ECU Testing Offers 10% Discount

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Roger from ECU Testing has kindly offered a 10% discount to visitors of this site. If you quote ‘GEARBOX8’ when you call, 10% will be deducted from the overall price. Many thanks Roger. I’m sure drivers experiencing issues with their ECU’s will appreciate the discount.

I was happy to write about ECU Testing based on a few good reviews from visitors on this website (See feedback below). I have not used them personally, but know of a few guys who have and feedback was very good. Before purchasing a brand new ECU, it’s worth giving them a call. They deal with most makes and models of cars, just incase you have other cars in the family.

For those who are not aware, ECU Testing specialise in testing and repairing ECU’s at the fraction of the cost of a new one.

See below feedback from visitors:  Original feedback from the below drivers can be found at

From Vic
Update on the wifes TT.
Sent ecu to ecu testing, repaired for a fraction of the price that Audi wanted for a new one.

From Chris
ECU testing – 1st class. Cheers Chris

From Pete Chatfield
 I would like to thank ECU Testing for the repair and swift turn around so the job was completed within 5 days

From R Puncheon
I had the ECU repaired at ECU testing. Joy of joys it was a smooth drive and a delight to drive!

From Jake
Today 24/6. Finally removed and have my ecu tested at only to get a phone call just say my unit is fine and had been tested with no issues found.

Quote discount code  ‘GEARBOX8 for 10% off

For more info and contact details click ECU Testing

2 Responses to “ECU Testing Offers 10% Discount”

  1. ashraf -

    Hi everyone

    i wonder if anyone can advise me. i have an audi a4 cabriolet 2005 auto trptonic. six months ago i had problems with the gearbox ecu transmission which cost me £900 to sort.

    now i have problems with the engine. my local garage has stripped it and i need a new engine . i am really fed up and asking for some advice please. thanks


  2. Andy Thomas -

    I have a 2001 A4 2L SE with a multitronic gearbox. Problems became apparent at about 68000 miles when it started to behave oddly going up steep hills, and now, with the car at 72000 miles, it jerks violently when starting from rest and I have not used it for a year for fear of it breaking down. I was wondering if maybe I could swap the useless multitronic (which I didn’t like even before it failed!) for a standard automatic… anyone got any experience of that? The car does not seem viable to repair, especially at is now due a timing belt, but it seems wrong to be throwing away an otherwise perfectly good car which has done only 72k miles, especially in this era of ecological sensitivity. It is a disgrace that Audi have not held their hands up and admitted that there is a fundamental design fault, reminds me a little of the Ford Pinto fuel tank scandal (but without the incineration) – they have made a decision based on preserving their bank balance and not based on providing any form of customer service. Can’t see me ever buying another Audi/VW…

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