.
    It got serviced at Audi recently who quoted me a price more than the value of the car at Swindon Audi to fix it as they advised the car needs a new gearbox !!!!!!
    I am looking for an independent local garage to fix, but will travel if someone can recommend a good reliable garage?

  915. David alford - December 10th, 2016

    I bought a new Audi A3 1.4 with an S tronic automatic gearbox in September 2014. During that time I have had and heard a slight juddering noise from the gearbox when the engine is hot,and on a very very light throttle. This noise is inconsistent,and when reported to Audi main agents at Five Oaks, they could,not replicate the noise. As is so often the case the noise continued,but could not be heard by Audi technicians until last week,when exasperated I returned the car, and at last they loaned the car to one of their technicians who apprantley lived quite some distance from his place of work and he appears to have discovered the problem. They told me that it was problems with the clutches in the auto box. Thank goodness the trouble has been found and will be rectified under guarantee. I had visions of the problem continuing beyond the guarantee period and huge bills in sight.

  916. Peewee - December 11th, 2016

    Thank you, will give them a call on Monday.

  917. James McDonald - December 13th, 2016

    I have a 2012 Audi A7 Tdi 7 speed S-Tronic (245) with approx 51k miles on clock. All serviced as it should be.
    I was getting a warning on my dash for a sec or 2 then it would vanish.
    “Please adapt your driving style gearbox over heating”
    While this is up it cut power for the time its up.
    Codes – 8040 and P17D8.
    Took it to the Audi garage and my Mechatronics unit is faulty and will cost £1104 to fix.
    I am waiting to see if warranty company will get it fixed.
    I love this car and had the 3.0Tdi A5 manual before it and there is a lot to be said for a manual I think.
    I’m on Facebook and another guy has exact same issue on his A7 2011 with about 60k on it.
    Fingers crossed warranty covers it…

  918. Tapiwa - December 16th, 2016

    I have the same jerking problem with a 2013 1.8T. I told Audi the Glen South Africa when the car was 101000km on the clock, and their response was it was out of its maintenance plan. The jerking is so bad, if in confined you can easily bump the car or cause a serious accident. These are expensive cars, and Audi should do the right thing; recall the vehicles and fix the problem at their own cost. Anyway, no more Audi for me.

  919. Brian - December 20th, 2016

    Audi A4 B8 Diesel,80,000 KMS, was skipping gears down then flashing gearbox D, a few weeks later refused to move out of 1st gear. Had a full gearbox overhaul $8K and now it will sometimes not go into Reverse or Drive now It’s the Mechatronics unit so 4K more. Love the car but I think this will be my last Audi.

  920. Paul Hurley - December 24th, 2016

    I have a SEAT EXXO TDI SPORT my understanding is it has the same gearbox as the A4. SEAT and Audi deny this. 1 week before Christmas the car show all the sign as mentioned in this post.
    Christmas Eve SEAT inform me they want 5K to replace the gearbox. I have three years left to pay and can not work with out a vehicle. If I can find proof, they will fix it?
    Please help if you can.

  921. Fred - December 24th, 2016

    Hi Paul
    You are correct in assuming that the gearbox in your car is the exact same transmission fitted to the Audi A4 I have been an Audi master technician for 45 years and this transmission is know for its faults but the VAG Group won’t admit this.

  922. Kevin - December 24th, 2016

    Too bad Class Action lawsuits aren’t as popular as they are in the states

    In the USA a Class Action was won to give Audi owners a new transmission if it failed in the first 10 years

  923. James Sheehan - January 5th, 2017

    06 A4 Cab 2.0T FSI Sport Multitronic. Bought Mid Nov 2016.
    On M3, white smoke out the back of car, pull over, no indication of trouble from instrument panel, didn’t want to stay on HS of M3 so went to pull away… ‘CLUNK’ [car moves 20ft]. Puddle of oil from where I was and oil leaking heavily from front of car.
    Stop car, call RAC, towed to Chingford Audi… £6.7k for new gearbox, gearbox oil cooler and pipes.
    Thanks to all for advice.

  924. Admin - January 10th, 2017

    Company have kindly offered a 10% discount on ECU repairs. Quote discount code GEARBOX8 when you call. If you’re unsure whether your gearbox issue is related to the ECU, call them for advice on 01773535638 are one of the best ECU repair companies in the UK. They have been recommended by many visitors of this website.

  925. Lloyd Haye - February 15th, 2017

    Hi, I have two Audi A6 2.5 TDI Quattro automatics.

    One is working fine, but the other is not – gearbox problem. I have scanned it, and the ECU is said to be faulty.

    What I would like to know is – if I swap the good ECU over, is there any likely hood of it being damaged ? – leaving me with two dead cars.

    Kind regards


  926. Belan - February 15th, 2017


    I have an Audi A6 2012 gearbox overheating

    Anyone else experienced this problem?

  927. Saz - February 15th, 2017

    Audi A4 B8 3.0 tdi quattro, having gearbox issue, unable to drive it. Might this be an ECU issue, can this be tested somehow?

  928. Dean Cook - March 2nd, 2017


    I’m thinking of buying an A6 Avant S Line Special Edition
    Multitronic with paddle sticks 2011 is there any pit falls or heavy
    costs that might occur at some point.

    kind regards


  929. Rick Wilson - March 3rd, 2017

    Hi Dean!
    I would suspect the same danger as all multitronic boxes – the
    mechatronic unit. They are notoriously fragile and very expensive to replace. They’re fabulous when they’re running.

  930. Steve - March 3rd, 2017

    Audi A4 no pndr lights on dash, have to leave car running for 15 mins then light come on and all drives fine?? Help

  931. Zakria Humayoon - March 3rd, 2017

    Audi A4 Quattro 3.0 S-tronic diesel. Vehicle does not move in speed gear or reverse gear, revs also slow down when a gear is engaged. Revs behave normal in Parking and Neutral.

  932. Kenny - March 9th, 2017

    Holy shyte, the site finally works!

  933. Kevoh - March 13th, 2017

    It’s been working all the time only for a few people, as I’ve been getting emails with other people’s comments… For me it started working 2 weeks ago.

    It’s a shame that the audi CVT gearboxes don’t work for everyone! I’m looking to getting the dual clutch DSG box in my next car… Audi did have reliability issues with the early models made before 2012

  934. Kenny - March 13th, 2017

    Audi transmissions are really weak if you don’t baby or service them correctly. It doesn’t matter whether it’s CVT, DSG, or just plain Auto you will encounter issues one way or the other sooner or later. To be honest I love my CVT a lot. I am not an aggressive driver (no one should be). The thing is smooth as heck and it is good on fuel mileage for such a heavy car. Unfortunately my CVT started operating very roughly in its early stages of around 30K (US) miles before it went kaput at 39,000. Symptoms were heavy jerking, and kicking really hard from standstill. Its fluid has been changed only 10K prior but might I think it could be remedied with another service if done correctly (I suspect). Despite this, the dealer decided to replace the whole transmission and it has been running really nice ever since. The car is currently at 65,000 miles and I’m expecting it to surpass at least over 150K, but not before another fluid-change scheduled at around 80-90K.

  935. Kevoh - March 13th, 2017

    Mine is at 92k miles. Gearbox oil changed at 40k and 80k…. It is the 140bhp diesel 2.0 engine, hence the torque is only 320NM. It’s the 2007 year, so it will be 10 years in September hence looking to change in the autumn or winter 2018….

    I’ll research more into their DSG or triptronic issues

  936. Kenny - March 13th, 2017

    Mine is a 2008, US spec is 2.0 liter 200HP turbocharged gasoline engine. It will be 10 years old pretty soon since the car was built in July 2007 (as a 2008 Year Model). Despite the iffy reliability issues we are still very fond of the brand. My suggestion is when you buy the car, also get the highest coverage extended service contract (warranty) available!

  937. Rick Wilson - March 14th, 2017

    The most worrying thing is that Audi will not publicly acknowledge their weak design fault in their gearboxes.

  938. Kevoh - March 14th, 2017

    To be fair on audi, only a small percentage of their gearboxes fail, people only complain when there are issues. In the US they were forced by a class action lawsuit to replace CVTs that had failed within the first 10 years.

    BMW has had failures with the timing chains in their 2 litre diesel engines, and were forced to recall and replace the chains.

    I’ve had 1 major problem with my car, the EGR failed at 52k miles. At first I thought it was the gearbox as the hesitation symptoms are common to both. My ex had accidentally put petrol instead of diesel a few months before that, so I’ll put it down to that.

    In August 2014, I noticed the car took longer to start when the engine is hot. It turns out that the DMF has started wearing out. I’ve managed to stop/slowdown the wear by reducing the number of times I start the engine when hot. During summer it takes longer for the engine to cool down so the issue is more evident then.

  939. Admin - March 17th, 2017


    Hope you’re well

    Just wanted to inform you that we have moved the Audi Gearbox Problems blog to a new forum at:

    Forums allow for a much better discussion and are mobile friendly, so much easier to get around on your mobile devices.

    It takes a couple of minutes to register and your first post will need to be approved manually to prevent spam. Any further posts you add will be approved automatically. You can subscribe to any topic by clicking the spanner icon and clicking subscribe.

    If you would like for an account to be created for you, just reply to this email and we’ll get an account created for you.

    The Audi Gearbox Problems blog will be redirected to the new website shortly.

    Hoping this will be of use, and hope to see you at the new site 🙂


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    If you are not interested in joining the new site, ignore or delete the email


  941. Micky - March 30th, 2017

    I have just read a lot of comments about this multitronic gearbox. I am pleased to know that I am not imagining this problem as the Audi dealers say I am. My car is a 2012 A4 and the problems started around 2 years ago, it is starting to get worse, I think I will investigate an ECU repair or get rid of it before I end up spending any more money on it. I would also agree that they Audi service centres are very poor and that applies to France (where I live) and UK where I bought the car which tells me that the problem is at source and I will never buy VAG group car again.

  942. crazyape - July 24th, 2017

    Hello to you all.

    A one year ago I bought Audi A6 2005 2.4 . I dont even know that Multitronic exist. I thougth that my audi has conventional automatic transmission.

    My car is running very great and without any problem thank god. I asked previous owner and said that oil in transmission is still bright. I have 7 speed.
    Can someone tell me-

    1.Do I have 7 plate clutch or 6?
    2.Will I have problem with my CVT in future and how to prevent it?
    Some transmission experts told me (I quote>Change the oil and the filter in the gearbox more often then Audi suggests, avoid harsh acceleration and it might work longer).
    Its not problem to change oil and filter I will pay that just to avoid some big problems.(like changing gearbox)
    3.I am worried about this ‘avoid harsh acceleration’. Is it good or bad to put gas to the metal?

    Thank you very much and sorry for bad English.

  943. Kenny - July 24th, 2017

    Like any car, you should be fine if you take it steady while operating. If it is showing 7-speed then your car is either updated to the new 7-clutch pack or the transmission has been replaced. Usually with a (transmission) replacement it is said to be improved. Keep in mind that just about all Audi transmissions have issues of their own and not only limited to CVT.
    In the states, recommended service/fluid change is 40,000 miles and it isn’t just a simple ‘drain & fill’ type of service but rather involved in very complex steps. If not done correctly your transmission will fail. This is the biggest problem – is to find qualified technicians that really knows how to do the job correctly.

  944. far2tall - July 24th, 2017

    Hi All

    I drove to work this morning and my gearbox has started making high pitched whining noise. This disappears as speed increases but I think this is only due to engine noise increasing. If I drop into neutral while moving it goes away.

    Anyone got any ideas or had similar problems?

    Its a ’59 plate A6 Avant. 86k miles.

  945. hameedullah - September 9th, 2017

    hello sir !!
    i am having a problem with my gear just imported from japan
    to my country as gear R not engaged and as i put in D it jerks badly and shut down engine ( seems like clutch not working etc )

    what to do with it and software or calibration issue with it please guide thanks

    below details of my audi
    audi a3
    1.4 tfsi
    gear code : qhv
    7 speed dsg
    2015 manufactured

  946. Aysen - September 30th, 2017

    My plate 2013 auto A1 box has totally failed! 5 years old! Does not even register going int D or R, just revs! Audi say they’ve never seen it before and I should have bought an extended warranty… all due respect, that’s the very reason I bought an Audi, so it would be reliable!

  947. Kenny - September 30th, 2017

    Audis are by FAR reliable. Beautiful yes, peace of mind, no.

  948. Zamir - October 1st, 2017


    I have a 2007 Audi A3 TDI Automatic and I also have a issue with Gearbox when started with a jerk/jump when setting off from drive gear. I do drive easy from start and at least give it a second or 2 before I pull off but still have this jumps which is very annoying.

    This is my first Audi, but if this doesn’t get sorted by Audi as a common fault than it will be my Last Audi!

  949. Shane - October 1st, 2017

    I have a juddering on low revs and when I flip it to the flappy paddle it goes,
    I find it drives ok in manual mode but not auto very strange help me pleaeeb

  950. MSH - October 5th, 2017

    I own an 2009 Audi A6 Avant LeMans with the 2.7tdi engine and multitronic gearbox, purchased February 2017 with 116,000 miles on the clock at that time, with service history.

    I think the car had done 70k miles following the first scheduled gearbox oil change because I had the gearbox oil changed March/April this year, and it was like sludge.

    Car now in the garage with gearbox issues. Drive disengaged totally, was able to coast into a BP Garage forecourt before being towed home.

    Two faults found initially, Pressure regulation valve dirty/clogged P178F-000 and Clutch Slip Monitoring P1743-000 signal too large. Audi said, replace the gearbox.

    I am now having the Gearbox removed, stripped down, reconditioned and overhauled replacing all damaged Parts, including a New Input Shaft, New Filter, Oils, Gaskets, Seals.

    £3200 plus VAT. Anyone out there want to buy my Audi?

  951. Rick Wilson - October 5th, 2017

    Another ‘satisfied’ Audi customer. Audi have done themselves a lot of damage with denying their auto gearboxes have design flaws. They were sued in USA. It’s such a pity as gearboxes aside – they’re great cars.

  952. Kenny - October 5th, 2017

    What happened to the new portal? Are we back on the old site now?

  953. MSH - October 17th, 2017

    this is an update to my post earlier – 970.

    Having had the gearbox broken parts replaced and the remaining parts refurbished the car was due to be road-tested however the ECU had burned itself out.

    So an additional £1100 was added to the bill.

    Car due to be returned later this week hopefully with a professionally refurbished gearbox and new ECU/Mechatronic unit.

  954. Marcela Zamora - November 12th, 2017

    We are having problems with gear box warning light and Audi Brighton, Melbourne are igniting all our voices concerns. What can we do if Audi have a knowledge O/S but not Australia?

  955. John - November 15th, 2017

    A6 B6 2.5TDi 01J CVT failed at 100k miles despite 40-80K services!! Expected a lot more from VAG!!!

  956. Samuel Sao - November 30th, 2017

    I have Audi A6, 2003 plate. Upon pressing gas the car jerks. I have been told it is a valve problem and needs refurbishing costing £2995.
    The amount is too much Audi should do something about it.

    Audi do something about it.

  957. ian jackson - November 30th, 2017

    Does anybody know if the oil should be changed A8 auto gearbox 38k miles

    Kind Regards,

    Ian Jackson

  958. Lingela - December 9th, 2017

    I have audi b7, was mixing water with transmission oil, intercooler was changed and problem was sorted and transmission oil was changed but now the car is jerking when you put it to drive and when you stop is rembling so l am not sure if they completely drained out the transmission with oil

  959. SEB - January 25th, 2018

    hi, i have a Audi A1 and Stronic gearbox and all over google and people are having issue with this car. my car has done 43k mileage and in S mode not jerking but in D it jerks everytime the gear changes up or down. this is a health and safty issue as car can jump into car infront of a passenger crossing. Audi says there is no issues no recall or anything wrong Although many have called audi with same gearbox issue.

    the mechatronic is the issue that requires changing and costs ££££ thousands

  960. Paul Humphrey - January 25th, 2018

    I have had a few Audis over the years and I usually buy used Audi A4s that are just over a year old. I speak to many people and this problem is huge and has been for many years.
    The Multi Tronic gearboxes are fine when they are working, but when the judder of death starts then it will cost you BIG.
    Avoid ANY auto gearbox from AUDI…I now drive the manual versions.
    The worst thing is….Audi will not admit to the FAULT or DESIGN FAULT in their auto gearboxes.
    If you look on the world wide web there are thousands and thousands of complaints.

  961. Rick Wilson - January 25th, 2018

    I agree with Humphrey. I’ve had two Audis and in one the mecatronic unit gave trouble. My son has an A3 and his gearbox seized with only 50000 km on clock. Audi will never admit design flaws but rather fix it under motor plan or blame you for bad driving if you car is more than 5 years old. In USA they raised a class action suit against Audi but I’m not sure what the result was.

  962. Ian jackson - January 26th, 2018

    Could anybody advise me , i have an A8 with 39k on the clock, Audi have said the oil is for life , i have been told that the oil and filter need doing after 4 yrs to stop the filter clogging up

  963. Kenny - January 26th, 2018

    It is advisable to change the transmission fluid at 40,000 miles. You do not have to change the filter as it requires tear-down of the transmission. Make sure you talk to someone that knows how to change the fluid as there is a strict procedure involved. You’d be surprise many Audi techs do not know how to do this. It isn’t just a simple drain and fill but requires many crucial steps to follow, otherwise your gearbox will go kaput.

  964. Tom Hawk - January 30th, 2018

    Just sold our Audi A1 S-line auto.
    We bought it 18 months ago. Done 6000 miles so far. 31000 total.
    Friday before Christmas it suddenly wouldn’t change gear properly. Would only go into second, fourth and sixth, out of seven. Took it to audi main dealers for a diagnosis. Long story short the gearbox was fucked. There is a duplex chain somewhere in the design. The outer links had shredded off. I saw the photo of the bits in the gearbox after it was opened up. How crap is that?

    We got a replacement box at a discount price as the car had FSH and low milage. New unit has a two year warranty but still not confident it will last.

    Will never buy a VW group car again.

  965. Ian Jackson - January 30th, 2018

    i have an A8, i have been told by Audi the oil and filter are filled with oil and filter for life, but i have been advised to change it after 4 yrs , the car is just 4 yrs old . I phoned main dealer and they will not change the oil and filter. Has anybody got some advise

  966. Colin McCarter - December 19th, 2018

    I have same problem with that multitronic gearbox and dual mass fywheel went on it to . its ok till it heats up then the judder is really bad took it to several places all said i need new gearbox audi wanted 7500 pounds the car is a 2007 plate and only worth 3000 . Audi should be fixing this as it is clearly a common fault with this gearbox funny how they stopped making that gearbox.we all know why about time they were taken to court as they have in america wont ever be buying another audi total joke of a company.

  967. Marcela - December 28th, 2018

    I took the car to audi and stood my ground. Showed them all the comments posted and how other countries “had” to fix the problem. They fixed it with no cost to us and car was 8 yrs old with low KMs

  968. David alford - December 29th, 2018

    My Audi is the A3 ultra. Year 2014 Problem: graunching noise at 6k miles engine hot in slow moving traffic. Returned to main dealer who could not replicate problem. Noise confirmed at 7k, diagnosed as augo

  969. David Alford - December 29th, 2018

    Audi A3 ultra, 1.4 2014. Tiptronic Gearbox crunching noises at 6k miles hot engine in slow moving traffic. Diagnosed as auto gearbox clutch fault, which could not be found on first inspection. Repaired under guarantee at about 7 k mikes. Told if out of warranty cost would have been £2000.

  970. Andy Moore - January 10th, 2019

    2012 Audi A5 2.0 TFSI Cabrio, tiptronic 8 speed gearbox, 74,000 miles:- It’s interesting reading about the “jerking acceleration” issues in earlier multitronic gearboxes, I’m experiencing a similar problem and would appreciate any advice. I’ve had the car 2 years and done about 12k miles in it. It has a full service history.

    About once every 50 times when pulling away from a standing start the gearbox does not engage. The revs rise but you go nowhere, then suddenly it “drops the clutch” and you shoot away with the wheels spinning. There are no other issues with the gearbox at any other speed, only from a standing start and tick-over, usually in traffic and usually when the engine is warming up. It happens in auto and “manual” mode. Not only do you look and feel a complete prat, it’s really dangerous because it’s usually at a T junction where we’re turning to join the main road. It only happens when you want accelerate away – I mean “normally” in London traffic, not quickly.

    I’ve taken the car back several times and the dealer, whilst recognising there is an issue, says there is no fault registering in “the system” and therefore nothing to fix. They have changed the gearbox oil for free and checked the gearbox a couple of times but can’t find a fault. I’ve had some bizarre suggestions, like “the gearbox is confused” because both my wife and myself drive the car and it’s “trying to decide what style of driving to adopt” – is this even a thing ?. Can anyone comment on this other suggestion?: “The car knows the front wheels are slightly turned and won’t let you pull away quickly”.

    It is impossible to predict when it will happen and very difficult to control when it does as it’s over within a second. It won’t happen if you release the brakes and allow the car to creep forward without any accelerator until 1st gear is engaged, but this is not practical or safe in traffic. It seems to happen more frequently about 5 minutes into a journey where there is a lot of stopping and starting – i.e. when the engine or gearbox hits a certain temperature – I originally thought it was oil pressure / temperature related. However it’s very intermittent and I’ve also had it happen when the engine is hot after a 1 hour motorway run, but only once.

    In short, I’m living with the problem as it happens very rarely but I’m concerned that it might get worse (although I’ve had the car 2 years and it hasn’t, yet !). Can anyone provide a definitive diagnosis ?

  971. tony bailey - February 11th, 2019

    Q5 cutting out on braking? also jumping forward while waiting on junctions with foot on brake? Took to Audi told
    Fault with gearbox,glycol failed,requires gearbox removal to replace clutches,radiator,gearbox filter,internal filter and atf flush cost off £4776.16

  972. Peter Bright - February 12th, 2019

    It’s about time an influential consumer rights watchdog such as Which started publicising this staggering arrogance and shocking failure by Audi to acknowledge and rectify these problems (if this hasn’t already happened). We lost our ’03 plate Audi A4 some years ago because the the multitronic gearbox issues turned it into a death trap. At the time we were quoted £6000 for a new one (which effectively wrote it off). Never, never NEVER buy an Audi.

  973. Mike Elliott - May 10th, 2019

    2010 Audi A7, 95k miles. All serviced and running fine, never had a problem until a gearbox failure punched a hole through the casing. I have been told that the only option is to get a refurbished gearbox from Audi in Germany for £7500 (a brand new one is £13k). I have spoken with numerous gearbox shops and no one is willing to touch it or can guarantee a refurb for less money due to the casing issue and sourcing parts. I can’t believe that a car with a value of £9,000 can have a £7,500 repair bill. If Audi have a gearbox problem the least they could do is make it cost effective to rectify. If anyone know of any other option please feel free to post.

  974. Marcela Zamora - May 10th, 2019


    It is a fault that Audi are well aware of. Our gear box issue was repaired at their cost!

  975. Kulwinder Sangha - May 15th, 2019

    I posted back in 2016 when I had an Audi and my gearbox car failed, as I can see this is still an ongoing issue for various People, audis are great until they mess up, so common gear box issues etc, I luckily have no purchased 1 ever again after 2 failed cars, (A6 and A4) I even sold my wife’s a3. Both of us now have gone to Toyota and Nissan not had a single issue. I feel all your pain people need to stop buying these awfully manufactured garbage cars VW Audi etc all the same joke and they will continue to get away with it.

  976. David Alford - May 15th, 2019

    I had a crunching noise at very low revs, engine hot creeping through traffic in my 2014 Audi A 3 . My mileage at that time was about 7 thousand. Upon reporting it the AUDI Main dealer was unable to rectify it as they could not replicate the noise.

    Upon leaving it at the dealers for several days the fault was diagnosed as automatic gearbox clutch problems. It was repaired under warranty.
    Mileage now 34 thousand, no further issues.

    Regards David Alford

  977. Sebastien - July 4th, 2019

    I have a 2007 Audi A4 1.8t B7 with a 7 speed CVT multitronic transmission with 167 000km ,while driving home from the shops the car just died the PRNDS just lit up RED and not flashing,I could engage all the gears but no movement,egine fault codes:
    Trouble codes:
    P1857 – Load Signal Error Message from Engine Contr.
    P0571 – Cruise/Brake Switch (A) Circ. Malfunction
    P1753 – Tiptronic switch Implausible signal
    P0722 – Output Speed Sensor Circ. No Signal
    P1793 – Transmission output speed sensor 2 No signal

  978. Ian Clark - July 4th, 2019

    A4 2009 B8 2.0 8 speed multitronic

    245,000 miles

    All common symptoms

    Now fully recon and working smoothly

    Absolutely first class service…

  979. Mark ex Audi owner - July 4th, 2019

    I paid £4k for a reconditioned gearbox in 2012, after numerous breakdowns, dangerous situations and other costs. Dumped the A4 2.0 TFSI for a C-class auto which as been going strong for 7 years. Audi didn’t want to know. I would never consider or recommend Audi.

  980. Amman Jordan - July 10th, 2019

    MY 2010 Audi A5 3.0 Quattro, I recently noticing problem with drive. When I am slowing down, means when changing gear in reverse order it slips mainly when changing back from Gear 3 to Gear 2?
    It jerks very hardly sometimes, when I am stopping and pushing the brake, because it changing the gear back… now I have to be very cautious that my foot is on the brake and I should have good distance in front with any other objects…

    Does any one facing similar kind of issue? any suggestion?

  981. Arno Teigseth - July 14th, 2019

    2002 Audi A4 avant with Multitronic. Very jumpy gearshifting (seems to shift up/down a lot?) between 1200-1600RPM under all load conditions. Thinking it’s not the engine, since it does not stutter when accelerating in N? (Hard to know without applying load, but as the gearbox isn’t a reliable load, how do we diagnose?…)

  982. Andy - August 18th, 2019

    2013 Audi A5 2.0tdi black edition s line sport back 8 speed multitronic

    Terrible whine/buzzing noise on acceleration and deceleration and speed related

  983. steve - September 2nd, 2019

    I have same issue flashing prnds 2004 90k miles 1st and my last audi,

  984. Andy - September 5th, 2019

    Audi a4 3.0 tdi 2012 B9, stronic 7 speed gearbox, decided to die on me, 2nd car with same gearbox faults, will be my last Audi ever.

  985. Peterson - November 23rd, 2019

    Hi can a Audi a6 3.0l 2008 multitronic gearbox fit in a Audi 2.4 2008 multitronic motor?

  986. Carlene Cromedy - December 13th, 2019

    Thankyou so much, you savd my time and money. this is very helpful posts. Before this, I have spent approximately 1500 pounds on this audi.

  987. Imy - December 14th, 2019

    Well first of all I admit iam a huge audi fan specially A7..mine at 90k has developed a strange problem shudders at give ways and uphill plus now one of the wheel bearing makes noise like an aeroplane well. Hope it’s not the gearbox .

  988. Jay Cray - December 14th, 2019

    Audi A8 D3 4.0tdi quattro 2003,

    Tiptronic function works intermittently, when it doesn’t work P.R.N.D.S all light up on dash.
    Drives fine in auto though

  989. David Alford - December 15th, 2019

    My Audi 2014 A3 has the tiptronic gearbox. After about 15 months with the mileage at 7000 ,having previously noticed a low down grumbling from the gearbox, with engine hot, and negotiating heavy slow moving traffic. I returned the car to Audi at Five Oaks near Billinshurst West Sussex, but they failed to replicate the problem. After complaining and again returning the car back to them, I was informed that had found the problem. Upon collecting the car they informed me that the problem was the clutches in the gearbox which they changed under warranty. I was informed that if the car was out of warranty the repair/ exchange would be in the region of £2000. So was I one of the lucky ones. Now having seen the problems these cars suffer from, I am waiting with bated breath as to what is possibly to come!!

  990. Andy Horsham - December 23rd, 2019

    So this is a question. s tronic is not a cvt? I don’t want a cvt and by looking above I’m correct in my concerns. The question is can an Audi A5 2.0 diesel with an s tronic gearbox make it more than about 80,000 miles before being a financial write off. I have a manual car with 230k on the original clutch my 4 golf tdi and it’s no problem. F I buy an Audi looks like I need to have £6k spare in case it pops!! Are s tronic as bad?

  991. Kenny - December 24th, 2019

    Unfortunately any Audi transmission will have some kind of problems as evidenced here and not just CVTs. In fact some owners of CVT has reported trouble-free performance for many miles and are still in use today.

  992. Ernest - January 11th, 2020

    I bought a A4 on 15/12/19 multitronic on hp from a dealer before i seen this site and read on my way on my way home after about 30minutes driving noticed that every time i stopped and pulled off car would jerk phoned garage where car was bought from the same day but no help from them as they are say car was in voiced to finance company so phoned finance company who are trying to but to refuse to help but after loads of fighting between myself and them decided to agree for me to take car to Audi to inspect at my cost. Now the fun part took it to audi was charged for first diagnostic test half way through the day got a call to say yes there is a jerk but need to pay an extra £180 for another test then got another call saying there have done the test and set the gear box back to factory settings witch has slightly fixed to issue but the jerk is still there and there would need to do another test at the cost of a further £110 just to determine if the oil has been contaminated and that i would need a new gearbox at the the cost of £9500 but they cant tell me why it has failed phoned audi uk to complain who seemed to be very helpful but all there did was get manager to call me to talk a whole lot of rubbish to me on the phone and tell me there wont be doing any more test and that it stands car still needs new gear box as the dont repair multitronic gearboxs and there dont sell parts for them but i just think audi Northampton dont have a clue themselves whats wrong snd are just trying to make a quick £9500 off me all this has done is left me with a bill for diagnostic test with no answers to give the finance company please if anyone knows where or who can diagnose and repair this car your help would be appreciated as for audi Northampton there lost another loyal customer.

  993. Cat - January 23rd, 2020

    My 2012 Audi A6 came up with the dreaded Gearbox Malfunction, You Can Continue Driving message. So I did. Later that day it dumped me by the roadside with numerous fault messages flashing up. The car then refused to go into gear when the ignition did work, would start then die, or wouldn’t start at all. Local garage who are very knowledgeable about Audis say they can’t diagnose the problem and it needs to go to the dealership. Waiting to have it transported. Expecting it to be a write-off as it has 123,000 on the clock and is not in the first flush of youth so not worth repairing if it is the gearbox. Annoying as I did love driving it and part of me would like to buy another but I can’t buy from a company where there are so many problems with one component. This has also put me off VWs despite having had three Golfs in the past.

  994. Ian Jackson - January 24th, 2020

    i have 2014 * with 58k i have owned it from new , few months ago the gearbox started to jump when accelerating, i asked a few Audi specialists who all told me the same thing , it needs oil and filter in the gearbox changing. Audi stance is still the box is sealed for life and doesnt need changing. Surely if the put an oil filter in there then its going to filter particles and therefore will get blocked

  995. Cat - February 2nd, 2020

    Update on my Audi A6 2012. The Audi garage has now quoted me over £9,000 to replace the gearbox to fix the problem. For a car of its age and mileage it’s just not worth paying that. I’m going to try to find an independent gearbox specialist to see what can be done but I’m not hopeful. I loved that car but I can’t buy another Audi after this experience.

  996. Mark - April 7th, 2020

    Same shit, different day here. Als our Audi Quattro 4.2 failed with a broken gearbox. Audi’s are crap nowadays too, engine problems, distribution chains, pistons\rings.

    I got a friend in the engine revision and he informed me this stuff. He has about 4 or 5 VAG engines a week…. He needs extra hands to get all this work done.

  997. Jany Jon - April 28th, 2020

    I am also facing the same problem. I bought my Audi last year and it was working fine for six months. I have spent more than 1000 pounds on this gear problem.

  998. Valerie - July 15th, 2020

    Hello I bought A3 2011 second hand in 2014.
    It worked fine until already without my approval, on a checkup, they did a fuel injection diagnostic. After that all fuel injectors 1 -4 caused my car to break down on either the highway or local roads, with much fear when it happened. When the 3rd one went out, I asked Audi to do preventive care and just replace the fourth but they said, it might not fail. They did pay for each of the services required and tow truck.
    After the fourth I was relieved and the car was driving OK.
    Audi then called me and said I needed to come in to do a inspection as soon as they had covered all the costs it was required by headquarter.

    I really did not want to go in but under pressure for future works agreed.
    When I got the car back and drove it down the road it stunk, and fumes were intoxicating. Apparently one of the technicians didn’t tighten the cap on something under the hood.

    They reassured me this was the last of it.

    I have driven that car probably 10 times in the last three years.
    I drove it the other day and in manual gear, it skips 3rd gear and flashing M2, M4 P, etc on the dashboard.
    It jerks when I stop.
    Pulling it off the road and shutting the motor down and starting it up, it seems to sort out, steady signal M2, (and M3 reappears), but then once again when I start up again, it does the same flashing.

    Would appear it’s the gear box based on all of your comments… Am I just better to get rid of the Lemon?

  999. Keith Manger - July 16th, 2020

    My Audi A3 which I have had since Sept 2004 when it was new and which has always been driven sensibly has just been into Audi Watford garage because of a Multitronic fault.
    It has always been driven sensibly and carefully and its cost me £1,800 to fix. The mechanic said that this was a common problem with A1 and A3 Audi’s but looking at all the other people on here it’s not only a problem with A1s and A3s.
    Surely Audi should do a recall and fix the problem as it’s not going to do their reputation any favours. I wouldn’t buy another Audi and neither would anyone I know.
    I bought an Audi because I thought Audi’s were good reliable cars, how wrong I was.

  1000. Stephen Willetts - July 17th, 2020

    Hi every body i had a 54 plate A4 multitronic full service history 55,000 miles. I was told by the owner it had a relacement 6 plate clutch which would stop the problems it didnt, i had the flashing dash and shuddering in first gear,sent the ecu which is in the gearbox off to a place in Derby uk to have it reprogramed i think it cost £80 had it refitted and it was ok for a short time but started playing up again,took it to an audi independant garage and they said it would be a new gearbox £3,000 because audi didnt have parts to repair them, he then told the best thing to do with it was set fire to the bloody thing lol i did end up very reluctantly part exchanging it for another car

  1001. David - July 24th, 2020

    2002 audi a8 d2 2.8 quattro 114000 miles, sounds like I have a very similar problem as I have all red lights on car will only stay in 1st gear unless I stop the vehicle and turn off an then restart engine. The red lights then disappear and car seems fine. This works 95% of the time. Is it time to sell or scrap car? or possibly fix? Kind regards david

    Kent, UK

  1002. David alford - July 25th, 2020

    I bought a new Aotomatic Audi A3 tfsi in September 2014. In 2016 I experienced a slight crunching noise while moving slowly in heavy traffic engine hot after a long drive. This disappeared during normal driving,only to return and driving slowly again when engine very hot.
    I returned the car to Five Oaks Audi in West Sussex, they failed to replicate the problem.
    At the next service I again reported the problem. This time after a ciuple of days they replicated the problem. They told me the clutch pack was at fault and it was replaced under guarantee. They informed me that if the car was out of guarantee it would have cost £2000 to repair. 40000 miles showing at present and no further problems so far.

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