Audi MultiTronic Reviews

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Feedback for Audi’s built from approx 2000 to 2006 with MultiTronic Gearboxes. The tiptronic Quattro’s are not affected.

Feedback from the below sources:

Source: Audi Sports Forum
Source: Audi Forums
Source: PistonHeads Forum

Feedback 1

Is the only gearbox in Audi’s that has any kind of reliability problems, all the others are fine, DSG is a bit iffy. But please dont listen to any of the above posts, do your self a big favor and get a manual gearbox, if you simply must have auto, make sure its a quarto with tip-tronic.
I work on Audi’s for a living, and I can tell you with have nothing but trouble with these, and they don’t even drive very nice when they are working, which usually isn’t for long. ECU replacement is common, valve body not so much, modified or replacement clutch packs/input shaft assy is a daily occurrence, and complete box failier + replacement is pretty common to, and they cost £5000. (thats more than the cars worth is its a 53 plate A4 for example)”

Feedback 2

“The delay pulling out at junctions is a health hazard to…

Feedback 3

I sell audis for a living and wont sell Audi Autos unless under manufacturers warranty for all of the above.
local gearbox rebuild place wont repair them as they have to give a 12 month warranty and they dont last that long
there advice was if you want an auto by a bmw or Merc.

Feedback 4

The worst auto gearbox Ive ever driven and half of the cars Ive sold with one have gone on to have serious ££££ problems(which Ive had to pay the bill for)
Unless covered by a good warranty DON’T TOUCH ONE WITH A BARGEPOLE!!…

Feedback 5

I’ve been the owner of a 2002 A6 2.5TDi CVT for just over a week now. I wish I could say proud owner, but all I will say is that this will definately be the LAST Audi I buy! It took 3 days for the Multitronic gearbox to start playing up and today I have just ordered a replacement! My car has a full Audi service history with all the required maintenance done when it should have been. I wish I had done more research on the subject of this gearbox, but to my cost I didn’t. Every gearbox specialist I have spoken to have said that this is the most expensive and most unreliable gearbox they have had to rebuild.

Feedback 6

I’ve just taken delivery of a brand new A6 Avant 2.0 Tdi Multitronic. My first Audi after a string of faultless BMW’s and Merc’s, most with big engines and all with auto boxes, the last being an E280. Now I am pretty worried about the gearbox having read this forum. The delayed response from standstill, at junctions etc. is bad…very bad. I thought it was missing a gear or trying to pull away in 2nd but now I see that this is a ‘feature’ of the box.

Feedback 7 from staff member at Audi

Hi I’m and Andi tech. By that I mean I am a service technician at an Audi centre.
Audi, in fact all manufacturers, dont really listen to what people (there customers) say, they defiantly don’t listen to us techs. When we see the same fault all day every day, it takes about a year before the modified parts or remedy become available.

Feedback 8

My 2002 2.0 petrol A4 has been sitting on my drive for the last 6 months because of a fault on this box. I was very happy with the car until one day in april I drove into my works carpark selected reverse and the engine gust reved and didn’t engage.

Feedback 9

2.5TDi with a multitronic. I’d walk away regardless.

Feedback 10

Hi Guys
As new to this forum I have been reading with interest the comments re ECU. Having just reported the problem and had a claim ‘bounced’ by a Warranty Company desite all servicing being carried out on time and because I only just missed the 40k oil change. This will be my last multitronic Audi although it hasn’t put me off Audi as I’m about to buy my forth one in a row except it will be manual. All the symptoms as described by Tame Technician appear to be true so be warned it will cost in the region of £1000 to have it replaced so ensure you change that oil on time.
Thanks for listening.

Feedback 11
Don’t touch with a very long barge pole!!! Check out the Audi forum ‘A4 B6′ or similar models, you will find over a hundred or more threads of failed mulitronic gearboxes. They start failing at as little as 24,000 miles. Audi are less than helpful in a lot of cases. Bills range from £1500 to £7000, depending on fault. The slight judder when pulling away is an early symptom of things to come. There doesn’t seem to be any cheap answer, those that have replaced one faulty part are then greeted with another expensive fault shortly after. My own, serviced by Audi since new, had the gearbox control unit replaced under warranty 20 months age. Gearbox Serviced by Audi 2 weeks ago, covered 140 miles, now total gearbox and gearbox control unit failure (2003 – 80,000 miles). Audi don’t want to know. Audi are aware of the faults but won’t recall and repair, as you would expect from a quality maker like Mercedes or BMW etc. It really is an issue that requires a group action to resolve.

Feedback 12
Our 2004 A4 2.5tdi with the MT ‘box started the dreaded judder so with it coming due for sale, I took it to Audi and they said it needed the 7 clutch upgrade. They then quoted me £1380 for the work…….

I politely pointed out that Audi knew full well about the problems with this setup WAY before my warranty ran out and yet they kept schtum about it. My Gearbox oli was changed on schedule at 40k and I suggested they talk to audi and get back to me.
Between dealer (not the supplying dealer I hasten to add) and Audi UK they picked up half the bill and the original diagnostic costs which left me with £600 to pay which I thought was fair enough.
Its WELL worth playing hardball with the dealer, do your homework and walk in confident and let them know that you know what you are talking about.

Feedback 13

My first problems began very early on. The gearbox always suffered the lag when pulling away from T junctions etc (scarey)! Also it had a clunk when pulling away. Lost count of the times i took it back to Audi, eventually at 25k miles they changed the gear box oil, shortly after that the input shaft, shortly after that the clutch etc etc etc. At around 40k miles the car was almost un driveable it had a terrible judder and made a horrendous noise when pulling away, and felt like you had driven down a huge pothole. spookily just after the warranty expired (about two months) they finally said that it needed a complete gear box! Guess who they wanted to pay for it? you’ve got it! I managed to convince them that I had no intention of paying for a fault that I had been reporting for about a year and a half! They eventually agreed that the repair would be carried out under warranty, I paid £50.00 toeards a new 2 year parts warrant (not really sure why) Just out of interest they managed to mess up my sat nav while they were repairing the gear box but thats another story! Anyway, new gear box has now done 38k miles, so not due gear box oil change yet, but it has now failed again! engine just revs car wont move lights on dash flash wildly like something out of saturday night fever. Ringing any bells anyone? it had a 2 year parts warranty which expired in october 2008 -great! Audi have said it needs new gear box control unit and hydraulic control unit which will be £2000.000!

Feedback 14

Audi A4 T Sport cabriolet multitronic. 2005, (not latest shape). 29,000 miles only. No reverse gear, lots of flashing lights. Warranty expired 1 year ago. New ECU required at £1000 plus, with a warning it might require a new gearbox also! Goodwill a possibility to be confirmed/denied later today.

Feedback 15

no you are not alone on what you say about multitronic i found out to my own mis fortune .i purchased a a4 2.4 se 6speed multitronic automatic on a 53 plate and had i knowen what i now know i would have bought a the box on my audi is now kaput and a replacement if fitted by audi is £4,400+vat and at £121.71 per hour .which works out to be a seven to 10 hour jobtakes the cost of replacement close to £8,000 more than the cars worth .at the moment i shopping around with salvage and recondition

Feedback 16
A4 3.0, under 35k miles, full service history. Suddenly lost all gears with no warning. Reading through posts and thinking back I recognise some of the symptoms that I have experienced over time – even when it was well within warranty – juddering on pull off, problems getting reverse. Just didnt realise seriousness at time

Feedback 17
Juddering is just the latest problem. Preiously had the ecu go wrong. Let me know how you go as I am keen to get Audi to pay for the bulk of a new gearbox – I think without doubt something that has been well known about for a while. The problem is only going to get worse as all the 02,03 and 04 cars start to hit the dreaded 60-80k miles

Feedback 18
I am waiting to collect my B6 A4 (04 registered)from the auto. gearbox specialist, and will be £2650 poorer. This chap has been in the game for years,and has had to repair loads of these boxes. The 7 piece clutch replacement was produced by Audi to get over their warranty claims, but this does not cure all the problems. Dirt in the box wrecks plastic components, and thrust bearings have to be replaced as well.

Feedback 19

The gearbox was replaced within 500 miles of me owning the car [mileage now at 37900 and gearbox number 2,] under warranty and then warrantied again for a further 2 years. The car has now done 58k and the box has failed again within warranty period which runs out in august, flashing dash etc etc.
now on my way to a 3rd gearbox. Ive booked it in to my local dealership.

Feedback 20

i’ve recently purchased as Audi A4 cabriolet 2.4 multitronic on a 52 plate a high miler at 98k miles. I’m starting to think I have issues with the gearbox, ther’s a judder or slight hesitancy when aceelerating from low revs but not from pull away. servive history says gearbox oil changed at 40k period but not since then.

Feedback 21

have just been told by my local Audi dealer that I need a new gearbox and they will pay half of parts and labour. It will therefore only cost me £1950! It’s the fatal combination….Sept 2005 model A4 Avant, 2.5 TDI + MT box. 51,000 on the clock but started juddering at about 46k.

Feedback 22

personally I call them multi chronic. Or multi failure.

Feedback 23

wonder if I could get some help on the backgrounds of the Multitronic Gearboxes. I bought and A6 3.2 Quattro direct from Audi Dealership in January 2007. (O5 Plate). In August this year whilst driving, the car started shuddering violently and smoke poured out of it. Had to have it lifted onto a truck to get home. Anyway, Audi took it in and started all the “out of warranty nonsense” but told me it needed a new gear box and it would be £5500. I am arguing the toss with them as the car is automatic and has only done 34000 miles. The dealership cannot tell me why it needs a new gearbox so I having to pay £600 for an independant specialist to report on it after they strip it down as there is no way this is through wear and tear etc and I have been told by specialist that it is definately a fault with the manufacture.

Feedback 24

well I’m definitely put off multitronic.

Feedback 25

The AA warranty would only cover £35/hour labour leaving me to pick up the tab. I’ve put a call out to Inde-tech with a view to them doing the job as their labour charges are closer to the figure the AA Warranty will cover.
To be honest, it’s a lovely car and I’d hate to go through the hassle of selling and buying a new one. Having said that, I really do not want the multitronic failing on me and being asked to cough up £4-5K as many people have commented here.

Feedback 26

Surely electronics should be covered by manafacturer and Audi should be representing its suffering public by getting the original supplier to pick up the cost of a part which is giving the Audi brand a bad name.

Feedback 27

With the multitronic gearbox I think its not a case of ‘if’ it will go wrong,but ‘when’ it will go wrong!

Feedback 28

I’ve got a 3.2 multitronic, I don’t have a problem with it creeping forword as such.
I seem to have nervous moments with hill starts. I pass the same T juction daily, which is on a hill and is always busy. My multi does not like moving slowly in traffic going up. Stop starts going uphill makes the gearbox very erratic. Sometimes pulling out, the revs drop and the engine seems like it’s going to stall, then as you put more power on, it comes back to life and shoots off the line. Very scary experience.

Feedback 29

I have a Audi A4 Cabriolet 3.0 V6 that has covered 101,000 miles and have now had three gearbox’s.
1st box 74,000 miles warranty
2nd box 76,000 miles warranty
3rd failure 101,000 miles Audi will not pay, they have told me it is a total gearbox failure due to engine management light being on for one week and driven twice.

Feedback 30

First the good stuff: I love it. The Multi is a real piece of genius, and allows the engine either to get the best economy (a tankfull seems to last forever) or respond to a quick bit of throttle. A sharp push on the pedal gets the revs up as much as you need, and if thats not enough the kickdown really does it. In traffic light grands prix I use the manual option just because it feels good, and it leaves most cars at the lights.

Now the not so good. Sometimes there is a slight judder or shimmy when driving between 15 and 30mph and accelerating on light throttle. Then cruising at light throttle at 30-45 the drive seems to slip slightly and the revs go up slightly every few seconds. It seems like the hydraulic pump pressure is too low at that speed/throttle setting and the ECU needs to be reprogrammed, but I dont know if the ECU is reporgrammable? I dont think the gearbox is going as medium/full throttle is brilliant; no slip or other problems.

Feedback 31

The Quatro Tip tronics are generally bullet proof, unless your talking well over 120k miles. Then we have had one or two go wrong.

Feedback 32

I got my car back last night from the transmission repair place, they replaced the valve body, and the car is drivable again (doesn’t stall, rev at random levels or stutter on take off).

But the original issue still remains where it would judder/bang on slow acceleration once warmed up and also having a bit of trouble engaging into reverse.

Feedback 33

I just found this thread when googling multitronics and was hoping for some advice. I just bought an 2.0 TDI A6 with one of these boxes. 07, 60k miles and, all in, a very nice motor. I’ve driven diesel audis for years with very few problems but this is my first auto. Test drive was fine and it came with full audi service history and years warranty…..
But (and there always seems to be a but in these postings) a few hundred miles in I’ve started to notice an ocassional very slight judder on coming to a complete stop and when moving off with light acceleration (1-1500) but not when braking harder or pulling away with harder acceleration. Particularly when the car is cold .

Feedback 34

had Multitronic on my last A4 cabriolet. Bloody appalling thing. It kept effectively stalling, the only way I can describe it, and then all power would go, as you were moving along a complete shut down. This would last for 30 seconds to a minute before it could be re-started.

Feedback 35

thinking of buying a a4 tdi sport 2004 auto 130k, the car seems to stall/cut out when pulling away sharply , however if you pull away slowly its seems to be fine

Feedback 36

have had an Audi A4 2.5 Diesel Multitronic from new (2002). I have followed all Audi main dealer reccomendations and serviced the car accordingly. The gearbox oil has also been replaced at 40000 and 80000 miles. However, after just over 106000 miles, the gearbox judders really badly. I have been told that the diagnosis/repair is likely to cost upwards of £2000.

Feedback 37

had a lovely 2.5 tdi A4, was a great car until the shuddering began, i shopped around and after most peoplke told me they would even touch it, i found a specialist, where they overhauled the box for £2200, with 1 years warrantee, i should have released 1yr warantee is code for RUN!!!! but i liked the car so much i kept it , and 13 months, not even 10,000 miles later!! it started again!!!!

Feedback 38

Another tale of multitronic woe! My 57 plate A4 2.0 TDI developed a problem at only 15000 mls. From a cold start, even under gentle acceleration, it selects a gear ratio that is too low for the speed and then holds it for too long before changing up ie revs go up to around 2.5K and stay there before a gear change. This behaviour persists for about 30mins unless I stop and restart the engine, in which case the gear change reverts to normal.
The dealer eventually accepted there was a serious problem and, under warranty, changed the gearbox and ecu. It made no difference at all, but the dealer claims that the new gearbox ‘must’ have cured the problem.

Feedback 39

having picked up my 2004 A6 on Saturday (19th October 2010) I was greeted by the delights this evening of what seems to be described as the PNDRS flashing lights of death. The car has literally just hit 70k miles, so is not that old in terms of what I gather is Audis remarkable reputation for long running cars.
I have also noticed in the last day or 2, that when selecting reverse, there is quite a substantial delay (2 – 3 seconds) in the car actually moving anywhere. Do you think this is part of it, or is this just a normal?

Feedback 40

I’ve had an A6 for the past 4 years, love the car. Noticed a slight knock on low acceleration last week, was advised not to drive it and have now been advised of a £5,700 +VAT bill as the multitronic gearbox is ‘beyond repair’ at 60k.

Feedback 41

If you’re thinking of buying an Audi with a Multitronic Gearbox, BE VERY CAREFUL, indi dealers are very reluctant to take them Part Ex as they know how much trouble they are. It will break and it will be expensive and don’t expect Audi to be sympathetic, in fact, Audi dealers still make money from your misery! Audi are fully aware of the faults with this gearbox, they are also fully aware that the 7 plate mod is also prone to failure but will happily charge loads of money to do the work and then not honor warranty. (yes, you could say I’m a bit peeved!)

Feedback 42

Have an A4 1.8T with multitronic gearbox, bought brand new and only 3 years old (3 months outside warranty) with normal mileage….last week noticed that car seems to be missing/blipping, like gears slipping, especially when pulling away or going up hill. Booked it into my regular Audi dealer to get it checked out…
Mechanic knew exactly what it was immediately…something wrong with the Mulitronic. Diagnosis – needs new gearbox!!
How can a 3 year old car, costing best part of £30,000 need a new gear box after 50,000 miles…???
Feedback 43

A4 3.0 cabriolet with a multitronic gear box just gone in for service at 67,000 miles and just less than 3 years. gearbox had started juddering slightly just after setting off setting of – again as though gearbox was slipping. OK at speed though. Told you need new gearbox (told there was metal filing in the gearbox oil!) as I had done more than 60,000 miles it could not be done under warranty after some negotiation with garage and Audi cost to me for replacement down to ~£450 – perhaps I shouldn’t be apying for anything. I am with you as this is not right!

Feedback 44

April ’07, mileage 61599. Juddering at slow speeds, taken into Taunton Audi for diagnostic check, gearbox found to have defect in the input shaft. Part replaced – cost £1846.25

Feedback 45

I have owned my 2.5 TDi 2003 from new and love this car. But I am now on my THIRD Mutitronic box. The original failed at 90,000 miles resulting in no drive in the fast lane of the motorway, the second one lasted for 70,000 miles, failing at walking pace whilst making a 3 point turn, and the latest one has now done just 20,000 miles and is starting to exhibit the jerkiness referred to in the above very interesting submissions.

Feedback 46

Hi Just joined the forum having had a very bad experience of my 05 Audi A4 Automatic, just out of the garage March 2010 having had to get a reconditioned gearbox, cost me £2700. Just today the gears light started flashing on the dash. phoned garage and the ECU is now giving problems that is the computer, have been quoted £1300, was due to trade the car in at the weekend deal had been agreed. I would be pleased to have an update from you on the Ombudsman, Consumer watchdog etc.

Feedback 47

I recently bought an A6 2.5 TDi with the multironic gearbox. When I test drove the car it run perfectly. However, after I got it home (all running gear well warmed over a 30 mile journey), I noticed the gear changes were not smooth and jerky.

Feedback 48

 have a lot of experience of juddering CVT with my Audi. Last autumn my Audis CVT started juddering just only at low speeds. At last, I took my car to a local Audi Service and they told me immediately, that the problem is multi-plate clutch which has been worn-out. Unfortunately, the warranty period was expired a few months earlier but they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse; Total costs, of replacing old clutch assembly to a newer one, would be about 2000 Euros and my share would be about 1000 Euros.

Feedback 49

I am new to this forum business but after dealing with a very expensive and unhelpfull audi dealer in milton keynes felt i had to share my find with some people who may find it useful.My a6 2.5 tdi multi started making a rather annoying juddering when pulling away and after going to the said dealer was told i would need an ‘input shaft'{whatever the hell that is}and it would cost around £1500.00.

Feedback 50

Just to update everyone, I finally gave up and went for a new gearbox back in the Spring. Cost a load, but at least it all works now!

Feedback 51

I had the same issues with my 2004 A8 with a multitronic box.
Basically after my Audi dealer twice diagnosed the wrong fault they eventually replaced the clutch plates which cured the problem (mine juddered when pulling away).

I did get Audi UK involved and they made a goodwill gesture after lots of complaining/threats from me, even though the car was out of warranty and had done 100,000 miles, and I ended up parting with £950.00.

Source: Audi Sports Forum
Source: Audi Forums
Source: PistonHeads Forum

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30 Responses to “Audi MultiTronic Reviews”

  1. Ronconse - January 24th, 2011

    Let me add my say “The worst multi tronic gearbox i have come across”

    Audi need to get this sorted or stop building cars with auto gearboxes!!

  2. Kirby - March 9th, 2011

    OMG…. I have been looking at an Audi A4 3.0 2005 with MT for the last few weeks. I get the feeling after spending the last 2 hours trawling the net (30 mins on this page alone) that I should NOT be purchasing this car.

    I will get the Manual version instead now.. Cheers

  3. Andrew Smith - April 1st, 2011

    If you look at the feedbacks above, many seem to be written by the same person! Loads of the same type of grammatical errors, expressions, spelling mistakes and typos. One very bitter Audi user trying to scare off people who Google “Multitronic” perhaps!? Truth is the latest Multitronic on the 3.2 FSI seems to have sorted the issues and is an amazing piece of kit. It’s lightweight, it optimises the torque of the engine so midrange is blistering in fact. The instantly reacting paddle shifts, well, just try them and then make up your own mind…

  4. admin - April 1st, 2011

    Hi Andrew

    The feedback above is for Audi’s with Multi Tronic gearboxes registered before 2005. Audi improved on the box after 2005. See beginning of post above.

    There is a common fault with Audi’s with MultiTronic gearboxes built before 2005. Audi are not admitting its a common fault and not willing to help which means drivers are having to pay upto £4,000 for repairs.

  5. natmax - April 14th, 2011

    I own a 2004 (54 plate) Audi A4 2.4SE with a multi-tronic gearbox. The ECU failed at 26,000 miles but as the car was 5 years old it fell to me to pay. After arguing with the Audi dealer they agreed to do it for £1k rather than the £1.4k they quoted as a ‘goodwill gesture’ from Audi. That was 18month ago and now I have the flashing lights of death again PNDRS – aaargh! The ECU is meant to be guaranteed for 2 years so I breathed a sigh of relief when checking the paperwork. HOWEVER, the dealer states that it is only the UNIT that is under warranty and that I will have to pay for the diagnostics and subsequent labour costs! Ha ha bloody Ha! I will be, once again, arguing the toss about paying for it once the diagnostics have been done. What’s the point of only guaranteeing the part – what do they want me to do – change it myself – I might get my stilletoes scratched!

  6. Paul - April 24th, 2011

    I used to have a 2002 A6 1.8T multitronic that passed the 150K miles mark on the same gearbox and was bulletproof!! didn’t even get its first gearbox oil change until 90K (Portsmouth audi forgot during the service!!!)

    In light if this went for an ‘upgrade’ (for the wife) to an A4 cabrio 2.4 (53) that now has 92K with the multitronic and have just got the flashing lights syndrome. Just decides whether to go into reverse now and again so is still usable at the moment. I have checked using VAG and confirmed my mechanics ( diagnosis of 3 faults within the ECU. quoted £900.00 so not as painful as some other issues on here but still a huge kick in the A@%E and now im wondering what else is going to go wrong. I do recall some hesitancy when pulling away and now having nightmares about clutch plates and the like.

  7. Simon R - August 17th, 2011

    I was just checking what engine oil I needed for my A4 2.4 V6 52 plate with multitronic (it drinks oil but hasn’t done much mileage lately so I’d forgotten) and came across this thread.

    I had this problem when I bought the car at 2 years old and 40k miles. The dealer I bought it from (Audi main dealer) did the usual plugging it into the lap top and “lap top says no” response.

    After a few more days of terror pulling out of junctions (I lived in London at the time), I threw my toys out of the pram with the dealer. The chief mechanic took it home overnight and came back the next morning confirming the problem. Luckily, it was still under warranty as the cost to replace was over £3k. The car now has 100k miles on it and, if the gearbox goes again, it will be more than the car is worth to get it fixed. I’ve got my money’s worth from the car over the years so I could replace it without shedding too many tears. Worrying that the problem still seems to occur on newer multitronics, though. Despite some of the feedback above, I love the smoothness of the multitronic – even now it rides more smoothly and more quietly than many friends’ newer cars.

  8. admin - August 19th, 2011

    Hi Simon

    Newer Multi Tronics are fine as they improved on the gearbox.

    “Feedback for Audi’s built from approx 2000 to 2006 with MultiTronic Gearboxes. Audi improved on the gearbox after 2005/2006.”

  9. Harry Smithfield - August 23rd, 2011

    Audi A4 2.5TDi with MT. 2003 Registered, 95,000 miles.

    I have the dreaded shudder when pulling away and slowing down, and when driving at a constant speed of around 40mph, of the revs increasing every few seconds by circa 500rpm, but no change in the resultant speed.

    I don’t have any of the ECU errors, but it’s likely I’ll need the 7 plate clutch kit and possibly the valve change. I don’t want to go to a main dealer, does anybody know a Audi specialist who could replace this a more reasonable price compared to a mail dealer?

    I emailed Audi about it, they took a week to reply and simply said contact a dealer.

    The car (otherwise) is faultless so if the repair cost needs to be reasonable.


  10. Neil Buxton - August 26th, 2011

    Hi, I have been the proud owner of a 3.2 TT quattro (2004 plate) until last Friday when I got the flashing lights. The car is fully serviced and has only done 46000 miles. My plea with the dealer that because I have done a lower than average mileage this should not have occurred was dismissed. I am now horrified to discover from this forum that this is a common fault with the Audi gearbox. I am now facing a bill of around £2,500 to replace a megatronic unit (?) and feel this is unjust for a car with such a low mileage. Is there any point in contacting Audi?

  11. Rich - August 28th, 2011

    Had a call from Audi – Apparently this problem is not severe enough for them to do anything about. As a percentage, the amount of faulty gearboxes worldwide is very small – I can only think this means reported issues… If you have problems – report it – that is the only way Audi will even think about doing something.

  12. Anthony - September 7th, 2011

    Had the same problem and fixed it myself. Precision sells the 7 plate clutch kit w/ all the seals and Cobra sells the filter. My mechanic took the CVT out, and I rebuilt it over the weekend. Total cost was about $1,200, which is better than the dealer price of $8,000. I’ll be posting instructions on how to do it on my website and I’ll put the link here as soon as I’m done. The job was difficult, but with the right tools the first time around it would have been easy and restricted to maybe 6 hours total.

  13. Peter Bright - November 10th, 2011

    I have a 2003 Audi A4 2.0 TDI, fully serviced every 2 years, including gearbox oil changed as advised (and no MOT failures to date). A couple of weeks ago the car refused to engage reverse (I had to turn the engine off and on to get it to move). Now I occasionally get the flashing gear selection display and, more often than not, the entire PNDRS disappears shortly after driving off (returns to normal after around 15 minutes). Failure to reverse is becoming more frequent. The Audi garage has just quoted over £6000 (incl. VAT) for a new gear box installation (which effectively writes the car off). This is a car that I really liked until the fault appeared (it was passed down to me in 2008 when my father died). Audi, of course, conducted a routine service (engine oil change etc.) and charged me for it rather than diagnosing the problem and asking whether I wanted to go ahead with service considering the repairs cost would far outweigh the value of the car… The situation is horrendous given the obvious poor history of these gearboxes… Audi have refused to take responsibility for an overly complicated and poor gearbox (for which the evidence is plain from this and other internet sites). I will be scanning in my quote and service history and sending them (with a detailed letter) to whatever consumer rights organisations I can think of…

  14. Kenny - November 11th, 2011

    Hey Anthony (from September 7, 2011 at 9:08 pm),
    After rebuilding and upgraded your CVT to a 7-plate, how’s the car performing? I have a 2008 B7 A4 with the 7-Plate and I’m just being paranoid. I only have 26,000 miles and I hear a slight ‘whirring’ sound when let off the gas pedal while driving (around 40mph and under), not sure if this is normal with CVT transmissions.

    Please keep us updated with a link!


  15. Chankie Madoda (Botswana, Africa) - November 21st, 2011

    My Audi 2.0 A4 has A multitronic problem. Was opened by a mechanic because of noise which he suspected to be bearings. After assembling the gearbox now it can engage or engages with difficulty plus knocking sound then the engine goes off. Please advice. Does it need programming after openning?

  16. paul - December 23rd, 2011

    Ive just purchased a 2007 audi avant a4 tfsi multitronic, and in a word im crapping myself about the gearbox. Just gotta keep my fingers crossed i guess.

  17. Peter - December 23rd, 2011

    Paul, your 2007 A4 will have the 7 clutch box which is basically problem-free! I did 120,000 miles in a more heavy A8 3.2 FSI plus I drove it quite enthusiastically. I changed the gearbox oil when it started misbehaving and it was perfect again (@100k miles). I loved the almost F1 style instantaneous and seamless shifts with the paddles, in fact I really miss that box. A bit cushioned on the uptake to protect itself but when you reach 5 mph it is so much more fun and flexible than the Tiptronic I replaced it with. I think you’ll have a nice surprise in store with that box…

  18. Kenny - December 23rd, 2011

    I can’t believe Audi state that these transmissions are lifetime-filled, not only that but they sealed them for good. After a series of reported troubles with the B6 models, they’ve finally realized that the fluid needs to be serviced in a timely interval (which is common sense by science terms), a machine must be developed to able to ‘suck’ the old fluid out from the transmission.

    I am freaking out too because my 2008 2.0 TFSI is a CVT, nothing major but just hearing some very low whining noise when the cabin windows are shut, but not sure if that has anything to do with the wheel bearing or perhaps the Diverter Valve. Noise goes away as soon as I accelerate though. Otherwise the car drives fine once it picks up.

  19. Ryan - December 28th, 2011

    Greetings, from the other side of the pond. I’m in California, USA and the gearbox cancer is here too. Same story: 2005 A4 Multitronic transmission. It started slipping when in reverse, then, randomly, it started going into “Fail Safe Mode” (Audi’s proactive name for “transmission failure,” I suppose). There is no rhyme or reason to when this happens. Now it’s 50/50 whether reverse will engage or not. Out of warranty, I don’t have $6200(4000£) to fix it so….I guess I’ll drive it until it dies. My first and LAST Audi. I won’t go down without a fight, though. Thanks for all the ammunition, can’t wait to hear the dealer’s explanation as to why the car he sold me didn’t even make it to 80,000 Miles(128,000Km). Good luck everyone. Keep fighting the good fight! /:^]

  20. Peter - December 28th, 2011

    Hello Ryan, this might sound weird but changing the transmission fluid twice, exactly as the forums prescribe (i.e. precise conditions, level surface I think it says, change it once, then drive 30miles then change it again etc.) often cures this problem for good. When it works it’s a clever box. Cheers, Peter.

  21. admin - December 28th, 2011

    Just found this article from APRIL 2009. Interesting read. I know some of you have had the same issue with the older Audi’s, where you have lost power whilst driving at high speeds.

    Audi/VW had to recall thousands of new cars with DSG gearbox problems.

    “Volkswagen and Audi are recalling 16,000 vehicles because of transmission problems that make them lose power — or completely stall — out of the blue. What’s most startling is that they’re brand new vehicles

    Volkswagen and Audi are only recalling about a third of the vehicles the government is investigating and will replace faulty temperature sensors that may have been causing their transmissions to shut down.

    These appear to be the vehicles that exhibited the flashing activity on the dashboard and then a total loss of power, with the engine shifting into neutral.

    But that still leaves another 34,000 vehicles that seem to have a different problem, also related to the transmission.

    NHTSA documents mention “lurching,” “surging” and “delays in engaging gears.” Drivers have reported that their cars then went into “limp home mode” rather than losing power altogether. ”

    Read more at (page 1) and (page 2)

    Report from the U.S Department of Transportation (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) –

    Response from Audi/VW –

  22. admin - December 28th, 2011


    The following URL may be of interest to you:

    See discussion towards bottom of page.

  23. john deeney - November 5th, 2012

    i have just bought a a4 multitronic have i any thing to worry about with this gearbox

  24. ian jackson - February 6th, 2013

    i bought a A4 multironic in 2010 ,after only 3500 miles it needed a new gear box ,as the vehicle would not reverse properly. ever since then i have had problems with the car lunging at junctios and trafic lights . My Audi dealer says this is the charicteristcs of the car ,yet for the last 18 months they have been putting new downloads into the car ,and only now say there is nothing wrong with it

  25. Sander - April 11th, 2013

    In 2002 I bought a new Audi A4 2.4 Multitronic in The Netherlands. It was my first and my last Audi. What a disaster! Two cousins of mine also bought Audis (an A4 and A6) with Multitronic gearboxes. All these 3 Multitronic gearboxes broke down within one year. The dealership first tried to fix the problem with a software update, lateron they had to replace some kind of valve unit, a major repair. Fortuneately this was all fixed as warranty, it is shocking for me to read that this is still a problem for current Audi owners.

  26. James - July 22nd, 2013

    hi, experiencing same juddering issue. Getting worse.

  27. Peter Chatfield (Chatters) - April 23rd, 2014

    Good afternoon everybody, just to update you all:- I have finally given up on my Audi A6 Avant Final Edition as the electics have been causing me a nightmare over the past few months, culminating in me spending 5 hours to get home some 26 miles. Well that was it, it’s now gone and I’m the proud owner of a Honda Accord Tourer 2.2 iDTEC automatic. Having suffered with 3 Audis Estate cars I’ve owned over the years needless to say I will not be going back to them EVER. I wish you all the very best and one day you never know Audi may well pay up for the massive mistake they made with that bloody awful gearbox, regards Chatters

  28. Kenny - April 23rd, 2014

    Hello everyone, haven’t been active here for a while and hope all is well. Just an update; I’ve had my transmission replaced at 39,500 (US) miles! Yes it started hesitating and jerking plus all the bad words in the book related to the failure. To be honest I was a bit disappointed for it to go this quick, which means if I keep it longer I’d be risking another fault close to 80K or 90K miles – a VERY short life in today’s reliability standards.

    I love the car very much but the shitty box has ruined it for this otherwise beautiful car. The cost of repair was $6200 US dollars covered by my extended warranty, which I paid $0 out of pocket. They also replaced the Flywheel which seemed to made it run better (or like when it was new). This is served as a ‘torque converter’ since CVT boxes do not have one. Overall it os running alright now and hopefully It will last longer than 39K.

    I will not buy another Audi, after this it will be for a ‘Tesla Model S’.

  29. Peter Chatfield - May 24th, 2014

    Hi there, well I’ve finally gone and done it, got rid of that bag of rubbish called an Audi A6 Avant Final Edition. it is the 3rd and last time I will ever by an Audi. The electrics started playing up resulting in taking 5 hours to get home. All the guys who checked it out couldn’t find what was causing the problem because it was intermittent. I had relays replaced etc etc but still to no avail. So that was the straw that broke the camels back. I loved the car apart from the gearbox/electrics, I am now the proud owner of a lovely Honda Accord ES GT 2.2 Tourer and what a difference. I wish you all the best and I still say the only way to get Audi’s attention is to get a load of cars and head for the Audi/VAG Headquaters to embarass them into doing something. best regards Pete Chatfield

  30. Ross hall - June 22nd, 2014

    I own an Audi A6 tdi auto . Has all the problems that are listed on here with my gearbox. It’s only done 39000 miles since it was last chance by the main dealer in Poole. Surely there’s something that can be done .
    Certainly won’t be buying one of these again. Shame as it’s a lovely car .

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